It is all in the particles In participles Kan, Kan, mae hae Ram! Beyond the atomic Sub Sub Sub Sub-atomic God’s Lego piece Boson Physics of Life Big bang, Force of collisions Creating Boson The entity of creation The method in the madness Boson must have been in someone’s bosom There must be more to this A derivation All of us, distant or close cousins Enough of collisions Now that God exists Need another experiment, eh! Another inspiration Creation is child play Sub Sub Sub And the cogs work Instead, we need a lesson In the dynamics of life And the survival of the fittest We need a revival A re-nourishing of roots Enough of collisions Enough atoms split Time to unite As time runs out For the earth And us

Let us find a force, The dynamic of sustenance Let us embrace And unite Untie the knots And gravitate towards Preservation After all, you and I Don’t want to return to atoms, to be just Bosons No! Let us build on where we have reached And move to build From here on Particles to particles Make this earth habitable So the new mantra Should be Preserve Conserve Let Live to live! Shyam

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