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Ricardo Rivas Salazar Final Literacy Essay

Cod: 0840384

A streetcar Named Desire The analysis of the clash between romanticism and realism in the play a streetcar named desire and how Darwins theory survival of the fittest is exposed. The conflict between two ways of seeing the world, in which the realism deals with a realistic world, more objective, and harder; realism recognizes the negative aspects of life not only the good ones, while romanticism perceives the world as an ideal and magic place, more subjective, softer, in which the fantasy is an important part of it. In this play each conception has its own representative, for realism we have Stanley the antagonist is a strong, tough, violent, and arrogant man, controlled by his emotions who loves to drink, play poker and sex. Stanley is a controlling and domineering man, demanding subservience from his wife in the belief that his authority is threatened by Blanche's arrival, we can see this when he says to Stella its gonna be all right after she goes and after youve had the baby, its gonna be all right again between you and me the way it was. One the other hand we have Blanche the protagonist and the appositive of realism, she is a woman who has had a difficult life because she spent the end of her youth watching the older generation of her family die out before losing the Dubois seat at Belle Reve. This experience, along with the suicide of her young homosexual husband, deadened Blanche's emotions and her sense of reality. Since then as she says I always depend on the kindness of the strangers. Her character is soft, delicate, and kind. Blanche knows very well that she cannot survive in the world as it is. Reality is too harsh for her, so she must somehow create illusions that will allow her to maintain her delicate, fragile hold on life as she wants to escape from reality as she says I dont want realism. I want magic. I dont tell the truth, I tell what ought to be truth. But also we have other two characters, Stella and Mitch; they always are transiting between realism and romanticism

A constant clash is seen throughout all the play. Blanche has created an imaginary world as she says I know I fib a good deal. After all, A womans charm is fifty percent illusion, besides she always avoids confrontations with Staley, she wants to be treated kindly as she tells Mitch thank you for being so kind! I need kindness now. And Stanley is the cruel reality. Stanley has neither imagination nor use for living in an illusion. He has no patience for Blanche's illusions and this makes a big difference between them deliberate cruelty is unforgivable it is the one thing of which I have never, never been guilty. So Blanche uses illusion to survive, Stanley uses brute force. Stanley does everything he can to unravel Blanches past. He hates her and thats why he says that She's not staying here after Tuesday. You know that, don't you? Just to make sure I bought her a ticket myself. A bus ticket. Blanche describes Stanley as animal, has animal habits a cave man, a survivor of the stone Age, and she wants to separate her sister from Stanley dont, dont hang back with the brutes, due to all this he tries to hurt her by using insults and making her feel uncomfortable. Stella is caught between these two worlds, she wants to be loyal to Stanley but neither wants to disappoint her sister, and she knows that Blanche has reason about Stanley, but she loves him, besides she is pregnant, she is in a dilemma, so what we can see here that she is a kind prize in this war. Another character is Mitch who is a gentleman when he meets Blanche; he treats her like a prince, besides he supports her in all what she says and thinks. However, when he finds out the true about her, he loses his mind; he gets mad and attacks her like an animal just like Stanley does. The relationship between Stanley and Blanche is getting harder and harder every day, more fights and insults, you are simple, straightforward and honest, a little bit on the primitive side, the touch of your hand insults them. And Stanley with all the situations at his house trying to get her out of it At the end of the play romanticism is defeated by realism, the Darwins theory is applied, the fittest character survives, Stanley is capable to adapt to each situation, that is the real world. Meanwhile Blanche cannot adapt to the situations in her environment and fails when tries to build her ideal word, her kindness is her ruin.

When Stanley revels Blanches secrets, her life begins to fall apart, the mask that she always has showed is now a lie, finally Stanley destroys her when that rape, here the ideal word that she has created vanishes, Blanche loses completely the notion of the real world. Although, at the end she wins the main prize; Stella realizes how much damaged has received her sister by Stanley and her. What have I done to my sister, so she decides to leave Stanley.