Land Use Committee Meeting Thursday, September 9th, 2010, 1:30 P.M.

CBD Conference Room 388 19th Street Present: Indrajit Obeysekere, Anagha Dandekar Clifford, Charlie Leonard, Chris Curtis, Julia Sherwin Staff: Marco Li Mandri, Elizabeth Clark, Fiona Simms Minutes
Introductions-Indrajit Obeysekere and Charlie Leonard Overview of Committee Tasks: a. Parking issues ;( maximizing street parking, eliminating vacated driveways and commercial zones. b. Review of Shuttle success and ridership c. Transportation Issues d. Zoning issues, planning and land use e. CUP applications and appropriate uses f. Taxi stand issues g. Business attraction strategies h. New developments

The basic function of the Land Use Committee should be to inject the associations into the process of determining appropriate land use within the districts. The need exists to determine what mechanism we should have to monitor the process of CUP applications being filed and approved and/or rejected. The associations cannot weigh in on the issues unless we have proper notification. Marco stated that he will ask Aliza Gallo to notify the committee if a CUP application has been filed within our boundaries. Issues a-h, listed to the left, include those that fall under the discretion of the Land Use Committee. To use the taxi stand issue on 13th as an example, the committee could force the City

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612 DOA Phone 510.238.1122  LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529  Fax 510.452.4530  

to enforce the parking restrictions that restrict double parking. The organization cannot move forward with our efforts to revitalize 13th Street with cabs taking up the street. Moving forward, we need to voice our opinions and become a part of the dialogue. Chris Curtis proposed talking to John Russo about helping us become designated as a special category so that we are notified of all things that happen in the district. Julia Sherwin raised the point that some landlords don’t care about the quality of the neighborhood. She suggested that the associations could communicate with the property owners and ask them to consider being more discerning. Anagha advised being sensitive in that regard. Indrajit suggested that we become more fluent in the zoning code and that we be more proactive. Marco raised the issue of food trucks in San Diego and that in Little Italy they have created an overlay zone to ban food trucks that take business away from restaurants in the area. Charlie Leonard interjected that there needs to be a balance as food trucks do fill a need in certain areas. Review of CUP for adult store and parole office in Koreatown An adult business has leased space in Fred Brown’s building at 17th and Telegraph, without applying for a conditional use permit. A CUP is required for specific uses-uses that may have adverse effects upon the character of a neighborhood. The committee needs to look at these applications, once filed. The Land Use Committee would review and make


recommendations to the board and the boards would write a letter to the hearing officer. Marco raised the issue of marijuana clubs and how that should also be a matter for the Land Use Committee. There is a very real concern that Oakland could be defined as a “pot” center and that as such, Downtown could become a crime magnet. A San Rafael non-profit intends to open a day center for parolees in the Koreatown neighborhood. The City planning commissioners voted to approve the center, but the Koreatown Northgate district board has voted to appeal the decision. Anagha stated that the first she heard of this center was in the newspaper-illustrating the point that we can’t weigh in unless we have proper notification. Aliza and members of the Planning Department should be invited to the next meeting.

Next Meeting

No meeting has been scheduled at this time, but meetings would ideally occur on a monthly basis.

` Minutes taken by Victoria Decker, Staff.

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