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Product Sheet 06


The AC Deep Water Riser Support System is designed for hybrid riser systems, where the upper part consists of flexible risers and the lower of steel/metallic risers. It can be designed to support any number of risers to fulfill project-specific redundancy requirements, and can be designed to withstand tether failure and accidental flooding of any of the compartments of the Subsea Buoyancy Tank . Spare risers can be installed at any time during the life of the system. The system is optimized for total costs, including installation. Dedicated installation schemes for various depth and tether conditions are developed and included in the design of the components.

Anchor Contracting AS Skur 35 Akershusstranda, N - 0150, Norway Tel. +47 233 10 400, Fax +47 223 31 132, Anchor Contracting is a total supplier of mooring systems, risers support components and subsea support systems based on buoyancy. All products are supplied with optimized installation procedures.

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The main components of the AC Deep Water Riser Support System are: Subsea Buoyancy Tank with Riser Trays1) Tethers Anchors


Subsea Buoyancy Tank

Two or four tethers depending on the redundancy requirements Configuration customized to fulfill the specific project requirements Sheathed steel wire or synthetic fiber rope tethers Anchors Adjustable buoyancy Combination of optimum operational safety with simple and efficient installation procedures Favorable weight-to-buoyancy ratio ensures competitiveness in terms of total cost Field proven moment free couplings used for connection of lower riser to the Subsea Buoyancy Tank (please consult a separate Data Sheet) Field proven couplings applied between upper flexible riser and lower steel riser Elliptical riser tray segments in steel or composite materials support the flexible riser over the Subsea Buoyancy Tank that ensure that the flexible riser minimum bending radius is not exceeded. The large permanent loads from the Tethers require anchor suitable to transfer large vertical load components into the seabed. From AC's broad range of anchors is the HiVel Anchor (please consult a separate Data Sheet) or its modification named HiBucket Anchor most efficient for this application. Project particulars, in particular the number of anchors, will be decisive for which of these anchors will be the optimum. The anchors can be installed from vessels that are equipped with winches of sufficient capacity or with an A-Frame, thus the availability of crane vessel is not required.

Principal Benefits
Allows fast, safe and flexible installation sequences of the complete Riser Support System (field proven in 300 m water depth) Heavy lift vessels not required for transport or installation of any Riser Support System component

Allows continuos installation of flowline from the wellhead to the Subsea Buoyancy Tank High resistance to accidental loads thus a low probability of failure of the Subsea Buoyancy Tank Competitive price due the high payload-to-weight ratio for the Subsea Buoyancy Tank

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