SSCP® - Systems Security Certified Practitioner

The Go-To-Guy: That’s an Information Security Must-Have The go-to guy could be you. With as little as one year’s work experience in the information security field, you can become certified as a Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP®). The SSCP is ideal for those working towards positions such as Network Security Engineers, Security Systems Analysts, or Security Administrators. This is also the perfect course for personnel in many other non-security disciplines that require an understanding of security but do not have information security as a primary part of their job description. This large and growing group includes information systems auditors; application programmers; system, network and database administrators; business unit representatives, and systems analysts. For your SSCP credential, your professional experience has to be in one or more of these seven (ISC)² SSCP domains:
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Access Controls Cryptography Malicious Code and Activity Monitoring and Analysis Networks and Communications Risk, Response and Recovery Security Operations and Administration

SSCP® - Why Certify
People are the key to a secure organization.
Technological solutions alone cannot protect an organization's critical information assets. Employers demanding qualified information security staff give their organizations a leading edge by providing the highest standard of security for their customers', employees', stakeholders' and organizational information assets. (ISC)², the only not-for-profit body charged with maintaining, administering and certifying information security professionals via the compendium of industry best practices, the (ISC)² CBK®, is the premier resource for information security professionals worldwide. Benefits of Certification to the Professional
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Demonstrates a working knowledge of information security Confirms commitment to profession Offers a career differentiator, with enhanced credibility and marketability Provides access to valuable resources, such as peer networking and idea exchange

Benefits of Certification to the Enterprise
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Establishes a standard of best practices Offers a solutions-orientation, not specialization, based on the broader understanding of the (ISC)² CBK Allows access to a network of global industry and subject matter/domain experts Makes broad-based security information resources readily available Adds to credibility with the rigor and regimen of the certification examinations Provides a business and technology orientation to risk management

SSCP® - How to Certify
There are four processes a candidate must successfully complete to become certified as a SSCP®: 1. 2. 3. 4. Examination Certification Endorsement Audit

Examination To sit for the SSCP examination, a candidate must:
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Sign up for the examination date and location Submit the examination fee Assert that he or she possesses a minimum of one year of professional experience in one of the seven CBK domains (If you’re a practitioner without the required work experience, you may achieve Associate of (ISC)² for SSCP by passing the same SSCP examination. Upon successfully completing the experience requirement and endorsement, you will receive a certificate and ID card and hold the SSCP designation.) Complete the Examination Agreement, attesting to the truth of his or her assertions regarding professional experience, and legally committing to the adherence of the (ISC)² Code of Ethics Successfully answer four questions regarding criminal history and related background

Certification To be issued a certificate, a candidate must:
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Pass the SSCP examination with a scaled score of 700 points or greater Submit a properly completed and executed Endorsement Form Successfully pass an audit of their assertions regarding professional experience, if the candidate is selected for audit

Endorsement Once a candidate has been notified they have successfully passed the SSCP examination, he or she will be required to have his or her application endorsed before the credential can be awarded. The endorser attests that the candidate's assertions regarding professional experience are true to the best of their knowledge, and that the candidate is in good standing within the information security industry. More on endorsement.

Audit Passing candidates will be randomly selected and audited by (ISC)² Services prior to issuance of any certificate. Multiple certifications may result in a candidate being audited more than once.

SSCP® - For Businesses
What is the SSCP®? The Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) is especially designed for network and systems administrators who implement policies, standards, and procedures on the various hardware and software programs for which they are responsible. (ISC)² credential holders are part of an experienced group of professionals who openly share their experience, ideas, tools and knowledge so all can benefit. A credentialed practitioner will have a competitive advantage in the labor market, professional recognition and the respect of their colleagues. How will the SSCP benefit my employees and my organization?

Credentialed professionals have already gained years of experience in the industry and have met a minimum educational standard. When you see an (ISC)² credential on a resume you know the candidate is qualified for the position. Professionals with (ISC)² credentials are required to acquire CPE credits every year to maintain their certification. This means that the candidate will continue their education as new challenges manifest themselves, solutions are found and new technologies are developed. Organizations such as the DOD and the MOD now require certifications for their information security personnel. If you are a service provider or sub contractor you will need staff with these credentials. SSCP certifications demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge of standards, ability to practice a code of ethics, and willingness to commit to a career in the information security field. The SSCP is an internationally recognized qualification as opposed to a regionally recognized qualification.

Maintenance Requirements To remain in good standing with (ISC)2, you must recertify every three years to maintain your SSCP credential. This is primarily accomplished by acquiring 60 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every three years, with a minimum of 10 CPEs earned each year after certification. You must also pay an annual maintenance fee of USD65.

SSCP® - Systems Security Certified Practitioner
Dimana sertifikasi tersebut merupakan salah satu cara untuk memenuhi kebutuhan tenaga keamanan informasi yang handal di Indonesia. PT. UniPro sebagai satu-satunya affiliate resmi (ISC)2 menyediakan kelas SSCP di Indonesia. Dan sebagai realisasi dari kerjasama UniPro, (ISC)2 dan APTIKOM yang telah menjalin kesepakatan, maka untuk peserta dari APTIKOM, (Dosen ataupun mahasiswa tingkat akhir) diberikan HARGA KHUSUS untuk mengikuti pelatihan ini dengan jumlah minimal peserta 25 orang untuk satu kelompok. Pelatihan dapat dilakukan via : • Tatap muka intensif selama 5 hari pelatihan dan satu hari simulasi Exam atau • Web Based Learning (sesi Web based akan direkam dan peserta dapat mengulangnya sampai 3 bulan setelah pelatihan selesai) – 14 kali pelatihan via web (@ 3 jam pelajaran) – Setara 3 credit Biaya pelatihan khusus untuk anggota APTIKOM adalah Rp. 5.000.000 (Lima Juta Rupiah) Namun, sambil menungu kelas dari APTIKOM berjalan, bila ada yang mau mengikuti kelas regular dapat mengikuti kelas pelatihan tanggal 5-9 Maret sebagai berikut: Tanggal: 5-9 Maret (5 hari) 12 Maret untuk simulasi Exam. Lokasi: Jakarta Design Center Biaya : Untuk anggota APTIKOM tetap Rp. 5 juta (sebagai info, biaya kelas regular Rp 11.000.000) Catatan: Selama tempat masih tersedia. (Note: Bagi yang telah mengikuti pelatihan dan mengikuti ujian namun belum lulus, dapat mengikuti ulang pelatihan dengan biaya Rp. 1.100.000 untuk pengganti biaya akomodasi). Certificate of Attendance diberikan langsung dari (ISC)2Asia pacific Office, Hong Kong. Exam terdekat adalah tanggal 17 Maret 2012. Namun apabila peminat Exam lebih dari 20 orang, maka dapat dilakukan schedule exam tambahan. Registrasi maupun biaya Exam sebesar USD 300 (standard)adalah optional dan dapat di lakukan registrasikan langsung ke website Saya melampirkan informasi yang lebih detail mengenai SSCP. Untuk registrasi dan informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi APTIKOM PUSAT, Sdra Ahmad Ikhsan Ramadhan, dan Sdri. Ismiyati HP Email : 0821 1724 3249, 0856 9117 9491, 0821 2900 0091 : dan

Informasi Mengenai Keamanan Informasi : Keamanan informasi telah menjadi kebutuhan penting untuk mendukung keamanan Sistem Informasi yang berkembang pesat akhir-akhir ini. Didalam dunia yang terhubung menjadi satu via internet, banyak serangan cyber (hacker, cracker, criminal, spionase, dll) yang mengakibatkan kerugian dunia senilai lebih dari 1 Trilyun Dolar Amerika (USD tahun (lihat: ) Untuk meminimalkan dampak serangan keamanan informasi serta kelanggengan dan kelancaran bisnis maupun pemerintahan, maka dibutuhkan tenaga ahli keamanan informasi yang handal. ISC2 sebagai organisasi nirlaba keamanan informasi terbesar, menerbitkan berbagai sertifikasi keamanan informasi seperti CISSP, SSCP, CSSLP, ISSAP, ISSEP, ISSMP, serta telah berkiprah selama lebih dari 22 tahun. Untuk biaya pelatihan dapat dilihat pada %20Matrix.pdf

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