Subject: Character Education Topic: Family love Level: P5 Duration: 1 hour Prior Knowledge Students should know: Learning

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. understand the importance of family as the basic unit of society through activities such as the family web/tree, perspective taking and Cookin’ Up book which address the 5 SEL core competencies. 2. appreciate the members in one’s family 3. identify roles and responsibilites of members in one’s family. Duration 10 mins Teaching Procedure Tuning In:  Teacher introduces pupils to a powerpoint-‘A day with the Simpsons’on their planning for mothers’ day celebration. Slide 2:  Teacher to introduce main lesson objective that is on mother’s love by questioning pupils, examples of questions are:  How are you related to your mother? (through blood, bond..etc.) Students’ Activities  Pupils try to understand storyline.  Pupils prepare themselves as they will be actively involved in the story because the main characters in the story will need their help.  Pupils are to be actively involved in discussion. Resources  Powerpoint presentation Rationale  To introduce the lesson in authentic yet fun manner through the use of cantoon characters (Simpsons)

5 min

 Why do you have to love your mother? (my mother loves me since birth)  Is your mother’s love to you everlasting? (Yes, mother will love their children till the last breath.) Slide 3:  Teacher uses Lisa Simpson to introduce on a concept of celebrating mothers’ day by giving examples of past celebrations.  Teacher may also prompt pupils with the following questions:  Why do you celebrate mothers’ day? (To remember mother’s love for us)  When is mothers’ day? (everyday is mothers’ day)

5 min

Development:  Teacher gradually surfaces the cartoon characters’ problem ( the celebration of their mother’s day) to pupils.  Teacher questions pupils about the possible gifts that Lisa and

siblings can get for their mother and why? This question is triggered after Homer Simpson suggested Lisa and her sibilings to just get a cake for their mother and not make a fuss out of it. Development:  In groups, pupils use  Family spinning Group work the family spinning wheel, timer,  Using task based approach, wheel to determine a mahjong paper & the problem that is surfaced by role in the family markers. Lisa Simpson is handled by that they will the pupils. Pupils are actively represent. The family involved in the storyline. memebers are father, mother, son,  Teacher gives instructions on daughter, how to proceed with the grandmother, creation of family tree (roles garndfather, uncle and relationship of family and aunt. members).  Teacher explains presentation  Pupils are given 10 min to complete rubic to pupils. their family tree on mahjong paper.  Teacher to facilitate group  Pupils are to present presentation. their family tree in the class and assessed under a set of rubic set by the  To delegate work evenly and fairly.  To develop relationship management

15 min

10 min

10 min

Development: Slide 16  Teacher conitinues with powerpoint presentation.  Teacher plays a song titled ‘Mama’ by il Divo.  Teacher asks pupils to sing along.  Teacher discusses idea from the song in the class (gratitude and love towards mother). Development: Slide 19  Teacher plays a video-‘Like  Pupils take different my mama’ perspectives in coping with Danials  Teacher gets pupils to reflect feelings on the video by drawing out possible actions to help Danial cope with his feelings through different perspectives such like teacher, classmate/friend, mother and himself.  Teacher discusses with pupils to match their feeling and remarks on Danial to the cores of SEL in perspective to the scene played in the video.  Teacher continues with the powerpoint presentation.

teacher.  Pupils listen to the song played by teacher.  Pupils infer the idea from the song and discuss with teacher.

 videoclip  lyrics from il Divo

 To develop social awareness

 Video ‘Like my mama’

 To developSocial awareness  To develop Self awareness  To develop Self management

5 min

Conclusion:  Teacher concludes lesson by recapping what they have learnt.  Teacher gives pupils holiday homework.

 Pupils are to spend  Template for Cookin’ time and get to know Up book their mother better  Book – For one more during the June day school holidays using the Cookin’ Up book template.  Pupils are to read ‘For one more day’ by Mitch Bloom and write a book review.

Done by: Nur Ain Binte Mohamed Amin (Temasek Primary School) Micheal Yee Boon Wee (Temasek Primary School) Lo Hui Ying (Radin Mas Primary School) Janice Yim (Nan Hua Primary School)

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