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How Many People Could Live On Planet Earth

Posted on July 2, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!

Object 1

Population Control An article by:Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research states that only 282 billion people could be packed onto the planet with all other land reserved for food cultivation only. The PSP infers 4 possible scenarios that will come to pass because of the growing human population. 1. Market Forces If we continue business as usual, by the year 2100, we will see the poorer regions suffer from the growth of industry. Environmental problems abound and become more acute. We can expect family planning policies that restrict the right to have children. The expectation of population growth would be pushing the boundaries of sustainability; being 9.3 billion. 2. Policy Reform In this scenario, by 2100, governments have adhered to the UNs climate change targets and sustainability goals; however economic growth is hindered and stronger policies must be put in place to curb the affects. With family planning services enforced onto the population, only 8.4 billion people would be straining natural resources. 3. Fortress World By 2100 this global society would be controlled by an authoritarian government in order to control distribution of resources. Economic, social and environmental downgrades would cause the wealthy to retreat to protected areas; leaving the masses to fend for themselves in the wastelands. Implementing family planning services would be near impossible, leaving the global population to rise to 10.2 billion. 4. The Great Transition By 2100, if the worlds societies were to radically alter their environmental preservation policies and prioritize social memes to reflect those of the UN, the planet could live in a world of social equality and cooperation. Family planning would have successfully controlled population growth to a stable 7.3

billion worldwide. Read the full article here:How Many People Can Fit On Planet Earth We in Britain ignore such dire warnings when allowing uncontrolled immigration into our small island nation. We cannot tolerate such a population in the UK, it must be repatriated as soon as possible. No political party in Britain has got a grasp of the implications of population growth except the British National Party. who will you vote for at the next general election? The Bilderbergers on both sides of the House Of Commons in which nothing will change?