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MODULE 2: Installing Citrix Presentation Server

Virtual Machines Needed To achieve the objectives of this set of lab exercises you will need to have the following virtual machines running, preferably with 384 or more megabytes of RAM each: 1. 2. 3. 4. EnterpriseA log on as Administrator with a password of Password1. PresServA log on as Administrator with a password of Password1. PresServ01 log on as Admin01 with a password of Password1. PresServ02 log on as Admin01 with a password of Password1.

Scenario The current domain administrator at has deployed Presentation Server on PresServA using Access as the datastore. He used the Administrator account with a password of Password1 to do so. Due to the potential number of servers, published applications and number of users who will be using the environment this implementation needs to be migrated to Microsoft SQL Server. Achieving this goal has fallen onto your shoulders. Two additional servers will need to be deployed to our Presentation Server. We will need to adhere to more stringent security policies regarding the deployment of software and will thus not be able to use the Administrator account to do this but should rather be using Admin01 with a password of Password1. These servers, PresServ01 and PresServ02, should meet the following requirements: The enterprise edition should be deployed. Use administrator as the Data Store Access account. The new servers will use the same license server as PresServA. These servers do not require the installation of the Web Interface. Deploy the Access Management console without the Web Interface snap-in, the Presentation Server Console and the Document Centre. Only the Program Neighbourhood will be used as the pass-through client. You will thus not need to deploy the Program Neighbourhood Agent. All users will be able to use pass-through authentication to access published applications with the client on the server. The servers need to reside in the default zone. We will not use IMA encryption at this time. Shadowing should be allowed on both servers but should never be done without consent. The XML service will use port 80. All users, including anonymous users should be added to the remote Desktop Users group.

Need a little help? It is important to remember that the IMA service uses a file dsn to access the datastore. This file dsn is located on PresServA in the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture folder and is called MF20.DSN. To achieve the migration do the following:

1. Create a database called FarmDB on your SQL Server, EnterpriseA, using the SQL Server Management Studio console. 2. Now create a file dsn on PresServA that points to this database. Use the Data Sources (ODBC) Administrative Tool to do this. You should use Windows authentication for this. 3. Use the dsmaint migrate command to migrate the data from Access to SQL: a. /srcdsn will be mf20.dsn. b. /srcuser will be administrator. c. /srcpwd will be Password1. d. /dstdsn will be the one you created in step 2. e. /dstuser: will be administrator f. /dstpwd will be Password1 4. Now use the dsmaint config command to tell IMA to use the new file dsn: a. /dsn will be the one you created in step 2. b. /user will be administrator c. /pwd will be Password1 5. Restart the IMA service. For a user to be able to join a server to our farm he will need to have full administrative rights to the farm. Admin01 will not have that permission configured. You will have to do this: 1. On PresServA open the Access Management Console and add Admin01 as a Citrix Administrator with Full Administration privilege. 2. Use Admin01 to deploy Presentation Server on PresServ01 and PresServ02 using the parameters from above. Remember that prerequisite check! To get the other lab files go to: and follow the links at the bottom of the page.