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Underline the action verb in each title. Replace the verb with a new action verb. Write the new title. 1. The Worm Walks to School

Books and Bookworms Action verbs

____________________________________________________ ___ _ 2. Wendy Crawls Around Town ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 3. Wilbur Sings All Night ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 4. Read Three Books ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 5. Nibble an Apple ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 6. Wilma Stretches Her Neck ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 7. Crawl Under a Rock ____________________________________________________ ___ _ 8. Willie Lives in a Hole ____________________________________________________ ___ _
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Grades 2–3 Aug./Sept. 2009—Volume 26—Number 4

Short-Vowel Word Families pp. 3–10

Cross-Curricular: Books and Bookworms pp. 17–24

Comparing and Contrasting pp. 31–38

Seasonal & Holiday pp. 55–63

Short-Vowel Word Families 3 -ack, -an, -ank, -at 5 -ig, -ill, -in, -ip 7 -ock, -og, -op, -ot 9 -ub, -ug, -unk, -ush Reading and Writing Number Words 11 1 to 20 13 Two-digit numbers 15 Review Cross-Curricular: Books and Bookworms 17 Action verbs 19 Fact families 21 Number order 23 Transition words Rules 25 Reasons for rules 27 Classroom rules 29 Following classroom rules Comparing and Contrasting 31 Characters 33 Characters 35 Setting 37 Setting

Comparing and Ordering Numbers 39 Using benchmarks 41 Comparing three-digit numbers 43 Comparing three-digit numbers 45 Ordering three-digit numbers 47 Ordering four-digit numbers Nouns 49 Identifying and sorting common nouns 51 Sorting common and proper nouns 53 Identifying proper nouns Seasonal & Holiday 55 Back-to-School: writing ordinal numbers 57 Fall (apples): expanded form 59 Fall (acorns): synonyms 61 Fall: two-digit subtraction without regrouping 63 Constitution Day: complete and incomplete

Planner 64 2009–10 school-year topics

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