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P.O. BOX 190
Ossipee, NH 03864
Fax: (603)539-7506
I am announcing the formation of a task force to investigate mortgage fraud throughout Carroll
County - criminal fraud.
There are thousands of property owners throughout the county that may be affected.
During the past year, there have been many events, that have come to my attention or I have been
involved with, affecting property owners, i.e. properties being foreclosed on that were owned outright,
financial institutions that staked claim to a property but did not have a deed, note or mortgage history,
persons who owned property and were told they were in arrears on a mortgage they paid. A common
thread in each case is there was no accountability by the financial institution, no one to present a reply,
no decision maker to speak with.
Last month, I learned 51 banking institutions filed for bankruptcy protection in federal district court
on 14 May 2012. Do any of these banks or their constituent banks have property interests in Carroll
County? Do Carroll County property owners have an interest as a creditor or affected party? What
have the banks requested relative to mortgages they hold as assets?
Additionally, source documents include:
US Senate Subcommittee Report on the financial crisis, 2011 and continuing
Louisiana Parishes have sued for damages under RICO; the same corporations doing
business in this county
The Attorney General of Delaware, son of the Vice President, is seeking damages for
destruction of the reliability of public records, deeds (titles).
The US Comptroller, representing 14 federal regulatory agencies issued cease and desist
orders to the very organizations that do business in Carroll County; they have ceased
The indicators that the title to your property may be subjected to fraud, include the following:
the property was purchased or financed/refinanced after January 1997
the property was purchased or financed/refinanced after January 1997 and the mortgage
servicing (who you direct payments to) has changed
inaccurate inquiries from financial institutions relative to your mortgage
the bottom of page 1 on your mortgage has the following statement, "New Hampshire
Mortgage - single family - Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT MERS
Modified Form 303001/01
If you have experienced any of the above and/or you have information from any source you would
like to share, I request you email, if possible, or write a letter. The contact information is:
Carroll County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Deputy Brian King
PO Box 190
Ossipee, NH 03864
539-2284 x317
In your communication, indicate all of the following:
legal names of the property owners (borrowers)
physical address of the property and description, single family residence, land, building, etc.
mailing address ofthe property owners (borrowers)
the condition named above or other situation that may need to be reviewed
email address or other address to contact you
I recommend you contact us at the earliest opportunity but within 30 days.
This Office is in need of volunteer assistance to study and review the data and information. If you
have an interest or possess relevant skill sets, please contact me direct at 539-2284 or
The events that bring us here today are complex, ambiguous, and veiled in secrecy. It is probative that
there is embedded criminal fraud - we need to shine the light on everything.
In closing, people have an absolute right to be protected in their homes, and their homes to be
(Legal Case Citings)
I. US Senate Investigation
Synopsis: This report is a detailed study of the mortgage and financial industries that
was initiated by the US Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee chaired by
senator Carl Levin relative to the recession and housing crisis announced in 2008
Access: http://hsgac.senate,gov/public/
files/Financial Crisis/FinanciaICrisisReport.pdf
2. US Federal Bankruptcy Court
Synopsis: 51 banking institutions, many considered ghost organizations, have filed
for bankruptcy protection. Pleadings have been submitted to continue operations and
to not give an accounting of creditors (mortgage interests) Protection is sort in the US
Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York
Residential Capital, LLC et. al., Debtors
United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York
Chapter II Case No. 12-12020(MG) Jointly Administered
Other cases files in conjunction with bankruptcy protection: 12-12019 to 12-12070
3. Louisiana Parishes Seek Damages under RICO Fraud
Synopsis: The 26 Parishes in Middle Louisiana is suing several banks and alleging
that they, MERSCORP, Inc. and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.
(MERS) comprise a RICO enterprise MERS LLC for failure to pay recording fees to
the public record. The Parishes are seeking to recover damages under Section 1961 of
USC Title 18 commonly known as RICO. Complaint was filed in US District Court
of Middle Louisiana.
Cite: Doug Welborn et. al. v The Bank Of New York Mellon et. al.
Case number: 3: 12-cv-00220 JJB-SCR
4. Delaware Civil Suit
Synopsis: The Attorney General is seeking damages for destruction of the reliability
of the public records and diversion of public recording fees lost by actions of
MERSCORP, Inc. Mortgage Electl"onic Registration Systems, Inc. and member
institutions. The Attorney General is filing on behalf of the Registrars of the three
Delaware counties and the citizens of Delaware in the Chancery Court of Delaware.
MERSCORP, Inc and Mortgage electronic Registration Systems, Inc (MERS) are
Delaware domestic corporations.
Cite: State Of Delaware v. MERSCORP, Inc. And Mortgage Electronic
Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS).
Case number: CA No. 6987-CS
5. Federal Investigative Orders relative to MERS
Synopsis: 14 Federal Regulatory agencies led by the US Treasury Department
Comptroller of the Currency issued cease and desist orders to MERSCORP, Inc. and
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to clean up en-ors in their database of
mortgage promissory notes, regulate the MERS "CertifYing Officers," increase staff to
institute data accuracy and oversight and corrective measures to mitigate shoddy
business practices that put member institutions at unnecessary risk
Cite: US Office Of The Comptroller Cease And Desist Order In The Matter
OfMERSCORP, Inc. And Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems,
Inc. (MERS).
Order number: OCC No. AA-EC-11-20
Access: http://www.occ. gov/news-issuances/news-releases/20II !IlT-OCC-
Majority Media I Media I Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Co=ittee
. ,
Senate Investigations
Subcommittee Releases Levin-
Coburn Report On the Financial
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Page 1 0[6
WASHINGTON - Concluding a
two-year bipartisan
investigation, Senator Carl
Levin, D-Mich., and Senator
Tom Coburn M.D., R-Okla.,
Chairman and Ranking
Republican on the Senate
Permanent Subcommittee on
Investigations, today released a
635-page final report on their
inquiry into key causes of the financial crisis. The report catalogs conflicts of
interest, heedless risk-taking and failures of federal oversight that helped push
the country into the deepest recession since the Great Depression.
"Using emails.memosandotherinternaldocuments.this report tells the inside
story of an economic assault that cost millions of Americans their jobs and
homes, while wiping out investors, good businesses, and markets," said Levin.
"High risk lending, regulatory failures, inflated credit ratings, and Wall Street
firms engaging in massive conflicts of interest, contaminated the U.S. financial
system with toxic mortgages and undermined public trust in U.S. markets.
Using their own words in documents subpoenaed by the Subcommittee, the
report discloses how financial firms deliberately took advantage of their clients
and investors, how credit rating agencies assigned AM ratings to high risk 6/29/2012
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on of reining in
unsafe unsound all around them, Rampant of "Ie"o',;
are threads run through every chapter
free helped make but it only
and undisclosed, conflicts
mess lies from for,o,,,i
who let nrF''''O run wild, and
,,,rem!' regulatory inaction,
failure in U
four SUbC()mll1
mortgage len,Ci"'"
that became the berne"I
'The Levin-Coburn ,er,r,,"! eXloallds on evidence """horror!
Ilearings in April 2010, four aspects of
case ""vru",,,,
selling structured
105,ses on while the bank
Moody's and & P"m',,,,
primarily on
itself profited from npmnn "'I,,,,in,,,t
new findings
over V,crvv
hon",iCl! from the n()\Mn!l
sold CDOs in ways
at times led to the
Mac, even as
would burst new detail
report nrF"""nt,, new
interest with the firm's
"t,rm" with more 700 new
pages, It recounts Washington
mortgages to Wall Fannie
executives a housing UUIJUlt
how its regulator deferred to
show how Goldman net
cre'atE,d conflicts
its clients. the same products caused substantial losses
provides additional detail about
new collect
hAf()rA issuing mass ,,,tinn,,,, dmfu'nnmr;A" that Sf1!)Cr:ed the financial
Other new Intr\rm
http://www.hsgac, 6/29/2012
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riru,,,,,',,,rl a in
value related
120 new documents provide
mortgage mess,
a conflicts
report's h",lhlin
nrr1,fit" Washington
rtg"ge '",nrHr,n in
on short Lending, With an
even as the
m",r",o, "signifies a bubble" with
inside were
"""om,,,,,! sv;;lems were dellcl,anl sta,ndare!s and risk
loans were tRllnfAlrf
and many
WaMu's chief "''''Ull
one point lhat attempts to [a] more
underwriting approach were continuously thwarted by an
and often times within the
25% of
rate mClrtgages, \Alhlr1h
to high risk
nrr,p.r"nll:r,n "
in high risk, poor quality,
fraudulent mortgages, at without full disclosure
weakening U,S, markets, analysis shows how
some high loans Fannie Mae and Freddie
olelve,d one off more mrll,!"1!
Supervision (OTS),
Washington Mutual's primary regulator, to correct
serioLIS deficiencies at the bank over five years, from 2003 2008.
information details the regulator's to bank management
and how it lIsed profits to excuse high
activities. WaMu recorded problems from its high
risk delinquencies that in
http://www.hsgac.senate.gOY/subcommittees/investigations/medialsenate-investigations-su... 6/29/2012
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not even consider
the h"l"nli,,1 sums in
Mnrln,'''p (ARM) nnnTn
nn'Clln", an emf,,,.n,,,n,,,n! ",.,.Ii"n against the
"IM"rrl",; to WaMu's
;on)orallcln (FDIC) advocated I"Klnn
only refused, but impeded FDIC OVI"rSlom officials
rating or
the bank's ongoing
took nearly to property
own investigation and Tin""" rpr'"rnrY',or,,;,,,.r!
a to
action -- a week
nrrl!O"! their
oversight ignored
an ap'Jlo,get.ic
WaMu, which was its largel,!
as a
CEO of its decision
by Moody's and Standard &
KAoon concludes
was the ,July 200'1 mass r",linn,,, downgrades
cause of
mn,nH,,, h",t"ro the same firms
The was a
of mortgage related securities that de'va:ltated investors.
NP,rl,t rating agency personnel
delayed imposing would not "hold"
deemed to
finally higher risk m,,,k,,,,n
the firms often to apply the models existing
securities, and helped investment banks investments to market
hAtmp tougher rating criteria took continued to pull in
lucrative of up to $135,000 to rate a mortgage security and
to a coillate'ralized
might been if they issuers by providing lower
The mass rating downgrades they finally were not an to
http://www,hsgac,senate,gov/subcommittees/investigations/medialsenate-investigations-su", 6/29/2012
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come were necessitated by mortgage
delinquencies in valueo in over 90%
of A/-\A 2007
were downgraded
Beach in 20060 When credit ratings co,nflicte,d
co,lle(:tinq profitable credit rating chose the
Inliop,:;tm,'>nt banks
Subc()mmittee ",;;;,;prnhlprj and
cll:arCled $1 to $8 million in construc!)
$5 to $10
as it was
rpf,'rrr,rj to as
mhlArl a $11
it with lovv-a, u
and "and
DeiJtsl;he Bank
vvvwv have even more If it had by
S"ll'h" the mortgage market was in
It took the expense of
clIentso documents detail In 2007, Structured
twice amassed and profited large net
positions in securities At the same time was
:;nlrlrrl::ln recommended
as a whole, Goldman assembled
quality it actively
aggressively marketed
"l""i,,'d by taking large short
documents and information detail how
Anderson, Timbervvolf, Abacus, without
fully about those products, own
market or its interests. exampie, in
Hudson, told Investors that its were "aligned" with
when, In Goldman held 100% of the of CDO
and adverse the investors, described Hudson's
assel!s were "sourced from In fact, Goldman had
priced the assets without third party New
one point in May 200"1. 6/29/2012
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