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Our Nation is Suicidal We know that there are some people that are inclined to early termination of their own lives, but a nation? Surely, that is somewhat of an exaggeration! That is what people, Christians included, would have by way of reaction to such an outrageous statement. As usual, let us consider if the Word of God regards this assessment of our nation’s health as equally outrageous. In Romans 12:9 we read: “Let love be without dissimulation (= hypocrisy). Abhor what is evil; cleave to that which is good.” This statement is the key to healthy functioning as a Kingdom citizen. In all their dealings Christians are to be like Nathaniel of whom Jesus said, “Behold an Israelite in whom there is no guile” (John 1:47). Being without hypocrisy means being without deceit, it means being totally and entirely honest with regard to honouring God’s commandments in the Christian walk and talk. For such a person love, for instance, is not an emotion first and foremost in the sense that the crooners portray love. Love is an action: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16). For people love in action is expressed by clinging to what is good and abhorring what is evil – good and evil as defined by the Word of God. Let us give a few examples of society’s view of love in contrast with the Scripture’s view of the same. For instance, if you love your child you will never, never spank it. However, what does Proverbs 13:24 say? “He that spares the rod hates his son; but he that loves him chastens him betimes.” The world’s view of loving a child stands in direct opposition to the Bible’s instruction when it comes to training up children. We have all heard a child described as a little hellion, one who rebels against parental authority and is very vehement about it. If a child like that is merely talked to and not dealt to according to Scripture, then that child is not being loved at all, it is being stiffened in self-destructive behaviour. In replacing God’s Word with man’s word, hatred rather than love is being propagated. If some one murders another person, then most justice systems in the world (and those who have not taken that position are being pressured into getting in line) will strive for rehabilitation of the murderer, put him up at the cost of the community and strive to reintroduce that person back into the community – in the name of justice and love. The ones forgotten in the process are the victim and his grieving relatives. They do not receive any justice, neither does the murderer. There is a story that goes about a murderer sitting on death row in Texas who became a Christian. He was then asked if he had merely become a Christian so as to avoid the death penalty. “On the contrary,” he replied, “Now that I am a


Christian I understand all the more that I am deserving of death for what I did.” This confused the authorities so much that they had him undergo psychiatric assessment and caused a postponement of the execution. In a public school which shall remain nameless I was visiting one day to see one of my trainee teachers on placement. During morning break a scuffle broke out and a student was left so badly wounded that the ambulance had to come to take the boy to hospital. To the amazement and dismay of the boy’s parents and me, six social workers of different ilk gathered around the perpetrators (three other fellows) to counsel and guide them, with only a teacher on duty attending to the distraught parents. In this display of hypocritical love the victim is unprotected. To enable ‘quality of life,’ authorities have granted women with unwanted pregnancies to terminate the lives of their children. This is showing understanding to the emotional needs of the women concerned. The Bible is unequivocal in calling this action murder. It is murder sanctioned by the governing authorities. A Christian woman in the Netherlands resolved to test the restrictions placed on abortion in that country. She went to several abortion clinics, explaining that she and her husband had saved for the holiday of a lifetime in the USA and that all their dreams were now smashed because she had happened to become pregnant. In the Netherlands, abortion performed by a certified clinic or hospital is effectually allowed at any point between conception and viability, subject to a five-day waiting period. After the first trimester, the procedure becomes stricter as two doctors must consent to treatment. In practice, abortions are performed until approximately 24 weeks into pregnancy. The woman in question was booked in for an abortion without any barriers put in her way, even though she was well into her second trimester. The reason? She had sleepless nights and suffered from severe guilt because of the thwarted holiday! I would suggest that the same script is very well possible in our country too: “Of course you deserve that holiday!” – even if it is over a child’s dead body! If you love homosexuals, you will not accept them as they are, and even place them in positions of leadership in the Church. If you love a homosexual, you will warn him against sin; you will not show the hypocritical love of condoning the person’s entrapment. True love confronts the person’s sin (caringly) and shows the path of deliverance through repentance and the embracing of Jesus Christ as the Deliverer. To love is to abhor evil and stand against it. In Matthew 7, notably in verse 5-8, Jesus addresses the problem of man wishing to set up his own ethical standards rather than follow God’s Law. Those who do thus He calls hypocrites. They do not show true love for their neighbour. The Christian is compelled to abhor what is evil. For some one not to be on the same wavelength of abhorrence as God is hypocritical love. We cannot abhor if we don’t have objective standards; likewise we cannot love without hypocrisy in


that case. In abhorring evil and clinging to what is good, the Christian is working out his salvation in fear and trembling. This fear and trembling is firstly in having a real notion of the sense of awe that stems from serving God Almighty; secondly, it may well flow from the necessity standing alone in the midst of a society of vitriolic opposition. Yet, for the steadfast Christian the standard of good and evil in regard to certain issues is defined by God, not by popular opinion. (As a friend and I were talking ethics at one stage, he remarked how, even in the Church, matters that were cause for abhorrence some thirty years ago were no longer cause for abhorrence, but rather acceptance – especially regarding what we allow in to our living rooms via the entertainment industry.) Even in religious environments the lines are blurred as God-ordained boundaries are crossed. Showing true love for God in not shown in killing the innocent as jihad fighters do; true love is not shown in praying to Mohammed, Mary, or some other revered persona. Sincerity or majority should not and cannot be the measure. In our fallen environment such guides turn things upside down. The father is presented as a moron in the Simpsons; the self-made man is the hero of the soaps on television; the fact that the life of the film star is littered with broken relationships is overlooked in the glamour adoration, politicians have a public and a political life these days and the politician should not be judged on his private life. R.L. Dabney – in echoing Scripture (e.g. Prov. 11:3 The integrity of
the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them) - advises that voters actually must consider the person of the candidate

inside out regardless of his political alliance and vote for the one with well rounded integrity. Now, why was it so boldly stated at the outset that our nation is committing suicide on a grand scale? It is because God will visit such a nation with severe judgement for despising His rule for His world (e.g. Deuteronomy 29:24-28). Crossing God-ordained boundaries is destructive for people. All God really has to do is – nothing – and He will see from on high how people will destroy themselves and each other: babies are murdered, old people are murdered, teenagers are driven to suicide, homosexuals contract deadly diseases, questionable leaders in industry destroy economies, politicians sanction antichrist laws, media promote destruction through violence and sensuality. The certain recipe to invite God’s judgement on a nation like ours is to show hypocritical love. Job 15:34 “For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery.” Pray to the Lord of creation and redemption that the killing fields in our nation may change and that life once more may be regarded as sacred, that people may be adjudicated by Biblical- rather than manmade standards -for the soundness of a society that exercises love without hypocrisy.


Dr Herm Zandman 03/07/2012


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