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Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Affaires etrangeres et Commerce international Canada

125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 002

Our File A-2011-01800 / LA

Ms. Franke James


0 4)012

Dear Ms. James: This is in reply to your request under the Access to Information Act which was received on January 5, 2012, for the following:

I am applying under the Access to Information Act for the following records: Please provide from August 1, 2011 to the present (January 6/2012): a" records regarding myself (artist Franke James) andlor my proposed 2011/2012 European Climate Change Art Exhibition and/or my "Banned on the Hill" artshow on advertising posters in Ottawa in Nov 2-27,2011 Records within Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and also records between DFAIT and other Canadian Federal Departments and/or External Parties and/or Canadian Embassies in Europe and Eurasia. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I wish to have access to the following records: Electronic and written communications, including e-mail messages, dispatches, and memoranda Communication's strategy, media lines, scripted responses, briefing notes Dates of phone calls and meetings, lists of attendees, agendas, minutes of meetings, reports Internal DFAIT records at the minister/department level Consultations with other Canadian Federal Departments Exchanges between DFAIT and external parties and/or communications shops Please include other records already released under the Access to Information Act by DFAIT on this subject (excluding my related ATI request which is still in process: DFAIT #A-2011-00802/ LA) Please provide records as they become available. Call immediately for any clarifications.

Background on the two exhibitions: EUROPEAN EXHIBITION: My solo European exhibition planned for 2011/2012, was officially called "What Can One Person Do?" however it was more frequently referred to as: "Franke James exhibition", Climate Change(s) Project, ZAGRB project, Nektarina project, and by DFAIT staff by other phrases including" Artist issue"; therefore keywords are the best way to locate relevant documents. The proposed European Exhibition citieslcountries it was to tour were: Berlin, Germany; Wroclaw, Poland; Riga, Latvia; Moscow, Russia; Barcelona, Spain; Belgrade, Serbia; Tel Aviv, Israel; Athens, . Greece; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Croatia; Milan, Italy; Cairo, Egypt; Istanbul, Turkey; Vienna, Austria; Odessa, Ukraine; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, UK; Copenhagen, Denmark; Malta; The show was cancelled in August 2011. CANADIAN EXHIBITION: Franke James "Banned on the Hill" art show in Ottawa featured six posters on paid advertising media along Bank Street, November 2-27,2011. The main message ofthe show was to stop silencing environmental messengers. The show was covered by various media including Postmedia, SUN TV, CBC Radio "The Current", Ottawa MetroNews, Centretown News (Ottawa), The Leveller, The Toronto Star, the New York Times, Yahoo! Canada. PEN Canada and the Writers' Union of Canada expressed concern over Government interference in a press release in November 2011. Personnel of interest include, but are not limited to, the following individuals: CANADA 1 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister John Baird Andre-Marc Lanteigne, Director General - Communications (CSM) Joseph Lavoie, Press Secretary Spokesperson, Chris Day Spokesperson, Jean-Francois Lacelle Mark Berman, Climate Change office Jeremy Wallace, Climate Change office Peter Egyed, Counsellor, Public Affairs Debra Price, Legal counsel, Romania Frederic Levesque, Senior Desk Officer David Fairchild, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Scott Heatherington, Ambassador of Canada to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; Iveta Gravite-Massone, Public Affairs Officer Jim Feir - Director and Senior Trade Commissioner Ontario Region

Lisa Pogue - Deputy Director, Trade Commissioner Ontario Region Caitlin Workman, Spokesperson June Shingawa, Trade Commissioner C. Candice Rice, Trade Commissioner, Ontario Region CANADA I Environment Canada Minister Peter Kent Paul Boothe, Deputy Minister Chris Day, Spokesperson Stephanie Machel, Chief of Staff Melissa Lantsman, Director of Communications Enclosed are the documents that respond to your request. Please note that some of the information contained in the documents has been exempted pursuant to 19(1), 20(1){b), 20(1){c), 21(1){a), 21(1){b), 1S(1) -International of the Act. You may find details of the exemptions/exclusions invoked at the following website: Please be advised that you are entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner concerning the processing of your request within sixty days of the receipt of this notice. In the event you decide to avail yourself of this right, your notice of complaint should be addressed to: Information Commissioner of Canada, Tower B, Place de Ville, 112 Kent Street, 7th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leonard Arvelin at 613-992-6353 or by email Yours sincerely,

Warren Acting Director Access to Information and Privacy Protection Enclosures: 976 c.c.: Information Commissioner


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