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AromAtic VisAge

The Beauty Treatment Based on Essential Oils

Guinots 100% hand-applied and 100% personalised natural treatment

AromAtic VisAge
The beauty Treatment with essential oils that combines manual and Guinot finger pressure techniques

With the Aromatic Visage Treatment, Guinot offers clients a pure moment of relaxation and enjoyment that starts with a welcoming and relaxing massage, using Serenity Essential Oil.

The selection of essential oils for each client corresponds to her beauty goals and ensures personalized beauty care. Essential oils penetrate skin and fill it with energy that prolongs the treatment effect. Massage with essential oils activates blood circulation for a healthy and radiant look. The Aromatic Mask brings out the skins natural radiance.

beautifies the skin using the properties of Essential Oils

Aromatic Visage is a facial Treatment that fits within the major treatment areas that have been developed using Guinot expertise. This Treatment lasts 45 minutes and allows women to obtain visible beauty results all day long. They will be able to see new vitality and radiance in their skin. Treatment effectiveness is based on three main elements:

AromAtic VisAge :

Essential Oils :

Treatment energy from Essential Oils for deep-down skin care

More than mere plant extracts, Essential Oils are true elixirs of beauty. In addition to being able to penetrate more deeply than other natural products, Essential Oils contain treatment energy. A selection of five Aromatic Essential Oils provides the advantage of application according to the type of skin to be treated. One of the key functions of Essential Oils is to activate blood microcirculation deep down in the skin. Thus oxygenated, blood is able to properly irrigate the basal layers that nourish living skin cells, thereby restoring a healthy glow to the skins surface. Aromatic Essential Oils treat each skin type according to its needs and bring beauty energy to the skin surface by stimulating blood circulation and revitalising skin from the inside.

Relaxing massage

The Aromatic massage techniques relax facial features and release tension
These techniques, which were carefully designed by the Guinot Technical Centre, enable Essential Oils to work their magic under the skilled fingers of the beauty therapist. When she relaxes under this precise and divinely stimulating massage, the client will find herself immersed in the aromas of Essential Oils, perhaps the scents of ylang ylang or shiu wood. The Aromatic Visage modelling technique rests the face and liberates tension while offering the client pure relaxation

Aromatic Visage mask with plant concentrates:

The Aromatic Visage Mask for immediate glow

This is one of the treatment secrets that enables restoring skin glow; it shows the client how her face can radiate with beauty. The Aromatic Visage mask is made from a mixture of powders from five plant concentrates, including fig concentrate to ensure total mildness. The beauty therapist prepares it in the treatment room to preserve full treatment activator effectiveness; the mask gels upon contact with water. During a ten-minute waiting period, the Aromatic Visage Mask gradually solidifies and becomes a flexible film that can be removed easily and rapidly, like a second skin. The Aromatic Visage Mask reinforces activator penetration, providing an immediate result and incomparable radiance.

Stress, marathon workdays and public transportation are womens daily lot. As a result, vessels contract and the skin is poorly oxygenated. The face begins to reflect signs of fatigue: the complexion and the skin lacks radiance.

Treatment energy from Essential Oils: five precisely targeted oils

Guaranteed without GMOs, without colouring and Paraben-free, these Essential Oils are known for their healing properties and their soothing action
After the beauty consultation, the beauty Therapist will prescribe the Essential Oil that corresponds to the clients beauty goal. Made from the best nature has to offer, these Essential Oils are formulated on a sweet almond oil base. COMFORT ESSENTIAL OIL: designed for dry skin, it contains Rosemary, Sage and Marjoram. Comfort oil has a nourishing, restorative and repairing action. VITALITY ESSENTIAL OIL: adapted to mature skins, this oil combines Rosewood and Rosemary with Eucalyptus for a stimulating, regenerative action. It is also enriched with essential oil of Shiu Wood, a rare species from China. SERENITY ESSENTIAL OIL: recommended for sensitive skins, this oil is based on Camomile and Lavender and has a softening, calming action. It is also enriched in Ylang Ylang essential oil. BALANCE ESSENTIAL OIL: perfect for oily skin, this combination of Cypress, Lemon and Mild Orange has an antibacterial action and a wonderful citrusy smell. ENERGY ESSENTIAL OIL : ideal for tired skins, this oil is based on Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender and has a toning and revitalising action. These oils are 100% natural and very well tolerated, by even the most sensitive skins.

Composition and action of the Aromatic Visage mask:

Effective & natural ingredients
Fig restores glow to skin through a mild exfoliating action. Green tea combats skin ageing with properties that protect against free radicals. Passion fruit extract is especially indicated for cellular regeneration. Aloe vera provides powerful moisturising, as well as a toning and revitalising action.

AromAtic VisAge
Duration: 45 minutes in the treatment room

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