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Perfected down to the last detail:

Since the beginning of the last centur y, we have focused intensively on the design of heat exchangers to regeneratively heat and deaerate feedwater. Having our own manufacturing facilities right from the start, we were able to significantly shape the technological development of feedwater heaters and nowadays we rate as one of the most highly reputed international suppliers and licensors. Worldwide we offer like no other company the complete range of feedwater heater and deaerator variants for nuclear and large-scale conventional power plants: U-type feedwater heaters or header-type feedwater heaters Duplex heaters with U-tube bundles or straight-tube bundles Feedwater heaters with spray-type deaerators or tray-type deaerators Drain coolers and steam desuperheaters Our product portfolio also includes larger heaters for district heating and closed cooling water coolers. PROFILE

3D model of a high pressure heater

Only supplier worldwide with a complete range of feedwater heaters Design and construction of the first feedwater and deaerator system in the year 1920 Specialized in nuclear and conventional large-scale power plants More than 1,200 references for header-type HP heaters Supplied the complete feedwater heater train for the first 1,600 MW EPR nuclear power plant in the world Special constructions such as U-tube or straight-tube duplex heaters Optimized tube bundle venting system to enhance performance of nuclear power plants Proprietary sprayer design for spray-type deaerators tried and tested in nuclear power plants Design, manufacture and erection from one source

Tube bundle of a duplex heater

TECHNOLOGY With their perfected technology, our feedwater heaters reliably increase the efficiency of thermal power plants. Conservatively designed tube bundles and proven venting concepts provide permanent protection against damage and guarantee optimal heat transfer. Our header-type feedwater heaters are used principally in the high pressure section of large-scale fossil-fired power plants; the design of such heaters is characterized by snake-shaped tubes and two headers. Their exceptional thermoelasticity, long service life and profitability make them stand out from U-type heaters. In the low pressure section, our duplex heaters allow the extraction steam piping to be routed in a functional and space-saving manner. They unite two heater stages in one single shell and replace two heaters arranged in a row. To deaerate the feedwater, we supply tray-type deaerators or spray-type deaerators in combination with heaters. Nowadays spray-type deaerators are predominantly used in power plants. They are integrated in the feedwater tank and have either a disc type sprayer or spring-type sprayer as a spray device.

APPLICATION 750 MW Wilhelmshaven coal-fired power plant, Germany: A 32m long feedwater tank with spray-type deaerator supplied in the year 1976.

Feedwater tank during commissioning

1,600 MW Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant, Finland: Drain cooler, LP and HP heaters for the European Pressur ized Water Reactor (2007).

Shipment of an HP heater from the Nigel works (South Africa)

3D model of a feedwater tank with spray-type deaerator

2 x 1,100 MW Neurath F+G lignite-fired power plant, Germany: The largest HP heaters in the world with an empty weight of more than 270 t supplied in the year 2008.

Disc-t ype sprayers consist of disc-shaped elements placed in pairs resting against one another. They are serrated at the outer circumference to generate a water spray screen and the water flow causes them to bend open flexibly. Our spring-type sprayers have a spring coil which opens to a greater or lesser extent depending on the differential water pressure to generate the spray. Both types of sprayer are dirt-resistant, self-cleaning and available for capacities of up to 1,200 t/h per sprayer. They operate in a range between 10 and 110% of the nominal capacity.

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HP heater during erection at the power plant