Magnetic Fields Forever While stimulating my gray matter, or what’s left of it, I came across an article from *NASA that

I found quite interesting. No, the article had nothing to do with the circus of corruption called politics. The article was about their THEMIS Project, space craft and the discovery of a gigantic hole or tear in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the earth. Aw who could give a flying crappola about a few space crafts whizzing around in our magnetosphere? Well maybe we should. Without getting too carried away with the science behind this discovery I will simply cut to the chase. Described by scientists as a bubble of magnetism that surrounds the Earth, this magnetic filed also served a very critical function. This protective envelope protected us from solar wind filled with radiation and highly charged particles that spawn powerful geomagnetic storms. These storms cause power grid outages, communications glitches and weather anomalies just to name a few. The tear or opening is four times bigger than Earth and faces the sun. This event was a major event in scientist’s eyes because of the enormity of this event and how it came to pass. This event also tossed out excepted theorem of space physics. This is the news story we should be paying attention to since this event has the potential to alter human history if we are not paying attention. Coincidentally an X Class solar flare just occurred and curiously it began shooting hydrogen atoms directly at the Earth. Couple this with the fact the Earth is exposed by the lack of the protective magnetic field and we have a completely new threat to our survival. Knowing what we do about solar flares and the devastating effects of anything electrical on Earth. We had better prepare for some major events that will overshadow anything we’ve experienced thus far. The shear magnitude of this event should not go unnoticed. It is known by scientists we will face very turbulent geomagnetic storms of unprecedented proportions for the next 4 or 5 years. These storms will wreak havoc on communications, internet, satellites and anything electrical unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. I’ll wager technology dependant on electricity will be severely handicapped and unreliable at best during these events. The Earth’s atmosphere is loading up with charged particles at an astronomical rate. Maybe nothing will happen at all but I just don’t think so. Coincidentally my elders foretold that electricity would cease to function during the time of great change. The skies would come to life. People would be very fearful, some would panic. This is where my cousin and I would be sitting on our lawn chairs, sipping ice tea while watching the show in the sky. It was also said people from throughout the universe would helplessly stand in awe of the power of Mother Earth and the Creator. So if anyone is holding out for space guys to pull a rabbit out of their and save humanity, don’t hold your breath. If there were space guys and they were “all that”. Then why did they let us stupid Earth guys mess up so bad? So if there were space guys, they would be as stupid as us, just with bitchen toys. Earth changes are a full meal deal and every aspect of our existence is affected including the paranormal. Just so you know, the paranormal or things that go bump in the night will interface with our plain more and more as we enter this more virulent phase of change. Here is a twisted observation for you. During solar flares I’ve noticed higher incidents of abhorrent crimes and behavior in all populations and classes around the world. The full moon deal does not hold a candle to the things that seem to go on when we are bombarded with these highly charged particles. With our safety shield down in the worse place possible, facing the sun, we are bound to see some wild stuff. Get your candles and oil lamps out of mothballs as well as gather

water. Look around and see where you would be vulnerable electrically. If you only experience a black out for a few weeks this could be catastrophic if you was not prepared. Brown Outs are in our future as well as total grid failures that’s a no brainer. So much for that… Your Devil’s Advocate Buffalohair

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