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New British Secret Courts Send Man To Prison For 21 Days For Not Paying Council Tax

Posted on July 3, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!
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Roger Hayes Roger Hayes is a founder and Chairman of the British Constitution Group (BCG). The BCG is most well-known as a British tax protester group that is advocating a ‘Lawful Rebellion‘, under section 61 of the British Magna Carta. According to Brian Gerrish, a fellow co-founder of the BCG, Hayes has fallen victim to a deteriorating British justice system. Gerrish explains, “Under common law, no one should be fined, sentenced and imprisoned without a jury of their peers. Here we have someone being imprisoned on the word of a council and one magistrate. The council is relying on a Statute Law which does not overturn Common Law. So essentially, we are witnessing justice on its head.” Regarding the draconian manner in which his colleague was apprehended Gerrish adds, “It’s just like the Stasi – where you are lifted off the street and 9 hours later you are sentenced to prison. Families don’t know what the process is, the public doesn’t know what the process is. Wirral Council claims it was an open court – but it can’t be an open court if no one has heard about it.” It is also understood that Roger Hayes “WITHELD” his Council Tax rather than “refused to pay” – a potentially important implications in his legal case. No members of the public or jury were present during sentencing. The state were determined to commit Hayes to prison for his infamous ‘Common Law arrest’ of a Judge Michael Peak during his bankruptcy hearing at Birkenhead County Court on March 7, 2011 – where the presiding Judge was bundled out of the courtroom by a common law posse for ‘contempt of court’. Despite the fact that a crowd of 600 were assembled outside of the courtroom during the debacle, there was a complete media blackout on the event – a public incident which was hugely embarrassing to the legal system and local establishment in Hayes’s home region of Merseyside.

Just who is deciding on media blackouts in this country? We have traitors in our government. Earlier this year, Bilderberg member and British MP Kenneth Clarke, along with the current UK Home Secretary Teresa May, have been publicly calling recently for more statute or ‘secret courts’ without juries, in order to reduce the backlog of legal hearing. Appearing before a parliamentary select committee, Justice Secretary Clarke was later forced, rather awkwardly, to defend his draconian plans, against accusations that they were a “corruption” of the British legal system. For up-to-the-minute updates on Roger Hayes, visit the UK Column Newspaper website: UK Column