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Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Affaires etrangeres et Commerce international Canada

125 Sussex Drive. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 002

Our File A-2011-00802/ LA

Ms. Franke James

D C1 31011 E

Dear Ms. James: This is the second interim response to your request received under the Access to Information Act on August 16, 2011, for the following: All communications regarding Art Show and/or artist Franke James, between Canadian Foreign Affairs Department and/or Canadian Embassies in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. 1) Correspondence including emails, letters, notes, dispatches and memoranda 2) Dates of phone calls and meetings, lists of attendees, agendas, minutes of meetings 3) The above request also extends to written or verbal communications between Canadian officials (whether in Canada or elsewhere) and External Parties: Franke James Sandra Antonovic and/or Nektarina Borka Pavicevic, The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) Basler osiguranje Zagreb (Basler Insurance in Zagreb) Baloise, "Basler Versicherungen" or "Baloise Bank SoBa," Baloise Switzerland Barclay's Bank

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_ __ ---J/


Personnel of interest include, but are not limited to, the following individuals: CANADA I Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister John Baird, DFAIT C. Candice Rice, Trade Commissioner, Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service, Ontario Region, Frederic Levesque, Senior Desk Officer, David Fairchild, Foreign Affairs and and International Trade Canada CROATIA I Zagreb, Embassy of Canada Ms. Vlatka Ljubenko, Cultural Relations Officer, Synthia Dodig, Trade Commissioner, Mr. Claude Demers, Counsellor and Consul, GERMANY I Berlin, Embassy of Canada Katharina Fichtner, Cultural Attache, Olivier Roy, Trade Commissioner (Arts and Culture), Anne Suess, Events Coordinator, POLAND I Warsaw, Embassy of Canada Ewa Cichocka, Cultural Relations Officer, SERBIA I Belgrade, Embassy of Canada Ms. Djurdjevka Ceramilac, Trade Commissioner Ms. Olgica Marinkovic, Cultural Relations, SPAIN I Madrid, Embassy of Canada: Ana Berbes Blazquez, RUSSIA I Moscow, Embassy of Canada: Olga Kameneva,


-3Date Range: Between March 15, 2011 and the present Primary Keywords: Franke James and/or James Gang, Sandra Antonovic and/or Nektarina, Basler osiguranje Zagreb (Basler Insurance in Zagreb) and/or Baloise, Basler Versicherungen" and/or "Baloise Bank SoBa," and/or Baloise Switzerland; Borka Pavicevic, The Center for Cultural Decontamination, CZKD. Secondary Keywords: "Global Canadian Funding", Canada Fund, "Project in the Balkans", art show, "Dear Prime Minister", "Fat Cat Canada", "that woman", visual essay, exhibition, sponsor;" Please find attached a copy of the documents relevant to your request. Please note that some of the information contained in the documents has been severed pursuant to 19(1), 21(1){b), and 15(1) -International of the Act. You may find details of the exemptions/exclusions invoked at the following website: Please note that a final response will be provided once we have completed our process. Please be advised that you are entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner concerning the processing of your request within sixty days of the receipt of this notice. In the event you decide to avail yourself of this right, your notice of complaint should be addressed to: Information Commissioner of Canada, Tower B, Place de Ville, 112 Kent Street, 7th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leonard Arvelin at 613-992-6353 or by email atleonard . Yours sincerely,

Monique McCulloch Director Access to Information and Privacy Protection Attachments: Pages 000166 to 000213

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