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HOW TO UPDATE INFOBANK , WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD BE POSTED IN THE THREAD , SELECT PROFILE EVALUATORS , TAG SENIORS , RENAME THE THREAD , COMMON ABBREVIATIONS USED BY SENIOR'S & DEPARTMENT WISE CLASSIFICATION OF PROFILE EVALUATORS. PS : 1.Newbies , we all seniors members of Edulix humbly request you to read this guide thoroughly and patiently. 2.On behalf of all moderators and senior members we request freshmen evaluators to restrain from doing evaluations as long as you are still in the application mode. This would create less confusion and also help fellow edulixans to obtain accurate information. 3.Please don't evaluate other list while you are applicant. it's not that you people are evaluating it wrong, but to be extra careful regarding evaluation we don't encourage the current applicants to evaluate his fellow mates profile. I hope you will agree with me. 1.Newbies who haven't updated infobank. A.This tutorial is for newbies how to create infobank and enter relevant details in the infobank (Update your infobank profile with all details such as G.R.E scores , for revised GRE please mention the percentiles of both verbal and quant , TOEFL scores if taken mention the total score and split scores in miscellaneous details of infobank , papers presented , work experience if you haven't presented papers write papers presented none , if you have no work experience then write no work experience in miscellaneous details of infobank please arrange them systematically in miscellaneous details of infobank, college name and affiliation to which university , university toppers % or grade not college topper grade or % ). B.Please mention about your work experience and papers published in the miscellaneous details of infobank. 2.Newbies who have updated infobank. A.This is tutorial for Existing users: New Way to make your Infobank/Unisearch profile link instead of posting the Infobank/Unisearch profile link in your signature. B.Please mention about your work experience and papers published in the miscellaneous details of infobank. 3.Newbies who haven't come with initial list (If you have come up with initial list then move to next step). A.This tutorial is How to come up with an initial university list before creating Profile Eval thread ? 4.Now what information should be within the first post.Below are the steps as to what . A.Title of the profile evaluation thread should be given according to below guideline. -> Fall/Spring 2012 | MS/PhD | Department [Specialization] | G.R.E | TOEFL | U.G Acads | U.G University B.The following information must be posted in first post of the thread -> Your Academics of your undergraduate degree such as B.E ,B.Tech (%age or GPA). Indicate how your acads compare to those of Class or university topper's.

-> Your Current University or Alma Mater -> G.R.E with full split V+Q+AWA (old GRE) , New GRE (Revised GRE) with full split V+Q+AWA+percentiles for verbal and quant. -> Department applying to e.g E.E, CS, Mech. Also add the specialization, like D.S.P, Networking, AI, etc. C. Provide a list of universities that you have considered -> Initial list (8-12 universities) that you have come up with after you have done some amount of research. -> Please name the universities properly.The list should be arranged as shown in the below example. 1) Carnegie Melon Univ- MS- Information Networking 2) North Carolina State univ 3) Univ of California, Irvine 4) Ohio State Univ 5) University of Southern California 6) Univ of Texas,Dallas 7) Rutgers state univ- Brunswick 8) Arizona State Univ 9) Indiana State univ, Bloomington 10) Univ of Minnesota,Twin Cities D.Please also provide relevant additional Information -> Related Work experience -> Published Papers, Good Research and completed industrial/academic Projects E. In addition, please adhere to the following misc. items -> Please don't tag seniors in the first post of the thread because sometime you need to edit the information. So if you tag seniors in first post every time you edit the first post , that many times senior's will get tagged. So some seniors may get irritated and never reply to teach you a lesson to be patient -> So always tag seniors in the second post of the thread. -> Stick to single thread as far as comments on list goes. -> BOUNCE/BUMP-Up your message only if your query has not been answered in 2 days. Please do not start another thread. -> Please don't create multiple threads if seniors don't reply to your eval threads. Tag or PM (if you send PM , then mention the link of your profile eval thread in the PM) the seniors to evaluate your profile instead of creating a new thread. -> The advices and counseling provided here should be taken as only a 'useful and helpful opinion'. We do our best to give you the best advice available anywhere. 5.Below are the steps how to select profile evaluators. A.Below is classification of profile evaluators according to the departments (down below the note). B.Check whether the seniors mentioned in list are active or no by clicking on the screen name. C.Read carefully what seniors would like to evaluate. E.Tag seniors who are active on Edulix. F.DO NOT TAG MORE THAN 5 SENIORS IN ONE POST. G.PLEASE DON'T TAG SENIORS IN THE FIRST POST OF THE THREAD.

6.Below is a guide how to Tag. How to tag is simple , first type @[] and then copy the senior's screen name inside the brackets @[] without any space between the senior's screen name and brackets OR type @[senior's screen name] there should be no space between the senior's screen name and brackets. Seniors name is on the left side of screen , you should copy that screen name? Seniors name=username 7.How to rename the thread.(For Newbie) 1.Click the edit on the first post of the thread , then select full edit. 2.After you click full edit , the a page opens with username , subject on the left side. 3.In front of the subject is name of the thread , you can rename the thread. 4.After renaming the thread , click on the update post (which is down below). 8.Common abbreviation's used by senior's. 1.IMO : In my opinion. 2.ATB : All the best. 3.AFAIK : As far as i know. 4.Brb = Be Right Back 5.Con-sellers = Counsellers 6.IMHO = In my honest opinion 7.Gr8 = Great 8.LOL = Laughing out Loud 9.n00b = Newbie 10.Ping = Message back 11.ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing 12.TnR = Thanks and Regards Note : (Newbies) 1.After you get your results (whether it is reject/admit) , please don't forget to post your results in RESULTS section as well as update in your infobank i.e in universities details. 2.I am rather not in favor of revoking Freshmen rights for adding either positive and negative reputation points but I am of the opinion that whenever you give negative points to someone it should be justifiable .You should not give negative point without giving any chance of explanation from that user because i had received negative point by a user for using a word which was used regularly here in Edulix forums, if that user had requested me to not use that word then I wouldnt have used it. I believe that upcoming fellows who are helping genuinely need some sort of motivation and this is the least we can do. If someone realizes that he/she has given the undeserved accolades or negative points, later you are free to go and delete your rating. Hence I humbly request the freshmen to refrain from giving positive or negative points to any other user unless you are well versed with Edulix.


AERONAUTICAL Screen Name : abhi88 University (will be attending): Currently working. Will apply in due course. Department: MS Mechanical (No PhD please) specialization: Profile I would like to evaluate Aeronautical. Screen Name : gparam University (will be attending): Currently working. Will apply in due course. Department: MS Mechanical (No PhD please) specialization: Profile I would like to evaluate: Mechanical Other: abhi88 will evaluate for Aero. He is inactive now, so i am filling in for him. Also sobriquet_86 is a mech senior and his opinion will matter the most.