It is so much bigger than us; the circle of life.

You are born, you mature and then you die. Hopefully somewhere in the middle as you mature you find yourself happy and you find the love that is meant for you. I believe Mom and Dad lived a good life. They created the world they wanted to live. Even though they both started on a much different path somehow the circle came together for them and they found their place here on earth. I would have to guess that Dads path to maturity started with WWII; I have an excerpt from a letter that I had put away all these years from Dad to his own parents. He had just turned 19 when he wrote it. I would like to share a section with you today it is dated March 23rd, 1945: “Now that Iwo Jima is taken you shouldn’t worry too much when I tell you I was on that invasion. We really had a busy time and days without sleep for some of us. My ship is an “H” ship or Hospital Evacuation Control Ship. Our tank deck was filled with casualties and of the worst kind. Our doctors and our few fellow corpsmen really saved many lives. Thanks to many blood donors. We came through with not too many scratches or dents although at one time, machine gun fire from the beach wounded some of the crew. I ducked behind a life raft, I could feel them whizzing by.” I am so proud of Dad for serving our country and yet so sad that a pair of young eyes would have to see so much horror. He never wanted to talk about the War but I understand. After the war he must have been deeply scarred and his heart must’ve hardened for what he saw. But he had to move forward and battle wounds and all -he did just that. He settled down got married and had children. And on the other hand, at 19 Mom was off to get married and to escape a sad home life. She grew up abused and never knowing her own mother. She never knew the closeness of a brother or a sister like Dad did. She had to mature quickly herself. She had kids at a young age and took on the role of wife and mother while she was so young. Without a role model it must have been so tough. There is a lot of years here that I know nothing about. But time went by and they both endured the good times and the bad times. Through the years the circle turned and their lives changed and in the changes they found one another. Mom was young and beautiful with a smile that could light up a whole room and of course she became the twinkle in Dads eye. Mom told me stories of Dad coming to her job and flirting with her. She worked as a waitress in a high class lounge. Dad used to leave her a nice tip and she would roll up her dollar bills from him with a red ribbon and put them in a cigar box for safe keeping. Dad was a very charming man when he wanted to lay it on. He had the best jokes and was an amazing story teller. I am sure she grew fond of him quickly. They found a special bond that moved them beyond their own jaded thoughts of love and they became an item. He was her Sweet William and she was his Peanut. In their journey they got married and the circle turned again and then they decided to run from the city to create their sanctuary in the country better known as Melody Acres or their Blood Sweat and Tears. It was definitely all of that.

How many men can say they designed and built their own home! Dad was incredibly intelligent and always dreamt up the most amazing things to build. Mom was an amazing cook and had the hardest job of all, that was staying home to raise twins. God bless her for that! She hardly ever said a bad word and shuttered and giggled when someone else did. The funny thing is I can look back at pictures and that is how I know money was tight. But I have no memory of how poor we really were. I grew not wanting for much. We had clean clothes and a clean house. Not once did I ever ever remember Mom complain about money. She always put us kids first and she always had a smile and was eager to do pretty much anything. I think she was blissfully happy there. She was always singing and Dad was whistling. We were rich with love and fun things to do growing up. They did their trial run living off the land as farmers and we always ended up with farm pets instead. As a young girl they taught me all the flowers and every year dad would clean out his umpteen birdhouses he had throughout the yard and get them ready for new homeowners. They really did create quite a sanctuary and Melody Acres was a beautiful place when they were healthy and could keep up with so much work. Through the years Mom and Dads love only grew deeper for one another. Like none I had ever seen. They really did love and cherish each other so deeply. They even lost their real names somewhere along the way and called each other MOM and DAD. Dad could never go anywhere with out Mom. She even joked that she couldn’t even go to the bathroom without telling him where she was going. It really is believable that she would leave us to be by his side just as he would want it. And she would never let him down -she never ever disappointed Dad. She loved to keep him happy even in the end she put his needs above her own just so he wouldn’t be by himself. I believe she didn’t want to live with out him. I can understand that now that I am a wife too. And so the circle of life turns again; you are born, you mature and then you die and then your spirit moves on. In their maturing they had times, as we all have had -where they were merely human and fell short of all that may have been expected, however, their human experiences have blessed me with brothers and sisters. I know they did the best they were capable of doing. I am grateful I had such a good life with them and in my heart all the shortcomings are forgiven as we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe we are all here as it was ordained by our god and I believe that all is as it was meant to be. I will miss Mom and Dad the rest of my life and I love them with all my heart and soul. I know I am all that I am today because they were great teachers. It is a blessing as well as an honor to be their daughter and because of their winding path they chose I am blessed to have all of you. Alex you are the best brother in the whole world with such a good heart I am proud and honored to be your twin. And to Nancy, Tom, Carol, Judy, Gary, Marybeth, Lori, Jamie, and Tina I am honored to be your little sister. Mom and Dad have given us the lasting gift of each other…

If everyone could please join arms or hands and form a circle… God Please Bless our Circle: The circle is a sacred symbol of life… Individual parts within the circle connect with every other; And what happens to one, or what one part does, Affects all within the circle. The circle of life moves us all Through despair and hope through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle, the circle of life. May god bless you Mom and Dad with the peace you have always been in search of. The place where things like war, sickness or heartache can no longer exist. We will love you forever... Amen Dorothy Move on to “Our Father Who Art in Heaven…”

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