Question: This brand X has its origins in Germany, when a trading ban was placed on that nation by the

Allies during World War II. The Coca-Cola company therefore was not able to import the syrup needed to produce Coca-Cola in Germany. As a result, Max Keith, the man in charge of Coca-Cola's operations in Germany during the second World War, decided to create a new product for the German market created using only ingredients available in Germany. And hence X was developed. Identify this well known brand X. Answer: Fanta Question: GVK Airport Holdings Private Limited, a subsidiary of GVK Power & Infrastructure Limited (GVKPIL) on 18 October 2011 acquired 108000000 equity shares worth Rs10 each (amounting to a 13.5% equity stake) in which of the following? Answer: Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd (MIAL) Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) Kolkata International Airport Ltd (KIAL) Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) Question: X is an international franchiser, licensor, and operator of a chain of convenience stores. It is also, since March 2007, the largest chain store in any category, beating McDonald's by 1,000 stores. Its stores are located in eighteen countries, with its largest markets being Japan, the United States, Taiwan, and Thailand respectively. Identify X. Answer: 7-Eleven Question: The current mark consists of three elipses: the two elipses in the center represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and the company. The space in the background implies a global expansion of the comapny's technology and unlimited potential for the future. Somehow the logo is so shaped that a layman always takes it to be the company name's initaial. Name the company. Answer: Toyota Question: The business in question was set up in 1986 by S S Goenka, who founded a small company called Peutronics Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of using computers to simplify the tedious job of keeping accounts. His son Bharat was responsible for the development of the commercial software product which led Peutronics Pvt. Ltd., into changing its name and becoming the company it is today. It now operates from its offices on the Hosur Road, a business district of the Silicon Valley of India and makes financial accounting softwares that currently sells in 88 countries beyond its native India, including the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Identify this worldly recognized company. Answer: Tally Solutions Question: Around 1900, seven brothers named ____________ immigrated to the United States from Italy. They eventually settled on the West Coast in Berkeley, California and became machinists. One of them, Rachele, began making aircraft propellers, inspired by an airshow he saw at the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition in nearby San Francisco. Rachele and his brothers created an aircraft manufacturing

company in Berkeley called "____________ Brothers", which remained in business until 1976, although their product line changed over the years. Name this family that shares its name with the company and is quite a genericized trademark today. Answer: Jacuzzi Question: The person in question was born in 1821 in Jura, France. In 1835, he moved to Paris. The trip from his hometown to Paris was over 400 kilometers (249 mi), and he travelled the distance by foot. On his way there, he picked up a series of odd jobs to pay for his journey. There, he became an apprentice Layetier (French for trunk/bag maker) to prominent households. Because of his well established reputation in this field, Napoleon III of France appointed him as Layetier to his wife, Empress Eugénie de Montijo. Through his experience with the French aristocracy, he developed expert knowledge of what made a good travelling case. It was then that he began to design his own luggage. Who am I talking about? Answer: Louis Vuitton Question: In 1886 his family left Switzerland to live in Beaune, France. It was there as a young man, he developed his mechanical skills and interest in auto racing. He worked for the Roblin mechanics shop from 1895 to 1899, at which time he went to Paris, where he worked for a short time before emigrating to Montreal, Quebec in Canada in 1900 to work as a chauffeur/mechanic. In 1905, he was hired by FIAT as a racing car driver, and a year later became employed by a Philadelphia company developing a then-revolutionary front-wheel drive racing car. His racing career continued as he drove for Buick, becoming a friend and associate of Billy Durant. Who am I talking about? Answer: Louis Chevrolet Question: This young man returned to his village once all his business attempts had failed and stayed there until 1940, when he decided to try again in Seoul. After mulling over his situation with the Japanese, he decided to start another venture. Using a service garage he purchased from a friend, he started the A-do Service Garage on a 3,000 won loan. Within three years, the employee number grew from 20 to 70 and he was able to bring in a good income. In 1943, the Japanese Occupational Government forced the garage to merge with a steel plant as part of the war effort. Although his businesses were seeing their demise due to suppression by the Japanese, he returned to Asan with 50,000 won in savings to try and make the best of the situation. And so he did. Name this well known personality and also the name of the empire he created. Answer: Chung Ju-Yung, Hyndai Question: David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leader had made KKK merchandise in order to bring out the name of the klan as the "National Organization For European American Rights". In February 2000, a particular lifestyle clothing brand filed suit against David Duke for infringements of their copyright, who has since changed the name of his organisation to EuropeanAmerican Unity and Rights Organization (EURO). Which clothing brand filed this suit? Answer: No Fear

Question: Identify him and the brand he is associated with. He started an appareal company in 1978 which is based in Molvena in northern Italy. Answer: diesel Question: When were the Fundamental Duties of the Indian citizens incorporated in the Constitution? Answer: 1952 1981 1976 1979

Question: Identify this young mind who was recently featured in Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web. Answer: Matt Mullenweg

Question: The picture is derived from the Greek mythology where the blind giant Orion carried his servant Cedalion on his shoulders when Orion was searching for the rising sun. What modern day application takes inspiration from this incident? Answer: Google Scholar - "Stand on the shoulders of giants"

Question: This particular character of a chef has a special significance in corporate history. What is its claim to fame? Answer: McDonalds Question: This person comes from a family of successful landlords and lawyers. After graduating in Science from Meerut College, he went to UK to pursue higher studies in Aeronautical Engineering. Along the line, he got selected in the Indian Army, by British Officers services Selection Board, UK. Subsequently, he joined the Indian Military Academy (I.M.A) at Dehradun. He thereafter was commissioned into The Deccan Horse - a renowned cavalry regiment of The Indian Army. Who is the person in discussion? Answer: Kushal Pal Singh (Owner of DLF Group)

Question: The building in the picture is the SunTrust Headquarters at SunTrust Plaza in Atlanta, GA. Besides having approximately 200 years of experience in the banking industry and having $183.1 billion in assets as of September 30, 2006, it is famous for other reasons. What is its claim to fame? Answer: Coca Cola Formula stored in this building

Question: The copper coin (shown below) was first introduced by Sher Shah Suri during his rule of India, along with Mohur, the gold coin and Rupiya, the silver coin. Later on, the Mughal Emperors standardised the coin along with other silver (Rupiya) and gold (Mohur) coins in order to consolidate the monetary system across India. The question is, which english phrase originated from the name of this coin. Answer: Dam - I don't give a damn. Question: X is an Indian brand of automobiles which sold variations of the UK’s X-Triumph. Formed in 1947 and dissolved in 1988, the models sold include the X10, the X-20, the gazelle, herald, and the X-2000. X please. Answer: Standard

Question: Identify the 2008 start-up which is a multi million dollar company today by its logo and also its angel investor. Answer: Tapulous Rajeev Motwani

Question: Connect. Answer: Star Alliance

Question: Connect. Answer: Indian Currency - Rupee Notes

Question: Connect. Answer: Sachin Tendulkar is their first victim

Question: Connect. Answer: Ernesto ―Che‖ Guevara

Question: Connect. Answer: Amitabh Bachchan Question: X is assassinated by Y, which killed the American Dream. In retaliation Y is kiiled by Z. If Z is Leon Rubenstein identify is X and Y ? Answer: X is John F Kennedy, Y is Lee Harvey Oswald Question: Fill the missing link George Best _________ Eric Cantona Christiano Ronaldo Micheal Owen Answer: Bryan Robson Question: Which movement was characterized by protests like ―Montgomery Boycott‖, Greensboro, Selma march ?

Answer: African-American Civil Rights Movement

Question: This handset marks the beginning of? Answer: Series 40

Question: The following logo and year mark a characteristic event. What is it? Answer: Launch of first GPS satelite - navstar 1 Question: ________ describes the number of pairs in the rabbit population after a certain number of weeks if it is assumed that: - in the first month there is just one newly-born pair, - new-born pairs become fertile from their second month on - each month every fertile pair begets a new pair, and - the rabbits never die Answer: Fibonacci Series Question: The face of the main character of the film was modeled after Albert Einstein, Carl Sandberg and a pup dog. Michael Jackson recorded the theme song "Someone in the dark", though it was not used, it features in the storybook version of the film. When the cassette was released in the US, it was made of green plastic. Identify the movie. Answer: Extra Terrestrial (E.T) Question: Identify the team. ___ 116 def Angola 48; ___ 103 def Croatia 70; ___ 111 def Germany 68; ___ 127 def Brazil 83; ___ 122 def Spain 81; ___ 115 def Puerto Rico 77; ___ 127 def Lithuania 76; ___ 117 def Croatia 85 Answer: US Basketball Dream Team at '92 Barcelona Olympics Question: How is Rear Admiral Sir Miles Messervy and Major Boothroyd better

known in literature and film? Answer: M and Q from James bond (Q is short for Quartermaster) Question: In which Post Soviet Republic does the KGB still operate under the same name and a near identical insignia? Answer: Belarus

Question: Connect. Answer: World Health Organization (WHO) Question: They have won a record 29 Spanish League titles, including 7 in a row and 10 in a row sequences. They have also won 22 Spanish Cup titles . In Europe they have won 8 European Championships titles. Which team? Answer: Teka – Real Madrid Basketball Team Question: X was born in 1967, failed a banking institute in 1995.Identify X. Answer: Nick Leeson Question: "X" is a file host, which revoked privileges for its members to be able to access other users files as a response to shutdown of another major filehost "Y" under PIPA & SOPA. X please? Answer: Question: This place is Asia’s largest wholesale market. Built by a king for his daughter to ship all that she wanted to, this market place derives its name from the canals filled with water that sparkled like silver in the moonlight. What place is this? Answer: Chandni Chowk Question: Find the odd one out. Answer: Flying Scotsman Golden Arrow Great Eastern Eastern & Oriental Trans Siberian Question: Quote: "All I can say is that it is imaginary and not found on any map‖( although, the University of Chicago Press has published a literary atlas with the map of India indicating the location of ____). which fictional place are we talking about ? Answer: Malgudi Question: Randolph Bresnik became a father for a second time when baby Abigail was born in Houston, Texas. He was not at home for the baby’s arrival but was

described to be ―on air‖ on getting the news. Where was he when his baby arrived? Answer: space shuttle ATLANTIS Question: How do we know these lines? "Have you thought upon Lat, Uzza & the other, the third, Manat? These are the high flying cranes; truly their intercession is accepted with approval." Answer: Satanic Verses Question: In 1868 a French scientist traveled to India and observed a total solar eclipse from a tobacco field outside Guntur.In doing this he discovered the first element to be found outside Earth before it was found on Earth. Which element? Answer: Helium Question: Find the odd one out. Answer: Bears Bulls Cowboys Dolphins Giants Steelers

Question: Find the odd one out. Answer: A B C D E

Question: Find the odd one out. Answer: A B C D E

Question: Which legend? Answer: Batman

Question: There are 2 things in common. Name at least one. Answer: Director – Ridley Scott, Music – Hans Zimmer

Question: Who is getting tamed here? Answer: Tiger Woods

Question: Partnership Broken? Answer: Vinod Kambli’s revelations in Sach ka Samna

Question: To grow or not to grow? Answer: BT Brinjal Controversy Question: According to Shashi Tharoor: ―his life and work are beginning to serve as an allegory for the changing modalities of the secular in modern India — and the challenges that the narrative of the nation holds for many of us. This is the opportune and crucial time to honour him for his dedication and courage to the cultural renaissance of his beloved country.‖ Who is he talking about ? Answer: MF hussain

Question: In the Mumbai, All over India… Answer: Bandra Worli Sea link

Question: Octagenerian, and still going strong. Answer: N.D Tiwari sex tapes

Question: Double Double agent!! Answer: Headley

Question: Being Rested isn't so bad after all.. Answer: IPL Causing Player Injuries

Question: Tweeting into trouble. Answer: Shashi Tharoor’s Holy Cows tweet

Question: Plugged!! Answer: Julian Assange’s Arrest

Question: Mightier than the sword? Answer: Silencing writers at the Jaipur Lit festival

Question: To Russia, With Love Answer: Gita Banned in Russia

Question: Can I have a piece sister? Answer: Mayawati’s plan to divide UP into 4 parts

Question: Evergreen, in black and white. Answer: Dev anand’s death

Question: Next Indian Idol? Answer: Swami Agnivesh’s appearance on big boss

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