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Report re the inspection of the flow of water via the concrete furrow/pipeline from the Mostertskop source

to the main of the remainder of La Plaisant
1. Introduction In the exercise of its ancient servitude or “ a continuous flow of water” from La Plaisant's “mountain supply”(Refer deed of transfer no. T8605/1922). The owner of Strathbreede House (portion 2 of La Plaisant no. 305 Tulbach division) due to the current droughts experienced, had occasion to inspect and measure the flow of water emanating from the Mostertskop source to the “Main”. The results of said inspection are provided hereinafter. 2. Annextures 2.1 Definitions of points A,B and C including a diagram. 2.2 Estimate of project costs. 3. Detailed report 3.1 The compilers of this report are: Johandrè Kok and Michael Jordaan of Strathbreede House The measurements at points A,B and C were made on the afternoon of 13 march 2012 between 15:30 and 16:30. 3.2 The loss of water from point A (the source) to point C (the La Plaisant 'Main') is 66.7% which is clearly of great significance during dry periods when water resources are at a premium. 3.3 Certain measures may be considered and implemented to ameliorate the aforementioned loss. 3.4 It is proposed (based on professional advise) to lay a flexible silver painted PVC pipe with an inner diameter of say 85 mm to 120 mm from Point A (the source) to point B (the cement catchment oblong box) over a distance of 1387m maximum, mainly in the existing furrow 3.5 The flow results measured are as follows: Point A B Flow per minute 90Lpm or 5400Lph =100% 60Lpm or 3600Lph = 67% Comments Stream varies from time to time and from day to day. This Reduction is attributed mainly to leakages from the furrow in numerous places and due to evaporation and obstruction by stones branches and other suchlike matter. This loss is inexplicable as the water is piped. The only variable is that the flow speed may differ from points A,B and C


30Lpm or 1800Lph = 33%

4. Conclusion 4.1 the loss from the source(A) to the main(C) is two out of three liters. In other words only one out of three liters arrive at the destination 4.2 Witwatersrand Deep Gold Mining co (a group company controlled by M Jordaan) is prepared to immediately fund the remedial work (laying of pipeline etc.) on terms and conditions to be equitably agreed upon with the trustees of the remainder of La Plaisant Yours faithfully Michael Jordaan (Snr)
For: Strathbreede House

Annexure 1 Point A: Entrance portal to servitude furrow I.F.O remainder of La Plaisant on flank of Mostertskop. Point B: Distribution box (oblong cement catchment area for furrow water) From thence water is is piped by asbestos/blue PVC pipe to the “Main” Point C: Egress Point into La Plaisant main (concrete/cement resevoir). A 25mm inner diameter pipeline abducts servitudinal water on a continious basis from thence to Strathbreede House.

Point A

1387m concrete furrow

Point B Catchment Box

Asbestos/PVC pipe

Point C 'The main'

25mm inner diameter pipe - 400M

Strathbreede House