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WISDOM OF THE AGES BY ILLUMINATI The study of the history of mankind on Earth until now leads to the following

selfevident conclusions: 1. The causes of all human miseries from the beginning till the end are humans themselves. 2. That as long as humans retain their instinctive and animal-like characters it’s not possible to have a perfectly civilized society as required in an ideal world. Efforts through the ages by various governments, religions, and monarchs have lead to the same conclusion. 3. All humans without exception are born lazy and greedy for resources (most importantly food, mates and land) by nature (it’s another matter if they suppress these instinctive characters but they’re present in all of them anyway however much they suppress it), and it’s this simple fact only that led to the beginning of the slavery and the empires (firstly, Roman Empire under Julius Caesar, Augustus and Nero), the beginning of money (to get work by others rather than ourselves), and finally the Illuminati and the monarchs themselves (to get work done from others by any means). 4. That human needs (and other animals’ needs) themselves lead to the death and decay of the lower species just for their survival. 5. That the only best life-forms on Earth are the non-carnivorous plants which gather their energy directly from the Sun. However, the plants suffer due to lack of animal-like characters (like their immobility and lack of brain and communication) which leads to their destruction and persistent consumption by animals. 6. That other than humans, other animal-species exist on earth which suffer by the same means and ends, and the only organisms remaining happy are the monarchs or the dictators only, even in lower animal-species e.g. bees and lions. 7. That the way of life is to establish happiness and justice for all (not only humans but other life-forms as well), and to make each one of us progressive and stronger through the ages. 8. That Nature supports survival of the fittest, and this leads to unnecessary fights between animal and human populations which ultimately result in the miseries of all, and the establishment of only short-term peace for another war may be going to take place for a new incumbent. 9. That if such an order prevails as it has ever been, it will be disastrous for the whole world, and a revolution is needed to end the human and other livingbeings’ miseries once and for ever. That the measures to check these suggested are by the Illuminati as under: 1. Checks to refrain human population from conducting vices through religion


3. 4.


and laws have failed as they’re not perfect and some notable people throughout history have gone to any extent against religion and laws, notably many criminals and tyrants (e.g. Napoleon, Hitler, and Alexander the Great) just for want of limited resources. That the only perfect measure to curb this situation and that which will lead to permanent establishment of happiness for every life-form on Earth is the creation of a genetically engineered life-form (thankfully due to the advancement of life-sciences) by humans which will have the best available characteristics of both humans and plants (i.e. it will have the brain and the work-performing abilities but will have the survival characteristics of the plants – to survive without food by taking energy directly from the sun.). It’ll be more intelligent than humans, shall have the power to reproduce by will (which will not lead to burgeoning populations), shall be peaceful, cooperative and happy by instinct, and will love the establishment of justice among all life forms on Earth and beyond. That a genetically-engineered form should be released which causes sterilization of all animals on earth so that they produce no further resourceconsumers or children as there’s already shortage of resources on Earth. That whoever performs these tasks shall be the true recipient of God’s blessings for the establishment of happiness once and for all on earth and that which will lead to further stronger species as this species will be able to improve itself further through its knowledge rather than useless, futile and ever-persisting struggles. That the only other viable alternative to the above suggestions is the establishment of a world-government and world-currency but that will also only lead to the happiness of a few top-people rather than for all livingbeings, and each one in the human population shall have to receive the socalled Mark of the Beast as prophesized by the Bible through body-implants, war-time efforts, and compulsory ID cards.

The choice is yours, and entirely yours. Best of Luck!

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