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January 6, No. 01

News from UNESCO Office, Jakarta
Smithsonian Scuppers Shipwreck Exhibit, Plans to Re-Excavate
5-1-2012 Smithsonian Institution officials have taken a remarkable 180-degree turn and decided to cancel a controversial exhibit of shipwreck artifacts due to ethical concerns about how the artifacts were salvaged. More

Online Publication
“Literacy initiative for empowerment (LIFE) 2010 - Regional mid-term evaluation: Summary Report”.
UNESCO Bangkok and UIL conducted a formative mid-term evaluation of LIFE implementation in all 9 LIFE countries in the region to: a) assess progress of achieving the EFA literacy goal of 50 percent improvement in adult literacy, elimination of gender gaps in education, and equal opportunities in access to education as they contribute to EFA and MDGs; b) review country experience in implementing LIFE and to analyze its impact on policies and strategies adopted by the countries to achieve the literacy goals; DOWNLOAD

Creating and sustaining literate environments
This resource pack shall raise awareness, give ideas on how to create and sustain literate environments and bring about concrete action by policy makers and practitioners. DOWNLOAD

Library Newsletter
UNESCO Office, Jakarta

Article Alert!
Baris traditional dance to be revitalized. JakartaPost 4-1-2012
The Denpasar administration said it would revitalize nine kinds of Balinese traditional dances called Baris, in an effort to preserve the art form. More

Children with HIV AIDS in need of support. Jakarta Post 9-12-2011

Children with HIV/AIDS need strong support from the community because the government does not provide a continuous funding scheme for them, local NGOs say. More

City poor left out in HIV AIDS prevention program. Jakarta Post 5-12-2011

In spite of the continuous government program against HIV/AIDS, for many of Jakarta’s poor the program remains elusive, with many impoverished residents still not receiving counseling. More

Garbage helps save environment. JakartaPost 3-1-2012

Crouched and concentrated, August and Karma rip open knotted plastic bags at the foot of a big pile of rubbish. More

Hoteliers oppose Medan bylaw on HIV. TheJakartaPost 3-1-2012

Hotel operators in Medan, North Sumatra, strongly oppose a new bylaw on HIV/AIDS prevention, which was recently approved by the city legislative council, because certain people consider it discriminative. More

Material shortage threatens tradition. JakartaPost 3-1-2012

It is getting harder for Indonesia to be self-supporting in garment production as it becomes more difficult for textile manufacturers and traditional weavers to find domestically produced raw materials such as textile yarns and coloring agents. More

Samosir district to build geopark. Antaranews 8-12-2011

Pangururan, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The Samosir district administration in North Sumatra will build a geopark worth Rp20 billion to add to the Lake Toba region`s marine tourism potentials, a local official said here Thursday. More