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A Amancebado/a, m/f [joined together] — unwed but living together Amasiado/a, m/f - same as amancebado Amigado/a, m/f — same as amancebado Amigar, v [to make

friends] — to shack up B Babaca, f/m — cunt, stupid person Bagos, m. plural [grapes] — balls; berries; bucks; drops of sweat Balls, f. plural [balls] — testicles Barca da Cantareira, f [Rio's bay ferry] — bisexual Barraco, m — a riot, an ugly scene Bicha, m [worm, line] — gay, fag Bode, m [he-goat] — oversexed man Bolha, m [bubble] — extra insufferable person Bosta, f [shit] — excrement; cheap thing; botched job; disappointment; gizmo Bouché, m [mouthful] — fellatio; oral sex on male Brocha, f [brush] — impotent man Brochar, v — fail to have a hard-on Boceta, buceta, f [box] — vulva, cunt Boiola, m — gay, homosexual man Buço, m — lip fuzz, down; incipient pubic hair Bruto, m (brute) the male sex organ Bunda, f — ass; asshole; cheap item ("Ele me deu uma gravata bunda" = He gave me a cheap tie) bunda, levar na, v — to be sodomized bunda, pôr na, v — to sodomize

bunda, tomar na, v — to be sodomized Bundudo/a, m/f — person with a big derrière Buraco, m — hole (cunt, anus, etc) C Caceta, f — the penis. (a strange psychological phenomenon to attribute to the penis the female gender) Cacete, m — (a stick, a club) — the penis. See previous entry. Cabaço, m [cherry] — hymen, virginity cabaço, tirar o — to ravish Cagada, f — a failure, a bad job, a disaster ("O casamento de Pat foi uma cagada" = Pat's marriage was a disaster) Cagado/a, adj — shitted on; smeared with shit; humiliated Cagar, v [to shit] — to defecate; to botch a job; to do badly Caralhal, adj — very good; excellent ("Foi uma festa caralhal" = It was a great party) Caralho, m [penis] — dick, prick Also used as an expletive ("Caralho, bati o carro" = Oh, fuck, I crashed the car Casa, f [house] — in expressions such as "na casa do caralho" "na casa do catso" = in a remote place; brothel Caramba! Expletive — used when "caralho" is thought to be too strong. Also used in the expression "pra caramba!" = "pra caralho" = a great deal, much too much Catso, m — penis, cock. Used in questions such as: "O que é este catso?" = What the shit is this? "Para que serve este catso?" = What the hell is this good for?" Chatear, v — to annoy, to hassle

Chato, m [flat] — pubic louse, crab Chato/a, m/f -annoying, importune, insufferable person — adj. — boring, soporific; annoying Chico, m [a nickname for Francisco] — menstruation ("Alva está com o chico = Alva is menstruated) Chico in the expression: "até o chico vir debaixo" = for a long time Chifre, m [horn] — what a cuckold is supposed to sport Chifrudo/a, m/f — a cuckold man/woman Choto, m — same as caralho, pica Chupada, f [a sucking] — to suck lips or a sex organ Chupar, v [to suck] — to practice oral sex Chuparinho, f [sucker] — addicted to cunnilingus Coco, m/f [coconut] — prostitute; bimbo Cocô, m — poo, shit (baby talk) cocô, fazer, coll — to poo, to shit Coisa, f/m [thing] — sex organ — "Seu coisa" = John Doe Coisinha, f [little thing] — vulva, pussy Comer, v [to eat] — to have sex with Comida, f/m [eaten] — easy woman; bimbo; prostitute (also applicable to males) Corrimento, m [flow] — flow of menses; clap secretion Cona, f [cunt] — vernacular terms Cricri, m/f — "the crab's crab"; greatly insufferable person Cripentolha, m/f — the very tops in insufferability Cu, m [anus] — asshole; an unpleasant person, site, event, or act cu, pôr no — see Bunda cu, tomar no — see Bunda

Cucaracha, f [cockroach] — Spanish-American person Cu da mãe, coll [mother's ass] — an undefined place, anywhere ("Onde ponho isto? Põe no cu da mãe" = "Where do I put this. Put it in the mother's ass." Cu da perua, coll [the female turkey's ass] — a very far place ("Em Brasília, tudo fica no cu da perua" = In Brasília everything is miles away) Culhão, m [testicle] — ball; courage, valor; chutzpah Culhões, m plural [testicles] — in expressions signifying manliness, leadership, extreme courage. Even in sentences such as "Margarida é uma mulher de culhão/culhões" = Margarida is a lady with balls. Also used negatively: "Esse calhorda nao tem culhões" = This scoundrel's got no balls, no shame, no stand, no backbone Curra, f — a forcible group sex act (the victim may be either male or female) Currar, v — to commit "curra" Currada/o, f/m — the victim of a curra D Dar, v [to give] — to yield to a sex call Deflorar, v [to deflower] — to take a female's virginity Descabaçar, v — same as deflorar E Enchedor de saco, coll [bag filler] — a pain-in-the-ass person Encher, v [to fill] — to annoy; hassle; importune Enchimento, m [padding] — the action of "encher" (q.v.) Enrabar, v [to sodomize] — to have anal sex with; to destroy a person, a company, an entity financially/morally/ professionally Entesar, v [to stiffen] — to have a hard- on; to have "tesão" (q.v.); to reprimand someone; to tease endlessly

Entrar em, v [to enter] — to penetrate sexually Entrar, v [to enter] — penetrate sexually Fazer, v [to make, to do] used in expressions such "fazer minette", "fazer pipi" "fazer cocô" etc. São Paulo streetwalkers use to entice customers with the call "vam' fazer neném?" = Shall we make a baby? F Fiofó, m — same as Bunda, Cu Foda, f [a fuck] — the sex act; intercourse; a problem ("Este garoto é uma foda" = This boy is a problem); bad happening ("A viagem a Nova Iorque foi uma foda" = The trip to New York was a bust); bad premonition ("Se meu time perder é foda" = If my team loses, it is a disaster Fodedor/a, m/f — a person with the reputation of a sexual athlete. Also somebody who teases a lot Foder, v [to fuck] — to have intercourse; to defeat ("Precisamos foder os cor-de-rosa" = We must defeat the Pinkies); to ruin ("O patrão está querendo foder a gente" = The boss is trying to fuck us) Foder-se, v [to fuck oneself] — practically the connotations as in English Fodido/a, m/f [fucked] — defeated, sick, depressed Fudido — same as Fodido G Galinha, f [hen] — oversexed or promiscuous female ("Tomar por onde a galinha toma" = To get it the way chickens do) Garanhão, m — stud Gilete, m/f — bisexual Gonorréia, f — gonorrhea, clap

Gonorréia de gancho — hard to cure clap Gostosa, f [tasty] — sex pot Grelo, grelinho m [sprout, little sprout] — clitoris, clit M Machão, m — super stud; very macho Machona, f [virago] — lesbian Mãe, f [mother] — often used offensively to imply or attribute immoral actions to the mother of the person one is talking to Mané, m — a clumsy fellow; an awkward lover. Manzapo, m — penis, dick, prick Marmita, f [marmite] — a train, subway, bus or streetcar patronized by many streetwalkers Marica, maricas, m/f — effeminate, gay Mata, f [copse] — a thick pubic hair grow Merda, f/m [shit] — excrement, shit ("Fulano é um merda" = So and so is a rotter) merda, vai à — piss off Merdoso/a, adj — shitty Mijar, v — to pee fora do pinico, mijar [to pee outside the pisspot] — to miss the target; to hit the wrong target; to say the wrong thing; to speak out of turn Minette, minete, m [cunnilingus] oral sex on female Mingau, m [goo, goop] — sperm O Ovos, m plural [eggs] — testicles

P Paca, adv — [contraction for "pra caralho"] — very much, a great deal, much too much ("O Silva ganhou dinheiro paca" = Silva made oodles of money) Paquete, m [monthly ship] — menses Pau, m [stick, wood] — penis, prick, dick pau, falar ao = to attract; to draw attention Pedê, m — a pederast; a pedophile Pensão, f [boarding house] — brothel, whorehouse Peripatética, f — street walker Pentelho, m — pubic hair, bush; extra insufferable person; "super chato" Pica, f — penis, dick, wiener Piça or pissa, f — same as pica Piroca, m/f [bald] — same as pica Porra, m/f — [club, truncheon) sperm; unworthy person; ("Tony não passa de um porra" = Tony is nothing but a good for nothing); undefined thing ("Que porra é essa?" = What the fuck is this?) Porra louca, coll [crazy sperm) — crazy, space cadet, loony Puta, f [whore] — prostitute. Also used in the sense of big or brutal "Ontem caiu uma puta chuva" = Yesterday we had a heavy rain puta, filho da [son of a whore] — son of a bitch. Also used as a term of praise or admiration: "O Senhor Germano é um industrial filho da puta = Mr. Germano is a tremendous industrialist Putamerda, expl — O, big shit! Q Quenga, f — prostitute, low class whore Quermesse, f [charitable festival] — high-class group sex

R Rabo, m [tail] — derrière, butt Rameira, f — prostitute, whore Rapidinha, f — a quickie Rosquinha, f — a tight cunt S Sacana, n/f — scoundrel, unreliable; given to sex deviations; immoral Sacanear, v — to tease maliciously; to importune Saco, m [bag] — scrotum saco, encher o — to harass, hassle saco, puxar o saco — to flatter obsequiously; to admire in excess; to brown nose; to praise in excess (in this sense the "bag" is the collection bag in church) Safado/a, m/f — smarty, shameless (a bit milder than sacana) Sapatão, m/f [big shoe] — dyke, butch Sapatinha, f — a young lesbian or bisexual Semi-virgem, f [demi-virgin] — a female who doesn't do it all the way Siririca, f — female masturbation, finger-fucking Suruba, f — multiple sex party T Tara, f — sex mania, sex obsession, sex deviation, psychological flaw Tarado/a, m/f - sex maniac; pedophile, addicted to kinky sex. Also excessively found of ("Sou tarado por manga = I am crazy for mango) May be applied to persons, animals, sports, hobbies, etc. Tarraqueta, f — cunt, anus Tesão, m/f — hard-on, excitement, attraction for. Also in expressions such

as: "Não tenho tesão para meu emprego = I don't particularly like my job; "Viagem noturna de ônibus não me dá tesão" = I have no pleasure in riding an overnight bus. Or: "Surfar em Ipanema é um tesão só" = To surf in Ipanema is solid pleasure Transa, f — a sexual act Transar, v — to perform a sexual act Transinha, f — same as Rapidinha Trepada, f — a sexual act Trepar, v — to perform a sexual act. Note: neither transar nor trepar have the same dark negative meanings of foder (to fuck) Tricô e crochê, coll [knit and crochet] — to practice alternatively vaginal and anal sex in the same session V Vaca, f [cow] — whore, bitch ("Aquela vaca tomou toda minha grana" = "That bitch took all my dough") Vai-vem coll [comes/goes] — in such sentences as "Eles estavam fazendo vai-vem" = They were doing push-pull; "Nós dois estávamos num vai-vém ferrado" = The two of us were on a robust push-pull Veado, m [deer] — usually pronounced and written Viado — faggot, gay, homosexual man Vergonhas, f plural [shameful things] — the sex organs Vinte e quatro [number 24] — same as Veado. It comes from the popular animal lottery in which the deer is represented by number 24 Vuco-vuco, m — disorder, disarray (A cama tinha virado um vuco-vuco" = The bed turned into a battlefield