God's Word is a Primary Means For Our Guidance
Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. God's Word, as we have seen, is useful for teaching and reproving us. Last time we began to see that it is also useful for correcting - for showing us what is right when we are in danger of doing wrong. Imagine yourself on a narrow path through mountainous country. The path is treacherous, uneven, and has no safety rails, and there are precipitous drops to certain ruin - first on your left and then on your right. Those of us who dislike heights would not wish to walk that path in broad daylight - but just think about trying to do it in pitch dark! The sun has gone down and there is no moon or stars to give light. No light from a nearby city provides even a glimmer of help to you. You do not know if the path will take a turn or go straight. You do not know if there is a deadly drop to your left or to your right. How could you take even one step without there being a pretty good chance that it would be your last, and you would find yourself plummeting down and down! What would you give in those circumstances to have a powerful flashlight? One that could show you whether you were about to step into a pothole or step over the edge, but could also help you to look ahead and see the twists and the turns the path will take? The good news as we make our spiritual pilgrimage through the dark wilderness of this world, and with spiritual eyes that are still sometimes nearsighted because of our sin, is that God has given us a lamp to show us where we are about to plant our feet, and a light to show us the path that lies ahead! Using this lamp, we can safely walk the path that is marked out for us, and avoid falling into temptation and folly. Don't you want this lamp? The psalmist in our text knew that he had it and was safe as long as he journeyed by its light. And you have the same lamp that he did - because it is the Word of God. This word will guide you through the world and help you avoid painful and dangerous falls! If you had the flashlight on that mountain path, though, it would do you no good unless you actually turned it on and pointed it the right way. In the same way, the Word of God cannot guide you through this world unless you use it and rely on it to guide you! So use the Word this week, for your own guidance and safety, because the path you tread as a believer is fraught with traps and snares and dangers and difficulties that you will only pass safely if you use the lamp that God has given you!


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