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Learning about daily life and self-education some faded memories on early childhood 70's and the UNESCO

Courrier Magazine ... by Yoe F. Santos on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 6:58 pm OF course we are proud... for work on solidarity fields TODAY.

WE ARE A COMMUNITY IN B2B closed to hate, to comments illiterate and the mentalities cavernarias, -Intolerant or discriminatory Katz (2010) that "do humor" or vulnerable coast ... First time (1970s) "The Unesco Courier" I saw in Los Alcarrizos, when he was EVEN in the 8th GRADE of primary OR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ... The first time I saw and I read a Collection UNESCOs Courier ... were during 70s, I thank Professor Bolivar - Professor of Social Sciences, in an elementary school in Los Alcarrizos by this act for socio-cultural AS FOR ME, as an individual, that being the biggest favor

that made me any teacher other than teach me to read. Previously I had earlier tried to make me or self-build me as a reader, but I have bad System memory Dominican Public Library -At the municipal level, for the same period, at least in La Vega: every time I went to the Don Luis Despradel public library, was closed or something bad happened that could not read, except National Library in Santo Domingo, I had no curiosity, in the public system, libraries, and always saw there, sitting in their jobs, then advertising student, Frank Cepeda, a regular at the National Library. Espasa-Calpe Encyclopedia seems, at the time,

a kind of skyscrapers, was as perfect as I had seen, in my entire life, hardcover the order of their encyclopedic dictionaries. The first time I saw and I read a Collection the UNESCO Courier ... were the 70s, I found my name and attention to the phrase or title: "A child is NOT a property but a possibility of freedom. " (But I myself was a child, in that Preferred time of reading, therefore I was very INSPIRATIONAL thought) In another of those magazines, I found another I have taken as Vocational light and inspiration: "ALL societies gives, OFF TO CHILDREN, CHILDREN RETURNED, LATER, THE society " AND ANOTHER: "ALL audiovisual, isfrom the time birth An export PRODUCT"

Some of these words of this Spanish edition of the trough me to the Dictionary more than once, because that seemed be one or thematic or tratative thought, for TEACHERS NOT FOR KIDS. Anyway, I was in 8th grade of primary education and neither sounded think or read the questions -Responding to my personal curiosity I had to read, that date to today ... but I never had dream on those times, WRITE or poetry, or anything, was barely ONLY: ABSOLUTELY ANY child ANONYMOUS, that the most survival agenda, jump the wall was I represented, "pass the course" and wanted NO fail, the Subject Spanish Language,

with Professor Renan Alcantara. "I came to entertain your family, As the world falls apart ... NOBODY promised us a rose garden, We talked about the danger of being alive .... Roadside is more fun and cheaper ... " Fito Paez "At the Side of the Road" The theme Renan Alcantara with the "Composition" of Aorga as talisman as we would Kapelutz, or Manuals Angel Lacalle, were true: SOMETHING HARD, but the life time I have done so much good -Like roads with Juan Jos Estvez and Rafael Duarte, later to learn to write with a degree of coherence and with minimal spelling errors, at least

until we to the Internet and e unaccented destroyed in millions people such training, for life communicative or cultural citizenship in glocalize. I. Each age hasITS OWN PROBLEMS ...AND ITS OWN CHARMS ... "(...) Let's be like a bonze ... CLAIM fully my right to participate in the contradictions of my time ... NO power, a little PRUDENT of knowledge MAXIMUM possible taste ... " Roland Barthes "The Pleasure of the Text" "Inaugural Lecture" Giving thanks is also one of the lovely notes This 28th anniversary, for us and we in CCIAV, as a foundation and a network, although I can say I was lucky as well, privileged, entering

contact "THE UNESCO COURIER" collection format, on paper, of course ... TIMES WERE ... in 8th year of primary education, as a publication ... LUCKY AND PRIVILEGED, I am now looking back, if we think a generation ago, children of the age, -Like Diogenes Cespedes as recounted in his memoirs still go to school fording rivers and on horseback, in this country. II. Of course, now its yourturn to start knitting ...and to chase your OWNdreams ... ... Of course, you have it more comfortable, DIGITAL NATIVE-are more that privileged because TODAY, you can, without spending a penny of transport, without running any risk of road, at home or in a call center,

READ AND SEEK, topics of interest on the internet. MANY THINGS YOU OR PRACTICES -THAT OUR GENERATION NEVER HAD Childhood ... ... - Read in multiple languages, - Take pictures with your cell phone - Film, -Laugh and continue to sit connected to the internet, -You can shop, -Grants, - Guided tours to museums, -Listen your favorite music, -See movies of your preference ... III. You have taken a leap in options -consumption and production and exchangeculture ... in the last 20 years. NEED TO KNOW: As you manage your time and your options? view to the preservation and disclosure of your culture -And your own personal storyhistorical and cultural memory,

in YOUR PROCESS Internal self-education or self-learning, as survival pathways of YOUR OWN DREAMS ... in the appropriation of the legacy of the scientific-technical scientific and technological for yourself and others, so too are in cyberspace. Everyday life, IF YOU ARE CURIOUS or keep alive your OBSERVER capacities as POWER you will buil d Many usefel lessons, for your understanding the present and the FUTURE ... I was lucky, because, as I tell you one thing I tell the other to meet Manoln Peguero who was from the 60s a personal library, where I started to love it by knowledge of the history, being there, my favorite people Arabs and the ancient Spain, the lives of heroes, sages

and warriors as Napoleon and other elements that played my sensitivity, both Spanish Civil War as and the two World Wars. Indeed, before 10 years of age, when I became a kind of cute, as a Publisher -And occasionally lecturer, in units limited to 2 or 3 minutes, from the adult world, in the Kingdom Hall of Witness Jehovah church, the religion of my mother, while my father was always a practicing Catholic, -Of the co-founders of the company Knights of Altagracia in Santiago de los Caballeros and then I think you find it easier understand as tolerant and open the ecumenical or interreligious dialogue, I am not anti anything, maybe just anti-tuberculosis ... said a famous comedian GOOD FOR ANYTHING IS THAT HELPED ME ... to have a type other leisure and FUN ... improving reading comprehension. But in the 70s, after the death my maternal grandfather, we were,

in Santo Domingo, was there in the UNESCO Courier, I found my name and attention to the phrase or title: "A child is NOT a property but a possibility of freedom " collecting evidence and then follow tools to autoconstruirme from reading ... that was becoming pressing again, curious and quick ... "Science does not improve when life people is only a perversion " Nikola Tesla We on our part -Like the millions of people working in animation socio-cultural, cultural journalism and similar optionsonly continue to promote and defend: - THE NEUTRALITY OF THE INTERNET - QUALITY OF FLOWS SYMBOLIC MOVE THERE FOR YOU and its connection with the curatoria, editing and motivation,

reading, creativity and innovation ... MAYBE ONLY REPEAT THIS GESTURE FRATERNAL DE THAT SAME TEACHER I told you in grade school Most important, where motivations and orientations TOWARDS NEW VOCATION. "No teachers believe in miracles" E. Raul Zaffaroni "No I have no special talent, except for my OWN curiosity " Albert Einstein "Old age beginswhen you lose the curiosity (...) Digging in the same, the only place where We are UNIQUE ... " Jose Saramago (Interview on Spanish Television Network, 2004) "THE TIME IS THE BASIS OF THE CREATIViTY ON THE ARTISTS PHILOSOPHERS, SCIENTISTS " Ilya Prigogine "(...) The man of science as the artist, have get used and adapt to living in a world slightly messy, is what I call the creative tension, CREATIVE stress (...) " Thomas S. Kuhn (1954)

Best regards, happy all day. THOSE RE-BUILDING PROCESS had help me for understand and keep on touch with uncertain of new or emergent paradigms and the problems relatives to bureaucratic slow motion for adaption ON REAL TIME solutions on Educational System, permanently thought as a problem leaded by adults, for satisfy other adults, putting or kidding and kicking on margines the REAL PROTAGONIST the child, the young, the adolescent on the learning process... within scholar system, thanks adult-centric prejudices and misogynistic vision, and so on.... is the memory and the inspiring story of creativity, we seek to share OUR INFORMATION FLOWS WITH PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS who would interested in such topics as PRIORITY, individual and collectively, IN B2B, based on learning by playing, collaborative, inter-and transdisciplinary anchored in the paradigm Fordist or post-emergent, ie -WE DO NOT ACCEPT READERS AUDIOVISUALLY ILLITERATE, TALKING audiovisually, - NEITHER technophobic, of any age,

-OR ABOUT TO HATE SPEECHES OR DISCRIMINATE VULNERABLE citizens FROM KATZ (2010), FOR EXAMPLE. -We do not want "Tourists", attached to the contemplative life, Without trying, do nothing to help solve these problems, aware -As we know from a scene from Schindler's List, "If we can save one life, all the struggles and efforts have been worthwhile. " So we are interested in people CAPABLE OF dream HEAD AND THINK WITH THEIR OWN AS INDIVIDUALS SENSITIVE AND ABLE TO SEE THE Multilateralism SKIP TO ANALYSIS OUTSIDE "Intellectuals bungling"

(Ander Egg, 2001) To decide on GLOCALIZE, individuals and organizations Or they do and concern and work CONCERNED BY WE And OUR TASKS with the same devotion, we care by them and they, "The word is ancient, is called solidarity "(R. Barthes); therefore, it is easy whether the shared contents, produced or stored in our channels, we are useful or if you can help to reach more and more people and institutions, anywhere HATE there, stigma, prejudice, ignorance, discrimination,

technophobia, misogyny, the potential for conflict Against that generate violence, RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS: children, youth, teenagers or people or organizations in need of hope or expanding their horizons of thinking, for making decisions and / or production of knowledge ... WITH ENOUGH THAT WE. IN THESE interested ISSUES AND SensibilizARTE ... WHAT TO COME ACHIEVING THE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL - FROM THE ANIMATION SOCIO-CULTURAL INVESTIGATION COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT AND THE APPROPRIATION AND USES SENSE OF ICTs to the quality of life, education,

leisure and culture: This is the reason for the release of the Membership tenured for CCIAV, since May 1, 2012 -Closure and noise our channels in cyberspace, from 2011 keep in focus in such contexts and unmet needs from a of individuality, the irrepetitibilidad and historicity - The child, the child, the adolescent and the young man and his many talents and intelligence for creativity, entrepreneurial management, innovation, social marketing, the edutainment, as CO-PARTICIPATE, EQUAL co-star IN DIGNITY AND RIGHTS to any other being

human before, today and tomorrow anywhere on earth, in the rich heritage mankind's cultural, IN GLOCALIZE, from the internalization - And practiced values democratic and humanistic as construction free citizenship, democratic and informed 24/7, parallel to Your personal contribution, from everyday life, AS A SINGLE GRAIN OF SAND, everyone and anyone, each HAS, in contributing to the prevention of violence and the culture of peace. NEVER BELIEVE that has not been hard ... but as Gandhi said, "There is no way to peace, peace is the way " "I have the arrogance to represent any (...) ALL

dogmas are enemies of human creativity " Oscar Arias Snchez (1987) "No dogma, listen to your inner voice" Steve Jobs (Stanford University, 2005) Yoe F. Santos / cciav Human Person Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Anniversary 1984-2012 Want to get involved TO HELP, TO GIVE OUR NEXT STEP? JOIN OUR TEAM FROM THE MEMBERSHIP tenured ... this 28 th anniversary ... Every human being can be an ambassador or an ambassador for peace, from the cradle to the grave ... IF YOU DECIDE, if desired, if constructed or

helps to build, in his immediate environment from the active citizenship, cultural and communication, 24/7, within and out of cyberspace: IF you love your brother, teach him to read ... "Latin America lost the train of universal literacy and industrialization in the nineteenth century ... now in the twentytwo new types of illiteracies, other than the first letters, facing our future: audiovisual and illiteracy computer illiteracy-communication " Arturo Uslar Pietri (1994) "Latin America and the Caribbean will be refilled dictatorships, if youth are not empowered, (...) I only believe in two things: on youth and democracy ... " Gloria Pea (2010) Interview "... The best school contraceptive ... we have to overcome school apartheid ... Give the woman and the child,

full control of your destiny ... " Jerome (2006) "How is education in the XXI century?" UNESCO Directive 124 "Violence is the fear to the ideals of others (...) IF I had known or believed that promote violence or bring peace, had advocated violence (...) " Mahatma K. Gandhi ops! OF COURSE we never are going accept as partner, donor or contributor, indiv iduals or organizations, anchored on Middle Age as the proposition: "NOTHING connect on electricy, has any connection with literature and culture"