To: Supreme Court Chief Justice Rodgers

As of now, the Department of Corrections thru special operations division has enlisted the cooperation of individuals to attempt and entrap the plaintiff for fraud, and subsequent conviction of that fraud. As the name ANTHONY MCKNIGHT has been used sinisterly as fiction or a corporation by both the state and the courts as illustrated by the decisions by both commissioners, and judges on the state and federal levels. The plaintiff is viewed as property of the state to be disposed of as inventory, and being regarded as “inventory” to be disposed of there is in “what is considered fact” by the perpetrators. Brian K. Murphy, now using the alias of Brian Murphy was in fact the person responsible for the planning and execution of the plot to incarcerate the plaintiff during the first federal complaint filed, 1995 in federal court. Of which, the courts participated in by way of delay and ruling in the matter, which allowed the defendants, including Dzurenda, whom is currently working in the office of the comptroller, then under the supervision of the former comptroller Wyman, now Lt. Governor Wyman. These frauds by these public officials included then, Attorney General Blumenthal, now U. S. Senator Blumenthal who has influence of what is now the Federal Judicial Courts in his district of Connecticut, Please read SEBAC Agreements. As a fraternity, these people subvert the laws and create the various enslavements relating to the case. Although the current Governor Malloy was not present during the initial attempts by these corrupt officials, he has, through his actions and with the assistance of former state representatives, Lawlor, and McDonald, and current legislators, Harp, Walker, Coleman and others listed in the memorandum filed by the plaintiff are involved in the continuous fraud and cover up of these frauds. The plaintiff writes this along with the “Will” document uploaded, in hopes to notify those that wish to put an end to this plot and scheme. As the governor mentioned that: “mistakes were made in the past,” by these public officials, He only attempts to cover them up and has now created an environment for the issues around the complaint to be exacerbated, willfully participating in the misdeeds himself. Although he sets up the issues so that he can plausibly deny the events. This document is written, not only for any one willing to assist in the uncovering of these crimes committed by these public officials, but to also prevent any plausible deniability that he and these public officials may attempt to secure in the future in the advent of my further destruction and/or death caused by these corrupt public officials. The top ranking public officials from the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, Department of corrections Commissioners, Office of Policy and Management, Workers Compensation Commissioners, State Judges, Department of Administrative Services, Community and Economic Development, Social Services and various legislative committees, Legislators, Federal Authorities, Attorney Generals, States

Attorneys, and their Assistants to include their legal advisors in those aforementioned public offices are and where aware of these miscarriages of justice and crimes committed during this time, and should be convicted of public trust violations as was the case in former governor John Rowland. This document is only written, in hopes that someone in the public capacity could in fact stop these people from conspiring against the public and likewise myself, as they actually are doing a disservice and harm to the public community at large. I hope that someone reading this would take the necessary steps to stop these people, as for almost twenty years I have attempted and may have to pay with my life for doing so. As these people have no regard for the law, nor the lives of African Americans. One prime example of this is the enslavement of their public official Warden Walter Ford. This person worked covert operations with defendants named, and even until this day is held in bondage due to the “crack” use and lost of credibility as a person he has suffered. Unlike his co-conspirators he is unable to retire as they are, as they hold the very tool they allowed him to use to bound people and lessen them, it is used against him as well. Although I don’t like to say it, it is as if he made a pact with the devil, and won’t be allowed to break free from it. Now, that I have become aware of the trickery and deceit used as it relates to referring to the plaintiff in “Capital Letters”, in addition to the fraud uncovered and used by these public officials to squander the public treasury, there is no telling when, and what the next measure of destruction they will issue me. Thank you for your time and reviewing my work.