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INTRODUCTION With the enactment of Law No. 14 about teacher and lecturer in 2005, it is a sign

that the teaching profession is not confined to welfare service with a minimum guarantee, but with the presence of this Act, the teacher is the person or people who are truly professional with a range of welfare adequate. In the education matter, the role and function of the teachers is one of the factors that are very significant. The teacher is the most important part in the process of teaching and learning, whether in formal or informal education track. Therefore, in any venture undertaken by the Government to improve the quality of education in the country, cannot be separated from a variety of matters relating to the existence of the teachers themselves. According to the condition of social and cultural in Indonesia, a teacher already put in a good place as the function and role in Indonesia, like the teacher often positioned placeman role and double functions even more than that. It can be viewed from a burden that was appointed to them, not only because of a teacher charged as an educator who should be able to transform knowledge , value/a norm and skill but also as an example and keeper of moral learners . Even a teacher often regarded as the parents for the students in school. Along with the demands of the quality graduates and service educational institution that known as the tougher competition and this also is one implication globalization in education which is the deregulation that allows foreign institution to open a school in Indonesia. Therefore, competition between agencies education providers and market verb is getting harder. Anticipating the changes that the challenge is big and complex, no other way for educational institution except only pursue all measures to increase competitiveness graduates and products academic and other services, which among other achieved through improving the quality of education.

Our hope will disappear if in the process of education in the presence of a teacher education has yet to be said as a professional teacher. Discussion of teacher professionalism will not far away from the efforts undertake to improve the professional teacher and the nature of professional teachers themselves in order to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. II. PROBLEMS

In accordance with the demands of the times, the education in Indonesia has also undergone a change in which education is required should also be able to follow the development of the times. To cope with these changes also required a professional educator in order to achieve a quality education and quality. The existed conditions still shown that most of educators in this case collectively, the teachers are still not professional, although the Government was trying to enhancing professional teachers. In order to meet the demands of quality education with professional teachers, writing in this simple paper trying to expose some of the effort to achieve a professional teacher through CPD (Continuous Professional Development). III DISCUSSION: THE NATURE OF TEACHERS PROFESSIONALISM Recently, along with the reformation movement in Indonesia, the education also immediately affected by the movement, the main issues is the improvement of teachers professionalism. This condition it is a necessary in order to achieve the quality of education that we want. To reach the thing that we plan, firstly we should know about our education condition. Besides the education is a process that always have an impact on an effort to repair something so as to achieve a better outcome. We realize that the professionalism of teachers is a desire and a requirement that we cannot retreat any longer, it is also due to the stronger and the tighter competition in the globalization era, as we feel right now. In the education matter, we need people who are truly experts in its own field, hope that his competence can be instrumental to its full potential, including a teacher is also a profession that demands the skills and expertise

of its own. The existence of someones professionalism is not always caused by changes in time and prosecuted/era, but it is reinforced by the existence of a necessity for an individual (teacher) in order to improve the quality of human life including in education. Professionalism is also demanding of the seriousness of a person with sufficient competence, which is in the end someone is eligible to perform the task or a particular work. Professionalism can be a wager when we face all sorts of demands, including demands in the implementation of learning due to the demands which we meet is a reflection of the needs of an increasingly complex and comes from learners and not merely the ability of teacher master the subject matter but also other abilities are psychic, strategic and productive. All of them can only be answered by a professional teacher. As a result of the demands of a professional teacher will never be extinguished because in the process of teacher education is present as a very dependable. According to the existing rules , teacher besides as a profession is also a functional office who has the scope, duty, responsibility, and authority to do the activities of educating, teaching , guiding , directing , training, assessing and evaluating learners in early childhood education in formal education, basic education and secondary education accordance with legislative regulations occupied by civil servants . Besides, teacher is professional educator with the main task educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training, assessing and evaluating learners in early childhood education formal education, basic education, and secondary education . How does a professional educator look like and is there anything to do with competence? M. Arifin, reveals that between the professional with the competence of a must-have an educator has a very close relationship, in the presence of the three competence is characterized by the ability of teacher's personality, which is the professional mastery of teaching material and teaching skills. In other words an educator that professional competence must be supported by three so that the profession will lose their meaning without the competence and competence without profession would be useless.

In Indonesia, an educator must have ten competencies described as instructional leader, they are: (1) have the ideal teacher personality; (2) educational foundation of mastery; (3) master teaching materials; (4) ability to devise teaching programs; (5) the ability of learning implementation; (6) the ability to assess the results and the process of teaching and learning; (7) the ability of delivering guidance; (8) ability to organize the administration of the school; (9) the ability of working with friends and colleagues, and society (10) ability to conduct a simple research for the purposes of teaching. From the description above, it is seen that the duties of the teacher becomes more widespread than just process knowledge transformation, build up of reflection, and developing psychomotor domain learners, since it contained a very complex thing. As a consequence of any teacher with a pedestal, they can't not to do their job because of education is also a thing that has universal humanity mission. As a result of any kind committed by teachers would affect the figure of a teacher because the figure of the teacher being a role model in the center of the community is minimal for participants of the students themselves. In this case, the predicate as a teacher educator now with actions that always gives a good example in all his attitude or behavior. The success of teachers can be reviewed from two sides, they are, the process and the results. If viewed from the side of the process, the teacher said to be successful if unable to engage most learners are actively engaged in the learning process physical, mental and social. It also viewed from the side of teachers itself where if was doing the learning process is seen is an excitement and enthusiasm as well as the existence of maximal confidence. As for the results, teachers work if in the process the lesson that is capable to change attitudes, knowledge and skills on the majority of the participants towards the students better. According to Gilbert h. Hunt, a teacher whose professional and good must have certain criteria, among others: (1) the existence of a positive nature in guiding students; (2) have adequate knowledge in subjects that are nurtured; (3) able to convey the subject matter in full; (4) capable of mastery learning methodology; (5) capable of delivering real expectations of students; (6) are capable of reacting the needs of students; and (7) are able to master the management class. Other than that one thing

that needs to be cared for by a professional teacher who is making the conditions of comfort and fun in the learning environment, either physical or psychological. This is in accordance with expressed by E. Mulyasa, that the task of the teacher who most of all is how conditioning TCP/IP fun learning environment, in order to arouse the curiosity of all learners so they can rise the interest and desire to learn. Connecting with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, for professional teachers who became a thing to think about, namely how to create learning situations that fosters the impression there is entertainment in the form of games, music, singing, or by any other form at the time of carrying out the process of learning both in the classroom and outside the classroom. May all learners love the entertainment this is possible because most of them already feel saturated and tired of learning. For those who already feel saturated and tired of learning is such an atmosphere in the prison that is restrained to a sense within them. This condition becomes a homework for teachers are professional, how to create the learning process with the feel of an entertaining. 3.2 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROFESSION OF A TEACHER / CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT In the development era, now one of the dominant sectors of the battle is the education sector, and educators to become the main actor and a very central role holder. The teacher is his spirit of education. Without an active role of teachers, education reform policies that are being programmed by the Government, whatever clever will remain futile. As good as anything and as good as anything in a strategic planning curriculum and education compiled, if without a qualified teacher and will not be optimal education to fruition. It is shown that a good education and superior will be affected by the condition of quality educators/teachers. In the globalization era, institutional/educational place has an important task to prepare human resources (HR) Indonesia-quality in the future. On the environmental education unit, professional teachers who hold a leading role for the improvement of the quality of HUMAN RESOURCES of the future. Teachers are the professionals who perform duty and function of improving knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners as the

human assets of Indonesia's future. The Government has never stopped working to enhance the professionalism of teachers and teachers ' welfare. The Government has made strategic measures within the framework of qualifications, competency, increase well-being, as well as legal protection and protection of the profession for them. These strategic measures need to be taken, because of the high appreciation of teachers as a nation with a dignified profession is a reflection at once as one measure of dignity of a nation. Some of the work done on the Government to increase the professionalism of teachers are: 1. The law no. 14 / 2005 The enactment of law on no. 14 / 2005 is one attempt to increase the quality of teacher, at once expected to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. In the act was mandated that teacher must have academic qualifications , competence , a certificate educator , spiritual and physical health , and have the ability to national education objective. Priority in framework empowerment teacher now is improve qualification, competence, improve certification teacher, development career, award and protection, planning needs teacher, allowance teacher, and addition beneficiaries.
2. Teacher Certification Teacher certification is a process which requires scientific liability both morally and academically. The certification also implied the existence of a test of feasibility and appropriateness to be followed by a teacher to ideal criteria that has been set. Certification for teachers and lecturers is also a duty that must be carried out of the National education system, where each educator must have minimum qualification and certification in accordance with the teaching authority attached to him.

In addition to the certification of teachers has a very noble goal, namely to provide better welfare to the teacher, and also to improve the quality/quality guru. However, in the implementation of the certification of teachers need supervision. If not feared would happen practice% u2013 practice that is not supposed to be done such as CCN between institutions are given the authority to perform certification testing with teachers who wished to graduate and certified educators.

3. The CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Another effort conducted in order to increase the quality and professionalism of teachers has also been done by the Government. Increased professionalism through education, training or short training% u2013 are sustainable, with financing from the Government, known as the Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Sustainable development is development of competence of teachers is implemented according to the needs, a gradual, sustainable to improve their professionalism. As professionals, teachers are required to validate their knowledge, either through self-study or through mentoring and development of institutionalized by the Government or society. Coaching is an effort improving the professionalism of teachers, which can be done through seminar activities, training, and education. Teacher coaching framework funds made profession and career. Some of the efforts that have been undertaken by the Government in the framework of the development of profession sustainable of teachers is empowering KKG (working group of teachers) and FIDELITY (Congress of teachers of subjects). KKG is a working groups or forums of deliberation at the level of basic education teachers, while the FIDELITY that the deliberations of the forum's work at the level of secondary education teachers, which was recorded and recognized its existence by local governments through the Office of education of this Group stand or. It was founded with the aim to better enable communication between teachers, a good plot (in a group of subjects) or in a specific cluster, so in the next process will be group-the group dynamic (dynamic groups) who are active to thrive with a variety of innovative activities. Related to the qualifications and certifications a teacher then KKG/FIDELITY can be a place of teachers to help each other in improving its ability to reach the qualifying standard of teachers required (S1/D4) and professional certification as a teacher. The KKG/MGMP teachers can give each other mutual learning and passion to go forward with improving qualifications and their professionalism continuously. 4. Other Efforts a. Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is one stimulus for teachers (educators), so they can carry on studying and extending insight. It is already set in invite -- act number 14 / 2005 of article 15, that the teacher will acquire the additional beneficiarys rights. Thus, the government and / or regional government ensure the additional beneficiary as referred to article. b. Achievement Awarding the prize reserved to teachers (pedagogues) achieves exceptional, dedicated, and/or served in specialized areas are entitled to earn the award. Likewise, the teacher who died in the performance of tasks in specialized areas won awards from the Government, local authorities, and/or the community. Award to teacher (educator) is given either in the form of sign services, special promotion, financial, Charter, and/or other forms of awards in accordance with the ACT. No 15 of 2005 the sixth article of 36 and 37. C. Welfare Enhancement Due to improving the welfare of demands professionalism of the teacher freighted to demands academic and non academic, make us more aware when the demand could not fulfilled and if the requirements have been fulfilled, it will impact do their welfare also. To address this, the Government try to do the efforts to improve the welfare of teachers have been and continue to be carried out in line with Act No. 2 of 2005 about teachers and lecturers. In that law was declared that the existence of benefits teachers as a profession is a fresh wind to the society of teachers, though having to go through a certification test first. Practically they will have their rights and responsibilities equally. Addressing the problems of improving the welfare of teachers, the Government seems to be seriously is raring to Indonesia has been rounded to carry it out, through the certification of teachers. But who needs to get more serious attention is the implementation of a certification that tends to leave the various problems that should immediately look for a solution, so that certification as one attempt at improving the qualifications and professionalism of teachers can be enforced in a professional manner, proportionate and fair.

In addition to the coaching profession of teachers that includes coaching competence of pedagogic, competence, competence, professional personality and social competence, it is important to focus our attention is a coaching career as mentioned covers includes assignment, promotion, and promotion through the granting of the credit number. It complies with the regulations of the State Minister of Administrative Reform the bureaucratic State apparatus and number 16 in 2009 about the Functional Position and Credit Teacher Numbers, stating that credit is the unit number of each grain value activities and/or the accumulated value of the grain of the activities that should be achieved by a teacher in the framework of the career coaching ranks and his Office (article 1, paragraph 7). Additionally a teacher obliged to enhance and develop the academic qualification and competence on an ongoing basis in line with the development of science, technology, and the arts. To fulfill them, there are several activities that can be followed and performed by the teacher, the executing of professionalism sustainable development (CPD) activities which include self-development, scientific publications and innovative work. Along with the demands of the career development and improvement of their competences, a teacher in order to self development can follow and functional education and training activities implemented by the KKG/MGMP and the role of the KKG/MGMP was instrumental and one that is dominant in improving teacher competence. Another thing that was done by teachers in the framework of the development of professionalism sustainable is pursuing scientific publications, which include; scientific publications of research results or innovative idea in the field of formal education, and the publication of a textbook lessons, enrichment, and guidelines books a teacher. Activities that could be implemented to meet the demands of the teachers of this one is doing research Action class (PTK) and compiled materials in the form of books, learning module or diktat. Other activities that can be performed by the teacher is creating innovative works, which include; find the appropriate technology, finding/creating works of art, create/modify lessons/tools/Viewer, and follow the development of practices the preparation of standards, guidelines, and the like.

From the description above seems that in order to improve the teacher professionalism of many efforts can be done by a teacher and it is also affected in development of a career and position of teachers themselves. Let us try and do it together. IV CLOSING Teacher professionalism is reflected in the range of expertise needed in education in General and learning in particular, both related to the field of science was taught, learning methodologies as well as in the field of competence of the other. We all agree that increasing the teacher quality could be implemented through various means and efforts, including the presence of the teacher certification must also be balanced with teaching quality, professionalism, and better performance, the development of professionalism sustainable that could be implemented and followed by teachers with a variety of activities, such as self improvement, scientific publications and inventions of innovative works. In addition of the role of MGMP as well as the Association of KKG/educators very big to support the professionalism of teachers and efforts to bolster the quality and professionalism of teachers, the Government had pursue the enhancement of well-being is raring to round or allowances of teachers, among others, through the certification of educators, as a manifestation of a balance between the rights and obligations towards the improvement of the quality of situational and wellbeing.

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