Sexy Secrets of a Creole Seductress



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Spell for Physical Body Change

Requires: Small piece of paper, Quartz crystal, Some string Procedure: Take the small piece of paper and write your name on it. Draw on it what body or body part you want changed and what you want it to look like. The picture could show the entire body or just the part. Now hold the paper in your hands and imagine the body/part changing from what it looks like now to what you want it to look like. Then fold it up any way you like and tie it to the crystal. Then once more visualize the body part changing. Put it away and every evening until the body is changed take it out and visualize it changing again. When the change is done tear the paper up and scatter it to the wind. This spell is very good for changing aspects you don't like. It took a few days to see results so don't expect an overnighter.


Spell for Beautiful Hair

When to do this ritual: On a full moon of March (the season of wildness, the moment of flowering, the time of renewal). If you don't want to wait until March, simply do the spell on a Friday, the day dedicated to Venus, during the waxing moon (closer to the full moon is better.) If you don't have some of the ingredients, you can use substitutions (such as tap or purified water in place of rainwater, or a white egg instead of a brown one.) Remember, your intention is the most important thing. All of these ingredients are symbolic and are used to help focus your mind on your intention. Tools needed:               A brush A pink candle Goddess oil Venus incense A mortar and pestle A bit of lemon juice Three tablespoons of flaxseed oil One brown egg Three tablespoons of maidenhair A pinch of ground ginseng Plastic wrap Shampoo Conditioner Three gallons of rain water

Instructions: Bend over at the waist and brush your hair upside down for one hundred strokes, making sure the scalp is stimulated and all residues of styling aids are gone. Anoint the candle with the oil. Light the candle and the incense. Place the lemon juice, flaxseed oil, egg, maidenhair and ginseng in the mortar, and grind with the pestle until the potion is gooey. During the Venus hour (or on a Friday, the day dedicated to Venus), recite the incantation over the potion. Incantation: Potion of witches with beautiful hair, Adorn my head beyond compare. Rich and thick the potion goes, Absorb the sunshine and the glow. Maidens weave the gorgeous threads, That creates the hair upon my head. Combine the the egg, magick, and grain, And rise me beautiful with iris rain. So mote it be Work the potion into your hair until it is saturated. Place the plastic wrap over your hair and let it sit. Go outside and soak up the sun. Feel the potion tingling and revitalizing your hair. After a hour in the sun, shampoo and condition your hair, but before your final rinse of the conditioner thoroughly rinse your head in the rain water. Allow your hair to air dry naturally. You will see a improvement in your hair instantly.


Glamour Spell You need one or more pink candles. A handheld mirror Love oil “Dress” candles in love oil Next light the candles & stare deeply into the mirror Visualize the change you want. Recite this incantation aloud: "Sacred flame, as you dance Call upon my sacred glance. Call upon my second sight, Give me (fill in what you want here) With your light. Blessed flame, shinning bright, Give me now my second sight. Power of three, let them see, let them see"


Glamour Spell #2 You will need: 1 wine glass of water 1 pinch of salt 1 red candle 1 light blue candle 1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results) 1 round hand-held mirror Procedure: Drop the pinch of salt into the glass of water saying: “Beauty be within me. Beauty now set me free.” Carve the symbol of sex into the red candle. Carve a mirror symbol into the light blue one. Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red. Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection. Drop the rose petals one by one onto the mirror. After this is done, drink the water and say: “Beauty, beauty come to me. Beauty, beauty set me free. Let the candles burn down all the way.


Spell for Clear Skin What you need: 2 apples, a knife. Get an apple and cut it in half horizontally across the middle. Once you cut it you will see a five pointed star. Rub one half of the apple over your face or the affected area. Say this: "Apple, sacred fruit of the Goddess, With this gift, I do caress The pimple that brought me shame. I banish this zit in your name." Get another apple and cut it vertically from top to bottom. Rub one half of this over your face or affected area as well. Say this: "I love and accept myself as I am today. Clear skin I summon to come my way. By My Will so Mote It Be Three times three times three." Bury the first apple by a tree, bush or flower that is OUTSIDE. Bury the second apple by water. If you can't find a place like this, just bury it anywhere and pour water over it.


Desire Me Oil Needed to make oil:  3 drops of lavender  Orange blossom oil  1 drop of lemon oil.  Red Candle  Pink Candle Mix the oils together to make the "Desire Me Oil" Speak the name of your desired and bless your altar/work. Every day, light the candles and anoint them with Desire Oil and let them burn for 2 hours. Meditate on your beloved being with you for at least 15 minutes (and up to 2 hours) each day while the candles burn. Then snuff them out (with your fingers, a spoon, or a candle snuffer - do not blow them out! BE CAREFUL!) Repeat daily until your beloved responds to you. When you will be near your beloved, dap a tiny bit of the Desire Oil on your forehead, in the middle of your chest, and on your pubic hair.


“Marie Laveau” Love Bath (1) - To Attract Love Items Needed: Pink or red candle Cheesecloth 1 drop of attraction oil ½ teaspoon of dill ¼ teaspoon of rosemary ¼ teaspoon of lavender 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Light a pink (for romance) or red (for passionate relationship) candle in your bathroom. Pour all of the ingredients in the cheesecloth and fill your bath with water. Go inside and place the cheesecloth (tied) into the bath water and let it diffuse, visualize the kind of lover you want and what type of relationship you wish to have. Thank the Goddess Oshun (African Goddess Of Love & Sex) and snuff out the candle (don't blow out!). Do not rinse or use soap! Let this beauty/attraction bath stay on you for the rest of the night.


“Creole Seductress” Love Bath (2) To Attract Lust in a Person(s)

Items Needed: ¼ teaspoon wintergreen pinch of hibiscus Damiana Cheesecloth Red Candle Light a red (for passionate relationship) candle in your bathroom. Pour all of the ingredients in the cheesecloth and fill your bath with water bath. Go inside and place the cheesecloth (tied) into the bath water and let it diffuse, visualize the kind of lover you want and what type of relationship you wish to have. Thank the Goddess Oshun and snuff out the candle (don't blow out!). Do not rinse or use soap! Let this beauty/attraction bath stay on you for the rest of the night.


“New Orleans Siren” Love Bath 3 Bring out Beauty & Attract Love

Items Needed: ¼ Apple juice ½ teaspoon of dried orange peel 1 peach pit Some avocado Cheesecloth Pink or red candle Light a pink (for romance) or red (for passionate relationship) candle in your bathroom. Pour all of the ingredients in the cheesecloth and fill your bath with water bath. Go inside and place the cheesecloth (tied) into the bath water and let it diffuse, visualize the kind of lover you want and what type of relationship you wish to have. Thank the Goddess Oshun and snuff out the candle (don't blow out!). Do not rinse or use soap! Let this beauty/attraction bath stay on you for the rest of the night.



LOVE POTION TEA 1 pinch of rosemary 2 teaspoons of black tea 3 pinches thyme 3 pinches nutmeg 3 fresh mint leaves 6 fresh rose petals 6 lemon leaves 3 cups pure spring water Sugar Honey To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon (moving from empty to full). Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle. Sweeten with sugar and honey, if desired. Before drinking, recite this rhyme:



Drink some of the tea and say: GODDESS OF LOVE HEAR NOW MY PLEA LET [lover's name] DESIRE ME! SO MOTE IT BE SO MOTE IT BE On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.


Voodoo Queen Love Potion #9 To be performed on the 9th day of the 9th month. (But you can try it anytime - who knows?) 9 oz. sweet red wine 9 basil leaves 9 red rose petals 9 cloves 9 apple seeds 9 drops vanilla extract 9 drops strawberry juice 9 drops apple juice 1 ginseng root, cut into 9 equal pieces By the light of 9 pink votive candles, put these nine ingredients into a cauldron on the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month of the year. Stir the potion nine times with a wooden spoon, each time reciting the following: LET THE ONE WHO DRINKS THIS WINE SHOWER ME WITH LOVE DIVINE. SWEET LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE MAKE HIS/HER LOVE FOREVER MINE. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat and let it simmer for nine minutes. Remove the cauldron from the heat and allow the potion to cool off. Blow nine times upon the potion, bless it in the name of the African love goddess Oshun and then strain it through a

cheesecloth into a clean container. Cover and refrigerate it until you are ready to serve it to the man or woman from whom you desire love and affection. (Do not allow anyone other than your beloved to look at, touch, or drink the love potion.)



You'll need a few large apples, cinnamon, yarrow, spring water, salt, and an enameled or cast-iron saucepan. These are often associated with love and passion. If it is to your orientation, it is often helpful to bless or consecrate these components. Concentrate on your goal while preparing this potion: Slice the apples place them into the saucepan, coat with cinnamon, and cover with yarrow. Put in enough water to submerge the contents and add a small sprinkling of salt. Stir clockwise on low heat, incanting a love charm of your own making. Bring to a simmer for about 90 minutes, strain and place into a dark jar. Put a few drops into your favorite aftershave or cologne and wear it every 4 days. The magick stays after the scent fades.


LOVE TEA SPELL A love tea spell can be made on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday during a waxing moon. You Will Need: 3 candles (red, pink, and green) 4 caraway seeds 4 fennel seeds 1 tea bag 3 rose hips 5 edible rose petals. If you cannot get rose petals, buy rose water or dried roses from a herbal shop. (Be sure that the roses have not been sprayed with pesticides and are safe for brewing into a tea).

Light the candles and place them on the stove near the teapot. Bring two cups of spring water to a slow simmer. Add the other ingredients with the tea. As the love tea is steeping, pass your hands over the steam three times, and concentrate on the feelings of love. Pour a cup and sit in a cheerful place. If you have a photo of an intended lover, place it where you can see it as you drink the tea. Recite this spell: "I lift this cup to my lips, I drink it slow with tiny sips, Rose, tea, caraway, And fennel cause love to stay."

“MARIE LAVEAU” LUST POTION 6 drops of Patchouli oil 6 drops of Sandalwood oil 6 drops of Rose oil 6 drops of Clove oil 6 drops of Nutmeg oil 6 drops of Olive oil Wear as a perfume whenever you'll be in the presence of the person you're trying to attract. Be careful, this stuff is really potent. And don't be surprised if you find others eyeing you as well. I find it's pretty effective for getting a man's attention. I would probably suggest substituting amber oil for the rose oil in order to attract a woman.


ALLURING WINE LOVE POTION Mortar and pestle red wine beautiful glasses for serving the wine - 1 red candle 1 stick of incense a saucepan - 3 types of love herbs, 1 tsp of each (check that the herbs you chose are not poisonous ) Prepare your altar, light the incense and candle. Grind the herbs in your mortar and pestle (If you have used it for grinding poisonous herbs, then either buy a new one for cooking, or use a food processor ), charge the herbs for your magical purpose. Put enough wine in the saucepan, simmer, then add herbs slowly. As you do it, feel your intention for love, stir in herbs, keeping your focus. For best results, do on the waxing of the moon and chose herbs that suit your taste. Some herbs and spices do have a very strong taste.


SPELLBOUND LOVE POTION Filtered water, 2 cups of red wine 1 teasp of each of the following: Cumin, mint and peppermint mix herbs together in a pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 mins. Serve.

FIRE OF LUST POTION Items needed: --1 ounce bourbon 1 ounce vodka 3 ounces sloe gin orange juice 1 pinch allspice Add the first three ingredients in order to a tall glass of ice. Fill the glass with orange juice and add a pinch of allspice. As you stir, chant: "Fire of lust and fire of passion Bring to me some satisfaction Lust unbridled I desire, Bring me now what I require" Share the drink with the person you desire.


APHRODESIAC PASSION DRINK 1 pinch Rosemary 2 pinches Thyme 2 tsp. Black Tea 1 pinch Coriander 3 fresh Mint leaves (or 1/2 tsp. dried) 5 fresh Rosebud petals (or 1 tsp. dried) 5 fresh Lemon tree leaves (or 1 tsp. dried Lemon peel) 3 pinches Nutmeg 3 pieces Orange peel Place all ingredients into teapot. Boil 3 cups of water, then add to the teapot. Strain; sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.

MAGIC LOVE TEA FOR TWO 2 tsp. Rose petals 1 tsp. Spearmint herb 1 tsp. Licorice root (ground) 1 tsp. Hawthorn herb A pinch of the following: coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg Vanilla or Ginger Honey to taste Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Place the herbs and spices listed above in the hot water; simmer on low for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 5 minutes longer. Strain tea before serving.



MOON PRIESTESS PERFUME 1 Drop Queen of the Night Oil 3 drops rose oil 1 drop lemon verbana oil 4 fl. oz white spirit Blend the three oils in a bottle. Add the white spirit, and shake all vigorously. A cologne can be made by adding another 1 FL. oz of white spirit and 3 fl. oz of distilled water.

SEX GODDESS PERFUME Cinnamon Oil Lemon Verbena Oil Ylang-Ylang Oil Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.

SOLID LAVENDER PERFUME 4 ounces beeswax ½ cup sweet almond oil 1 tablespoon Lavender essential oil Melt beeswax into the oil using a double boiler. Remove from heat. Stir in essential oils and keep stirring for about a minute. Pour into containers and let cool completely until solid.



Add to your favorite bottle of cologne or perfume a few drops of musk oil, a pinch of ground coral, cantharides ("Spanish fly"), brown sugar, cinnamon, and three rose petals. Shake well and then place the bottle in front of an image of your desired lover, or your chosen deity of love, for five days and nights. To attract a lover, rub some of the perfume on your forehead, breasts, and feet.


PASSION GARDEN COLOGNE This is a light, fresh toilet water that combines two favorite garden scents - rose and lavender with fresh herbs and citrus peel for an irresistible scent, perfect for splashing on throughout the day. 2 tablespoons fresh rose petals 2 tablespoons fresh lavender flowers Peel of 1 lemon (zest only) 1 tablespoon fresh Rosemary 1 tablespoon fresh Peppermint 2 Cups water 1 ¼ cups vodka Place the flowers, peel, and herbs in a small saucepan and cover with the water. Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes but do not boil. Cool completely and add the vodka. Pour the mixture into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid and place in a cool, dry location for 2 weeks. Strain off all solids and bottle your cologne in a pretty bottle. Yield: 16 ounces.


MAGIC LOVE PERFUME TO MAKE HIM/HER FALL FOR YOU Need: perfume (check out "Real" here - contains pheromones to attract!), ground rosemary, ground mugwort. Stand unobserved where your love lives/will be and blow powders, don't wipe off from your hands-add perfume/cologne and rub your hands to generate heat and add more powders then blow and say: "wandering wind carry my spell, make ________ love me well, herbs and scent make ______ mine _____ shall see me, make his/her love turn to me". Wear this perfume whenever you will be near them.



How to Make a Charm Bag

       

Pink is used for love. Red is used for passion or sex. Black is used for banishing and revenge. Blue is used for spirituality and healing. Purple is used for protection and also for psychic power. Gold is used for wealth and prosperity. Green is used for financial matters. White is used for purity and cleansing. It can also be used for spirituality.

Other color associations that you may want to consider are: Silver for the Goddess Gold for the God White for the angels or your spirit guide. Green for fairies. Cut your material into two square sections. Place the two pieces together with the insides facing each other. Slowly sew three of the sides of the pouch together. While you sew your charm bag, focus your thoughts on the purpose for the charm. Visualize your goal coming true for you and know that as you sew your energy is being put into your charm

bag and being sent out into the Universe and to the Goddess. Next you can decorate your charm bag in any way that you wish. You may wish to draw meaningful symbols on the bag. You can can write your purpose on the bag. Sewing beads, sequins, ribbons, or other decorations on the bag is a good idea. The more effort and time you put into decorating and working with your charm bag, the more of your personal energy you infuse into it. While you are doing this, imagine that the charm bag is working its magic for you. Now add the ingredients that you want to have in your charm bag. You can use anything that you feel is symbolic of the goal you wish to reach. Dried herbs, crystals, photos, written words, flower petals, trinkets, a small magnet (for magnetism), you can even spray the inside or outside of the bag with a perfume or dab it with essential oil. Sew the top of your charm bag closed. If you wish, you can sew a ribbon onto the bag to hang it with. You may also carry the charm bag in your pocketbook, bag, or in your pocket.


Breaking a Run of Bad Luck A Charm Bag for Breaking a Run of Bad Luck

Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following: Angelica root African Ginger Fennel seed Holy thistle Clove Basil Add a small citrine to the pouch and you have a powerful sachet. During the full moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Keep it close to your heart.


Confidence in Social Situations

Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following: Nutmeg Pine needles Dried Lavender Piece of Mandrake root Carve your initials and a pentagram on the mandrake root and tie the bag closed. During the waxing phase of the moon, consecrate and charge the bag. Wear it around your neck or keep it in your pocket. You will feel a surge of energy whenever you are in a social situation.


Dream Magick

If you find you need a little help in lucid dreaming, or you want to learn the answer to a specific problem, this charm bag is a great tool. It soothes the waking mind and helps your sleeping mind to focus. Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following: peppermint cinnamon lemon verbena marigold vervain hops During the full moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Before sleep each night, rub the bag over your third eye (center of forehead) and concentrate on the question, problem or situation. Then place the bag under your pillow. Continue to concentrate on the situation as you drift off. When you wake, jot down whatever you remember in your dream journal. Your question should be answered within the first few nights. Remember dreams can be symbolic or literal. This pouch can also help increase your skill at lucid dreaming, by keeping your mind focused on the fact that you are just dreaming.


To Draw a New Love To You Charm Bag to Draw a New Love To You

Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in each of the following: 5 rose petals a bit (2 pinches or so) of catnip a bit of StarWitch a bit of vervain (if available) 1 marble sized piece of jasper or rose quartz During the waxing phase of the moon, preferably on a Friday, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge the bag. Wear it around your neck or keep it in your pocket.

Drawing Out a Latent Talent

Make or buy a small draw-string bag about 1-2 inches deep. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following: licorice root rosehips fennel catnip elderflower Once assembled, hang the bag outdoors at sundown. At midnight, remove the bag and place it around your neck. You must wear it for the next 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, you can place it under your pillow the night before any important where you feel you need some extra help reaching your full potential. Remember this charm is to bring out your existing talent not give you one you don't already have.



TO KEEP A LOVE Materials: 3 6 inch pieces of red cotton 3 or 4 strands of your lovers hair The same amount of yours By the light of the waning moon place all hairs together so that they are intermingles, and tier with three lovers' knots (full bows) using the red cotton. Place the hair in a secret place and do not allow anyone to untie the cotton ot lose the hair or the spell will be broken! If you want to boost your love life... you'll just have to pick one spell and cast it. You'll be amazed by the results.



Materials Required: One astral candle which shall be the representation of yourself 2 red candles – to represent love 1 black candle – to remove negativity 1 orange candle – for change 1 magenta candle – for good luck Photo of your love and yourself Lotus oil Rose petals – dried and crushed Method: First take the two red candles and carve out the names of your lover and yourself on it, using either by using a knife or blade or with the help of a thorn from a rose bush. Once this is done, have all the candles rubbed nicely with lotus oil. One should begin rubbing from the wick to the middle first and then from the bottom until the middle. Now in an isolated spot, preferably an open space, cast a circle wide enough for you to sit in. Place to your left the red candle bearing your name and place to the right, the other candle bearing your lover’s name. Next take the black candle and fix it directly in front of you. The black candle represents the removal of negativity. To the left of the black candle, place the orange candle that represents change. The magenta candle, representing good luck needs to be placed to the right of the black candle. Finally, right at the center of the circle, place the single astral candle which will be the representation of

yourself. Once this is done, cleanse the area by sprinkling salt water inside the circle. Then place the photograph of you and your lover at the center of the circle right near the astral candle. Then light the candles one by one, beginning with the black candle and ending with the astral candle in the center. Now walk around the inside of the circle saying this spell twice: With this spell I cast away all the bad luck in my life and my love. Once this is done, wait for the candles to burn out, collect the wax of all the candles. Dig a hole anywhere nearby and bury the wax along with the photograph of the both of you. Before you close the hole, make sure that you sprinkle on the items, a little bit of dried rose petals for your luck to improve. Then close the hole and leave the place without turning back.


TO MAKE LOVE SECURE Materials Required: White flowers – preferably carnations A flower vase Partners photograph Your photograph Mirror Pink candles – 2 Method: This ritual should be performed on a full moon night. The best time to perform this spell would be immediately after moon rise or between 10 and 11 PM. Set up an altar either in your room or somewhere outside. Make sure that your altar faces the moon. On the altar have the photograph of your lover set up. Next to that you need to set up your photograph as well. If you have a photograph of the two of you together then it’s even better. After you have set up the photograph, light the candles and place them on either side of the photo. One candle must be to the side of your photo and one candle must be to the side of your partner’s photo. Then place the carnations in the vase and keep it in front of the photo on the altar. Now hold the mirror in your hand in such a way that the reflection of the photos fall on the mirror and say the following spell: I declare our love true and not obscure Please Oh Gods, make our love secure Repeat the spell three times and then blow out the candles.

You may repeat the spell for any number of times but make sure that there is a gap of ten days between each time you perform the spell.



The person that you are going to perform the spell on has to already feel a certain amount of attraction towards you. This spell aggravates the attraction that he or she already feels and also provide them with the courage to admit their love for you. Materials Required: A pen that has been made out of a goose’s feather. Red ink A parchment or a sheet of paper String 1 Candle (pink) 3 Rose petals (pink) – dried and crushed A pan made out of aluminum. Method: Seat yourself in a dark room, or perform this spell once the sun has set and it is dark. Light the candle and in the light that has been cast by the candle, write the following incantation on the parchment (a sheet of paper would do). I appeal to the Goddess of Love so that (write the person’s name here) can declare their love unto me. Remember to use only red ink for writing. Crush the rose petals and mix it with dragon’s blood (if dragon blood is not available don’t mix the petals with

anything else). Sprinkle the rose petals over the written incantation. Wait until the ink is dry and then roll the parchment bit lengthwise. Tie this with a piece of string and knot it three times. Hold the parchment bit and burn it over the flame of the lit candle. As the parchment is burning, drop it in the aluminum pan and repeat the incantation.



Materials Required: A candle – Gold or Yellow A firm candle holder A sharp needle Sandalwood oil Rose petal of any color A quartz crystal A bell (silver) A drawstring pouch Matches Method: This spell should be performed only on a full moon night. Place yourself in a position where you receive the maximum light of the moon. Carve your name on the candle by means of the needle. Next rub sandalwood oil on the candle especially over your name. Then rub the sandalwood oil over the rose petal. As you do this you have to imagine that you are bringing peace and harmony into your life. Place the candle firmly in the holder and set it exactly at the center of the chosen position. You may cast an imaginary circle around yourself to determine the center. Kneel down beside the candle and hold the quartz crystal in your right hand. Now your primary focus has to be drawing all the love that you need into your life. Then place the crystal on the rose petal which has been coated with the oil.

Next ring the silver bell four times. Each time summon the forces of nature: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Light the candle and recite the following spell: “Adored Goddess Oshun resting on the Moon above Bring unto me my one and only love” Repeat the spell nine times. Allow the candle to burn completely before you end the spell. Convert the quartz piece into a piece of jewelry and wear it on your person. Carry the candle end and the rose petal in the drawstring pouch for good luck.


TO KEEP YOUR LOVER FAITHFUL It is the basic fear in every relationship, and the question on everyone who is committed minds as well. Will my lover remain faithful to me? Well you can either keep doubting all the time or you can do something about it. There is a really simple spell that you can carry out in order to keep the love of your life right where you want him or her – in your life. Materials Required: Licorice herb Drawstring pouch – any dark color Unicorn root Marigold – fresh Rosemary – fresh Cumin seeds – dried Method: First of all have the drawstring pouch blessed. You can get this done yourself by blessing the pouch yourself by performing a basic blessing spell or you can have it blessed by a holy person or a holy place. Powder the unicorn roots. It helps to dry them first. Make a sort of dry mixture out of the licorice herb, powdered unicorn root, cumin seeds and the fresh marigold and rosemary. Fill the drawstring pouch with this mixture and place it close to the place where your lover sleeps, like under his pillow or by his bedside. Additionally you can also sprinkle some of the licorice herbs on his/her footprints. This will ensure that no matter what they always return to you.


Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil Mud Cloth Sticks Sandalwood incense Bitter Orange incense Lemongrass Vanilla oil Rose oil White candle Procedure: Mould the mud into a human like figure. Decorate it with pieces of cloth and sticks to make it as close to reality as possible. Immerse the doll into water mixed with 7 drops of eucalyptus oil and place it on a bed of lemon grass. Sprinkle vanilla oil and rose oil in circles around it. Place the candle towards the head of the doll and light it. Light the incense sticks , placing the sandalwood incense to the left of the doll and the orange to the right. Repeat the following lines 7 times, “As you lie in your nightly abode, With the moon shining through the window, May the light of this flame, The power of truth to you be bestowed.” Make sure you perform this during a full moon night, keeping in mind that when the spell is performed the subject in question is fast asleep. The spell will not work if

the subject is conscious or if the night it is performed on is any other than a full moon night. To end the spell, bury the doll.


PERFECT MATE LOVE SPELL This love spell is intended to attract the perfect mate . In the circle, ground and center. Meditate on all the ideas you have about the perfect partner. Maybe you have a particular candidate in mind for romance. Release the thought of that person (it would be most unethical to work magick to make a certain person love you; this would violate their free will, and put you in jeopardy by The Law of Return). Release all notions of what your perfect lover will look like. These are externals, and if you cling to them then you run the risk of overlooking your ideal mate simply because your conscious mind was focused on superficialities. Equipment Needed: 2 candles: One white, One in your favorite color 2 candle holders 1 rose colored altar cloth 1 piece of red chalk Timing: This love spell can be performed at any time. I usually find that the evening is the best. When your mind is clear and open, hold the candle of your favorite color: this represents you. Meditate, then speak aloud all the qualities and energies you are willing to bring to an intimate relationship. Replace that candle on the altar, and pick up the white one. This represents your ideal partner. Speak aloud the

essential qualities you desire in a mate, and ask Oshun to bring you together in this lifetime. Now place the 2 candles in their holders at opposite ends of the altar. Draw a heart on the center with the red chalk, large enough for both candle holders. Each day thereafter, meditate on the perfect loving relationship for a few minutes, and move the two candles an inch close together. If you started on the new moon, then by full moon the candles should be touching in the center of the heart. When they meet, draw two more hearts around the first one, raise energy by singing your favorite love song, and charge the candles.


MOON PRIESTESS SEDUCTION SPELL The Moon Priestess seduction spell is a simple technique of magickal seduction. To begin, choose a person to whom you wish to direct the glance. It is preferable if they are seated (or otherwise stationary) and not involved in any particular activity. This is not required, but it makes it somewhat easier. Close your eyes. Visualize a glowing, silver crescent moon that passes through the middle of your head, with the "horns" protruding forward in the direction of your line of sight. Try to visualize your "target" and sensitize yourself to him/her. After a moment, try to sense when they are looking in your direction. When you feel this is so, open your eyes and look into theirs. If they have moved or are not looking in your direction, you must try again or choose another person. As you look into their eyes, visualize a shaft of silver light extending from the tips of the horns into their eyes. Hold your mind still and blank. You should be able to sense immediately if the person has been affected by the spell.


DOLL IMAGE LUST SPELL Well, this spell isn't for love, it's for lust. It's all a chemical thing anyway, so love might evolve out of it. Materials: target's picture, your picture, target's action figure, your action figure, colored cloth, and yarn, 3 candles, 2 rubber bands, a lighter, and a shoe box. Doll Making. Pick a target you are truly in lust with and find their picture. Buy a doll or action figure for your gender and one for the target's gender. Put their picture over the doll face and secure it with a fastener. Do the same for the doll that represents you. Cloth Making Use the color that represents lust, love or both to you. Buy a cloth of that color that is large enough to wrap, cover the dolls. Find string, or yarn of the same color to fasten it. Write on the cloth, "Lust" Tie two knots in the yarn. The Ritual Light a love candle for you and a love candle for the target. Say; "This candle is my burning love for you." "This candle is your will to love." Place the target's doll near the target candle and your doll near yours. Place a third candle between the two candles unlit. Say; "This is the growing lust between us, attracting us to each other." Take the two candles with both hands and light the center candle with them at the same time. Extinguish the light of the target candle and your candle. Say; "By the light of our growing lust for each other, I bind us with it until I should choose to break the bonds and

part ways with you." Cover the dolls facing each other with the cloth and bind it with the yarn by making one more knot in addition to the two. Place the dolls in a shoebox and make sure no one disturbs the box.

[to make a generic lust-attractor:] ...just wrap your own doll in the cloth but don't bind it. Place it in the shoe box. Say once a day while holding the wrapped doll; "I have increased my power to attract!" Do this until you feel that other's attraction to you is sufficient for your needs.


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