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LESSON PLAN. Date : 12.7.2010 (Monday)Time : 9.10 a.m 10.10 a.

.m (60 minutes)Class : Year 4 As-SiddiqPupils : 32 pupils Subject : ScienceTopic : Measurement Learning objective :1. Understanding how to measure the volume of solid. Learning outcomes :At the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to :1. compare a cube and cuboid and guess which one has a bigger volume ..2. carry out a test to confirm their guesses .3. state that volume = length X width X height .Scientific skills : a) science process skills : Experimenting, communicating, measuring using numbers, making inference, classifying.b) manipulative skills : None.Teaching aids : Measurement tool (ruler), various size of box, worksheet.Previous knowledge : Pupils can state and show what are the length, width and height of an object. 2References : Text book year 4, workbook year 4.Teaching technique : 1. Constructivism STAGE CONTENT TEACHING AND LEARNING ACTIVITY REMARK Induction(5 minutes)Any examples of cube andcuboid. o B y refering textbook (cube and cuboid), pupils areasked which has more volume and less volume. o Pupils are asked to give another example of cube andcuboid around them.SPS :Observing, comparing,predicting, classifying.Eliciting ideas(15 minutes)Formula to calculatevolume of solid= length x width x height o Teacher shows 2 boxes with different size. o Pupils study the materials shown. o Teacher asks pupils:a) Are these boxes having same area?

Yes. No.b) How to measure the volume of these shapes?Expected answer: Measure the length, width and height of theboxes.c) What are the names of these shapes?Expected answer: A cube and cuboid. o Teacher explain how to measure area by introduce theformula volume := length x width x height.SPS :Observing, predicting,comparing.Materials :Various size of boxes.

3Restructuringideas( 25 minutes)Measurement of volume of various boxes. o Teacher divides the pupils into 7 groups. o Each group will be given various sizes of boxes. o Teacher gives instruction about the activity on how tofind out which box has the biggest volume. o Pupils carry on the activities in their groups and recordtheir result in the given table sheet. o The teacher will explain about what they do notunderstand.SPS :Definingoperationally,makinginference,measuring andusing numbersMaterials : B oxesApplication of ideas( 10 minutes)Worksheet o Teacher gives exercises to pupils. o Discuss the answer together.SPS :Measuring and usingnumbers.Material :Worksheet.Reflection( 5 minutes)Conclusion of the topic o Teacher asks pupils questions based on about thetopic learn before.1. Can you guess which object has a biggervolume?(Expected answers: Yes, by measure the length,width and height of the box).2. What have you learnt today?(Expected answer: we learnt how to measurevolume of many cube and cuboid).SPS :Predicting, classifying.