DOPAMINET: Molecular Networks of Dopaminergic Neurons in Chordates

The DOPAMINET project involves an in-depth study of the transcrip onal landscape and gene networks of Dopaminergic Neurons, cells that degenerate in Parkinson’’s Disease (PD). Cu ng edge technologies, such as nanoCAGE, Next-Genera on Sequencing and high throughput imaging, are used to iden fy specic pa erns of gene expression and to build up gene network models for experimental valida on. DOPAMINET develops a powerful pla orm for future transla onal studies on Dopaminergic Neurons. In turn, this will promote be er health for pa ents helping to reduce the high social and economic costs of treatment and care, currently es mated in €€55 billion per year

DAY 1 19 July 2012
12.30 - 13.30 Registra on 13.30 - 13.40 Welcome & introduc on

DAY 2 20 July 2012
09.00 –– 09.30 Registra on Stefano Gus ncich PLENARY LECTURE 09.30 –– 10.30 An addi onal 300 signalling molecules in health and disease Alain Prochiantz SESSION 3 - CELL CONVERSION AND DEVEVELOPMENT 10.30 –– 11.00 Otx2 is required for maintenance of Embryonic Stem Cell state and di eren a on to a stable Epiblast Stem Cell condi on Antonio Simeone 11.00 –– 11.30 Co ee break 11.30 –– 12.00 Soma c cell reprogramming into Dopaminergic Neurons for Parkinson’’s Disease modeling and therapy Vania Broccoli 12.00 –– 12.30 Unravelling the gene c network underlying DA neuron development Wolfgang Wurst 12.30 –– 14.00 Lunch break SESSION 3 - CELL CONVERSION AND ANIMAL MODELS OF PD 14.00 –– 14.30 Neural reprogramming of murine broblasts, by structured overexpression of transcrip on factors ac ve in the rostro-dorsal neural tube Antonello Mallamaci 14.30 –– 15.00 Inamma on as a therapeu c target in dopaminergic degenera on Maria Trinidad Herrero 15.00 –– 15.30 Co ee break SESSION 4 - ROUNDTABLE 15.30 –– 17.00 ““Neurodegenera ve diseases: from bench to bedside. Ins tu onal strategies and role of the private sector in the transfer of knowledge ”” The roundtable will involve industries, policy makers, pa ent organisa ons and stakeholders in the eld of neurodegenera ve diseases. Par cipants are announced separately 17.00 –– 17.15 Conclusions of the Summer School Stefano Gus ncich 17.15 Networking event

PLENARY LECTURE 13.40 –– 14.40 Why mul -target neurorestora ve drugs for Parkinson’’s Disease, an alterna ve to stem cell therapy Moussa B.H. Youdim SESSION 1 - GENOMICS 14.40 –– 15.10 Miniaturiza on of CAGE technologies towards single cell proling

Piero Carninci 15.10 –– 15.40 The challenges of integra ng genomics data to inves gate specic cell popula ons Elia Stupka 15.40 –– 16.10 Transcrip on start site selec on in early vertebrate development Boris Lenhard 16.10 –– 16.40 What can Zebrash teach us about how our genes get switched on? Ferenc Müller 16.40 –– 17.10 Co ee break SESSION 2 - GENOMICS OF DOPAMINERGIC NEURONS 17.10 –– 17.40 The transcrip onal landscape of Dopaminergic Neurons Stefano Gus ncich 17.40 –– 18.10 Dopaminergic systems development in Zebrash Wolfgang Driever, Albert-Ludwigs 18.10 –– 18.40 Network analysis of Dopaminergic Neurons David Gomez Cabrero 18.40 –– 19.10 Intelligent robo c microscopes and scien c social networks Urban Liebel 20.00 Networking event

c/o Harry’’s Bar -Duchi d’’Aosta, P.zza Unità d’’Italia

Vania Broccoli

Trieste, 19-20 July 2012 SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies

Ospedale San Ra aele, Italy

David Gomez Cabrero
YouHealth AB, Sweden


Piero Carninci

Riken Research, Japan

Wolfgang Driever

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany

Stefano Gus ncich Boris Lenhard Urban Liebel

SISSA - Interna onal School for Advanced Studies, Italy Imperial College London, United Kingdom Karlsruhe Ins tute of Technology, Germany

The 2012 DOPAMINET Summer School will feature lectures on the topics of Func onal Genomics of the Dopaminergic Cell System and Di eren a on of Dopaminergic Neurons, including innova ve therapeu c approaches for Parkinson’’s Disease

Antonello Mallamaci Ferenc Müller

SISSA - Interna onal School for Advanced Studies, Italy University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

The aim of this 2-day Summer School is to o er a forum for PhD students, medical doctors and early stage researchers to learn about innova ve ““state-ofthe-art”” approaches to Dopaminergic Neurons and Parkinson’’s Disease. This event will provide addi onal training in molecular neuroscience and genomics. The scien c coordinator of the Summer School is Prof. Stefano Gus ncich (SISSA) with the support of CBM –– Cluster in Biomedicine.

Moussa B.H. Youdim Alain Prochiantz

Technion-Rappaport Family, Israel Collège de France, France

YouHealth AB

Antonio Simeone

CEINGE Biotecnologie Avanzate, IGB - Is tuto di Gene ca e Biosica del CNR, Italy

Elia Stupka

Ospedale San Ra aele Scien c Ins tute, Italy

Maria Trinidad Herrero Wolfgang Wurst

University of Murcia, Spain Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

For further informa on and to register please visit:

Trieste, 19 - 20 July 2012

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