Is the tiger?

the largest tiger is kind cats and tigers have the world's heaviest striped in body as camouflage while hunting. Tiger has a muscular foot depad, wide feet and sharp claws. Claws can be inserted into the legs when not in use. Powerful hind legs are like springs and function so that tigers can jump far and high as ambush prey. You need to know: Tiger can run up to speeds of 60 kilometers per hour. They can run up to 50 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds! they also can jump as high as 5 meters and as far as 10 meters The narrow habitat, food spoiled by human hands they were on the wane. As a result, their population is less. Their lives in danger every day! They were massive animals – the need we protect endangered species. Consider the story of these animals in their native habitat, from the interior jungles of Borneo and Sumatra to a depth of a vast ocean. How they live, how to find food, reproduce, danger, however, to how to prevent their extinction. With beautiful illustrations, interesting facts, as well as informative texts, this book will provide a complete picture of the various types of endangered animals in Indonesia

Kidnapping in computer camp

Hawkeye Collins is ready to go to computer camp. Nosey, her beloved dog is a golden yellow, sniff-ngendus baggage master, after which they descended the stairs together with the alley, and thence to the front door. Hawkeye put luggage items. His father, who is studying materials litigation, out of his office while squeezing a sheaf of documents. Hawkeye in the bench time behind a car with a friend. while driving his friend's father, an expert in computer engineering, said of the camp where they will be on vacation for a week That night after eating a grilled sausage itself on the edge of the lake bonfire. After the kids go swimming in the lake, after which they sleep But when next morning attendance of teachers of children, Hawkeye was not heard his voice, they started looking for it, check out the dining room, bedroom, in cabin they found a love letter and read it until the end, it turns out it was his own Hawkeye is forced by his captors to write a love letter and ask for ransom in the computer plan. Then they reported to the police

Video Game Smuggling Case

Hawkeye, we, and should be arrested penyelundup2 Treadwell sergeant who stole their computer video game club, which has just successfully they create. In the examination of goods at the airport, Hawkeye drawing seketsa the suspects. They had little time to solve this case

Beware noddy

Noddy wake up that morning when the sun right on the face, ouch out of the sun, hidden behind a cloud briefly why sich,,.? He said you make me glare. Well, today's sunny, I had to wake up Milk, milk .. . . ! shouted the milkman, as he walked toward the house noddy. Nich seems pretty cheerful heart. Here, let me at nod your head you'll be able to free milk, well ... by singing noddy enough to pay for a bottle of milk How if we go on holiday on the beach, said nod noddy head nod, it's a good plan. I'll say on the ears They were on vacation

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