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MEDIUM: Choose 1 art medium that you are most convenient for this assignment.
Examples of medium are watercolor paint, poster paint, colored pencil, acrylic paint, digital art, mixed media, drawing media, etc.

2. ART TOPIC: Choose a visual artist/designers/art form/art era which works you
like the most (it could be from the past or present time). This will be the starting point of your project. means

3. INVESTIGATION: You will need to investigate more about this artist. Investigate a. Gather: compile information about the artist biography, art works,
historical importance, or related theoretical knowledge.

b. Analyze: discuss some of their important artworks from its visual qualities
(Formal analysis) and historical qualities (Contextual Analysis).

c. Visual Research: Using your chosen medium, create exercise works d. Conclude: create a conclusion based on your information research, e. Reflect: what can you learned from the artist and their art? What

based on some of their important works. By doing this, you understand the artist and their importance better. analysis, and visual research. Explain the artistic importance of the topic based on this investigation. inspiration/influence can you get from them that might be a good idea for your own work?

4. IDEA DEVELOPMENT: Develop the result of your investigation, you may use

some or all of these methods to help you in creating the idea of this project. For this ticket to class, the size will be A3 (30 x 42 cm) for 2-dimensional work, or 20x20x20 for 3-dimensional work. a. b. c. Brainstorming and mood boards Various drawing studies Orthogonal/technical drawing d. e. f. Color studies Alternate designs Presentation design

5. PREPARATION a. b. Create a preparation work of the final using a smaller size (min. 50%) for you to get to know better the final process. Reflect on the result and how these will affects/modifies the final work.

6. FINAL WORK: a. b. Create the final work on the actual size and learn from the preparation work in order to create the maximum result. Keep record and evidence of the process (thought, opinion, photos)


a. The evolution from the 1st idea until finished

b. c. d. e. The idea/message/topic communicated. The influence from artist/art form from investigation The quality of finished result: strength, weakness, and improvement Work development. Challenges during process and solutions

8. IWB COMPILATION: Write the process in your investigation workbook (IWB).

Compile the process (point 3 to 7) in 3 to 5 pages of IWB (A3 size). Please balance the arrangement of visual (drawing/picture/photos) and written text on every page. time in next academic year as an evidence of your effort/willingness to do this subject. The quality of this project wont affect your acceptance in this class. However in the past, a good quality ticket to class project usually influenced significantly their 2 years of artistic process.

9. SUBMISSION: The finished work and IWB have to be submitted on our 1st VA class

Benny Kharismana. Visual Art Teacher SPHI Sentul City Bogor, Indonesia May 27, 2012