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Field CBR Equipment by Gilson Company Inc

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Field CBR Equipment

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$1,680.00 BR-2 ASTM, CBR, 2Speed Jack w/Swivel Base

$1,772.00 BR-3 Corp. of Eng. CBR, 3
-Speed Jack w/Swivel Base
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Estimated Shipping Weight: 45.0 pounds 20.4 kilograms

BR-2 Field CBR Equipment
Test Methods ASTM D 4429 Recent Items The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test yields relative strength of in-situ ASTM, CBR, 2-Speed Jack w/Swivel Base soils and some base course materials. This is often as valuable to the pavement designer as laboratory CBR values. Field tests are run by forcing a piston into the soil at the test site and comparing the load on the piston to the depth of penetration. Typically, the reaction load used for testing is a heavy piece of equipment such as a loaded dump truck.

Components of Gilson's Field CBR Equipment are ordered individually to form a full set for tests according to ASTM or Army Corps of Engineers (C.O.E.) methods. Select ASTM or C.O.E. Jack, English or metric Penetration Dial Gauge, Load Rings, and other components required. Additional Surcharge Masses may be needed to simulate large pavement loads. The two speed Model BR-2 ASTM Jack has 10,000lbf (45kN) capacity with 3-1/2in (89mm) lift. Similar BR-3 three speed COE jack has 2in (51mm) maximum lift. Both jacks are supplied with swivel base and crank handle. The Piston Extension Set and Connector Set are needed to attach and properly space the Jack, Load Ring, and Piston assembly in use. The 8ft (2.4m) Dial Support Bridge and Magnetic Gauge Holder position the Penetration Dial Gauge for measuring penetration strain. The Surcharge Plate and Surcharge Masses are placed around the piston to simulate the load or pavement which will overlie the insitu test material.

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Field CBR Equipment by Gilson Company Inc

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