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Deities defined, revised for pathfinder by Adam Agnello All things in deities and demigods are as per the

book, except for the changes noted here.

Creature type: all deities are outsiders, undead, or constructs. Attributes: add 14 to all base stats. Armor: the only change to be made is that all deities have an armor bonus natural armor equal to 13 + their divine rank. Immunities: A minor change will happen with how energy immunity is handled. A deity chooses one energy type: fire, cold, electricity, or acid. They are immune to this type of energy damage. Then they choose another one, and gain a resistance to it equal to their HD + divine rank. Damage reduction: A major change will happen with how damage reduction is handled. It is broken up into two parts; reduction and bypass. The reduction is equal to the deitys divine rank + 35. The bypass is the polar opposite of the deitys alignment, (e.g. chaos and evil for a LG deity) along with any special material found in the core rulebook. (silver, adamantine, etc.). Spell resistance: A deity has spell resistance equal to 20 + total HD + divine rank. Domain powers/Spell like abilities: A deitys caster level is equal to its total HD + divine rank. Godly realm: the radius of control is the outer planes chart for any plane. A radius of control is not affected by the plane. Travel: the caster level is HD + divine rank.

The following saline abilities have been altered. Unless specified otherwise, they work as is in deities and demigods.

Alter reality: All deitys gain the alter reality saline ability as a free saline ability. They may only apply this to events and actions related to their portfolio. The deity may apply any metamagic feat it knows, or any non-epic feat. The deity may quicken this ability. This replaces the alter reality in deities and demigods. The DC is HD + divine rank + cha Create Artifact: The exact time taken for the artifact to be made will be determined by the dm. Fast healing: the rate is 10 + Cha + divine rank Divine shield: the damage ignored is 10 + HD + divine rank

Energy storm: The storm deals 20 + HD + divine rank for acid, fire, cold, and electricity. It deals 10 + HD + divine rank for sonic, negative, and positive energy. Increased damage reduction: the bypass is an additional bypass detailed above. Increased energy resistance: the resist is 20 + Cha + divine rank Shapechange: to be more specific, the deity can change into any kind of creature that is neither an undead nor a construct. Anything else goes. Undead Qualities: Removed. You are either undead or you are not. Deities strongly linked to undead, such as nerull, are now undead.