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RITUALS TO EVOKE THE ARCHANGEL METATRON, AND HIS SECRET NAMES 1- From an unpublished version of Hekhalot Rabbati (J.

Davila, Descenders to the chariot: the people behind the Hekhalot literature p 114) First, recite this prayer: Hear the voice of my prayer in this hour, O magnificent and strong King, the gracious and merciful One, whose eyes are upon His creatures. Turn to the prayer of Thy servant and answer me in a time of favour; O Lord of all the worlds, creator of all, unique One o the world, let the gates of Heaven be opened by my cry, for I invoke and seek grace before Thy great, holy, pure, and blessed Name. How does one make use of it? He goes and sits in a house by himself, and he must fast all day long. He must eat no bread made by a woman, and he should gaze at no one. When he walks in the marketplace, his eyes are raised above all creatures, and he does not gaze at anyone, even a baby one day old. He immerses from evening to evening and recites these words after reading the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4) every single day. How should he adjure? He begins thus: I conjure thee, Metatron, Prince of the Presence; I recite over thee, Metatron, Angel of the Presence; I decree over thee, Metatron, Prince of the Presence; I establish over thee, Metatron, Angel of the Presence; and I seal upon thee (or bind thee), Metatron, Prince of the Presence. In the name of QDHZYY ( ,)who is called by the Seven Names (sic): (Margiziel Giyutael Tenariel Huzah Yah Shaqadhozi Metrn Ganawu Yah Sesnagiya Sesbariya Ra sa) , God of Israel, God of Hosts, God of Heaven, God of the sea, and God of the dry land; Bazburiel Huzah Yah Yah Yahu Qadosh Yah Qadoshyah Qadoshyah Thus far, 111 times. He must not decrease, and he must not increase. If he decreases or increases, then his blood is upon his head. How should he count? On every single finger ten times. And he repeats on his first finger ten and on his second finger one time, and they are sweet on his hand.

2- A ritual for wealth, involving Metatron and other angels (From H. Zafrani, Kabbale, vie mystique, et magie) To become wealthy, fast during the 1st day of the week, and wear clean garments. Go in a clean place, and recite this conjuration thrice: Blessed be the Eternal One, God of Israel. Mikael Gabriel Samael Metatron Sadriniel Hadriniel Malkiel, , and their princes and ministers - I call upon ye all! I beseech thee Elijah, Enoch, in the name of Mikael Gabriel Samael Metatron Sadriniel Malkiel Raphael, and their princes, and thou Elijah, that ye may bring me a great and precious gift, quickly and swiftly, within this week; a gift of gold and silver pieces, so that thereby I may guarantee my subsistence and that of my loved ones; to repay my

debts, and give alms to the poor and destitute. Let it be Thy will, Thou merciful, beneficent, and gracious God; God of Abraham our father, God of Isaac and Jacob. In the name of their meritorious acts, and of Thy great mercy and immeasurable grace, have mercy upon me, upon us, upon Thy people Israel, the poor and needy people who cannot fulfil their needs. Amen, Amen, Amen. Selah, Selah, Selah. 3- Some Secret names of Metatron from various magical and Qabalistic texts

Andarigon Atimon Astus Abrubyah Abtzangus Atarpitat Bazridyah Gizgazyah Gurguryah Higron Zeazeayah Zebudiel Zerachyah Zeaftaryah Tartarisyah Totrisyah Taftafyah Yofiel Yusasyah Medrasyah Mekaperyah Melekmelekyah Margiziel Matzmatzyah Matzpatzyah Sebarsebahyah Sagmagigrin Saqtas

Sanigron Segansayiryah Amqaqyah Atityah Pelatpelatyah Patzpatziel Patzpatzyah Parishperishyah Tzabtzabitzyah Tzaftzafyah Tzachtzachyah Qelilqelyah Sharshiyah Tishgash Tamtamyah

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