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The AX-L Shale Shaker

The AX-L concept

The AX-1 shaker has revolutionised the deepwater shaker market by offering a significant increase in processing capacity in a smaller footprint coupled with the ability to retain bridging materials while reducing drilled solids concentrations. Underpinned by this successful approach, the AX-L shaker evolves the concept further by offering an even more compact shaker system which delivers the four things most desired by both operator and rig owner: o Ability to handle large circulating rates in respect to fast, top-hole drilling o Improved separation and reduced screen costs through 'sequential' screening o Sized Material Retention o A user-friendly design with low-maintenance components

Sized Material Retention

Drilling fluids are more frequently being engineered to contain specifically sized particles. This can be either conventional lost circulation materials to combat significant downhole losses, or specifically sized material to bridge fractures and pore spaces. This allows higher fluid densities often above the fracture gradient to be employed. This results in: o Reduced whole fluid losses in depleted zones o Reduced number of casing runs o Increased margin of safety The AX-L increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these fluid formulations by retaining the sized particles on the middle deck while removing the larger and finer drilled solids on the upper and lower decks.

Dual Modes
The 'smaller rig' market now has the opportunity to employ dual screening modes in a cost-effective and ultra-compact system. The triple-deck AX-L, with an effective screening area of 3m2, can operate in either parallel OR series modes: o In parallel mode, fluid handling capacity is increased by 'load sharing' the flow between the middle and lower decks; o In series mode the fluid is consecutively screened through the three decks thereby optimising solids removal efficiency and the life of the ultra-fine screens employed.

Parallel operation
Drilled solids

Series operation Summary of Benefits

Drilled solids




In parallel mode the AX-L delivers comparable screening area to conventional dual-deck shakers within a significantly smaller footprint.

Improved Separation:

When configured for series mode, the AX-L transforms into the ultimate fine screening machine by allowing sequential screening AND reduced screen costs.


With options for parallel, series and Sized Material Retention the AX-L can now offer the levels of flexibility only before seen on large, offshore rigs.

Footprint: Processed fluid Processed fluid Reliability:

Because the AX-L is effectively 60% the footprint of a standard dual-deck shaker, the space and weight required for installation is greatly reduced. The AX-L combines proven components from the AX-1 shaker basket structure with a field-proven, ruggedised drive system components to increase up-time and reduce maintenance costs.


The AX-L uses the massively successful AX Screening System (as employed on the AX-1 shaker).

Shaker comparison
Conventional Single/Dual Deck shaker: 2997mm (l) x 1685mm (w) 2177kg

Axiom AX-L: 2554mm (l) x 1155mm (w)


Specifications of the AX-L:

General Equipment Type Vibratory Motion Angle of Motion Speed of Vibration Drive System Method Air System Air Supply Requirements Pressure Capacity 80 90psi 0.3 ft2/min Screen Angles Dry Operating Weights (kg) & Dimensions (mm) Weight Retrofit Single Dual Triple Quadruple 1500 1900 3900 5900 7900 2554 2554 2554 2554 1155 2640 4125 5610 1677 1677 1677 1677 Screen Areas Per Deck Total Screens - Boxed for Shipping Top Intermediate Bottom 3 off required 3 off required 3 off required 4.5kg each 4.5kg each 4.5kg each 1.01m2/10.82ft2 3.03m2/32.46ft2 Length Width Height Angle Adjustment Top Deck Intermediate Deck Bottom Deck None 2 7 7 Fixed Electrically Driven Vibrator Motor Screen Clamping Top Deck Intermediate Deck Bottom Deck Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Shale Shaker Balanced Elliptical Fixed Fixed (Variable as Option) Screen Types Top Deck Intermediate Deck Bottom Deck Pretensioned Pretensioned Pretensioned Screening Arrangement Screen Configuration Triple Deck

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