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A Change In The Sense Of Self

Uncovering Our Potential Is Not Our Privilege, But Rather Our Responsibility

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Founder: John Smith

The concept of TTK was birthed in July 2000 when John Smith, a high school teacher and guidance counsellor at the time, met and subsequently mentored a young man sentenced to life for the murder of his parents. This led to subsequent research and study into the causes of dysfunctional behaviour. Some of the studies included: Mind Power Robin Banks Advanced Mind Power John Kehoe TAG Training Systems GrowthPoint Organisation Living Kabbalah System Kaballah Centre South Africa Trauma Counselling Randburg Policing Forum Life Coaching Evolved Coaching NLP Coaching Evolved Coaching Stress Biofeedback Coaching Evolved Coaching Time Paradigm Techniques Coaching Evolved Coaching Professional Business Writing Kwelanga Training

Over the last 12 years, as a teacher, trainer, life coach and mentor, John has developed and presented a number of training, coaching and mentoring programmes to groups and individuals in corporates and institutions, as well as recovery and rehabilitation facilities, covering a large number of topics pertaining to successful living. TTK, with Knowledge as its Core Value and Transformation as its Core Objective, embraces its mission to assist those who seek to bring about change in their lives. This is done through various development programmes that include: Inspirational Talks, Training Seminars and Interactive Workshops for Corporates, Organisations and Institutions in the areas of: Life Transformation Personal Development Corporate Training Programmes Life Coaching and Mentoring of Groups and Individuals in the areas of: Successful Living Stress Relief Overcoming Compulsive and Sabotaging Behaviour Uncovering Potential Addiction Recovery Transformation Correspondence Training Courses The Practice of Life Transform Your Life The Ideal Made Real Completion of the above courses provides qualification for involvement with TTK with earning potential 1


Life Coaching assisting you to set and achieve specific goals with specific outcomes in specific areas of your life NLP Coaching assisting you to change sabotaging thought patterns and belief systems Stress Biofeedback Coaching assisting you to learn to live a stress free life Addiction Recovery Coaching assisting with successful recovery and sobriety Personal Development Training assisting you in uncovering your true potential and live the life you dream about Inspirational Talks for Organisations and Corporates covering various topics for successful living


VISION To facilitate transformation in the lives of people, assisting them to uncover their true potential MISSION To provide quality teaching and training in the area of personal transformation through talks, workshops and seminars To provide quality, personalized individual and group Life Coaching, NLP and Stress Biofeedback Coaching To assist recovering addicts on their journey towards sobriety To assist prisoners on their journey towards rehabilitation To train representatives, facilitators and trainers in order to expand programmes and services of TTK


ust want to say thank you so much John for taking the time to have this workshop. As we all know there is no quick fix and that any transformation takes constant everyday affirmations and practice. But we can all do this. We can make a difference in our own lives. Surround yourselves with likeminded positive people. This really helps. Also start to practice an attitude of gratitude every single day, be thankful for everything you have, no matter how small and remember what you speak aboutyou bring about, so be aware of your thoughts all the time for your thoughts will influence your actions. Regards. J

Dearest John, Thank you SO much for being a part of my journey back to myself. Your incredibly calm manner made believing in the process so much easier and any resistance inside me fell gently away. You have a magical way of helping one to let the unconscious mind take over, and surrender to the healing, sans judgement from the conscious mind!! My self-talk does not switch off easily, but with you it disappeared altogether you are truly a skilled coach!! I wish you great luck with your future coaching and cant wait to hear more stories of how you have helped the less fortunate in our society regain their strength and self-appreciation. With love and light. D

Hi John and TTK I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the role you played in helping me become one of the very few (sadly) who make it through addiction. When you met me I was an absolute mess with very little hope and yet with your unconditional acceptance and love you ended up playing an integral role in my recovery. I often think about where my life was at, where it could have been today and where it actually is and the conclusion is always this: I am so fortunate that I have been blessed with an amazing second chance and whilst there are regrets (and still some distance to travel), nothing compares to the feeling of knowing Im finally free and am not on that ultimate of destructive paths. With love and fondness. N

I am testament to TTK, or better said, I am grateful to John for his patience and emotional & mental guidance into my life! He played a key role in my transformation and discovery of my potential! Thank u, John @TTK. T

I am a 29 year old white male currently on parole after having served 10 years of the 18 year sentence I was given. To date I have served almost 12 years of my sentence (parole included). I was arrested at the age of 15 and charged for two counts of murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, and theft. I awaited my trial which was to be held in the JHB Supreme Court by being incarcerated at two different prisons. Sixteen months later I was sentenced to an effective 18 year sentence. I was already used to the prison life and system so it wasnt really a major adjustment going from 3

being an awaiting trial inmate to being sentenced. About two years later I met John. He came to visit me in prison out of the blue one Saturday and it was a surprise for me as I did not receive regular visitations at that time. He chatted a bit and asked if he could continue to visit me. I told him I would like that and that is how our relationship started. Every time he came to visit we would discuss the universal principals of life which, when disobeyed or not fully or correctly adhered to, would create disharmony in our lives. We covered everything from spirituality, meditation, psychology to metaphysics, quantum physics, and religion. Every time he came to see me we would have a new topic for discussion, sometimes focussing on profound spiritual truths or laws, and at other times mundane things of everyday life. The TTK programme, teaching the essential principals of life, has not only been hugely beneficial in my own life, but also in the lives of others too. I have learnt and applied its principals successfully in my own life and can testify to the authenticity of its teaching, as well as its transformative power. I have learnt so much on this journey with John and TTK, way too much to begin putting down on a short testimonial as this. Perhaps a book will manifest from this someday. Suffice it to say, TTK impacted on my life in a beautiful and profound way and its impact remains till today. I am forever grateful to John and TTK for all they have done for me and for the knowledge I have gained. TTK has supported me through my sentence and was there for me th when I was released on parole on the 8 of June 2008, and continues to be there for me today. M

I am currently part of the TTK rehabilitation programme. It is more than a programme, but rather a life changing experience were you get to learn something quite unique, not only about life in general, but about how you as an individual see yourself in it and understand it so that you can be all you can be. It may sound like a dream to some, but to me it meant a reality that Im living in right now that is more real than you could ever imagine. Ten years ago while I was in prison as a young offender, I didnt think much about myself and what I was going to do with my life when I got out of prison. To tell the truth, I really didnt care. Prison wasnt the best place to be for a sixteen year old. At the time I didnt think much of myself. I knew that I was there to pay for my crime. I was there because II had committed murder. The worst part is that I did it at home and I killed my mom. I felt that I was nothing, even less than nothing actually. If I were to die the next day in a gang fight in prison I would not really care. One day a guy arrived who was offering a programme in the prison that kind of caught my attention. It was John. His presentation and what followed was phenomenal. Just by learning some simple facts about oneself and how the mind works is only really the tip of the ice berg. I learned that self image and the way you perceive your true self, while learning to deal with the fictional self, is truly essential in bringing about a change in anybody. What I learned in that prison classroom over those eight months really changed my perception of the way I saw myself. If it were not for the programme John presented, I would probably still be in prison with a low self image doing wrong things, hurting myself in the end. As I said in the beginning, it has been a real learning experience. Every positive thing that you think, do, and respond to, comes back with positive feedback and results, that you can use as stepping stones to your success in whatever you choose to do. I have been bad, even worse than most, yet since using what I learned in TTK and applying it in my life I have become and still am becoming better in everything I do. Now that is power - power to change ones self and to do better at every turn, which is just phenomenal. Thank you John, for your time and effort. S


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R 5 000.00 (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) CHARITIES

R 2 500.00 per group (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) Enquire about Fundraising Partnership with TTK PRIVATE (TTK EVENT)


R 3 000.00 (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) CHARITIES

R 1 500.00 (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) Enquire about Fundraising Partnership with TTK INDIVIDUAL (TTK EVENT)


R 3 000.00 (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) plus R100.00 per person for buffet breakfast CHARITIES

R 1 500.00 (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated) plus R100.00 per person for buff breakfast Enquire about Fundraising Partnership with TTK INDIVIDUAL (TTK EVENT)

R 350.00 per person including buffet breakfast

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R 2 500.00 per group per 2 hour session (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated (minimum of 4 sessions). Total payable in advance: R 10 000.00 CHARITIES

R 1 500.00 per group per 2 hour session (groups of 10 or more - less can be negotiated (minimum of 4 sessions). Total payable in advance: R 6 000.00 Enquire about Fundraising Partnership with TTK 2. LIFE COACHING COMPREHENSIVE HOLISTIC SUCCESSFUL LIVING INDIVIDUAL

R 1 000.00 per person per 2 hour session (minimum of 4 sessions). Total payable in advance: R 4 000.00 3. LIFE COACHING GOAL SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL

R 500.00 per person per 90 minute session (minimum of 4 sessions). Total payable in advance: R 2 000.00 4. ADDICTION RECOVERY COACHING INDIVIDUAL

R 400.00 per person per 90 minute session (minimum of 4 sessions). Total payable in advance: R 1 600.00 5. TRANSFORMATION TRAINING COURSES

Module 1 The Practice of Life Six Part Study Course Free Module 2 Transform Your Life Ten Part Study Course R 200.00 Module 3 The Ideal Made Real Fifteen Part Study Course R 300.00