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Hollywood Movies and Symbolism Part 2

Its a new day. This work here is controversial. A lot of people in the world dont know about the following facts. You are fortunate here. You may not agree with all of the following, but these are my views. I will not back down regardless of the censorship that is precipitously shown in the Internet even. The lies from the reactionary crowd will always be exposed by me and others. Dedication to the establishment of a just world is always a goal of mine. In this decadent, hypocritical Western society (that claims to value education, authentic spirituality and productive living, but the status quo advocates genocide and murder against people of color in multiple continents), we have every right to condemn it (or the wicked society). I condemn the evil here in the world and I acknowledge the numerous righteous deeds done by dedicated activists (who are instrumental in the movement for justice). I knew that I would write something about this issue, because its an important issue. I was torn in the sense that I was thinking should I sugarcoat some of these words. Then, later I figured that I will not because if I did, I wouldnt be true to myself. I would not be true to my personal views. In my conscience, I have to keep it real. I have absolutely no regrets about my core beliefs. I have no regrets. In life, it is good and legitimate to enjoy humor and enjoyable activities. Life is not all work. Renewed ties, love, and relaxation can be excellent instruments in reinvigorating the human mind, heart, and soul. True love is a blessing and its certainly a cherished part of human existence.

Now, the truth is a wonderful thing since it casts out fear. Truth can be vitally important for us to better our moral commitment to liberty and equality. This is just the beginning of my life. For more decades into the future, I will still fight for righteousness, fight to refute stereotypes about people, and fight for reforms. I am an adult, so yes I write adult related issues. Yet, my language is never utilized to promote vulgarity, but honest discussions about the critical issues surrounding the world culture. Its just that some reactionaries dont like some of my views on certain political matters. I reject trickled down economics, because not only that this economic philosophy failed after people tried it. That economic philosophy can damage our infrastructure and it is morally repugnant. That is why we must have sensibility to those suffering and the oppressed. For being nice has nothing to do with being weak in the face of tribulation, but strong in the face of sick, grotesque conformity. It is the conformity to the worlds wicked standard that is an example of weakness and being kind (&having a firm adherence to real morality) is an example of courage. Upright action is superior to revelry. It takes courage for a person to follow the will of the Father. It takes courage for a person to suffer the slings and arrows of life and then continue forward being stronger than ever before. It took courage for revolutionaries and heroes to march thousands of miles in giving us the freedoms that we so cherish today. Courage forever more is a testament to

human strength and Gods Power. Thats courage. 2012 is certainly a time of waking up and I am glad to live in this time period. I have a kind, nice side (like a sweetheart) and I have a controversial side. Thats my personality. I am a man, so I have to stand on real principles. Regardless of how many of my articles will be falsely classified as adult content (while other articles with huge amounts of profanity arent labeled as such), I will expose Hollywood, I will expose discrimination, I will expose corruption, and I will expose trickled down economics. I thank God for language and Im going to use real language thats vivid, truthful, and honorable. You know what kind of language that Im talking about. Its plain language. Yes, its live and direct plus its deep too. LOL. A man that refuses to stand on principles is like a man rowing a boat without a paddle (that man will run across the map uncontrollably). A wise person will see the handwriting on the wall and develop short term and long term plans in order for that individual to enrich his or her life (and the lives of the human race). Now, I agree with an active federal government to progressively serve the

people (as I am economically progressive. For thousands of years, the government created jobs despite what deceivers & reactionaries like John H. Sununu say), but we have to promote individual initiative too. For the power of change must come by both the individual and the collective (not just one or the other). I regret my errors in my life, but I wont regret showing these words to the public. The public deserves to realize the truth and I am happy to supply the public the goods on Hollywood. At least, with a person like me, I am honest with my views. A lot of people (like me) believe in my views in private. I am willing to express my views in public like a man. I believe in equality and I believe in promoting justice too. May the dear Lord bless anyone that harbors, compassion, harbors strength, and isnt afraid of presenting the truth to power. We should tell the world that in this generation we are not intimidated. We will fight for liberty, fight for justice, and fight for militant action (via one or another way. You know what the other way is. The other way is self-defense, which is a God-given right among any human being). Frankly, I will not jive for mainstream society like a brainwashed soul, but I will renew my mind and better my spirituality. You are what you eat. Be careful what you eat for if you eat lies and nepotism, then discredited philosophies will come in your soul. Yet, if you eat the manna from the Spirit of Lord, then joy, resistance to evil, and moral living will blossom in your life.
There are still facets of this world that we still need to comprehend. People know about the dirt found in Hollywood. For the record, there is a huge difference between Los Angeles and Hollywood. Los Angeles has a lot of real, down to Earth people. Los Angeles is a place where there is an epicenter of progressive movements and huge contributors to world society. We know about the real truth behind people like Ryan Seacrest, Tom Cruise (he split from Kate Moss recently in the summer of 2012), Tom Travolta, Rush Limbaugh (and his Dominican Republic escapades. His closet is filled with deception. He has a closet in his life indeed. This is the man that agrees with the evil torture in Abu Ghraib, the Iraq war, and mocking people suffering illnesses. He has devilish views. Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite in more ways than one. Rush is known for disrespecting women and loving radical laissez faire capitalism, which is wrong. That tells me all I need to know about him), Donald Trump (who dehumanizes the first black American President, but claims not to be racist since Arsenio Hall was in his Apprentice Show. People know what Trump does behind the scenes), Nikki Six (a coward who incited a riot), Capricorn (who works for P. Diddy), Quentin Tarantino (with a very arrogant attitude and is known for saying slurs plus tries to justify it), Tajan Burton, Melissa Forde, John Wayne, Scott Baio (this person disrespected the beautiful, intelligent, and strong First Lady of America & gracious Sister Michelle Obama. Hes another

John Wayne, Tea Party type), Gwenyth Paltrow, Ronald Reagan (yes, he was a Hollywood actor. Back in 1966, he tried to eliminate the moral Fair Housing Law Act from the books. He said that: If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house," he said, "he has a right to do so"), and others for years. This is just beginner level stuff. We all know their stories and what they do behind closed doors. If I could tell what I know about Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Armstrong Williams, Bill OReilly, and the rest of them, you will be shocked. Bill OReilly claims to represent traditional Americans, but

Andrea Mackris proved to the world that adultery is still wrong no matter the age. He made the lie that people who voted against Mitt Romney wanted stuff (and these people arent representative of traditional America. Frankly, true traditional America respects diversity and its made up of many creeds, colors, genders, and backgrounds). This is the opposite of the backwards, regressive America [that the John Wayne/Ted Nugent types advocate]. We dont have to be like hypocritical neo con TV hosts. They can live foul and think foul, but we should think real and dream big. Also, Bill OReilly said the lie that Christianity is a philosophy not a religion. What about Bill Cunningham? I heard of him for years even before he made his show on television in the CW. I heard of him back before 2007. I was shocked that he has a lot of people of color on his show since I know what this man was all about. For years, he was on the Hannity and Colmes show (back then) talking about neoconservative talking points. He is an ally of Jesse Lee Peterson too (you know how I feel about Jesse Lee Peterson). He claims to be full of family values, but he is pictured showing the middle finger to the camera. Cunningham and Jesse Lee Peterson on radio try to sham Black America years ago. Cunningham tries to bash Nigeria, South Africa, etc. for issues of the Bill of Rights when African civilization is the origin of Western civilization. That is something that Cunningham omits and he has his talk show that exploits my people all of the time. Cunningham made ignorant comments for years. This piece of work (I can use other language and you know the language) said back in October 2008 that black fathers leave their children collectively (in saying that typical black fathers leave their children. The truth is that plenty of black fathers take care of their children. The war on black women and the war on black men by the evils in society are ever real. That is why we should always give credit and respect to the brothers and the sisters doing what is right period). I cant believe that some black people are on this mans show when he harbors anti-black views. Some black people dont know who he is. Back in 2008, he said that people are poor in America, because they lack morals and ethics. Hes from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is part of this revitalization of talk shows in America again with people like Jeremy Kyle, etc. The bigger picture is that still we should fight for first class citizenship for all peoples of the world. We have to right to organize, protest, and fight for justice. People who scapegoat a certain part of the human family for all evils of the world arent in any liberty movement. The reactionaries complain about open borders, but they offer no feasible, authentic solution to handle the issue of immigration (except cruel deportation and anti-immigrant policies). More rational, comprehensive solutions are needed to handle the issue of immigration in America. They call any form of welfare a sin when true general welfare that can help the poor and the suffering in society. This action is holy and of the Lord. One of the famous reactionaries is named Ted Nugent. Ted wants people on welfare to not vote at all, which is sick and immoral. Ted is Alex Jones new friend. Jones (who agrees with neoliberalism, rhetoric against immigrants, and loving the JBS while claiming to be outside of the Left/Right paradigm. Alex Jones said that he is tired of talking about race. Well, I am tired of people ignoring the issues of race and class. I am tired of people refusing to expose the evil system of white supremacy) is known for his rhetoric and he called Ted Nugent a great

American, which is strange to me. Nugent agreed with the Bush administrations illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Nugent even condemned other critics of that administration when they claimed the Bush Jr. should be tried as a war criminal. Like many of these reactionaries, Nugent hates President Barack Obama. Like I always mention, I disagree with the President on some issues, but I dont hate the brother at all. Nugent claims to be so patriotic, but he dodged the draft. I have more respect for a conscientious objector than doing what Ted did. Ironically, his father was an Army staff sergeant. Ted Nugent is known for calling women like Heidi Prescott of the Fund for Animals back in 1992 out of their names. Ted Nugent agrees with the evil of handling over Detroit to a fascist manager in the interest of big business and the banks. When Bush Jr. allowed the Patriot Act and so forth to pass, he never called for radical changes in America. It is only when a new President comes that is not a Republican, that he is highly agitated. Why? Well, we know why. The question is that we should continue in the struggle for liberty regardless of the profane laced tirades of Nugent. The reactionaries lie and believe that they are called racist for criticizing the President (even if they outline legitimate critiques). Many of them are called racist since they harbor overt hatred of people of color and they believe in the destruction of the social safety net. Some of them believe in the deprivation of parts of the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act from the 1960s. I reject endless wars, indefinite detention, torture, warrantless wiretapping, and other incorrect policies. On the other hand, I believe in universal health care and I want all people to have the right to an income and the right to possess social justice in the world society. I am not ashamed of my color, my hair, my heritage, and my being. I can act strong with intellectual fortitude and social fortitude excluding ignorance & narrow-mindedness. I am black and beautiful and I am not ashamed to say it publicly. Numerous celebrities say
disrespectful words of people via movies and comedy routines about folks from certain backgrounds, but behind the scenes; they act hypocritically. Heres a message to people like that: The truth always comes to BOOMERANG around, get it. So, it is what it is with them. Im not the type of person to

present their entire cards out like that though. Thats not my style. The tea about them has already been spilled like the size of the Grand Canyon (beyond a small cup). We shouldn't be caught up in discussing their lifestyles obsessively. We ought to remain focused
on the prize, which deals with improving the standard of living for all people & having justice plus equality for the human race. Now, in a way it's bigger than them (though celebrities should have responsibility for their actions). It is true that many people who were once in Hollywood woke up to live more productive lives. SONY MUSIC GROUP, UNIVERSAL, MCA, VIACOM and the other global corporations ought to possess a large blame for the messages they want send out to us in their global media system. This linkage between the military industrial complex and the mainstream entertainment industry has been going on for almost 100 years now. For example, Dave McGowan produced a fantastic series

called: "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation." It proves that many of the rock n roll acts in the 1960's had close ties with the military industrial complex. Even today, folks from across musical & entertainment genres promote the agenda of the war on terror when they go overseas to perform at various venues. We should stand up to any corporation that promotes a negative
message or evil stereotype against our people. Likewise, we as individuals have that responsibility to improve our own moral conduct. This means we can't bully people, we ought to fight back to not let society glamorize slurs about our people, we can't intentional hurt a person emotionally, we ought to vehemently oppose unjust violence against anyone, and we should strive to make the world better. We should promote righteousness and honor among ourselves and all peoples in the world. It's cool

and fine to have humor, to participate in fun activities, and to show jokes, but not expressing cruelty toward any human being at any circumstance though. As individuals, we
have to assist our community and our families. One of the major influences in Hollywood is the showing of pantheism in their movies and cultural structures. What is pantheism? Pantheism is a belief that God is

not separate from Nature. It's a belief that adheres to the notion that God is found in all matter including Nature, humans, oceans, the sky, animals, etc. (and people can have a religious communion with the natural world). Followers of pantheism view God as just a force found in the Universe that humans can tap into in order to have a connection with the divine. This New Age ideology is embraced in various forms from people like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and others. The reality is that Nature should be respected. I don't believe in wanton destruction of mass trees or the extermination of animal species. Yet, Nature isn't God but a creation of God. Nature isn't perfect and only Almighty God is perfect (since God is the representation of perfection and infinite power. Nature lacks infinite intelligence and infinite power). New Age thinking and philosophy permeate Hollywood all of the time. The common fixture of New Age cosmology is the belief that man can be God basically via rituals. That is why numerous Hollywood actors and actresses publicly talk about a vague spirituality, a spirituality that hates legitimate morality, or a New Age spiritual ideology. Even in the 1920s, the Hollywood actor Robert Valentino and his wife Natasha worked in the occult like doing sances for years.

Gnosticism and Hollywood Films

"We are not servants of some God," declared the Satanist Aquino; "we are our own god's!" Also, Gnostic teachings and ideologies are found in numerous films. Gnosticism, New Age teachings, and Freemasonry are all interconnected, because all of these philosophies believe that man has to do rituals & even secretive works in order for man to achieve divinity (or an union with the Creator or God). This isnt just me typing words down. Masons have written about this for years. J.D.

Buck, M.D., another Masonic writer of importance, in his book Symbolism of Mystic Masonry wrote (Pg.57) "In the early Church as in the secret doctrine, there was not one Christ for the world but a potential Christ in every man. Theologians first made a fetish of the impersonal, Omnipresent divinity; and then tore the Christos from the hearts of all humanity in order to Deify Jesus; that they might have a God-Man particularly their own." In the teaching of the 28th Degree,
Pike states, "Masonry is identical with the ancient Mysteries". (Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry", p. 624). So, the arts are interrelated with each other. It appears that the Theosophical Society and like minded overtly are showing their views publicly in trying to causes the masses to go along with compromise (of their agenda). Compromise is a key to their tactics. This has been conclusively explained via Joe Schimmel's research in his
documentary films. Gnosticism is a form of mysticism. Gnosticism teaches that the physical

world is a prison created to control us and the human body is a prison of the divine spirit within. The Gnostics teach that the knowledge of sin is freedom and they believe that Old Testament Deimurge is wicked, while the Serpent was the good guy or Savior. They view Jesus Christ as a enlightened being who spiritually resurrection not physically resurrected. These views are found in the discredited Gnostic Gospel of Judas (which teaches that Jesus was in cahoots with Judas in order for Judas to receive secret knowledge). Gnosticism is very similar to Hinduism. Hinduism teaches the concept of Kundalini. Kundalini in Hinduism is a cosmic energy that lies with everyone acting as a serpent in the base of the spine. When its tapped, a human can achieve a super godlike status along with doing works. Gnosticism is one big part of New Age philosophy and the culture of Hollywood. For example, Hollywood film director Richard Stanley admitted that: I guess one could see the whole of the mass media as it stands today as some sort of extension of the gnostic faith...maybe cinema itself is acting as some kind of hand maiden to the apocalypse... (The Matrix Virtual Theatre Wachowski Chat (November 6, 1999)].

Many Hollywood films express Gnostic views. True religion isn't like Gnosticism. True religion deals with worshiping the Creator, treating your neighbor as yourself, and basically obeying God. It also entails with the belief in moral absolutes like truth, goodness, love, peace, and justice. Gnosticism again represents the view that the physical world is evil and via secret knowledge can humans find enlightenment. The catch is that they or the Gnostics want their version of the truth to be accepted (which is similar to the elite wanting a monopoly of the mass media, education, money, etc. The elite are monopoly people). The Gnostics teach that the divine being called Sophia used the serpent in the Garden of Eden to free humanity. The film "Pleasantville" is one slick example of Gnosticism in Hollywood films. In the 1998 movie, Pleasantville is a perfect word like the Garden of Eden. The people are perfect, but everything is black and white (in terms of the color of the location. Pleasantville is like a town in an alternative dimension like the Matrix). Images of the apple from the story from the Garden Eden and other images related to the Garden are all over the film in its symbolism. Even the burning tree scene relates to the tree of knowledge. To the Gnostics, mankind eating the fruit of the tree was a good thing since it was in rebellion to the enemy of the Gnostics (which is the Creator). Gnostics dont like the Creator of the physical world at all. The film is similar to the biblical story of the Earth originally being perfect. Later, people from the outside (being a kid named David in the

beginning coming into this perfect world via a television malfunction) to taint everything up. The town slowly evolves from a black and white image into technicolor. The lead characters according to conservatives want to promote silliness, sexual looseness, dangerous, risky behavior, and grief in society. Purity and pleasantness ironically is predicted for the future in the Eternal Kingdom of God. For the time being, we live in an imperfect world, but not everything physical is evil. For example, rivers, mountains, and the Universe are filled with goodness. Sin is depicted as color in Pleasantville as it represents enlightenment for the people living inside of Pleasantville. The movie reverses concepts and makes righteousness passe and sin as positive as eating vegetables. The movie was made by Gary Ross. Gary Ross co-wrote and directed Hunger Games as well. David and his sister Jennifer are transplanted into this alternative 1950's reality. It's similar to "Father's Know best' and "Ozzie and Harriet." The movie promotes the notion that nothing is as simple as black and white. Some concepts aren't black and white, but moral absolutes are. The movie has the robotic denizers of Pleasantville as stereotypical conservative Christians. It has the mayor of the town ordering books to be burned. He later holds a town meeting for all of the true citizens of Pleasantville. The so-called perfect location is turned into a more dictatorial location. He turns the people of Pleasantville against the people in multicolor in the location. This dichotomy reminisces of the German books burnings of books during the 1930s. Not to mention that real conservatives and people from across the political spectrum would oppose book burning and bigotry. So, the film portrays a monogamous relationship among people as strange and they glamorize adultery. In Gnostic fashion, the film tries to present the message that the world in that dimension originally restricted human potential and only by certain changes can knowledge can liberate human beings.The movie depicts the idea that the mainstream society must have social awakenings in order to be free from conformity. In a sense, we shouldnt be exactly like the 1950s with discrimination (one of the legitimate parts of the film is that it exposes prejudice as wrong. We shouldnt be intolerant toward a human being acting different), intolerance, and a real restriction of the expression of human individuality. The film covertly touches on many social issues going on in America. Yet, we have conformity today in 2012. It is more sophisticated and it manifest itself in more slick ways like the threats of war, selfishness, economic exploitation, and fear mongering.

The Hollywood/Freemasonry Connection

*Symbolism is all around us beyond just Hollywood films. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is one of the most famous Lodges in the world, especially inside of America. It was created in the 1700's and the Roman Catholic Estienne Morin promotes the degrees of the Scottish Rite. They have 33 degrees today. Also, the Scottish Rite's famous logo is the double headed eagle. The Freemason's eagle has a long history. To the ancients, the eagle represented authority and power to armies, governments, and secret societies all over the Earth. It's found in the logo of the CIA, coins, etc. It can be found further back in Egyptian and Sumerian culture. Today, the elite are diverse and unified in their goal of a global Utopian society. This isn't just me writing about it. Manly P. Hall was one of the most high level occultists and Freemasons in world history. In his own literature, he admitted that he wanted the philosopher Kings to rule society in having a global democratic order. High level Freemason C. William Smith wanted a new order of the ages to break down barriers of religion and race. This is the goal of the elite among others like economic centralization. Today, some people promote ignorance and this is expressed in our political system. They love for us to agree with people to be sent overseas to be used a cannon folder and see more anti-liberty policies grow in the world. Consolidation of power and wealth into a few hands is always wrong. Famous symbols are found in the Masonic emblems and coins during the period of the French Revolution. For example, there is a Gold medallion (in the above image) that is very rare. It has the image of 1791 on it. It has the words of Philippe-Frdric de Dietrich (He was a Mason and an Illuminatus. Philippe was the first mayor of Strasbourg. On one side of the medallion, there is the image of the Goddess Minerva (meaning wisdom or power). On the opposite side, there is an eagle bearing its young and soaring toward the sun. The sun is another ancient image of worship too by the ancients of old. The French Revolution took influence from the Enlightenment philosophies of the hatred of the Monarchy and the granting of liberties to people. The problem of the French Revolution was that it involved the violation of religious liberty and the murder of even innocent men, women, and children. That was wrong and abhorrent. Also, Freemasonry had a huge say in the historical composition of the French Revolution. "Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith" by James H. Billington is one book that documents the links between Masonic thought and the French Revolution.

Freemasonry is heavily influential in American society. America is complex nation. I live in America every day, so I know its history and its cultural diversity. America is a great land. America is the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry presently. They are many people in the Scottish Rite like Norm Crosby (a 33rd Degree Freemason), Ron Blaisdell, Brent Morris, and others. The Masonic influence in early American has been firmly established by even mainstream historians. Freemasonry has a huge role in the composition of the American Revolution, because many Generals, soldiers, and funders of the American Revolution were members of the craft from Paul Revere The Founding Fathers were influenced by the to George Washington. Enlightenment/Masonic view that human reason not supernatural revelation must be man's guide. Numerous Founders accepted the Deistic view of God being in control of Nature (or what Thomas Jefferson called "Nature's God"). The truth is that we shouldn't be a theocracy of course, but even man's reason can be imperfect. Therefore, we should have legitimate boundaries in our conduct in order for society to function properly. Many descendants of the Jacobites went into America (including English and Scottish Freemasons) to support the American Revolution and end the British monarchy's overt control over the colonies. One reason for this is that Masonry and secret societies hated the Monarchs for their authoritarian rule over the masses. The Monarchs locked up and even killed people if they expressed an alternative viewpoint. Frankly, all human beings have the freedom of conscience and the freedom to believe in whatever creed they desire. The Protestant Hanoverian dynasty became firmly entrenched in Great Britain following the deposition in 1688 of King James II who had converted to Catholicism. Today, Freemasonry supports their landmarks as pronounced by Albert G. Mackey. Mackey was a Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. There has been a debate on the Knights Templar connection. The Knights Templars were warrior priests that protected pilgrims to the Holy Land. As being active to fight the Muslims during the Crusades, the Knights Templars controlled for a time in the Holy Land (Yes, they settled in Jerusalem for a time). They became rich by their international banking organization. The Papacy accused them of moral degeneration and other crimes. They were persecuted and gone by the 14th century. Freemasonry mimics some of the Knights Templar organization in some of their groups today. Albert Pike said that the Templars centuries ago overtly acted as Roman Catholic, but covertly believed in Johannism (or an esoteric view). America has been exploited by many European oligarchical elites as a means to carry out Western imperialism and globalization. See, America is used as an engine sometimes for this war on terror, but the originators of this modern day corporate system comes from Europe, not America. For example, much of the international policies come from the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group was invented in 1954 inside of European soil. The occultists & numerous high level Masons like Manly P. Hall view America as a new Atlantis to spread a democratic revolution in the world. Sir Francis Bacon promoted this Utopian vision of the New Atlantis (in the confines of the North American continent). The New Atlantis agenda is shown in the Anglo-American power structure. The Anglo-American system extended its power in the four corners of the Earth via trade, wars, culture, language, religion, and other social parameters. Now, the old eagle in Great Seal was originally a phoenix. The Phoenix represents resurrection of life as in the old legends, the phoenix died plus rose again after 500 years. Freemasonry Manly P. Hall writes the following on the Phoenix:

The phoenix is the most celebrated of all the symbolic creatures fabricated by the ancient Mysteries for the purpose of concealing the great truths of esoteric philosophy. Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. 8990.

There are other extremists too that utilize religion (there is a difference between a natural, procommon people religion and mainstream pro-oligarchy religion. The oligarchy was instrument in the Council of Nicea in order centralize power and limit independent thinking) as an excuse to promote second class citizenship for various minorities & people of certain backgrounds. We

ought to oppose that, because if anyones rights are restricted, all of our rights are restricted. A theocracy is never a pristine avenue in order for us to live in a tranquil civilization. If
we desire a tranquil civilization, then we have to have tolerance. Personal discrimination is always abhorrent, unjustifiable, and immoral. We cant love justice and agree with injustice against any other human being. Loving your neighbor as yourself means something. Self-acceptance counts too.

The worship of Nature (including the worship of the sorath or the sun) is nothing new. It's a common fixture of the Ancient Mystery Schools. This mysticism extends today in various religions, cults, and other organized secret societies. For example, the Masonic and occult imagery from yesterday is found plainly in the infrastructure of the Mormon religion (which uses Mitt Romney as a Trojan Horse to advance reactionary policies. Mormonism teaches the blasphemy that Jesus was a polygamist with many wives and that we can be our own god with a planet filled with wives plus children. Mormonism teaches that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers. Whether Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama will be the next President, we have to continue to fight for justice in the world), Roman Catholicism, etc. As for the current President, we know what his agenda is. That is why I oppose the TSA molesting innocent people inside of airports nationwide. I oppose the war on terror harming people all over the world. I disagree with unelected czars created by this current administration monitoring society and I believe in the sanctity of human life period. I agree with the ideal of self-defense or a human being having the right to bear arms (as found in the Second Amendment). The system of global governance and a single global currency have been goals of elitists for decades & centuries. These policies are antithetical to the aims of nationalism as the higher up establishment figures hate nationalism obviously. Recently, documents from the Bilderbergers prove that numerous Bilderbergers hate nationalism as a concept. Still, we shouldn't be like some Republicans and present visceral, bigoted hatred toward President Barack Obama. We respect the President as a human being and we honor his family (if we disagree with the man, we disagree with him by using reasoned information excluding fear mongering). Not to mention that Mitt Romney has been exposed as a deceiver, a hypocrite, and a war monger on so many levels. Our eyes need to be wide open with discernment from God. Hollywood has links to secret societies like Freemasonry for decades. Of course, I dont agree with Freemasonry because of its deception in the Blue Lodge, its death oaths, its nefarious rituals, and their advocacy of sorcery (or the occult). There are numerous examples of these connections between Freemasonry and Hollywood. There was the Hollywood Lodge. Its first Master was Gilbert F. Stevenson. He sold it to a Mason named Charles E. Toberman. He was the whirlwind developed. He was nicknamed the father of Hollywood. He was the Master of the Hollywood Lodge in 1914. It was this man, Toberman, who allowed Sid Grauman to create the Egyptian, Chinese, and El Capitan theaters in Hollwyood. Grauman had a crucial role in the construction of the Hollywood Bowl, Pantages Theatre, and the Max Factor Building. Toberman built the new Lodge headquarters in Hollywood by 1922. As one LA Times article proves: In those early days when Hollywood was an independent city, the city attorney, city

marshal, city treasurer and first mayor, George Dunlop, all were Masons. Arthur Letts, founder of the Broadway department store and artist Paul de Longpre, whose gallery and gardens drew many to the community, both were members, along with prominent judges and a significant number of bankers. The city's first newspaper and doctor's office were established by members, and the city's electric car service was owned and operated by brothers of the lodge...

There is nothing new under the sun. The images found on these fashion items or hand signs shown by these people have existed among thousands of years. Many of the new celebrities use Mickey Mouse imagery on their bodies, they shown the OK hand sign, they have the All Seeing Eye symbolism going on, they promote the hand over one eye motif, some use horns, and other eclectic forms of human expression. This is the new day in 2012. All of these images represent the esoteric essence of Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry.

It's easy to see that the Jesuits influenced Hollywood for a long time. the Jesuit Daniel J. Stack used his Blessed Sacrament church as a place for movie studios. Many of the parishioners from his church were used as extras in the film. The first professional organization for screen writers and actors (that was before the Writers' and Screen Actors' Guilds) was created at the Blessed Sacrament. When the Blessed Sacrament needed economic assistance, studios like Universal, Keystone, Lasky, the Francis Ford Company and Christie Studios would help it out. Even the old Production movie code was created by the Jesuits. This code was known as the Hays Code being named after its founder named Will H. Hayes. This code's intention was to regulate which words, images, and subject matter would be presented in the films. The Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association (MPPDA), which later became the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), adopted the code in 1930, began effectively enforcing it in 1934, and abandoned it in 1968, in favor of the subsequent MPAA film rating system. The Catholic laypeople didn't want the federal government to censor movies, but they accepted a form of self-censorship. For several months in 1929, Martin Quigley, Joseph Breen, Father Daniel A. Lord S.J., Father FitzGeorgeDinneen S.J., and Father Wilfred Parsons (editor of Catholic publication America) discussed the desirability of a new and more stringent code of behavior for the movies. With the blessing of Cardinal George W. Mundelein of Chicago, Father Lord authored the code, which later became known as "The Production Code", "The Code", and "The Hays Code." So, many Jesuits presented their code of behavior to movies to Will Hays in 1930. Hays immediately accepted their request in forming a system where movie content can be regulated or influenced by behavioral rules. The Knight of Malta AmadeoPietroGiannini funded motion picture and win industries in California. He died in 1949. Freemasons for a long time want a new order of the ages. As Freemason C. William Smith admitted decades ago:

"God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions, and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things newa new nation, a nonsectarian religion that has already been called the religion of 'The Great Light' unfold the New Age of the worldA Novus Ordo Seclorum."

- C. William Smith, The New Age Magazine; God's Plan in America" (Sept. 1950, p. 551)
Fundamentally, the New Age is one goal of these globalists. The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House that prints and disseminates United Nations material. Some of this material is New Age and pagan in its nature. Lucis Trust was formed in Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Alice Bailey and Madame HP Blavatsky including the Theosophical Society. The worlds governments, economies, and resources are ruled heavily by globalist interests. They infiltrate mainstream religion via Freemasonry & the Jesuits. Fundamentally, corporate interests use monopolies, immoral laws, ecological devastation, and other methods in trying to control as much land plus power as possible in the world. We have the right to disagree with these aims and advocate a fairer distribution of wealth for humankind. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL FOR OUR 40 ACRES AND A MULE INCLUDING TO HAVE JUSTICE IN SOCIETY WITHOUT SOME NEW WORLD ORDER SYSTEM DOMINATING THE GLOBE.

The Dark Knights Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" film has many references to our modern day culture. There are many secrets behind the movie. This film series is one of the most famous series in history. The Department of Defense funds Hollywood movies. The DoD regularly promotes propaganda that shadowy groups can keep you safe. In Batman Begin, the League of Shadows secret society want to put drugs into water (so, people can cause order out of chaos). Governments in real life have fluoridated our water supply for decades causing brain damage and cancer. Batman is an aristocrat. The Dark Knight film has the Joke or a non-conformist who burns money. The Joker is portrayed as not going on with the corporatist culture, so he blows up hospitals, and other places. The billionaire Bruce Wayne comes to save the day. Wayne uses technology to save the city, but he spies on people and violates human civil liberties. This is similar to the slick NSA violating our liberties by spying on us. The movie series seems to be pro-tyranny. The Dark Knight Rises is a long film. That movie shows that Batman is willing to give up his power or he asks as faux Christ figure to fight against Bane (who wants to destroy NYC). Batman broke his back in a fight with Bane. Bane acts a destroyer or part of the Hegelian Dialectic to make order out of chaos. Bane is an archetype of evil. He comes from being born from an underground prison. He risen from the pit or the abyss and now, he wants to challenge Western civilization. The current civilization in the film shows a society being

decayed and needing revolution. Bane is seen as a shadow as he comes from the League of shadows secret society. So, Bane comes out to lead a communist, Leninist, and violent revolution in New York or Gotham. This violent revolution is similar to the French Revolution where Secret Societies supported violence as a means to defeat the established monarchy. Now, in real life there are people like Marat, Danton, and Robespierre that used terror and freed the inmates to storm the Bastille. Bane is like a Marat. Bane wants to liberate people in his twisted mind by using terrorism against Gotham. The Scarecrow acts as a revolutionary judge like Robespierre. He sentences the wealthy to death or exile. By the end of the film, Banes revolutionary goals failed Batman and his capitalist agenda succeeds. Mr. Fox dies in the film. The film ends with Commissioner Gordon reading the famous line from Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities about the French Revolution, quoting him before his guillotine death in the French Revolution: It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Occult symbolism is found in the Batman film series and other movies of course like the All Seeing Eye. Even an All Seeing eye was in an showing of an old DC comics image. One of the Batman and Robin episodes (the old 1960s show) said that Batmans great-grandfather as founding the Skull and Bones secret Society. Its a historical fact that the Skulls and Bones is one but of numerous secret societies that execute inordinate influence in the lives of Western society. From the Skulls and Bones, many of it members are in the inner sanctum of the establishment (or Illuminists). Hollywood promotes these images in society and Hollywood is in league with the Pentagon and Wall Street. This movie series have terrorists blowing up building in promoting the myth of terrorists under every corner. The Dark Knight has the football blown up and the police helpless which promote some police state to handle our situation. In real life, we are against the new world order system not a shadowy entity. The Dark Knight Rises talks about class warfare. The poor feels disillusioned with the system, because the super rich has the vast majority of economic plus political power in the world. The Dark Knight Rises film comes right before the Olympics and at the time of Aurora, Colorado massacre.

This is wild, because many of the scenes in Eyes Wide Shut occur in real life. There is nothing new under the sun indeed. Stanely Kubrick revealed a lot of things in that movie.

Secret Parties
People know about the slick world of Hollywood. Many celebrities were escorts before they became famous and even afterwards. Some go into Europe, Dubai, Asia, and other places globally in order to allow these rich, sick people lay up with them for the money. Some of these celebrities doing it are people that we wouldn't expect at first. It's a disgrace when rich celebrities do it since there is no excuse whatsoever for a decent person to sell their body for profit. A person has the right to their own dignity. There are disgusting parties (as found in the Bohemian Grove, secret locations, etc.) where the rich wealthy men have degenerate sex with the escort females. The women (from America, the UK, and throughout the world) are flown to St. Topez, France, and especially Dubai (not let this place fool you. Many folks in Dubai are about as devoutly Muslim as Franklin Graham or Henry VIII. I mentioned Dubai since Dubai is like the new jewel of the Illuminists). In these sex yacht parties, sick acts are performed on these women. All of these things have transpired for years. It's only been known to the wider public in the past 5-10 years with the advances made in the Internet and technology. That is why some folks want to censor the Net in depriving regular people the opportunity of finding the real truth. In the recession in America, some folks are offering themselves for even low amount of money in terms of escorts. This stuff isn't just transpiring in Dubai. It's all occurring in Saudi Arabia (many Saudi princes indulge in this sexual exploitation, which comes in violation of their own Islamic faith. These Saudi political leaders are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world), Abu Dhabi, etc. The music industry and the modeling industry are filled with escorts. Even the Sister Naomi Campbell is being exploited by the Russians. In general, the industry treats women like dirt. They treated Marilyn Monroe definitely like dirt too. Even the great talented Sister Dorothy Dandridge was heavily mistreated and only recently have we learned about her talented legacy in real life. Old School Hollywood was just as bad as New School Hollywood.

The difference is that the new school is showing it out more overtly than the old school (which they did their dirt more so behind the scenes. In a way that was worse, since I heard stories on how they treated Sammy Davis Jr. back in the day. It was terrible how they treated this man. Yes, Sammy wasnt perfect [he had ties to the SMOM, but at least he left LaVeys group], but no man deserve to be assaulted like Sammy Davis Jr. experienced as he admitted in an interview with Alex Haley back in 1966). The entertainment industry cultivates destructive behavior for a greater profit. It isn't just
one gender. Male escorts have existed in human history for thousands of years too. Fame and fortune aren't worth selling ones soul. Istanbul is another location where sick wealthy elites have sex with escorts, video models (or what we called video vixens in the STATES), etc. So, the super affluent, older businessmen (from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc.) pay thousands of dollars to be with some of these video vixens in real life. That is why many of these video models brag about visiting clubs and other locations in Istanbul on the Internet (or their social media accounts). Also, musicians, athletes, business

people, doctors, lawyers, etc. continue to have relations with these video models and similar women as well in real life (especially in America and throughout the West). I blame the men more, because no one put a gun next to these guys head. They are accountable for their actions. A man should be ashamed of himself by trying to sexually exploit a woman for an unjust purpose. Dont let Istanbul fool you. Istanbul is just as wicked as some cities in America. The wild thing is that this has been going on in the world for thousands of years. There was Madame Alex, Sydney Biddle Barrows, and Madame Michelle Braun. The Playboy Mansion is known for their escorts, even among the Playmates. There was Heidi Fleiss. People like Peter Nygard (he one of the richest Canadians on Earth. What did he

think that we wouldnt know his secrets) worked with Anna Nicole Smith before.
Numerous celebrities were once escorts. The wealthy elite have access to all of this power and debauchery and they lose their souls in the end for their sins. So, it's like the super wealthy elite have sex with women & men from all over the world (many of these victimized people are drugged, filled with alcohol, and mentally abused. Stories MK Ultra & sex slaves didn't come out of nowhere). Also, in America, we know that many celebrities, athletes, etc. commit adultery. Some of them leave their loved ones at home and go into clubs and other places (like in the Soho House in Miami. The Soho is private members club that many of the rich and famous folks go into. These people pay yearly fees and influential people are part of this party) to commit their adulteries. Its a shame that these celebrities are placed on some pedestal and hide their acts when the truth will come out one way or another. When I first heard of this Soho situation, I was shocked, because people you least expect would be involved in such shenanigans. In the final analysis, the super wealthy use regressive austerity acts and ecologically destructive policies that harm males and females. Now, we should be careful. In this time, many young folks & even older adults are disrespecting and harming females in high numbers still. So, it's our job to prevent violence against any human being and to encourage males to respect females of any age. It's best to speak out against oppression. Also, there are secrets in that mainstream entertainment culture. Many of people in that world commit adultery, they have affairs, and some even contradict their moral code in a desperate means of receiving notoriety of money. We know many of their names and history. Also, some men exploit women sexually and act as pimps from across backgrounds and socioeconomic status. You reap what you sow. So, if someone is a cheater, that persons actions will come back to them one way or another. So, dont cheat if you have a significant other. It isnt worth it at all. One of the secrets in the Hollywood/entertainment world

deals with the cameras. In major cities and towns worldwide, there are specialized, sometimes secret cameras in hotels, major buildings, studios, major malls, and even mansions of celebrities (possibly without their permission). So, one secret in life is that when you enter a strangers home or another location (especially in a bigger city or mansion), assume that cameras are all around excluding paranoia. Be careful on what you do. Major hotels, music studios, movie studios,
and the secret private parties (or swinging parties in Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, LA, etc. Rasheeda and Kirk admitted to seeing swinging parties among big time celebrities on the Sway radio interview. They went to one in Miami next to a body of water. These parties exist across backgrounds on some Eyes Wide Shut type of stuff. The Hip hop world calls these people in the Swagger Club. Lenox in ATL is another famous place) in that industry have secret cameras all over the place. The sex swinger scene is all over the world not only in America. There are places like the Trapeze and Live Wings in the ATL plus other places in NYC. Many of the swingers places dont allow single people in them, but married folks. Some of them have private rooms and many of the suburban type crowd regularly goes into them (not only celebrities). Some people are in there to network to get jobs in legal affairs, etc. Hollywood is filthy and these secret parties are. It is what it is. The handlers of the celebrities and the establishment record a lot of these actors, performers; sportspeople, etc. do in private even. Some of these cameras are even in mansions worldwide. We should reject all forms of stereotyping and bad treatment against any woman or female period. Males ought to be respected in society too. Likewise, any man that harms a female or scapegoats females for their own personal issues is a punk, a coward, and a liar. In life,

people will talk mess or garbage. I don't agree with that, but a real man should respond to people talking mess via nonviolent means (without assaulting people

or disrespecting people). A person can easily walk away and peacefully live their lives in response to a disrespectful person. Dont let anyone ruin your life over some petty nonsense. I do believe in justifiable self-defense though. We should allow the haters to be our motivators. Jesus Christ was certainly right to expose materialism as found in Matthew 19:24 when he said the following: And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God
Hollywood and the industry is something else. Many artists know what the real truth is, but some of them go with the flow in order to receive profit and fame. Others don't realize the connection between the military industrial complex and the corporate entertainment industry world. This is why CFR member Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman to have an intervention in Syria. Assad is not perfect, but the rebels have executed civilians, Christians, Shia Muslims, and other human beings for a while now in Syria. Also, the military industrial complex greatly benefits from the prison industrial complex (in causing profits to grow at the expense of the suffering of the people). Now, you have movies like Red Dawn in 2012 glamorizing war against North Korea (that hasnt invaded any nation for decades). We dont need military occupations period. Ironically, America once had diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany, but not with North Korea today. Privatized prisons even fund corporations and these special interests promote the current War on Drugs' oppressive system. Corrections Corporation of America, the nations largest operator of for-profit prisons, is sending letters to 48 states and wants to buy up more prisons in America. It's as simple as if more people are into prisons, the more profits that the prison system will make. More morality in society equals into more social tranquility and less folks in the prison system. Not to mention that millions of innocent human beings are in the world's prisons. Not everyone in prison is guilty of horrendous criminal activities. With the recent events in the world, we can see that the mainstream, corporate-sponsored industry seeks to disrespect and desecrate humanity in general. That is why they or those in the entertainment world (which is controlled by the establishment) promote the denigration of males and especially females (since females give birth to life and represents a great representation of beauty. We should support the women fighting against females being trafficked in abuse and sexual abuse too. We can't be progressive unless males and females have total equal rights period without exception). Today, occult symbolism and programming is common place in the Hollywood/entertainment world. Even famous entertainment director Jonas Akerlund once wore a Baphomet T-shirt when directing the Lady Gaga video "Paparazzi." Many folks have written on this issue. One of the greatest strategists on how the establishment controls society is how they control mainstream religion. Mainstream religion is heavily influenced by the occult and oligarchy. Mormonism [which saw black people as sub-humans just decades ago before 1978. Mormonism is blatantly an eclectic religious organization with Masonic/occult ties], the Jehovah Witness, Christian Science, Scientology, and other creeds were influenced either by Freemasonry, the occult, blatantly false doctrines, or by corporate interests. This is why some deluded religious leaders advocate the prosperity gospel, the war on terror, and neo-liberal economic falsehoods. These items are goals and agendas of the elite completely. That is why we should reject the fear of man and promote the understanding of God and his will. A person can easily go into a nondenominational religious church or religious group to find true spirituality without influence from secret societies and false doctrines. The mainstream industry is influenced by big time moguls too (many of these moguls aren't just Americans, but they are Europeans, Canadians, and folks throughout the Earth). You can't get good fruit from a rotten tree. The industry not only in America, but worldwide haven't bore positive fruit massively at all. Other leaders in that movie industry world include people like David Geffen, Jeff Katzenberg, Jerry

Bruckheimer, etc. The faces of the system may change, but the wicked game is still the same. Some of the heads of the music industry includes the following people:

-Jeffrey Bewkes -Rupert Murdoch -Summer M. Redstone -Jeffrey Immelt -Brian L. Roberts -Jean-Franois Dubos -Sir Howard Stringer -Kazuo Hirai -Bernard Jean tienne Arnault
It is important to show these names since it is important for us to study our enemy. Our enemy is our enemy. To defeat an enemy, you must study them. Not everyone in the world is down with the get down, but we should be wise to the ways of the world (and just not follow the ways of the wicked side of the world). Another lesson is that we should never be paranoid. We shouldn't be like McCarthyites and classify every musician and everybody in the music industry as some Devil worshipping, Illuminati-following, evil, degenerate, occultic extremists. The truth must be placed into perspective. We should expose evil, but we should eliminate unnecessary gossip and false speculation from our vocabulary. Yet, the industry commonly has record companies to control numerous artists' music, style, and their creative control over their musical displays. Our war is not only spiritual and mental, it's psychological too. That means we have to promote love for our people and reject self-hated at every turn. We should fight against eugenics, forced population control, HIV/AIDS, and any other diseases or dangerous ideologies plaguing our people. Now, there is nothing wrong for the masses of the people that seek to demand power. If you want freedom, you have to struggle and fight for it. You definitely need to fight for power.

The Defending of Especially Black Women and Black Men (Including all of the Human Race)
Self-hatred is linked to the degeneracy in Hollywood. This self-hatred unfortunately is found in every race, background, nationality, and gender. Its our job to defeat self-hatred among any human being. Now, our enemy isn't each other as brothers and sisters. Many brothers and sisters are coming home. Our major enemy is the global elite and the system of white supremacy influencing the religious, political, social, cultural, governmental and economic structures of the world. The institutional system of oppression (created by the elite) is an enemy too. As a black man, I will not mimic the actions or the thinking of my oppressors. I do believe that black people should promote our interests more without worshipping other groups of people that don't care for our interests at all. Some individuals [from other communities] exploit the black community for a cause or agenda. Yet, when we want to promote a cause (like being opposed to police brutality, exposing the prison industrial complex, fighting against crime, advancing African issues, hating imperialism, etc.); some of them (not all of them) are MIA (nowhere to be found).When a man or a woman betrays their own people, then Hollywood and the establishment will reward that person. The black sisters rightfully in the Net and in public have criticized some folks that disrespected black women & black females in general like Kevin Hart, Don Imus (he has his own show and business deals to this day), Isaiah Mustafa, Polow the Don, Brian White, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown (this man is blatantly color struck. He disrespected Sandra Roses skin complexion in a foul way in Twitter. Now, in real life, some families in the USA are so color struck that they try to married based on that color stuck system, which is sick and sometimes borderline incest. This occurred even in Virginia heavily back in the day in the early to later 1900s because my father told me stories about it when I was young. The truth is black is beautiful and beauty is not monolithic. So, any black

person is equal irrespective of a persons skin tone), the so-called liberal Toure (he said that female slaves being raped by disgusting, evil Europeans are somehow self-liberating), John Mayer, Ted Horrell, D. L. Hughley (he wrote in his book some disrespectful words on black
women. Hughley messed up. Oh, DL Hughley, we didnt forget about the comments that you said about the Rutgers team either), Slim Thug (he said that successful black men are kind of extinct,

which is a load of nonsense), Asher Roth, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly (that made sick comments about black sisters. Yes, hes the one hating on the brother Lebron James winning his first championship via a team effort I might add. MGK thinks that tattoos makes him some rebel. If you want to resist the temptation or rebel against the current system, we need to condemn the current modern capitalist system rather publicly), and the list goes on and on. One of the reasons why black women are demonized by this sick Hollywood/corporate culture is because of many reasons. One large reason is that black women are the mothers of human civilization. The enemies of us hate where they came from. They came from us not the other way around. My people (or black people) made every other ethnic group on the face of the Earth. The fact of the black female being the first female on the Planet can never be taken away. Another reason is that the white supremacist system knows subconsciously of the great value of dark melaninated people in the world and they have a jealous attitude against people especially of black African descent. For melanin has many blessings from the Creator. Black Unity and Black Power are potent forces against racism. Therefore, we should respect women and love women no matter what. All of these people that I have mentioned above like Don Imus and Isaiah Mustafa are rewarded in pop culture, Hollywood, or the mainstream media to this day. These jokers arent our role models or folks that we should aspire to be at all.

I have to comment on this other issue as a man. Recently, a vulgar rapper named Meek Mill debated a Philadelphia pastor on the merits of his new song (featuring Aubrey, who is from the suburbs and wont catch a body like that. This man played a character in the Canadian show called Degrassi) called Amen. The pastor is 100 percent right and I dont believe in the prosperity gospel myself. These 2 rappers have free speech rights, but people have the free speech right to criticize a song. The song mocks the church, calls women outside of their name, glamorizes recreational alcohol usage, blasphemes the Holy Spirit, mocking the poor in lifes road, promoting materialism, and promotes other garbage. That garbage isnt what real black culture is all about or what real music is all about. These rappers wouldnt dare make a similar song about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam in that fashion since they would have a difficult time in their careers if they did that. The younger generation has got to wise up. Judging evil as wrong has nothing to do with oppression. That is common sense. These dont judge type of folks cant refute the fact that if their perspective is correct, and then I cant judge slavery, the Holocaust, the Native Americans sufferings, the atomic blasts in Japanese territories, and other atrocities as evil (since this is an example of judging). Instead, I have the perfect right to judge these evil acts as wrong and morally repugnant. If there is oppression in the world, I will judge that as evil. If there is discrimination in the globe, I will judge that wrong. If there is any form of evil that ought to be shed light upon, I will judge like a man without neither shame nor intimidation period. Why is the brother 50 Cent so courageous in criticizing people except Chelsea Handler that disrespected him in public? We all know the reason. Handler called him a very disrespectful name by her own admission. If 50 Cent (according to Handler) tried to use Handler to try to get at Ciara in a wrong way, then he is wrong. Handler is wrong of course and she is a so-called comedian that is heavily jealous. Some black people need to wake up and smell the coffee. Just because some of

them may smile in your face, talk with you, or try to study our culture, doesnt mean that they view you as an equal or as a strongly, progressive human being. Madonna said the inaccurate comment about brothers in these terms back in 1996: Maybe a lot of it has to do with the fact that they havent had the same chances as we white people have had to be educated or exposed to things that make you more evolved (The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 15 October 1996). See, just because they want to call themselves liberal, doesnt mean that they are true to the cause at every circumstance. See, that is why the Great Sister President Joyce Banda of Malawi told Madonna that you cant have special privileges just because you are a celebrity. Another example is how Jen the Pen made a statement admitted that she has white privilege in an inappropriate fashion and the brainwashed rapper Consequence later tried to defend her. Jen is not the only person that thinks like this. Like usual, this brainwashed brother uses language in twitter that disrespecting a women. Stevie Wonder can see that this man Dexter Mills is color struck. Self-hatred is a real evil and it must be stopped by any means necessary. This individual Dexter Mills made music disrespecting the beautiful black African phenotype. This man is much older than me. The only thing that you can do is hope that folks like Clarence Thomas, Dexter Mills, and others would wake up. They need some prayer, inspiration, and the whole nine yards for real. How long and many years of evidence do people have to be shown about the real beliefs of white supremacists? Just because some of them may smile in your face and talk with you, doesnt mean that they view you as an equal or as a strongly, progressive human being. She used 50 Cent (she or Handler exploited rappers [ironically many of them degrade their own black people in their music] on her E! talk show as a means for her to gain profit and now she wants to be in a new show as a means to maintain her privilege in this society). We shouldnt disrespect people like 50 Cent or Handler, but we as a people ought to reject propaganda at every turn. As black people, we shouldnt allow anyone use us for illegitimate motives. People like Handler feel a sense of entitlement in society and they have an apprehension of certain people having even more success than they have.

These people are definitely jealous of our dark skin melanin since lets keep it real for real. We dont need that arrogance that comes from white supremacy. We just need compassion expressed in our community and power promoted as shown in the great Black Wall Street communities back decades ago. BLACK POWER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Some brothers need to realize that you shouldnt be used. Mental slavery didnt die in 1865 for sure. No church, no synagogue, no mosque, no temple, no corporate boardroom, and no other location is going to prevent me from speaking out against injustice or any evils in the world. In society, there should be freedom, but we have to have some morality. We cant be nihilists. That means we should oppose rape, pedophilia, harassment, exploitation of folks, and any form of sexual abuse or sexual perversion point blank period. Black African culture is about tolerance yes, but decency too. Also, many professing Christians support this trash (that exists across music genres). Thats mainstream Christianity for you (as opposed to true, independent Christianity). As human beings, we have to take a stand. If we support anything wrong, then we will fall for anything. Its bigger than people like Aubrey and Meek Mill though. Sean Penn (just look at the actions of his son recently), Polanski, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen have done things individually a whole lot worse than Aubrey and Meek Mill ever did. Many genres of music have been exploited by corporatists, so I want to make that clear. Also, hip hop collectively isnt responsible for every evil in the world. Bigots and extremists falsely blame hip hop culture collectively as a scapegoat for the social ills in society. So, the bigots scapegoat the poor as a means to maintain the same economic unequal system in our modern age. The victims are never responsible for their own oppression at all. The youth in the ghetto are regularly disrespected and humiliated by mainstream society and

of course they will harbor cynicism about faux, token leadership. We have to have solidarity with the poor communities of the world, so real solutions that deals with class (not free market fundamentalism for the magic of the market is fools Gold) can come about.

Therefore, we should be very careful to make a difference between cruel actions and a musical culture here. People realize that sick actions of Aliester Crowley and Anton LaVey (and how their philosophies influenced acts like the Eagles, the Rolling Stones, and other groups). Reaganomics doesnt work either. So, I am a consistent man. These 2 people are victims of a vicious system of white supremacist, materialist society. So, our REAL enemies arent these 2 men, but its found in the 1 percent. ITS A SHAME THAT THIS SYSTEM PAY MILLIONS & BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO SOME OF THESE GLOBALISTS, NEO-CON REACTIONARY RADIO TALK SHOW HOSTS, ENTERTAINERS, POLITICANS, CORPORATE BANKERS, AND OTHERS IN THAT CLIQUE TO TRASH OUR PEOPLE AND THEN THE SYSTEM EXPECTS US TO SUPPORT THIS PROPAGANDA. NO, I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THE TRASHING OF MY PEOPLE BY ANYONE.

Umoja Ni Nguvu, utenganoniudhaifu

This attack on the beautiful feminine influence in the Universe is rather apparent. A real human being should honor the feminine principle. Likewise, females are wonderful. They (or females) can give us (who are men) an unique perceptive in life. Females can inspire folks to be more compassionate & progressive (since a lot of us men can be aggressive. There is nothing wrong with being aggressive if its harnessed in a positive direction. A man should be a man and that means having strength, righteousness, and a courageous mindset. I am a man, so sometimes, I act competitive, aggressive, etc. I have a compassionate, loving side as well. A man doesnt have to be the new man in order to be progressive, but he can just be himself), and a females great beauty stands out (inside and out). So, I will always love females. Females are very special and very real. I was born from a female, so females are truly a blessing in the world (thats on the real). Now, our enemy isnt our real brothers and our real sisters here. The real enemy is the elite and its system of corruption and white supremacy. Thats the enemy (I dont forget that the enemy

will use sellout people of color to do some of their dirty work). Black men are demonized too in society and that is wrong as well. Black men and black women should be respected in the world. Now, white supremacists in this day use mind games (and other tactics like saying words behind peoples back, causing dissension, promoting lies & stereotypes, and even marrying people for insecure reasons) and we should reject those mind games completely. When you learn about the truth, you can do something about it in a constructive way. We should aspire to be people like Fred Hampton, Dr. King, Coretta Scott King, Pearl Bailey, Claudette Colvin, Malcolm X, Shirley Chisholm, Dr. Ben Carson, Octavia Butler, Magic Johnson, and some real folks that are actively helping their own people. Even Muhammad Ali defended black women for decades and today. To his credit, Muhammad Ali spoke out against the Vietnam War and racism like a man in the 1960s. As men, we should defend the honor of black women and promote equality for all genders. We have to treat all males and females with dignity and respect point blank period. We should join independent organizations that are dedicated to helping humanity without the goal of being like the status quo.

People can say what they want about MC Hammer, but even HC Hammer didn't make records to explicitly condemn his own people all of the time. MC Hammer spent a lot of his money to help out his people in Oakland, California. Even today, he is working on computer technology instruments. I don't ascribe to compromising with these entertainment deceivers. They or the industry love a token that they can manipulate. We ought to break down these fake idols of faux fame and faux popularity in that world. The ways to fight and defeat self-hatred are to: promote the beauty of people in every background, not worship whiteness (encourage our people to not have skin bleaching creams, etc.), promote real history of people of color, defend black people, and to fight white supremacy at every turn. Real culture is a part of my motto. Real black culture has nothing to do with some corporate minstrel show mess that we see in mainstream TV. We went from Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald (from VA like me), Little Richard, Miles, Coltrane, the Stylistics, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Prince (I know the imperfections of some of these artists, but they had or have a knowledge of musical talent and they expressed it to the best of their abilities) to some mainstream music we have today (filled with creative beats, but lacking originality, lacking sustentative lyrics, and lacking some real soul. What does popping bottles have to do with some health care or a justice for the poor? Not a single thing). I could remember a time when people in the street would constantly sing about real emotions and the things that matter in society. Even in the 1990s, there were tons of musicians even in the mainstream level that have huge singing talent. Now, its a handful of people being promoted by the mainstream with that incredible talent.

"To illuminate our real African History, to clarify our African Present, to brilliantly project our African Future." -Mama Kefa Nephthys "The thing to do is to get organized; keep separated and you will be exploited, you will be robbed, you will be killed. Get organized and you will compel the world to respect you." -Marcus Garvey
We still have a strong legacy from human beings like Dr. Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and tons of great black leaders living now in 2012. We still have a strong black culture today in 2012 with a lot of talented brothers and sisters doing inspiring, excellent things in mechanics, teaching, legal actions, music, athletics, technology, computer science, engineering, mathematics, other sciences, theology, art, and a wide spectrum of talents. The good news is that in every generation, there are tons of folks that know the truth. Even in 2012, tons of people are doing their best with strength, motivation, and inspiration in order for society to be enriched. This fight means that us (who are of black Afrikan descent) should use our wealth and power to help our own people for sometimes other folks try to steal our financial ability to free ourselves. Some of the wealth of these rich people is made up more than the GDP of smaller nations. Therefore, it is not sin to call for the redistribution of wealth in the world. Its a shame that we can spend billions of dollars for armaments, but we refuse to spend billions of dollar to help our domestic circumstances. Some younger people want to set up independent movie production companies where non-stereotypical images are shown about people of color, especially black human beings.

"I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more if they had known they were slaves." Mama Harriet Tubman
The Gwyneth Paltrow controversy is a recent example of a long history of racism in society. It represents still that black people are maligned, stereotyped, and hated by many people (even by some traitorous blacks). For the record Gwyneth Paltrow is dead wrong to tweet those words. The brother Nas ought to know better than to support the degradation of his own people. I know that people like Jay Z, the Dream, Ice T (he needs to stop trespassing on the truth. People don't know: Ice T disrespects his own people when talking about his wife Coco. His wife is nicknamed Coco. He said that we black men would lay up with any type of women, which is an old stereotype. Newsflash, there are still brothers like me that like black sisters alone romantically and we are in the majority in the black community), Russell Simmons (he compared the N word to pigs feet, which is silly. The N word is about dehumanization since it falsely denies the real humanity of black human beings), and others would support Paltrow's comments. Imagine if a song with a slur about Jewish people, Hispanics, Asians, and others would exist. Would a person saying these lyrics in a concert become supported by the wider public? Would a song with such a slur become massively justified as freedom of speech? We know the precise answer to those questions. Brother Nas (He said the Paltrow has a pass for typing a slur and he will slap anyone criticizing Paltrow), you are better than that. I am 10 years younger than you Nas, but you have to wise up Nas (smart up Nas). I just have to agree to disagree on Nas on this one since Nas is a real brother (yet, he needs to stop this cruel expression of profanity in his music). On the other hand, some of these Driving Miss Daisy, boot licking, half stepping, House Negroes must believe that this so-called "queen white woman" Paltrow in their minds must be defended at all costs. No Sir, I will not bow before the illegitimate, false idols of Hollywood at all. It's time to call folks out who degrade black men and especially black women (since black women are demonized more than anyone in the world today in my opinion). You can't talk about Black Power and lay up with white supremacists or disrespect sisters in music, acting, or in private. It isn't happening and it's not cool. See, bigotry doesn't just reside in old Dixie; it's everywhere in the world. The organization of common interests, common goals, and common mobilization actions can fight against this oppressive system. These manipulated House Negroes don't give a pass to the sisters being abused by criminals, the sisters called out of the name by many folks in society, or the righteous brothers being demonized for being themselves. These House Negroes act so submissive to slick white racists and even justify oppression in order to maintain corporate sponsorship. Yet, as Brother Kwame Ture said, the white woman is not the queen of the world. The original Queens are black sisters alone. The Hollywood

executives blatantly promote nefarious stereotypes against black men and black women all of the time. One example proves it. Nixakliel proved this reality by saying that Denzel Washington never received an Academy Award by playing engaging, charismatic, and strong Black Men (like Steve Biko, Malcolm X, and Ruben Carter) except in his role in Glory, because these roles were revolutionary and controversial. Yet, he was rewarded by the Academy crowd for his role in Training Day (which is about a crooked, rogue cop that dies by a murderous Russian ambush). Even Halle Berry earned an Academy Award for playing a desperate woman having sex with a southern white racist, who was responsible for executing her character's husband.

Mainstream so-called "liberal" Hollywood promotes a lot of sick anti-progressive messages while simultaneously claiming to be progressive. They are no different than the reactionary Republicans that they so abhor ideologically & politically. Isn't it ironic that some of the Hollywood crowd glamorizes Communism when it was the Russian Bolsheviks that immorally executed millions of people (including Christians via the gulags). Communism like monopoly, cartel-Capitalism blatantly contributed to the harm of the standard of living in the four corners of the Earth. These systems contribute to the agenda of the new world order. That is why I will resist the agenda of the new world order completely in my life via various means and tactics.

The legacy of black activism existed centuries ago and even today in 2012. We should be thankful of that legacy, but we even in the younger generation should perform activism as well. Also, there is an issue with activism. I guess you know what I getting with this. Some folks in the younger generation (not all) obsess with fame and fortune, while ignoring their duty to speak out on important issues. A generation ago, brothers and sisters like Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Curt Flood, Roberto Clemente, Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Richardson, Fannie Lou Hamer, and others strike, protested, spoke out, and exhibited strong emotional & intellectual strength against oppression. Today, we live in a more complex world. There are not only issues of race and class. There are issues of bioethics, foreign policy matters, economic issues, technological issues, education debates, and various social issues. Still, we should maintain our inspiration and intention to speak out against evils in the world. People like Paul Robeson picketed even outside the mansions of Governors and Presidents. Today, some celebrities want

to speak reactionary slogans of "less government," and "I don't want to demonize the rich" as an excuse to promote the same privilege among the super-rich (this evil system oppresses the same celebrities that attempt to support ironically). See, making the world better isn't by trying to give money to the people and then make music that promotes the same materialism, disrespect, and conformity to the elite (which is the opposite of your alms giving). You make the world better by condemning materialism and other social ills by investing your money to the people. Big Business is making big money off the backs of the oppressed globally. That is why many of these so-called celebrities refuse to expose the war on terror, refuse to expose economic injustice, refuse to expose materialism, and they refuse to expose all forms of oppression in the globe. That's the point. Justice is not trying to promote slogans of the super-rich and the privileged (who dominated the government today for a long time). Justice is about wanting real, genuine change to uplift the world from the bottom up. Also, the older generation has some responsibility to, because we as youngsters rose from this older, previous generation. It isn't just the Republicans involved in corruption. Both parties are. It is wrong to witness drone attacks in sovereign nations (which have killed innocent civilians on numerous occasions), it's wrong to have neo-liberalism in the world, etc. That is why I am a political independent. I am not ashamed of being an Independent thinking black man too. There are tons of us independent brothers and sisters living in the world today. Although, President Barack Obama isn't to be blamed for all of the problems in America. I have some disagreements with the brother, but it's a fact that some Republican obstructionism and other problems in the system are responsible for our economic stagnation & political gridlock. I will never be like a reactionary and express irrational hatred to the President. I will express respect for the things that I agree with the President. Likewise, I will use my free speech rights on expressing disagreements with the President on some issues too. There should be an end to the laissez faire capitalist system and the institution of a fairer system where opportunities not obscene white supremacist privilege is the order of the day. The good news is that many young people see the handwriting on the wall and are helping out their own communities day in and day out. There are many young people that are fighting for fair, affordable, and quality housing, for freedom, against Empire, and for other legitimate activism in society.

In our in time in 2012, 2013, and beyond, cultural changes are real. I never saw so many young people with tattoos in my life. I see almost 90% of the youth wearing tattoos (from the rich, middle class, poor, religious, non-religious, and every ethnic group) in my walking around areas. Also, the fashion crowd is more explicitly using beautifies one hand in one eye, and other various forms of symbolism in art (and fashion designers). They used people in these dispositions. Some people want to use fashion in talking about violence with some models posing being assaulted (and exploited). This is strange. Its a new day I guess. Technology is evolving rapid. There are new developments in iPads, Kindle, cell phones, etc. Technology is good when its applied in the framework of social development & community development. An oversaturation of technology can sometimes stunt intellectual growth, so we as humans should have time to grow our social connections with other human beings too. That means we should talk to each other, read, have discussions, write information, and stimulate our intellectual power via a myriad of avenues (from exercise, chess, puzzles, etc).

Now, the signs are here. 2012 & 2013 is the beginning of a new era in my opinion where my people will start to improve ourselves and make real changes in the world. I am wise man, so I will always defend my black people. Today, we should work daily with our brothers and our sisters to improve their qualities of life for real. We may not agree on everything, but we can agree on equality, justice, and freedom. We dont have freedom unless all of our people are free. We need further development of our people.

Tommy Sotomayor Exposed

The following words deals with a controversial subject matter, but it has to be shown. You know me, since I will always fight back against the anti-black woman hating pieces of work. In this generation, we have to stand up for what is right. We have go ahead and be real. Tommy Sotomayor is a very big anti-black women hater. This is the first time that I have written extensively on him. I waited to do this after I have finished much of my research. Now, it is time to comment on him and on this issue. He represents the self-hatred that exists among many black human beings. For if a black human being harbors

sick hatred of black women or black men, then by definition that black human being harbors evil self hatred. Tommy Sotomayor is a reactionary that seeks to use slander, lies,
and agitation as a means to break up Black Unity in society. That is his goal. He admits that he cannot stand the majority of black women, which is sick. The reality is that the Golden Rule and loving your neighbor as yourself is the key cornerstone of authentic manhood. True Manhood is about defending womanhood not degrading it. It is true that no human is perfect. We all need improvements in our lives. Outlining constructive ways for males and females to better their lives is fine. All genders should be treated with dignity and respect. All of humanity should strive to do better and be better human beings. Yet, Sotomayor degrades and uses profanity to not uplift black women, but to bash black women in an inappropriate way. He is wrong for that. Sotomayor put down Trayvon Martin's mother, which shows that he is not only a traitor, but a punk. Trayvon Martin's mother is actively fighting against stop and frisk, racial profiling, and other injustices in the world. Sybrina Fulton is a grieving Mother and a Strong Black Woman that wants reconciliation in society without unjust hatreds. Sotomayor is sitting on his radio show complaining all of the time while refusing to call out white supremacy as a serious threat in the world. Sotomayor admits that he hates most black women, which is sick. He constantly calls women the B word. Many folks call him out on his hypocrisy. She demonized Jill Scott for no legitimate reason at all. Sotomayor plants seeds of animosity between Black Men and Black women. There is a very special place in Hell for those who cause division among black human beings for the reason of causing division. Tommy Sotomayor bashes the Beautiful, Talented Sister India Arie when her songs have legitimately represented Love between Black men and Black women. This sicko Sotomayor wants Black men to stop procreating with Black women. How can you be pro-Black and tell black human beings to stop procreating with each other. He is an agent by slandering Rachel

Jeantel or the Sister that was on the witness stand during the trial of George Zimmerman. Sotomayor is known to use profanity all of the time. He acts ignorant in the Internet, but refuses to confront white racism in public. He talks in cursing in front of his daughter, which is disgraceful as a man. So, Uncle Tommy Sotomayor is an agent and mouthpiece for white racists, because white racists view black

men and black women in the exact same fashion that Tommy Sotomayor views black human beings as. Here are the following facts that Tommy Sotomayor (and his allies do not want you to know about):

*So note, first of all, that the violent crime rate in the United States was actually three times higher in 1973 than it is today. Whereas there were nearly 50 victimizations for every 1000 people in 1973, by 2010, that number had fallen to only about 15 victimizations per 1000 people. And this declining violence trend has obtained across the board, among whites, blacks, Latinos, youth of all colors everyone. *The homicide death rate for black men was actually higher in 1950 than it is today, and most of them were killed by other blacks then too *In other words, over a 40-year period, even as the overall population grew dramatically, there were around 3500 fewer murders in 2011 than in 1971, and almost 9000 fewer murders than in 1991! And by 2011 there were about 2500 fewer blacks being murdered every year than in 1971, and almost 4500 fewer blacks being killed annually than twenty years before in 1991. *From 1970-2009, black teens, ages 15-17, cut their birthrates by 60 percent, while 18-19 year olds reduced theirs by a third. *The birth rate for unmarried black women fell by nearly a third between 1970-2010, from 95.5 births per 1000 unmarried black women at the beginning of that period, to only 65.3 births per 1000 such women by the end of the period. Among black teenagers, 15-19 (almost all of whom are unmarried), birth rates have plummeted since 1991, from 118.2 births for every 1000 such women to only 51.5 births per 1000 women in 2010. So just twenty years ago, black teens were having 2.3 times more children per capita than they are today. *So whereas in 1970, only 36 percent of blacks over the age of 25 had finished high school, and only six percent had obtained a college degree, today 85 percent of all African Americans over the age of 25 have a high school diploma, and 20 percent have completed college. *Black tenth graders are also more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to have perfect attendance, and whereas only 44 percent of black high school completers enrolled in college in the early 1970s, today 62 percent do.

Like I have said before, Accurate Numbers Do Not Lie. That is the Name of the Truth. You know me. I already come prepared with Facts on my side.

Sotomayor admitted that he likes Rush Limbaugh and Limbaugh gave him his first break. Rush Limbaugh is a reactionary, racist talk show host, so that man is the enemy. Rush Limbaugh minimized the graphic immorality of Abu Ghraib. Limbaugh tried to justify torture and he agrees with using racist & sexist rhetoric on his radio show all of the time. Now, we know that no nation can rise higher than its woman. We know that social progress can be measured by the social progress of females. If a society degrades and harms females, then it is not a progressive society. So, it is our job to uplift and respect Black Men and Black Women living in the world. Black woman should be placed on a pedestal. Black females represent my friends, colleagues, my mother, my aunts, my nieces, and my other relatives. So, we should be continuously praising women. We should be continuously praising Black Men who are doing what is right as well. It is in the interests of white supremacist racists to destroy the African male/African female relationship including the black family. The mainstream media always show images that defile and defame including stereotype black men and especially black women. We should reject evil male bashing and evil female bashing. Anti-Female Sexism is always evil at every turn. So, I disagree with the words and agenda of Tommy Sotomayor completely as a Black Man. We can't sit back and ally with anyone (whether nonblack or black) that use music or entertainment that tries to degrade or dehumanize other black human beings at all. So, love for our BLACKNESS, SELF LOVE, TRUE LOVE, and real activism to help our people are things that we need. Our true oppressors are not each other, but racists in society. It is bigger than Tommy Sotomayor since he is a self-hating victim of the overall wicked white supremacist system. Dr. Neely Fuller, Dr. Welsing, and others taught us the truth that we should positively and constructively build up black humanity. Black Men and Black Women are allies. We have to defend and protect women. That is the cornerstone of true humanity. Real Men are many things. Tommy Sotomayor always wants to act like he is a real man, but him refusing to pay support and his unstable rants outlines his insecurities as a man. Here are definitions about what a Real Man is. Real men constructively solve problems. Real men never harass women in the most vulgar terms. Real men fight for justice. Real men never follow lies. Real men will defend real women. Real men will do positive, strong actions as a means to help society. Real men advance Black Unity among both genders. Real men will outline and respect the strength, beauty, and intellect of black Women. Real men will keep on fighting and acknowledge that there is no shame with working with women side by side (not in front or behind) for the same prize for justice. Real Men will sacrifice their time to assist their people without misogyny, without arrogance, without hatred, and without false stereotypes against black women. Real men believe in accountability, but not scapegoating all black human beings for all ills in America. Real Men will admit that no human is perfect, but will not use that an excuse to call black women every name under the sun like a true punk. See, real Men will follow altruism and treat their neighbors as themselves. Real Men use adversity not as a means to have a permanent pity party, but to overcome adversity and be a better Man. Real Men respect our ancestors and continue to work. Real Men do not follow a hypocrite like Tommy Sotomayor, but respect real heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Kwame Ture, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and other real Men (and great Sisters from Fannie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman, Sojouner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scot King, to Cynthia McKinney). Real Men include our relatives including the Sweet Sister Courtney's Father, who helped the victims during 9/11. Courtney's Father was a Real Man indeed. Real Black Men will always love Black Women as givers of black human life and as lovely human beings. Black Women are the Most beautiful women in the world. I do sincerely hope that these sellouts, race traitors, smear merchants, slanderers, liars, and women haters would wake up though. We are in the winning side since we have the joy of life, the truth in our hearts, and the strength of our ancestors (who survived unspeakable crimes by the enemy). The truth remains after the years of human history. The drum still beats and the struggle continues.I will always defend real Black Women and real Black Men forever and ever. We can't stop, because we won't stop. RBG 4 Life.

Brothers and Sisters are still here loving each other and desiring Justice. Most Black Men Love Black Women and Vice Versa. We can count our blessings and thank the Creator for respecting our Blackness. We know a lot of Sisters who are heroines like Henrietta Vinton Davis, Betty Lyles (the first Lady President of the UNIVA Washington, D.C. Division), Amy Ashwood Garvey, Amy Jacques Garvey, the Black Cross Nurses, Ida Wells, Shirley Chisholm, Dr. Dorothy Height, Donna Richardson, Maya Angelou, Kamala Harris, Cathy Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and so many others in the past and the present. Real Black Men and Real Black Women should always be respected in the world. I will keep on fighting for
the truth.

The Master Official

It is easy to see that Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and like mind-minded entities are tied into the establishment. Even Frank Zappa admitted that: "...Government is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex." The military industrial complex for a very long time used entertainment, disinformation, and misinformation as a means to try to control society. For example, Hollywood leaders consult the Pentagon and its arms regularly to

form scripts for movies or influence productions. Occultists, intelligence agents, psychologists, space agency operatives, and the CIA are allied with this global system. Even a new Hollywood film entitled, "The Master Official" describes this old history. The film starts Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Laura Dern. The film is a creepy type of movie. The plot talks about a religion called "The Cause," which is compared by some individuals to Scientology. It will come out in October 12, 2012. We know what Scientology is about. People with addictions, secret lifestyles, and those seeking an alternative spirituality in general join Scientology. Scientology is a Gnostic like religion that views man as needing to do rituals (and reconciliation experiences form his or her past lives) as a means to find enlightenment. It's a religion that mixes mental health with spiritualism or mysticism. I think that Gary and Lisa Ruby from Liberty to the Captives Ministries have done an excellent job in describing the real components of Scientology via simplistic & thorough facts. L. Ron Hubbard was a known extremist. He once said that: People who attack Scientology are criminals." --L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, author of Dianetics (from
Hubbard couldnt stand people legitimately dissenting with the parts of Scientology at all. Lisa McPherson was a Scientology who decided to leave Scientology. She got into a minor car accident and died mysteriously. Scientology took Lisa from the hospital and made her undergo the Scientology Introspection Rundown. He died from complications resulting from severe dehydration. This event was sick and showed the extremism found from Scientology. She was forced to stay at a hotel for 17 days without allowing her to have access to doctors or her own family. Death to the Scientologists is about dropping the body since the body to Scientologists is viewed as a hindrance and a distraction. Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, believed that when a man dies it simply means that his thetan (spirit) separates from his body. The thetan then "picks up another body" and lives again. Hubbards History of Man wrote that the body is a liability and he doesnt believe in caring for the human body. Hes silly since respecting the human body or the temple is fine. Jeb Bush, Hollywood stars, and corporate institutions are fine with financing Scientology all of the time. There are other secrets to Scientology that numerous folks dont realize. According to Hubbard's son, his father regularly used illegal drugs including

amphetamines, barbiturates and hallucinogens including cocaine, peyote and mescaline.

Now, some speculate that the film describes some of the life of the Master known as Jack Parsons (or the rocket man who loved the occult) and the other man being L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard is the official founder of the religion of Scientology. Scientology was created back in 1947. Scientology influences Hollywood as many Hollywood stars in that organization like Tom Cruise, Tom Travolta, and others. One producer named JoAnne Sellar even said that the film is just a WWII drama, which could mean that she is afraid of overtly criticizing Scientology. According to Jesse Prince, the original OT VIII is part of the most secret Scientology initiation in which the initiate is told that Hubbard was the anti-Christ and that the Jesus was not a holy person, but rather a pedophile. Few people got through OT VIII before Scientology withdrew and modified it. It had caused so many problems with those who read it that it was deemed too dangerous. One long time member who passed all security clearances to reach OT VIII, freaked out on OT VIII and quit Scientology on the spot! Jesse Prince reports that even Miscavige had severe doubts about releasing this secret of secrets.

It's a shame that in this day and age, that numerous people are afraid to expose Scientology. Now, Parsons was a jet propulsion expert and he believed in the Crowley philosophy of Aleister Crowley. October 12th, 1875 is ironically the date on which Crowley was born. Crowley was an occultist and he influenced the New Age Movement and some musicians. In fact, even the Beatles accepted many of the tenets or ideologies from Crowley. Many of his views dealt with the New Age movement. The New Age phrase itself has been popularized by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry since its magazine was once entitled, "The New Age." The Scottish Rite has members that advocate the new order of the ages. Crowley believed in the tenet of "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," which means that humans can follow their own will to do what they want to do. Sometimes, human will is imperfect and can be highly deceitful. He worked as a member of British Intelligence during WWII. Crowley used huge amounts of drugs like cannabis, mescaline, ether, cocaine, and heroin as a means to deal with his consciousness. These actions caused his followers to do the same during the 1960's. Crowley and others caused the 20th century rebirth of witchcraft and the embrace of paganism. The defunct Harvard professor Timothy Leary loved Crowley's views and promoted the usage of psychedelic drugs. Jack Parsons would set up an U.S. branch of Crowley's occult order called the Ordo Templis Orientis. Back then, occult rituals were the bread and circuses of yesteryear. Hollywood Unmasked talks about Scientology and the other side of Hollywood. Today, the occultism has gone underground heavily. Now, overtly, we have the circuses of reality TV shows, Hollywood movies, and computer games. The military industrial Complex still has its power in Viacom, Sony, Disney, and other media companies.

I Pet Goat II
I Pet Goat II is a computer video story. did an excellent job in exposing the symbolism found in the video called "I, Pet Goat II." The massive esoteric symbolism in I, Pet Goat II

is astounding. I Pet Goat was the story that then President George W. Bush read to children in Florida. This was precisely the moment when the attacks of 9/11 were going on. Soon, Bush told the students about why he was leaving abruptly and he soon organized an evaluation of 9/11 (which was a huge immoral ritualized murder of almost 3,000 human beings by terrorists being facilitated by the military industrial complex in my opinion. It is certain a fact that the Western elite exploited these attacks as an excuse to promote domestic plunder of our economic resources, domestic violation of our civil liberties, and imperialism that has damaged foreign countries in a reckless, evil fashion). The goat in esoteric lore has many occult meanings. The computer illustrated video represents a journey in the eyes of an enslaved goat in a FEMA camp. The catch is that the computerized story tries to promote a New Age Christ as the savior of an imperfect world. The video describes conspiracy, spirituality, esoteric symbolism, and a whole list of imagery that is based on the events of the first two decades of the 21st century. This 21st century is one of the most important times in human history since 9/11 caused so many radical and intrepid changes in world society. The video starts with a brainwashed goat with a barcode found in the middle of his head. He is obviously suffering under the rule of the oppressed DHS-dominated police state. The title under him is I, Pet Goat II. The video shows that the current political climate in the world (not only in America) is filled with deception and authoritarian policies. The goat in the FEMA camp has the numbers of 6 6 6 on it. Then, the video shows the public master directing ex-President George W. Bush. It is obvious that Bonesman George W. Bush has been a puppet of banking and corporate interests. These interests are headed by the globalists like the Pilgrim Society and the elite bloodlines. Bush Jr. is dancing on a Masonic checkered board in the Florida elementary school where he read the story My Pet Goat to young students. He has a D or dunce cap on his head, because the media portrays him as being unintelligent. The video talks about the negative legacy of Bush Jr. from the Iraq war to his response of 9/11. It later shows the President Barack Obama as intelligent and hes laughing. One female student seems to be awakening from the deception, because her eyes are awake while the other students confirm to the societal constraints. The girl holds on an apple. The apple leaves her hand and travels to the ground. It splits into half and forms a lotus (as found in Hinduism, etc.). The planet Earth is the later scene presents itself as a destructive place. Psalm 23 is found as graffiti in the wall. Psalm 23 is about the Lord being the protector of human life and confronting man. Yet, the video shows the world into decay. Bin Laden is shown with a CIA logo on his coat. Its a known historical fact that Osama bin Laden had links to the CIA decades ago. The moon crescent is shown in reverse to show that Al-Qaeda and people like bin Laden promote a perversion and exploitation of Islam. Osama was exploited by the West as an excuse for the war on terror to continue. Oil leaks are shown in the video, which reminiscence of the BP disasters inside of the Gulf Coast. There is a six pointed star next to the Masonic Statue of Liberty. Is the film saying that the U.S. is influenced by Israel? The truth is the leadership of Israel and America are influenced by European globalists. The film shows the destruction of the old war, the battle between good and evil, and the new tranquil world society being governed by the New Age Christ. The bad guy in this film is called Drako. The makers of the film mention that Drako is the sorcerer of the evil in the globe. He has the power to handle the issuance of currency. So, Drako is a personification of the Illuminists. Drako uses his reptile eye to monitor the birth of Ludovic.

The birth of Ludovic looks similar to the old image of the snake around the egg. The snake in the occult represents wisdom, knowledge, and other positive attribute of Nature or the Universe. In Judeo-Christian symbolism, the snake or the serpent is given a more negative connotation. The serpent entwined with the egg is called the Orphic Egg. It means that there is a latent seed of life and infinite potential of creation. The child looks hopeless but he can reach his full potential. The snake is seen as a positive guide to cause life to reach its total potential (or potential). Drake controls the mind of the baby after it is born. Drako has an upside down image of the U.S. dollar with the pyramid and the all Seeing eye on it. It represents the fact that he controls currency and the Illuminati. Underneath Drako's eyes have the words of OrdoAb Chao or Order out of Chaos in Latin. This Masonic motto is an old saying that the world must experience destructive actions in order for it to have order. Drako has one eye fully opened which looks similar to the All Seeing Eye of Horus. So, the film wants to present Drako as the one number enemy in the world. Drako as the film shows is the unseen sorcerer that is responsible for the lies, false flag events, wars, and corrupt acts going on in the world. When there is an enemy, there is the liberator. The New Age Jesus comes in to save the day amidst chaos. He has the image of the third eye on the pineal gland (that means that he is an illuminated being. New Age view Jesus Christ as not the only Messiah, but one of many Messiahs sent to help humanity gain more spiritual enlightenment). This New Age Christ navigates an Egyptian ceremonial boat. He acts like he's in a trance and he comes in order to set everything right. Named by the makers of the video The Fire of Truth, the Christ figure is not meant to be Jesus Christ himself, but a representation of the concept of Inner Christ as defined by Gnosticism. According to this esoteric current of Christianity, the Inner Christ is the potential found in everyone to reach godhood through spiritual illumination. So, this whole video is pro-Gnostic and pro-New Age. They teach that man can have oneness with God period. There is brotherhood and sisterhood in the humanity. I'll give them that, because that's true. Yet, humans aren't God or can't become a God. The Christ figure comes and Aali rises back to life to do a dance of ancient Sufi whirling. This dance is done by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. The Dervishes are an ancient esoteric current of Islam.

The old religions and social structures crumble when the New Age Christ comes. He comes with a mixture of Eastern philosophy and Western occultism. This reality is expressed in the video by the Lotus flowers. So, I, Pet Goat II have an amazing display of symbolism. Its message may be obscure when you first look at, but its message is clear. It represents the Mystery Religions' old goal of forming a perfected society out of chaos. It shows the imperfections of Western Society, but advocates the same old promise of man being spiritually enlightened into godhood if they just follow the New Age Christ. The video is pro-Gnostic. Other forms of symbolism are throughout the computer generation story. There are 12 blue figures, on the first there is the Yin and Yang symbol on is head. They represent the 12 disciples, the 12 months the 12 Zodiac symbols, the Macrocosms, and the Origin of a New Golden Age. To the occultists, the new golden age will come as the old world will pass away. The film is obviously not pro-religious establishment. The director of I, Pet Goat II is named Louis Lefebvre (he is from Canada). Heliofant is the animation studio company that created the film. Its own website admitted that: "...That's YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your Sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!! ..."The ancients believed that the body is just the vessel of the immortal soul. The soul (as represented by the Third Eye, which is one of the secrets of Freemasonry) is eternal according to Masons, occultists, New Agers, etc. Rituals are done according to the esoteric crowd in order for human beings to be in union with God. Man being God and God being man is the essence of the New Age Movement. One quote that exempflies this philosophy is the following:

Man is a god in the body of an animal according to the pronouncement of ancient philosophy Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The Third Eye in the New Age Christ (of the Pet Goat II computerized story) relates to the following:

It has been called The Third Eye. The Ancient Hindus called it the Eye of SivaIt is atrophied, and therefore dormant in the average individualThe Eye of Siva is, in fact, an AllSeeing-Eye; for it practically annuls Space and Time as concepts on the physical plane A real Master [Mason], then, has the Eye of Siva; the pineal gland, dormant in others, is active in him Dr. J.D. Buck, Mystic Masonry

This film is the religious version of Zeitgeist in the sense that it presents some accurate information (about the Left/Right Paradigm, the corruption in society, and Osama being aided by the West in 1979) mixed with mysticism in order for this crowd to convince folks to accept a New Age spirituality. Their website also admits that it seeks to find common ground among various religious and philosophical traditions.

Twenty-First Century Priorities

In the advent of the 21st century, more people realize the agenda of the corporate elite as it relates to Hollywood. The anti-intellectualism as found in society has been mapped out by folks for decades. Even MTV founder Bob Pitman admitted in the 1980's that: "...The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you've got 'em." That means that some folks want human beings to solely rely on emotion in order for them to ally with the mainstream popular culture. There is nothing wrong

with expressing emotion. We are all humans and expressing emotions is a normal part of our human longevity. Yet, we also need logic. A balance of emotion and logic or reason is a key representation of an active, progressive, and thinking human being. That means that we should read information, comprehend facts, analyze information, and have fun too (like various activities, hobbies, and interests). Now, in our time, we should be more active to promote the worth of especially young males and young females for certain segments of the pop culture glamorize the plain, Eurocentric monolithic look. The pop culture system glamorizes antiintellectualism, group think and grotesque language as well. The reality is that we should never ashamed of our looks that God gave us. I will never support an entertainment industry that bashes the darker skinned people of the world. I will never worship the false gods of materialism, militarism, bigotry, and economic exploitation. The beauty of humanity is that we are all different and we don't exist in the exact same fashion. We have unique personalities, social dispositions, phenotypes (as the late Dr. Martin Luther King said, we shouldn't be ashamed of our looks), and creative abilities. These differences ought to be cherished. Now, hope is in the air. There are programs and organizations today that help human beings to build up their self-esteem. There are numerous artists or musicians in the world that express lyrics promoting the dignity and value of humankind. Now, a person shouldn't be like someone else, but a person should accept themselves without negative emotional fatalism. We accept our value in the world, our limitations (like we cant be perfect), and our strengths. The man that lives in the ghetto is as significant as the man lives in the palace. The person with a GED is as significant as a person with a PhD. So, I am black, my hair is as good as anybody's hair, and I am beautiful. Now, we ought to fight against poverty and have sympathy for the poor & the outcasts in life's road. Today, we live in a special time. Issues are more complex. On the other hand, the same goal of freedom is ever real in our lives. Madonna is wrong to say that she is "bored with the concept of right and wrong." The reality is that the concept of right and wrong is real and this concept is a valuable belief system. That means that adultery is wrong, corporate corruption is wrong, lying is wrong, the unjust hatred of certain people is wrong, economic inequality is something that can decreased, and it is morally right to adhere to righteousness. It is a sin to have even religious bodies to support the evils of militarism and monopoly capitalism. So, everybody has the responsibility to not only talk about righteousness, but to live it out daily in our lives. Dr. Martin Luther King made an amazing speech on this issue during April 26, 1967 in Glenville High School inside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Martin Luther King was waking up a lot from 1967 until he was murdered. He spoke these words:

Now this is all Im saying this morning that we must feel that we count. That we belong. That we are persons. That we are children of the living God. And it means that we go down in our soul and find that somebodiness and we must never again be ashamed of ourselves. We must never be ashamed of our heritage. We must not be ashamed of the color of our skin. Black is as beautiful as any color and we must believe it. And so every black person in this country must rise up and say Im somebody; I have a rich proud and noble history, however painful and exploited it has been. I am black, but I am black and beautifulMany have lost motivation. But I think it is safe to say that there is a host of young people in the Negro community who can brilliantly apply themselves and thereby make full and constructive use of the freedom we already possess. This means we must set out to achieve excellence in our various fields of endeavor. This means that weve got to study hard, weve got to stay in school. Again, I know the social problems that cause many Negroes to drop out of school but I urge you today to develop that rugged determination: Stay in school, stick with to the end. It may be that you will have to work harder than other people but dont mind that. Go on and do it anyhowSo, set out to do a good job and do that job so well that the living, the dead, or the unborn couldnt do it any better. And let me say that weve got to prepare now to compete with people. Many of our parents have been so scarred by years of denial and neglect that they cannot face the same challenges that we face. But I say to you that you have the opportunity to assert certain things and get ready to compete with peopleAnd so there are things that all of us can do and I urge you to do it with zeal and with vigor. And let me say to you, my friends, that in spite of the difficult days ahead, the so-called white backlash which is nothing but a new name for an old phenomenon Im still convinced that were going to achieve freedom right here in America. And I believe this because however much

America has strayed away from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned as we may be, our destiny is tied up with the destiny of AmericaBefore the Pilgrim fathers landed at Plymouth, we were here. Before Jefferson etched across the pages of history the majestic words of the Declaration of Independence, we were hereWell, life for none of us has been a crystal stair, but we must keep moving. We must keep going. And so, if you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. But by all means, keep moving.

Before, Dr. Martin Luther King died, he gave another speech in February 6, 1968 called Prospects for Peace. In that speech, he expressed not only opposition to the evil, unjust Vietnam War, but a goal of fighting against poverty. His words were relevant in our time and some of these apply to our time too. He said that: There can be no gain saying of the fact that our nation has brought the world to an awe inspiring threshold of the future. We've built machines that think and instruments that peer into the unfathomable ranges of interstellar space. We have built gargantuan bridges to span the seas and gigantic buildings to kiss the skies. And through our spaceships we have penetrated oceanic depths and through our airplanes we have dwarfed distance and placed time in chains. This really is a dazzling picture of America's scientific and technological progress. But in spite of this something basic is missing. In spite of all of our scientific and technological progress we suffer from a

kind of poverty of the spirit that stands in glaring contrast to all of our material abundance. This is the dilemma facing our nation and this is the dilemma to which we as clergymen
and laymen must address ourselves. Henry David Thoreau said once something that still applies. In a very interesting dictum he talked about improved means to an unimproved end. This is a tragedy that somewhere along the way as a nation we have allowed the mean by which we live to outdistance the ends for which we live. And consequently we suffer from a spiritual and moral lag that must be redeemed if we are going to survive and maintain a moral stance. Not only is the problem unemployment, there is another problem that is even greater and that is underemployment. Most of the people who are poor in our country are working every day and that's not said enough. They work in our hotels, they clean up our rooms when we go to our hotels across the country for our meetings. They work in our hospitals, they work in our homes, most of them are domestic workers working everyday working sometimes 60 hours a week. They're working full time jobs getting part time income. These are problems that are very real. It's developed an underclass in our nation and unless that underclass is made a working class we're going to continue to have problems. Now the bitterness is very deep as a result of these problems, it's broad, it's extensive. And we in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference feel that we can't stand idly by while these problems continue to grow and not take a stand against them. We feel that it is time now to bring a Selma-type or Birmingham-type movement to bear on the economic problems confronting the poor people of our nation. And when I say poor people I'm not only talking about black people, I'm aware of the fact that there are a poor people on a large scale in the Puerto Rican community, I'm talking about the Mexican-American community, I'm talking about the Indian community, I'm talking about the Appalachian white community, I'm talking about poor people's power. That is what is needed. [Applause] Nor do I determine what is right and wrong by taking a Gallup poll of the majority opinion." [Applause] Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus. [Applause] On some positions cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a

time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right. [Applause]

The previous quote means that we should speak the truth to power irrespective of polls or popularity contests. There should be firm social programs in fighting against poverty and to promote employment to the jobless.

Kwame Ture was accurate in 1967 to say the following about us learning about our history and culture:

We need to know who our heroes are. Our books must have Frederick Douglass. They must have Denmark Vesey. They must have Nat Turner. They must have Dr. W.E.B. DuBois. They must have Richard Wright. They must have J.A. Rogers. They must have Lerone Bennett. They must have Countee Cullen. They must have Alaine Locke. They must have Leroi Jones. And when you get the guts... when you get the guts, tell them you want to learn about brother Malcolm X! [Applause]

Silence is Betrayal. This stuff right here is morally wrong. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Western covert torture going on globally not just inside of the Western Hemisphere.

One of the sickest aspects of modern society is how the Republicans and the Democrats endorse a wicked foreign policy. There is impunity at home and rendition overseas. The current President has ended the CIA's black sites. These sites are covert prisons where American agents once used wall slamming and waterboarding. Rendition is the sending of terrorist suspects to the prisons of countries that torture and related policies. Human abuse now has been outsourced to Afghanistan, Somalia, and other nations. This reality has allowed the administration to justify it current foreign policy actions. International law should be respected and human rights abuses ought to be stringently opposed. Torture is condemned in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 and the Geneva Conventions in 1949. Yet, during the Cold War, the CIA engineered new torture technology that contradicts these same international conventions. From 1950 to 1962, the CIA experimented with humans on sensory stimulation, and other torture techniques (they have been used by the KGB as well). Psychological torture by the CIA has been codified in numerous documents like the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual (from 1963). Even in the 1990's, the Defense Department had Latin American counterinsurgency manuals that described harsh interrogation techniques. But when President Bill Clinton sent the U.N. Convention to Congress for ratification in 1994, he included language (drafted six years earlier by the Reagan administration) that contained diplomatic reservations. In effect, these addenda accepted the banning of physical abuse, but exempted psychological torture. Extraordinary rendition has torture in it, so the West uses rendition as a means to circumvent international laws prohibiting such a demented practice. The Abu Ghraib scandal blew the lip of American-sponsored torture against fellow human beings. Harsh interrogation has been normalizing even during the days of President George W. Bush. The old black sites (operated by the CIA) stretched from Thailand to Poland. SERE training techniques were one of the instruments that this torture was made manifest by the West. In late 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld allowed General Geoffrey Miller to head the prison at Guantanamo Bay. He gave him the authority to support sensory disorientation, self-inflicted pain, and a recent innovation, cultural humiliation through exposure to dogs (which American believed would be psychologically devastating for Arabs). It is no accident that Private Lynndie England, a military guard at Abu Ghraib prison, was famously photographed leading a naked Iraqi detainee leashed like a dog. CBS News poll from April 2004 mentioned that as high as 35% of Americans felt that torture was acceptable. That's sick of course. Jack Bauer propaganda, the show 24, and other facets of the mass media glamorize torture. Even the socalled liberal Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz wrote an article in defense of torture. Cheney and his daughter Liz made numerous television appearances as a means to prevent the investigations of CIA interrogators. An investigation is an investigation (which quaint compared to other legal proceedings). Today, rendition policies occur including tons of people in Somalia (to a place called the Hole). Reports of torture of Iraqis continue even in 2009. Simultaneously, Washingtons Afghan allies increasingly turned to torture after the Abu Ghraib scandal prompted U.S. officials to transfer most interrogation to local authorities. After interviewing 324 detainees held by Afghanistans National Directorate of Security (NDS) in 2011, the U.N. found that torture is practiced systematically in a number of NDS detention facilities throughout Afghanistan. At the Directorates prison in Kandahar one interrogator told a detainee before starting to torture him, You should confess what you have done in the past as Taliban; even stones confess here. Italy prosecuted 2 dozen CIA agents for rendition and in 2009; Poland indicted its former security chief for facilitating a CIA black site. There is the British ongoing criminal investigation of intelligence officials who worked with alleged torture at Guantanamo. This is nothing new. The French tortured thousands of Algerian people in 1957 (including 3,000 French assassinations in Algeria). Also, we still have 2,400 drone attacks in Pakistan from 2005 to 2012. Specific assassinations have transpired in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia potentially of American citizens even (without due process). So, we should continue to oppose extrajudicial assassinations, rendition, and torture wherever it exists in the world.

One of the well-known elitists named Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that populists are driving back the agenda of the new world order. He made this speech recently in Poland. He said to his fellow elitists that a worldwide resistance movement to external control is driven by populist activism. This activism in his mind threatens to derail the move towards

a new world order. Brzezinski is angered about how an accelerating social change is going on. This is the instant mass communication found in radio, television, and the Internet showing the truth in a high level. He admitted that there has been an universal awakening of mass political consciousness. We can easily see that the free flowing Internet is waking people up. This is good news. This is a real threat to those who want global governance or the new world order system (which the new world order as a concept has been promoted by people for a long time as admitted via sources, quotes, and other forms of documentation). Ironically, some would like to censor heavily of the Internet via SOPA and other evil forms of legislation.
There is the issue of Singularity. Its the belief that humans can be immortal literally via the use of complex machines (or futuristic technology). This is an unique, extreme view. Supporters of this transhumanism agenda are setting up plans all of the time in advancing this agenda. Its an old deception. Its the lie of the Serpent. For eons, false teachers believed that man can be like God. Today, folks believe that man can be a god by technological advancements. This singularity goal has been promoted by the March 2012 Global Future: 2045 Conference. Ray Kurzweil is the father of the Singularity Theory. He promoted transhumanism all of the time. He predicts that singularity will be a reality by the year of 2045. He is accredited for the following innovations of: the CCD flat-bed scanner, the first omni-font

optical character recognition, the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first text-tospeech synthesizer, the first music synthesizer capable of recreating the grand piano and other orchestral instruments, and the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition. One of the secret goals of the global elite is transhumanism via the life extension technologies. Today, academics, scientists, astronauts, and investors promote singularity not just the extremists. Transhumanism was coined by Julian Huxley. Julian was the first Director of UNESCO and he was a member of the English Eugenics Society. Eugenics believes in the lies of racial superiority, selfishness, and sick programs in trying to in their minds perfect humanity. American eugenicists inspired the Nazis to achieve their Holocaust. So, the pro-Singularity crowd wants to create the person neo-human within decades by forming avatars. Immortality can never come by machines or New Age doctrines. It can come by God and his Son. I dont deny the power of the Son at all, because the Son save souls all of the time. The real throne is ruled by the Father. I dont need to promote occult images in music videos to get my kicks. I just need love from my Creator, family, and friends (plus adherence to the creed that all men are created equal).

Hollywood acts like it's a progressive, liberal location, but underneath that fake facade is the same reactionary anti-black attitude that is commonly found in the Klan. Paltrow's unjust comments are in the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood executives make Paltrow's comments seem pale (no pun intended. LOL. She is pale you know, very pale. LOL I'm just saying) in comparison to the huge racism found in Hollywood executives. For example, Leonard Rowe is probably the best known and most successful of black concert promoters. He said that he knows that many powerful Hollywood executives regularly use racial slurs all of the time. That is why many black people struggle in Hollywood all of the time. Some black concert promoters have trouble to even promote a mainstream black entertainer that crossed over into a mostly white audience. The great Sister Cynthia McKinney received evidence that was presented to the District Judge Robert P. Patterson and Chief Judge Lorretta A. Preska (or the Southern District of New York). The evidence showed that Hollywood executives use the N word, "uncle tom" (which I use on occasion), "colored," and other racially charged words. These words were used by the executives via email and conversations. Rowe's case was dismissed, but Rowe was never given the emails that

produced the 18 page summary sheet. Who are these executives? According to Rowe, these people are found in the William Morris Agency (now known as William Morris Endeavor) and Creative Artists Agency, the biggest and the vilest of the bunch. (And adding political muscle to this tawdry script, William Morris Endeavor is currently headed by Ari Emanuel, brother to the former Chief of Staff of President Obama and now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel). This racism in Hollywood have been exposed by Leonard Rowe, Paul Mooney, Marcus Washington (an expert), and tons of other people.

Why would he or Samuel L. Jackson try to force a man to say it if the man doesn't want to say it? The slave mentality didn't die in 1865. I will never bow before some director that says that word in private conversations outside of a movie in real life without apologies. Also, they will say it anyway. Just don't say in my face. Even some in the so called conscious community are either silent on Django Unchained or try to justify the movie. Yet, other conscious human beings are speaking truth to power on this issue. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. I know the D is silent, but the truth will never be silent. The truth is silent by tokens and compromisers, but not among real human beings. It is a shame that in this generation the house movie stars will continue to love their Master. This new generation of tokens is not filled with the Tiger Woods types. They are too easy to figure out. They or the neo House Negroes use the lingo and imitate urban culture, but they are just as wrong as Clarence Thomas. They claim to love us, but many of them refuse to talk about real, engaging issues of war, peace, civil liberties, labor, and real, tangible power. You do not have to agree with my views, but these are my views. I have to write what I think. I was tempted to write more controversial words, but I won't do it.
This is nothing new. Howard Hughes was one of the most prejudiced persons in Hollywood. Hughes' chief of staff, Robert Maheu--as the late investigative columnist Jack Anderson famously revealed--was the point man who, with the help of the Mafia, organized attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro on the CIA's behalf. Offshore islands that Hughes had leased were used as training bases for CIA raids into Cuba. The struggle continues. Paltrow never created this situation. She is just a signal that we have a long way to go in order for us to reach that Promised Land that we all seek. We have issues of war, illiteracy, crime, poverty, civil liberties, the environment, some social issues, and tons of other issues that we should be concerned about. Yet, institutional racism ought to be exposed as well in the world. We should replace white supremacy with justice. Also, all of us (including this administration) ought to devise better programs to fight against foreclosures, mass incarceration, means to end the War on Drugs that harm communities nationwide, and the massive unemployment going on here.

Answering Bill OReilly on the issue of society

You know I had to do this. So,

I will bring the flow, the flavor, and the truth without question. Anything else will be uncivilized on the real. Bill O'Reilly made recently

disrespectful, racist, and ignorant views on the black community and our issues. You know me. I will respond to his lies. Bill O'Reilly made the lie that African American culture today is all about degeneracy, violence, and other fragrant evils. In other words, the black community is responsible for its own oppression collectively not the system of white supremacy, not discrimination, not a racist criminal justice system, and not police terror in the streets of black community. He ignores the fact that many black leaders have criticized many musicians using the N word and other controversial, vulgar language in their lyrics for years and decades. He ignores the many single black mothers that have raised exceptionally gifted children and have been great role models for our community. A real family is very diverse and we are all family in the black community. Our situation never came from single black mothers trying to live a better life. Our situation came from the Maafa and centuries of oppression by the oppressor. Many black human beings have talked about the black family for generations. For O'Reilly to lie and assume that no major black leaders have talked about family issues is silly by me. An adulterer like him has no merit on that issue. For him to slander Sister Michelle Alexander and Martin Luther King III as the grievance crowd is to show his white supremacist mentality. The truth is that anybody has the right to call for justice in an imperfect society. Folks have the right to disagree with police brutality, to disagree with discrimination, and to oppose the evil system of white supremacy day in and day out period. Blacks and whites do drugs at about the same rate, but far more blacks go to jail for it and get longer sentences than whites do, and that is a fact. O'Reilly lies about that fact. The ironic thing is that even President Barack Obama has for years called on black men to step up and act as positive role models to black youth (I don't agree with all of Obama's Booker T. Washington stuff, but this is a fact). O'Reilly just lies and denies the reality of the President doing it. Many African Americans grow up in segregated communities with little economic opportunity or development, decreased employment opportunities, long term unemployment, and failing public schools. Racist reactionaries like Bill O'Reilly and Dinesh D'Souza believed that blacks have cultural inferiorities and these cultural issues are causing African Americans to suffer not other factors like discrimination, and socioeconomic factors. The reality is that racism shapes the communities of America and it harms the poor. The reality of foreclosures, redlining, and predatory lending have harmed some in the African American community. Now, we know that mainstream U.S. capitalism was built on the labor black slaves. When slavery overtly ended in the States by 1865, the capitalists of the North and South stoked racism as a means to divide the workforces, drive down wages, and increase their profit margins. The new poor include folks that are very educated and still can't receive a job or receive very low wage jobs. So, the solution is that all levels of government and all Americans will have to contribute their time and effort to fight poverty and economic inequality (from institutions, organizations, religious bodies, all levels of the government, charities, and the whole nine yards). I will never be a reactionary and blame all poor human beings for poverty itself. Many times, poverty is a systemic problem brought about by neoliberalism, oppression, and other socioeconomic issues. Poverty is complex. Also, we need radical solutions. Today, our economic recovery is stagnant because most low wage and service sector jobs are being created. These anti-poor policies, shrouded in anti-Black rhetoric, were underpinned by the politics of "personal responsibility," which looked to shift the blame for poverty and unemployment away from inherent problems in the system--as they were identified in the 1960s by everyone from the Black Panther Party to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.--to the individual failings of Blacks themselves. So, the racists blame the black people (who are victims) of their own oppression instead of the white supremacist elite in charge of the whole corrupt system in the first place. When 650,000 jobs have been lost every month since December, it's difficult to mount an argument that the problem of unemployment is a moral one. The corporate elite have personal irresponsibility when they receive trillions of dollars in bailouts, but they want the government to refuse to even bailout the poor and workers in cities including other locations throughout the American landscape. We have to address racism and class oppression in the world. We have to address economic inequality, low wages, and health care complications. Industrialized nations mostly have universal health care while we do not in the United States of America. The American dream has been distorted by some. Some want the American dream to be the dream of supremacists that want all humans (especially black human beings) to be colorblind not loving their blackness, to want humanity

to confirm to a wicked economic system, and to want society to bow before imperialism (including worker exploitation) not justice. Bill O'Reilly is a notorious enemy. He is a pervert against a woman. An adulterer has no moral right to criticize any segment of the black community at all. Now, Don Lemon uses the moral argument. It is important to have morality and ethics in society. We know that Wall Street lacked a lot of morals and they were influential in causing the economic recession in the first place. It was some of the white supremacist Founding Fathers who lacked morals. Some of them and their colonial allies stole millions of square miles in North America (and allowed the extermination of millions of Native Americans including some of them being involved in the enslavement of black human beings). Don Lemon's error is to have a too simplistic approach in outlining the reason why we are in the situation that we are in. He talks about sagging pants, but he will never talk about revolutionary, radical solutions to end this problem like ending the War on Drugs (many of those in prison are nonviolent offenders and many folks in prison are straight up innocent) in order to have alternatives, ending imperialism, ending mass incarceration of young folks of color, having radical economic solutions, and ending white supremacy once and for all. You can wear suits (some of biggest war criminals in history wore suits and ties. They never sagged their pants), speak perfect English, tap dance, drink tea, speak at meetings, kiss up to white reactionaries, mimic their ways, praise the Queen, worship the blond haired Eurocentric false god, and eat apple pie, but you can never be free truly unless our actions benefit our community collectively. Many folks lack opportunities to receive decent paying jobs. Larry Elder's praise of Reagan is treasonous. Bohemian Grover Ronald Reagan was the man that appealed to white racists via the Southern Strategy to get elected and caused massive economic inequality during the duration of his administration. Reagan was the one that harmed the efforts of the Brothers and Sisters from the Black Panther Party. Reagan advanced SWAT units to harm the communities of human beings of color nationwide. Reagan's allies were involved in Iran Contra (whose fruits harmed our community a great deal). The poor black citizens collectively are not mostly murderers, pants saggers, rapists, or morally dysfunctional human beings at all. They suffer at the hands of an oppressive economic system and we have the right to fight for real justice. We have individual responsibility as humans, but we have the collective responsibility to disagree with the tactics of the oligarchy. Also, the enemy wants us to change our actions as a means to try to make us act, think, worship, dress, and behave like them (not to think, act, and behave like an African like we all are). That is the point. Ihsani haiozi. Asante.

The Left/Right Paradigm is exposed for all to see. When you see both the Republicans and the Democrats believing in Guantanamo Bay continuing forth, drone attacks, TSA molesting innocent human beings, the corporate funding of political campaigns, bailouts for Wall Street, quasi-austerity, NAFTA, Iranian sanctions, Africom, a regressive Middle Eastern foreign policy, no living wage, the war on terror, torture, the War on Drugs, and the status quo on so many other issues, then we have to call for more political choices nationally than just two parties. Extra Facts on the Left/Right Paradigm

We know about the errors of the reactionaries for years. Numerous Republicans are clear that they want to harm the social safety net. Some of them want radical cuts to the food stamp program and Medicaid. Even Reagan started the elimination of housing subsidies. Koch's and Murdoch's Tea Party want to end food stamps, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know it. Even some in CNN not just FOX News have express some sympathy toward them or the Tea Party. Now, folks are beginning to understand some of the folly from the liberal establishment. The political elite have always been antithetical to the interests of the elite. There are horrendous conditions in prisons nationwide. Even some in the progressive crowd are saying nothing about it. Even Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger fought the government takeover the prison hospitals in CA when the conditions in those prisons were so horrible. When Mayor Brown left office as mayor of Oakland, his developer friends and contributors help themselves by plundering the Oakland treasury for the purpose of constructing ill-advised condo districts to accommodate Browns elegant density without anticipating a burst in the housing market. The establishment in general regularly uses stereotypes against black people and people of color, which is similar to the propaganda from Julius Streicher. Some of them love the Wire so much omitting that most crack usage is done by whites. This is why when Ishmael Reed came into East Jerusalem, many Palestinian kids falsely viewed all black Americans as drug addicts since they received their information about blacks from Hollywood and CNN. It is hugely hypocritical for the reactionaries to lecture on affirmative action when mostly white citizens in America benefit from the New Deal, affirmative action, Medicare, Medicaid, the GI Bill, etc. That is their M.O. Also, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "stop and frisk" fascism is still evil too. Black women, black men, and others have complained that they have been sexually molested during Bloombergs stop and frisks. The NYC government in many circles doesnt give a

care in the world about it. These same measures were utilized in occupied Paris and Amsterdam in the 1930's and the 1940's. I will never support any cop harassing human beings and using SS Stop and Frisk activities at all. Did you know that about 640,000 African Americans and Hispanic Americans have been frisked by the good ole NYPD Blue? Their harassment of children via the stop and frisk policy even outraged Bob Herbert. I believe in self-defense like the next man, but I oppose many NRA board members making racist and anti-Semitic comments before. Even Bob Barr used a slur in describing one policy of the current President Barack Obama. Bob Barr was once in the Board of Directors of the NRA. This son of a father (I could use other language to describe this man and you know the language) praised the reactionary Jesse Helms of North Helms. Many other NRA board members have expressed bigotry, anti-immigration rhetoric, and other extreme views. I only knew of some of this information recently and this is wild stuff. It is true and it has made me aware about a lot of situations. The establishment regularly features the crimes of the poor, but these crimes pale in comparison to the crimes of the rich. There are the crimes made by Pfizer, who is controlled by the 1 percent. I don't forget about MSNBC either. You know I can't omit you guys. I love you folks, but I have to check you as a real person would. MSNBC is owned by General Electric and they are filled with establishment liberals with a token like Joe Scarborough. They are ruled by GE. General Electric is known to finance the war on terror. GE helped to create the A bomb decades ago that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. GE built up the Fukushima plants for decades. Fukushima leaked dangerous nuclear material all over the Japanese landscape. Also, Schultz is wrong to support the war mongering in Libya. GE sometimes doesn't pay income taxes. Nader exposed a deal that MSNBC made with the state of New Jersey, which allows them to return the taxes they pay to the state to General Electric, which still has shares in NBC. Even reactionaries like Joe Scarborough called the stimulus garbage when it had prevented a worse recession from occurring in American society. Carlos Watson challenged Joe about the stimulus issue and now Watson is rarely shown in the network. What is the riddle behind MSNBC? The answer is that MSNBC is meant to give a voice to the Democratic establishment, which is just as vicious and nefarious as the Republican establishment. In fact, the brothers Malcolm X and Kwame Ture heavily criticized the Democratic establishment. They or those in MSNBC will expose some truth as a means to picture Republicans as mostly the enemy (when it is a reality that corporate interests dominate the mainstream two party system not just in the imperfect GOP. The GOP reaped what they have sown though with their controversies and grave, evil errors). Yet, they or MSNBC refuse to talk about the RTTT causing large amounts of public schools to be shut down (and both parties are in league with the privatization of education movement), they refuse to talk about the warrantless checkpoints in America, they wont expose the DHS harming human civil liberties or the TSA molesting human beings, and they will never expose the imperialist war in Mali. The war mongering of the current White House including its neo-liberal economic agenda will not be made known massively in that network or FOX for that matter. FOX is worst in my opinion than MSNBC since at least MSNBC tries to present information pertaining to the diversity of America in a complex fashion. FOX is just mostly pro-Republican central all day every day. It is not just Bill OReilly over in FOX News that is wrong on numerous issues. Sean Hannity and others

have believed in the lie that tax cuts primarily can grow the economy when you need investments & a radical change in the system as a means to grow the economy. I will concede that numerous sincere human beings are in even the mainstream media. The war on the poor is apparent. The same ones lecturing folks on welfare support corporate welfare and subsidies. Unfortunately, some of the poor vote against their economic interests and love the Tea Party all over America. The reality is that the mega-trillion dollar bankster bailouts, the mega million dollar bonuses for financial crooks, and the unimaginable compensation packages for corporate CEOs (when some of them moved the middle class out of America) are proofs that the GOP is pro-rich mostly. So, the GOP has convinced even some of the poor to support record tax breaks for the wealthy. Additionally, the GOP used social issues as a means to get some of the poor to agree with them. The reality is that both parties have expressed their form of dirt. Another person from You tube talked about the Rhodes Scholar and corporate Democrat Clinton omitting the fact that such scandals (which Clinton experienced) predate his administration. Also, most Americans by polls want the social safety net to be strongly preserved. Standing up for America doesn't mean we should support bankster bailouts or standing up for the military/security complex's multitrillion dollar wars. I don't agree with the President on every issue. Although, I will never accept the reactionary lies that the President is a Muslim, he's a Marxist, he's some Manchurian candidate, etc. The reality is that the current President is killing Muslims in seven countries at least and has a similar foreign policy to George W. Bush. The President isn't a peacenik here. On foreign policy, he's as neo-conservative as his critics are. Also, the 750 billion dollar TARP banker bailout (a small part of the ongoing bailout) can cover many holes in our budgets. Yet, that money is utilized to reward the people who caused the financial crisis in the first place, which threw millions of Americans out of their homes. Also, some of the brainwashed Americans who oppose Obama's health care law forget the fact that Mitt Romney had his Massachusetts state version of the ACA when he was governor of the liberal Democratic state of Massachusetts. The modern ACA law was created by private insurance companies. It's like a strong policy in favor of private insurance companies. I will admit thought that many parts of the new health care is legitimate and fine. Long term, universal health care will come if we fight for it. Romney supports military action in Syria and even against Iran if necessary. He's an ally of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have passed laws that violated constitutional laws. Regularly, the executive branch passes rules sometimes even without now consultation from the legislative branch. Americans elected President Barack Obama because they felt that he would restore the rule of law. Now, we realize that the current President codified much of the Bush regime's policies (from the Patriot Act to Gitmo) and made some new ones. Now, the President supports a policy (I can't believe I'm typing this) of having lists of potentially American citizens to be murdered without evidence or due process of law. That is blatantly immoral and wrong. Both parties pander to the rich elites. The 1 percent controls a lot of this country. The private oligarchy uses the government as a tool to get our resources and place them into the hands of Wall Street, the military industrial complex, and to the Western allies. Even the EPA is influenced by oil, mining, timber, and agribusiness companies. The EPA and the Forestry Service regulate small individuals, but they allow fracking, mountaintop removal mining, and other acts to go about. Pollution of air, water, and soil under covert means is just as wrong as overt pollution. Now, Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his Vice President candidate.

Many folks are correct to advocate a ban on all foreclosures, to call for the cancellation of all students loans (and or debt), to spend trillions of dollars for building our infrastructure in general, and to create other radical policies.

The Conclusion
We live in a war here. We are fighting a psychological war, so we should promote the value of men and especially women in the globe (especially the great value of black women and black men).The Black Family unit should be cherished. Now, one of the greatest legacies of the Brother Kwame Ture was the idea of mass organizing. You cant name one successful African movement (whether in the Motherland or in the Diaspora) that didnt use mass mobilization plus mass organization. Therefore, in order to fight against crime, poverty, the cartel-capitalist system, and other ills, we should organize. Organizing and promoting solutions in our own communities and throughout the Earth. For our issues arent just national. They are intentional. The comings and goings in Kenya or Nigeria have just as much importance as the happenings in London, Paris, NYC, Houston, Ontario, Norfolk (I am not ashamed of where Im from. I am from Southside, Hampton Roads in SE Virginia. 757 is in my DNA for life), Los Angeles, or Chicago. I dont believe in the philosophy of God forgives, I dont. God forgives and I will forgive. Forgiveness can cause freedom from tensions, spiritual growth, and more righteous mindset. A person can talk about a Bugatti all they want to, but if our people lack economic opportunities and an income, then a Bugatti is the least of our concerns. Henceforth, the poor man is just as equal as the rich man. Some in the younger generation need to realize something. That lesson is that a poor person has value. There is nothing wrong with having money, but the love of money is the root of all evil. The solution to our problems isnt to mock the poor or those without economic resources. Its about promoting a revolutionary mode of thinking where there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power. Its about condemning the current injustices in our stratosphere and fighting

for justice. Now, thats real POWER (when you own, control, and produce your own resources in your own land). You dont have to water down the message or water down the truth in order to be down with your people. Our people respect honesty. If youre honest in a defining fashion & you desire justice, then thats fine. I am evolving and one part of my evolution is to think compressively about subjects. Its all of our responsibilities to promote a real,

comprehensive agenda that relates to economic development, a just foreign policy, and other excellent social policies. That is why I wont forget about the U.S.
terrorists that murdered Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. I will not forget the voter suppression and fraud in Florida during 2000 too. I do respect the brothers and the sisters performing well in athletic endeavors, musical endeavors, artistic endeavors, and in intellectual endeavors as well. We must continue to analyze our situations and show a great sense of productive strength in the world. I am a black African period unashamedly. Intelligence is always superior to ignorance. Likewise, America is not God nor is America is omnipotent. America, like any nation, should be held accountable for its actions. Yes, America has talent and wonderful people, but America needs to promote more justice & harmonious treatment among Gods children. America has to be more compassionate toward the homeless and America must really repent for its errors for real. We should never stop,

drop, and roll under the feet of oppression. We should stand, speak, and fight for true liberty in the world. There is a time to use the pen and read books. Then, there is a time to put the books down, stand up, and go head up against any forms of evil that confronts our people for real publicly & privately. America has greatness in its future if we do

what is right. I do have hope for the future indeed.

By Timothy