Connecticut State Supreme Court Chief Justice Rodgers

Dear Chief Justice: I did attempt to have my appeal heard by the Supreme Court. However, the policy makers and superior court has blocked that attempt. Although I am indigent, the superior court in New Haven did not allow waiver for my petition. I have included a copy of it and other materials within this correspondence. I didn‟t want the Chief in charge of Justice involving state matters not to be informed. Although some within this state government are working in the opposite direction. The public officials if nothing else should know that what they have done to me over the past almost twenty years is corrupt practice. When the state commences prosecution against a defendant it never takes this long. No government as a matter of law takes this long to prove guilt. Therefore, it is only reasonable to presume that they are the guilty attempting to protect their corrupt nature by subverting the laws. As a matter of law, it should easily have been the case to present their innocence, or non- negligence in this matter, which they can‟t, using the law. So, they have resorted to different tactics. As the Vietnamese did not lose the war, this corrupt government is presented with the one reality and that is, they are fighting a war against an enemy that is not concerned with the same objective as they hold in esteem. For this state, it is a matter of money. As for the plaintiff it is a matter of life and death, or for a more accurate depiction, the soul. Thus far, several souls are perished.. Where they deal in the quantity, I deal with the unquantifiable. They deal in the presence, while I deal with the eternity. MURPHY, BRIAN receives $8,580.00 per month to retire and came back. Indeed, if that is him currently serving as Deputy Commissioner in charge of Special Operations. Now ask, why hasn‟t African American Warden Ford been allowed to retire, and come back like white people. He was required to discredit himself with the use of crack, as his position in the administration was/is to entice other Africans such as myself to discredit themselves and be used as pawns in the corruption scheme carried out by the political establishment. They require people to provide the “Crack” to members in government. He is simply a slave and can‟t escape his masters. It is even more sinister as he is working behind the scenes like his co-conspirators from the Rowland Administration as Wyman, Ojakian, Lawlor and others. It is important to write this, as to let everyone know exactly what is happening and what may eventually happen to me. I don‟t want anyone to think it was an accident. I can envision them incarcerating me on trumped up charges and then finding drugs and weapons in a cell they put me in, or even being hung up in that very cell. Brian Murphy, Officer Dzrudsa(sic) and others came after me one weekend in the Staples parking lot on Saw Mill Road in West Haven. As a former officer, I can say that hearing of bizarre accidents happening in the department is nothing new, especially when they consider you a slave. We all know how slaves were and are treated. We now see exactly why Governor Malloy reappointed and called back certain

members of the Rowland and Rell Administrations. Rather than calling for the criminal investigation of these corrupt public officials, he is now conspiring with them to “clean up the mess.” In one of his addresses he termed it “mistakes were made.“ Now we see that the killing or complete destruction of the plaintiff was the focal point of that comment. In other words, the past administrations made mistakes in not totally destroying me in the past. He is basically giving them a second chance to complete the deed. These people are members of secret societies and takers of oaths and allegiances using religion, such as Roman Law/Catholism as a ploy to mask their sinister deeds. As the head of special operations, which is the overseer of the Task Force created in 1995 which included officer Dzurenda, orchestrated along with Blumenthal and Wyman, Blumenthal, and Lawlor had failed to kidnap and murder the plaintiff that day. The current Malloy administration has reassembled the same people responsible for the attempted crimes which were suppose to cover up the corruption exposed in the original complaint I filed in 1995. Also involved was Dianne Pierpont and Walter Ford. Pierpont, now the worker behind the scenes and handler of Social Worker L. Serreno, who may or may not be an established member in this fraternity. I am sure that this latest attempt is for him to earn his bones. He is of the same religious order as the governor, and Walter Ford now the Warden at the Hartford Facility. They did send the “slave” correspondence(Please See Appendix). Both Brian Murphy and Ford are, definite partners in crimes as employees of the department dating back to the eighties from Bridgeport, where they were involved with illegal activities. With this being said. State Senator Harp, Representative Walker, Andrew McDonald, Commissioners Delaney, Comptroller Lembo, Treasurer Nappier, House Speaker Murphy, Attorney Helen Kemp,, Attorney Linda Yelmini, union boss Sal Luchiano, Attorney Mark Ojakian, Thomas Woodruff, Ochogrosso(sic), Chairman Masterpietro, Judge Devlin, Commissioners Waldron, Loeb, Miles, State Rep. Dyson, Sen Lieberman,. Superintendent Mayo, John Rowland, Dannel Malloy, Mr. Barnes of OPM, Attorney Hixon-Smith, Attorney Michael Cicchetti, Brenda Cisco, Jodi Rell, Warden Huckaby, etc, are all a part of the destruction in my life. (The lists of legislatures and administrators are too long for this document, a more complete list will be included in an actual book). This chapter is being provided to the public at this time, so that those doing their individual parts in this diabolical scheme, cannot go on to say they didn‟t know or didn‟t have a part in the destruction of people‟s lives. If they succeed in my death, at least I have the opportunity to write the facts about it before they record their history of events. This is to let them know, that the pit that they dig for me, will be the one they land in themselves for an eternity. So, no matter how much they try to rationalize, I want them to know they had parts, and could have prevented all of this. The NAACP, they also take donations and sell off the civil rights of people like me for a better station in life. The president of the organization deeds as a black leader is similar to the mis-appropriations of African American benefits by those involving my complaint. Such as the Slave legislation presented through the Commerce Committee by members of this secret hand within government. Also, there are not any officials in Hartford like Attorney John Dean of the Nixon

Administration. Dean was willing to be what he was hired to be, a public servant, someone that stood up for the office and the American people, someone that will stand up and say, “this is wrong“. Given all of the legal people in Hartford knowing what is going on, but refusing to do what is right, this situation is dire. Watergate was a crime, and an attempted cover-up. Nixon‟s next thought, “what do we have to do to get rid of this.“ Which usually means what LBJ and such had to do with Kennedy to sustain Vietnam, and keep him quiet about the secret societal movements taking over government. Hartford is no different. What‟s worse is that the person Kennedy suspected and terminated from employment, was later in charge of the investigation of his assassination. It was called the Warren Commission. The same is being planned by these Hartford public official defendants, as they have all been put in place to conclude my life. At this time I would like to give thanks to Connecticut State Police Officer Craig Murray whom was lost in the fight for civil rights, and tried to uncover the ill deeds of the unions and these public officials. This Officer was concerned and tried to investigate some of the evidence involving this fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, he is deceased, all of a sudden, and they did the autopsy. As they are plotting my destruction and death, it is not a leap at all to consider that the dark hand within the state political machinery had something to do with his death as well. They own the criminal justice process which means from murder to autopsy they can cover up anything, anything. Likewise, I would like to thank Mr. Ben Hunter for his insight into the workings of corruption within New Haven local politics. Yes, the politicians from New Haven are corrupt. Including the School Board members, starting at the top, including State Rep. Walker. They followed me from state employment into local city employment, using the same tactics. Now, it is even more understandable and clear as to how some of Martin Luther King‟s own could hate him for speaking the truth. Many black people from the sixties have his blood on their hands, just as many people in Hartford have blood on their hands. Mr. King died for these black public officials who have been bought out. This to include the deaths of Corrections Officer Dawn Harper, and Lt./Cpt. Dundy. I just want all of these officials to know that they are recognized for other things than the awards they receive from their political groups and affiliations such as the NAACP which is apart of the problem. For the love of money and false sense of prestige, these individuals like Murphy, and Lawlor came back to clean up their so called mess. This way they think they will be able to enjoy their retirement When actually, if the justice system worked properly they would be prosecuted for their crimes. I just think you should know what transpired in state government since your absence in the 1980‟s Mr. Bannon. For you “Chief” Justice Rodgers, I want you to know what is going on in your system while you are on the bench as the head of Justice for the state. If you don‟t believe me now, you never will. Yes, they are indeed, still blowing smoke up your robes in the State Supreme Court. Be sure to look to the left and the right of you, some of those with you are smoke blowers themselves, trust me. Mr. Hunter had no reason to lie about these corrupt politicians. He was the one passing the envelopes with money to them. They call themselves brothers, and sisters…….really. The ACLU, ADL, NAACP, LBGT, The Church(all of them), are all in it together.

As in “black‟s law dictionary„. I was taken aback when I read the definitions of their intentions they disguised. I believe that the homosexual agenda is front for a more diabolical plan and has nothing to do with civil rights, as this agenda displaces people. Civil rights does not displace people in it‟s agenda for equality {SEBAC IV, V}. All knowledgeable persons know that the aforementioned organizations have no positive, helpful intent for persons like myself, as my life is an example of their destruction. Martin Luther King Jr. brought civil rights as a tool to better all mankind. Their agenda worsens the fabric of mankind. It destroyed my life. This is the is the problem that I have with some European Caucasian descendants. I only say this because they are the majority population here and set up this system. They can actually make an affirmative difference in society, but something doesn‟t allow them to step forward. Maybe, it is the fear of losing their station in life, or being ostracized by their piers, so they sit back and rather embrace feeling what they call “uncomfortable” while African lives, like myself are destroyed. However, they will get to the microphone when given a chance to falsely lament over the conditions going on in society during MLK ceremonies. How uncomfortable is hell going to be though. I have decided, rather than let murderers and destroyers of people write my situation or eventual history. I would do it accurately. I have been blessed by Yahweh to write it myself. Using the formula and Keys blessed with, I am able to sense the movement of the balance of Justice, no smoke blowing here. Yahweh, blessed me not to tolerate it. This is the price a person must pay when that person believes in Creation, Praising Yahweh, and believing in healing through Marijuana, not Pharmaceuticals, and choosing to worship the Almighty Lord of Spirits, and not some made up religion. Now the laws are changing which meant I was correct in 1993 when all of this began. It is reported that Rodney King, the individual that was beaten and abused by corrupt police officers, whom where eventually found not guilty in Los Angeles is dead. It is reported that he was found dead in a swimming pool, foul play not suspected. He was forty-seven, and promoting his book. Famous for the quote, “can we all get along?” I can only gather that evil has something against black men 47, and writing books. As I am 47 and write books. Please, if I am found dead anywhere, it is not an accident. I think it‟s laid out pretty clear in my writings about the responsible parties. There are several people involved and blame enough to go around. Hell is huge, so get in where you fit in. From my calculations and given the number of people involved in my demise, it is reasonable to think that for every heaven bound soul, there could be as many as one thousand hell bound souls. Remember {Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd}, life sure isn’t any fun when the rabbit got the gun. My advice is, pay particular attention to the weather. The creator is coming through the seasons and the weather which includes the crops and beasts of the fields, or lack thereof. I should have been retired and in South Carolina helping my parents, long ago. Since I am not, my death should lie at the feet of all of these people mentioned, as they are responsible. If they say I sneezed and had a vessel burst. Don„t believe them.

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