As I have written in the past and related the NAACP as the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People and not Colored People, I have since had the opportunity to review the bylaws or principles of which it lists its’ mission. Having done so this past week, I find that it is impossible for the organization to uphold those mission statements, as it receives monetary contributions and directly benefits from organizations that directly oppose the mission statements. It is written in places that one cannot serve two masters. In the receiving of contributions to improve the individual employees coffers or to supplement their incomes, they are beholding to those that are responsible for the oppression of people. Civil Rights fought for by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X were not about financial gain. Rather, the struggle was more about equality and justice. As an individual that is being oppressed by the system which is supported and contributed to by these same individuals that give to the NAACP, the concerns of the organization is undermined. This in turn undermines the intentions listed in the mission statement. The “X” being represented in the name of the president of the organization in Connecticut can only be viewed as a ploy or marketing tool. As in the African community, the “X” symbolizes and refers to the contribution and commitment of Malcolm “X”. As many from the legislatures, treasurer, and many other public officials benefiting from the struggles of the civil rights movement of the mid 1900’s up until the mid 1970’s, it is apparent that the station in life they now enjoy does not in fact, or deed corresponds to the intent of the movement. Being someone that has struggled for my civil rights, no help from this organization is forthcoming. The organizations that contribute to the NAACP in fact through the SEBAC agreements and such have undermined the civil rights of African Americans. It is apparent in the language used by these public officials in the contracting on the record of bondage, slavery, and disposing of African Americans as inventory as recently as stated in the court documents issued in 2012, verifies this. These individuals supported by companies such as Starbucks and others have an alternate agenda from the one stated by the NAACP. Although the movement established by the same sex marriage legislation uses civil rights as a basis. They actually undermine that movement as stated in court documents issued through the individuals representing these outfits. In summary the NAACP, as the ACLU and other organizations are merely a front for the true mission of their cause, and that is to subordinate the African community as was the case during the days of slave legislation. Although the state banned such practice technically, in principle the practice it is still in effect. Please read the documents relating to the matter, and the recent plaintiff reply to the courts. If the NAACP was involved with and concerned with the civil rights of individuals, then why has it turned blind to the matter before the courts involving corrupt public officials in Hartford, and African American benefits. This, being black and white corrupt public officials alike. Some are listed in the court document. The NAACP leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

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