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R-21 Technical Specification of LS30H-AC Helicopter Portable Drilling Rig

LS30H AC rig technical specifications

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I Design principle:
1.1 LS30H-AC drilling rig is designed and manufactured according to the principle "advanced performance, reliable operation, convenient mobilization, economic operation and meeting HSE requirements". The performance and quality has reached or are beyond the

advanced level of international similar drilling rigs.

1.2 Technical standards

.SYIT 5609-1999 .SY5202-91 .GB1243.1-83 .API Spec 4F Types and basic specifications of drilling rig Technical conditions of workover rig Bush roller chain drive Mast and substructure specification for workover / drilling rig .API Spec 7K .API Spec 8C/8A Rotary Drill Stem Elements specification Drilling and production hoisting equipment specification (PSL 1 & PSL2) .API Spec 9A .API RP 9B Wireline specification Selection, maintenance and recommendation -GB3836.1-83 for wirelines

General requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment in explosive environment



rig is designed








components are imported. 1.4 1.5 The performance of drilling rig satisfies the drilling requirements to the maximum limit. The reasonable layout of the rig meets the requirements for helicopter hoisting, with

assembly by an on-site crane.

LS30H AC rig technical


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II. Technical specifications:

Drilling depth: 1. Max. hook load: 2. Height, mast: Height, monkey board: Height, drill floor: 3. Opening diameter, rotary table: 4. Gears, rotary table: 5. 6. Diameter, drilling wireline: Drawworks Rated horsepower: Max. Fastline pull: 7. Gears, drawworks: 8. Traveling system: 750hp 210KN 1 forward 1 reverse 5x6 4" Drill Pipe 4500m 1700KN (382,000 Ibs.) 38m Free Standing - Non guyed

23m to 26m 6m 444.5 ( 17.5" ) mm 1 forward 1 reverse 29mm

III. Performance
LS30H-AC drilling rig mainly comprises of a draw-works support chassis, mast, drill floor substructure and specialized drilling equipment. The rig is designed with advanced technology, improving the reliability as a whole. The operation and maintenance are ergonomic. Critical components are imported. The rig is equipped with interface with relative equipment. The rig meets the drilling requirements. Power system: C-18 Generator Sets, three (3) New Caterpillar C-18 570KW 460 V 60 hz The rig dedicated devices consists of the main draw-works frame, raising system (including draw-works and brake system, auxiliary brake), traveling system (including crown, wire line), mast, rotating system (including hydraulic powered rotary table), control system (including VFD, hydraulic, air and electric system). The operation is centralized on the hydraulic control console and drillers control cabin.

Four hydraulic jacks are attached to the main draw-works frame and are used to level the rig and bear the rig weight when the rig is working. A mechanical jack is set at the front of main beam and two mechanical jacks are set at the middle of main beam. The double section and telescoping mast is made of rectangular tubes. Its clear height is

38m (vertical distance from crown block beam to ground) and 32m from crown to floor.
LS30H AC rig technical specifications

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It includes upper mast section, lower mast section, base, braces, crown block and monkey board. The raising, lowering of mast and telescoping of upper mast section is accomplished by wire line scoping. Drawworks mainly consists of frame and guard, main drum and braking system, air- cooling disc type parking and emergency brake. Drum shaft is made of premium alloy steel. Brake discs are alloy steel. The main drum is Lebus grooved, which ensures orderly arrangement and long service life of 29mm wire line. Main brake is regenerative AC type. Newly designed high strength structure is adapted to the fabrication of frame and guard for easy installation and dismantlement. Rotary table driving device includes rotary table hydraulic driving unit. Main hydraulic system is equipped with oil tanks, filters, gear oil pumps, overflow valves and supplies clean and high-pressure adjustment hydraulic power. The rig hydraulic system controls rig includes leveling of frame, raising,

and hydraulic floor tools. Rig adjustment

lowering of mast, and its manual sextuplet valve is installed at the back of carrier. Hydraulic floor tools include hydraulic winch, two cathead cylinders, and spare oil ports. The hydraulic winch is electric remote-controlled and hydraulic-powered the controls are installed in the

driller cabin. Cathead cylinder is remote controlled. Key hydraulic components are imported. Rig is complete with AC460V, 60HZ lighting and power distribution cabinet. Three branch lines supply power for the lighting of mast, substructure, and carrier. Two branch lines 460V supply power for circulating system. Scoping type substructure completes with walkway, ladder, "V" door ramp. The substructure is designed with reinforced mouse and rat holes. BOP Trolley beams are supplied for

mounting, Ingersoll Rand, BOP hoist. The setback area is using anti-corrosion wood. Groove is designed under the setback for mud down flow. There is drip pan between wellhead and substructure for collecting the mud.

IV. Main technical requirements for drilling rigs 1 Draw-works Support Frame Structural steel equipment support, that accommodates the Draw-works, Top-drive HPU, Draw-works lubrication pump, Draw-works Disc Brake Control Center, and the Hydraulic Drill line spooler, (2) two Hydraulic Winches, Mast assembly supports, Raising

Cylinders, leveling cylinders and additional supports to the bearing pads.

Draw-works Rated input HP: Max fast-line pull: Brake type, draw-works: 750hp AC Gear Driven 210KN Regenerative AC brake
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LS30H AC rig technical


Drum Dia. x Length: Groove: Cooling type, brake disc: 3 VFD House/MCC House !Drillers Cabin 528mmx1041mm 29 Lebus Air

The automatically controlled system can work properly under atrocious weather conditions outside (such as sandstorm, high rain fall etc) with the ambient temperature: -30 to +50 degree, altitude: :590%, relative humidity: :590%. The design of the system as well as standard for making is in accordance with the international standard. Design of the system conforms to the following electric standard: IEC44-81 OGeneral Requirements for the Electric Equipment Gas NearbyO 2 of Automatically Control Equipment: with Explosive





Equipment Installed With Electronic Parts} GB50058-92 Conditions} APIRP500 Power Site} SY/T 6283-97 {Guideline for Healthy, Safe Drilling for Petroleum, Natural Gas and {Classified Recommendation of Petroleum Establishment and Electric {Design Standard for Electric Power Equipped in Explosive and Fire

Environment Management System}

480V Heater, lighting5.5KWD2.2KW, 2000A roler, Engine/Generator

Page Control Cubicles MCC 0HZ, Breaker 3200A 1800r Ton 5 Transformers 600:480 DC m, VFD 6Cubicles ASS 12*10 profibus DP ITransformers ICubicies 3Cubicles 3Control S7-300Distribution Trane 1 HVAC 3 I750KVA, Phase,6Control house20-Motorl480V C-18 480V 570KW, CAT Phase,0HZ, 0.8 1480:208/120Vac, I MainDC Tie Breaker Distribution 3P f,23PLC Tie Breaker ,60Hz, equipment




Cable ACS800-1 07Driller's box Siemens com.cable To Ex ABB 800KW Page 2 1400KW 1 Dynamic Braking Choppers1 AC 4Motor MCM 6Cable Resistor 800KW2 MP 710KW ACS800-107-0870-7



(3) Main Eng/Gen Control cubicles Each Engine/Generator Controls for control of Caterpillar C-18 Engine with 480VAC, 570KW, 60Hz, 0.8pf, 1800rpm, 3 Phase Generators consist at a minimum of the following components, engineered, wired, interconnected and tested as a complete and. Each cubicle will contain the following equipment as a minimum: Operational system Speed Adjust, Voltmeter, Voltage Adjust KW Meter, KVAR Meter, Ammeter,

Generator Running Hour Meter, Circuit Breaker ON/Off Indication Off/ldle/Run/Load Selector Switch ,

Synchronization Selector Switch , "Off/Sync" Switch , Generator Protection: Under voltage Trip Over voltage Trip Under Frequency Trip Over Frequency Trip Reverse Power Trip Power Limit Unit Synchronizing Bus Voltmeter Frequency Meter Synchroscope Synchronizing Check Relay Synchronizing Lights

Ground Detection System

3 Phase to Ground, AC and DC Percent Ground Detection Indicating Lights Ground Test Pushbutton

ABB ACS800-107 Series AC VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE SYSTEMS Converter System 2 each -Converter Systems shall be used on the front end of the drilling drive systems. Each system is a 3 Phase, 6 Pulse supply and shall semiconductor fusing for protection. Each rectifier unit will be independent and also load share with the other during normal operation. The system shall be sized to accommodate all specified inverter loads with the expandability to accept additional rectifiers for increase of the Mud Pumps as described below.

Main DC Disconnect Meter, VFD Current 0-1 OOOAAC Meter, VFD Frequency 0-80Hz VFD Protection Fusing
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LS30H AC rig technical specifications


Controller MMllnterface Profibus Interface DC Link Smoothing Reactor Pre-Charging System

Drawworks AC VFD Drives, 750kW 1 each - Drawworks Drive System, Air Cooled, 600V, rated for 600kW (750 hp). The drive is to be rated for 1000kW, 1058AAC with 150% overload. The ABB module type is ACS800104-1740-7. The drive is to include the following at a minimum: Main DC Disconnect Meter, VFD Current 0-1600AAC Meter, VFD Frequency 0-80Hz VFD Protection Fusing VFD Controller VFD MMI Interface VFD Profibus Interface VFD DC Link Smoothing Reactor VFD Pre-Charging System Dynamic Braking Choppers 2 each - Brake Choppers are to be installed on each end of the Drive Systems DC Common Each Chopper shall be rated for 800kW Continuous, 1600kW Intermittent. Braking Resistors The Braking Resistor Assembly is Air Cooled, each Resistor Bank is rated for 1500VDC @ 800kW continuous (with a duty cycle of 60 seconds on/60 seconds off), 1600kW peak. DC Tie Breaker A tie breaker (3200A) is to be included, dividing the DC common bus with equal drive loads. This disconnect will be closed at all normal operational times but with the ability to isolate between busses.

480V Distribution Breaker 1 each - 750KVA Transformer Primary Feeder Circuit Breaker. The circuit breaker is rated 600V, 1200AF/1200AT, 3P, the circuit breaker is manually operated with UV trip, shunt trip, auxiliary switches, mechanical trip pushbutton, mechanical on/off indicators and circuit protection (LSI).

Power Control House The Power Control Building is steel construction. The two buildings are designed to hold all electrical equipment with a corresponding porch for mounting of the 2 x 10 Ton HVAC units (HVAC units are to manufactured by Trane), Power Distribution Transformer and the Dynamic Resistor Assembly. The exterior wall is made crimped plate construction and designed for oilfield winch truck application. Estimated Dimensions for the two electrical control buildings are 25'-0"(7.5m) Long x 10'-0" (3m) Wide x 10'-0" High. The building shall include and the following: Sheet Metal interior walls and ceiling painted white Installed Interior high voltage matting

LS30H AC rig technical


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Recessed Generator Plug interconnect panel with Insulated cover connectors and mating connectors Air Flow Distribution shall be configured to maximize cooling and heat removal from the AC VFD Drives. Generator Power Connection shall be by Buss Bar connection Integrated Power and Control Plug Panel for all outgoing loads with Plugs and Receptacles VFD Motor Power Connection shall be by Buss Bar Connections Control Connections will use Pyle National, Starline Type, receptacles and Plugs. All equipment including Furnished MCC will be installed and wired out within the VFD building. Utility Power including the following: o Fluorescent lighting fixtures o Emergency lighting with battery back-up o Personnel/Equipment Doors with Panic Hardware o Power Receptacle o 208/120Vac Power Distribution Panel for VFD PCU and Rig Lighting Requirements

Driller's Cabin The Drillers Cabin is constructed of Stainless Steel, and pressurized to meet API standards for drill floor operations. The Driller will have a cyber chair to operate the drilling rig from, with joy stick and touch screen controls. Consisting of PLC controlled operator interface that includes operation following equipment: Drawworks Top drive including Can rig directional steering panel Rotary Table Mud pump #1 Mud pump #2 Hole fill / charge pump Hydraulic pumps Emergency shutdown Engine shutdown Auto driller Above equipment will still be operable in the event of a PLC failure of the

Consisting of PLC controlled operator interface with the following instrumentation One (1) Weight Indicator System to indicate total hook load (inner dial) and bit weight (outer dial) Two (2) Remote Mud pressure indicating systems to indicate mud pump pressure One (1) remote stand pipe pressure indicating system One (1) remote casing pressure indicating system One (1) Tong torque indicating system to indicate amount of line pull being applied to the drill pipe or drill collars when making up or breaking-out joints RPM meter to indicate top drive revolution per minute One (1) stroke counter displaying spm for each pump individually and total strokes Rig air pressure Rig hydraulic pressure

LS30H AC rig technical


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Consisting of PLC controlled operator interface with the following system monitoring, and safety devices One (1) anti-collision crown-o-matic and floor-o-matic system Gas LEL and H25 monitoring with audible and visual alarms red strobe for gas, yellow strobe for H2S, strobes will be placed on front of doghouse easily visible to personnel on the rig floor and on mud pits Fire detection monitoring with audible and visual alarms Engine temperature with audible and visual alarm Hydraulic system pressure and temperature with audible and visual alarm Generator and VFD on line indicator Percent power indicator Charge pump on indicator Charge pump / hole fill pump on indicator Hydraulic pump on indicator

Model: Efficient height, mast: Max load: Capacity, monkey board: Wind load: LS-30H 36m 1800KN 5" DP 2500m, 4-1/2" DP 3000m 11Okm/h with anti-slide

Front open type mast has lower and upper sections, and completed

walkway. The height of monkey board is suit for double tubing (single joint length 11m). Hydraulic tilting and telescoping mast is fit for the requirements of mounting top drive. Pipelines (including standpipe, air pipeline, and hydraulic pipeline) are fixing on the mast body for eye pleasing. And this design can avoid the damage during handling and transporting. Welding lines of mast welding positions are complied with the specification, and without sand inclusion and crack. Mast is designed as per API 4F spec. 5 Crown Model Dia, Fastline sheave: Dia., Crown block sheave Max. Load LS-30 split 795mm 655mm 1800KN (404,000 Ibs.)

Traveling block
Model Max. Load Number, sheave LS-30 Split 1700KN

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LS30H AC rig technical


Dia., sheave Dia., wireline 7 Top Drive Model: Foremost Max. Static load Max. Working pressure Max. Rotating speed 150ton

670mm 29mm (1-1/8")


as per API SPEC 8A

150 ton 35Mpa (5000psi) 300rpm X 96" long

One (1) set forged alloy steel links, 250 ton rated. 2 -1/4"

Mast junction box, connectors are provided for both the feeder and service loop sides (Finney connectors for power and Pyle plug/receptacle sets for control and field) Top drive housing with mounting lugs Adjustable top drive guide runners Drive unit including spindle, bearings and gearing A.C. motor Motor air outlet plenum and spark arrestor Floating quill with 7.9 inches free float Brake, hydraulic caliper disk type Hydraulic torque boost for connections Remotely rotating and locking pipe handling assembly Elevator link support Link support counter balance system Bi-directionallink tilt assembly Back-up wrench with one set of die blocks Link-tilt clamps for 250 ton elevator links Pipe stabbing guide bell Wash pipe assembly Mud gooseneck, 4" nominal diameter, with 2" NPFT top port for wireline operations Lubrication circulating system including the following Suction strainer Pump and electric motor Filter, 25 micron absolute Cooler with electrically driven fan Hydraulic valves (solenoid operated) for auxiliary functions Hydraulic piping, hose and fittings on the top drive unit Diagnostic pressure test points are provided for all functions, hose and tube fittings are the "ORS" type for premium sealing performance Instrumentation gauges and sensors including the following Hydraulic pressure and return gauges Lubrication pressure gauge Lubrication temperature gauge Lubrication alarm pressure switch Lubrication alarm temperature switch Air cooling alarm pressure switch RPM sensor Service connection for the kelly hose, hydraulics AC power, electrical controls, and cooling air Top Drive Control Console with All control switches Emergency stop and lockout controls Top drive throttle RPM meter (digital) Torque meter (analog), scaled in ft-Ib or N-m Drilling torque limit control and meter Connection torque limit control and meter Smart calibration of the torque instrumentation field level compensation Status and alarm indicator lights
LS30H AC rig technical specifications

and torque limit settings c/w

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Audible alarm Control PLC Stalled motor alarm and unwind control Connection spin in/out control Connection torque control Drilling recorder signals for torque and RPM, either 4-20mA or 10 V Connections for interface to the control & interface panel Stainless purgeable enclosure 8 Rig Hydraulic System


The Hydraulic Power system is dual power, first system is Diesel driven to allow the mast to be erected before the electrical system is completely installed. The AC powered HPU uses the same tank for hydraulic oil as the diesel unit. The HPU also has an isolated small AC Driven HPU to power the disc brakes for the Drawworks, all modularized to be a single lift. The unit is fully capable of powering all of the hydraulic equipment on the floor except the top drive which has a stand alone system. The HPU is mounted under the substructure plumbed to quick connections as required for leak- free disassembly. 9 Hydraulic cathead Model Hydraulic winches Travel, cylinder E6121 - 2sets 100m 80KN 1830mm 50KN 11 m/min 16mm Y J-5 two sets, and


Standpipe Full bore Working pressure (4") 35Mpa (5000psi.)

It is equipped with rotary hose adapter and various valves. 3" HP gate valve (1 set), 2" plug valve (2 sets) and 2" union (2 sets) are installed on the standpipe. 12 Rotary hose Full bore Substructure
LS30H AC Model rig technical specifications

Page 30H ( IBM 12) LS 35MPA ( 4"

5000PSI )

Equipped with BOP transportation unit, easy for installing the BOP and wellhead unit. Equipped with 3 Stairs, one to the top of mud tanks, one next to the 'V' door, and one from driller's side to draworks deck. High Arctic Pipe Catwalk Assist, V-door ramp, BOP trolley rails for customer furnished BOP hoist and trolleys, pipe setback area, etc. Height, substructure Clearance height, below rotary table beam Area, substructure Max. Load: Setback capacity: Drillers Cabin (1 ea.) of substructure: 6m 4.9m 5.4x7.4m 2580KN (580,000 Ibs.) 4" DP 4000m 3x3x6m, single room, explosion proof AlC (1 ea.), and drillers chair.


Rotary table
Model: Max. Opening size: Max. Load: Driving type Max. Rpm: ZP175-S 17.5 " 4500KN Hydraulic motor, with Disc Brake 20 rpm


Gaitronics Internal Communication Package

Six (6) weatherproof horns one (1) in cellar, one (1) on rig floor, one (1) on pit module, one (1) on pump module, one (1) on doghouse module, one (1) on generator module Four (4) outdoor hazardous area station, multiple line hazardous area handset with speaker station one (1) in cellar, one (1) on pit module, one (1) on pump module, one (1) on generator module Three (3) indoor multiple line wall stations one (1) in doghouse, one (1) in VFD building, one (1) in driller's cabin Two (2) indoor multiple line desk mounted stations one (1) in toolpusher camp office, one (1) in company man camp office


Gas monitoring detection system

To be located in following areas Each location has a combustible and H2S sensor One (1) on drill floor Two (2) cellar with one (1) at the bell nipple and one (1) low in the cellar One (1) mud complex at the shaker header box


Fire monitoring detection system

To be located in following areas: Two (2) A.C. I VFD - MCC module. Two (2) cellar area

LS30H AC rig technical


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Drilling parameter instrumentation

drilling instrumentation consists of Data acquisition and process unit,

Eight parameter

Computer recording terminal unit, connecting cable, connecting pipelines etc. The measured parameter: weight indicating, rotary torque, rotary rpm, tong torque, standpipe pressure, and

pump stroke I, II, flow rate of mud etc. All gauges should be anti-shock, anti-corrosion,

applicable for -30C to 70C ambient temp., less than 90% humidity. All electrics, cable joints must satisfy the standard of anti-shock and anti-corrosion.

LS30H AC rig technical


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