Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information
First name / Surname Address Telephone(s) Internet E-mail Ralf Lippold Schützenplatz 5 • D-01067 Dresden • Germany Landline +49 (351) 160 61 22 • Mobile +49 (163) 351 351 0 Twitter: @RalfLippold • Skype: FrisbeeRalf • XING: Ralf_Lippold Innovation Networks & Online Community Manager, Social Network Evangelist for ‘Abundance – THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK”

Current Positions Paid work position seeking; Currently involved as: Technology Strategist, Global
Additional present activities

Founder and Organizational Designer of LockSchuppen, a “Think and Do Tank”, Dresden, Germany (concept based on “The future of management education” Peter Senge, author of “The Fifth Discipline” and Singularity University founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil). Founding partner, CoWorking Dresden e.V. CoOrpheum (a CoWorking space). Principal Blogger for Semperoper Dresden, Leanthinkers, and BizDesignDD. Prof. Dr. John D. Sterman, MIT Sloan School of Management, System Dynamics. Peter Claussen, former plant manager BMW Plant Leipzig [2001-2008]. Prof. Dr. Edgar Schein, MIT Sloan School of Management (em.), System Dynamics. Betsey Merkel, Co-Founder at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open).

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Work experience
Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities 04/2011 – Present Consultant (unpaid) Founder and Community Manager, OpenCoffeeClubDresden, weekly conversations convening Dresden entrepreneurs. Forums accelerate locally based and globally connected social networks, and knowledge exchange; continuing to incorporate personal boundary spanner and facilitation skills in the realms of participatory action research. Inspirational models: 110stories, Connected the Film. Founder and chief evangelist, Dresden Innovation Nights (beta stage), and HTxA (Hightech (x) Agency) – both are focusing on the value creating combination of arts, science, and technology.

Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities

12/2008 – 03/2011 Business & Technology Consultant Mentoring individuals and groups in order to improve their inherent problem solving skills in order to capture future business opportunities. Providing innovative business ideas evolving by putting lean thinking into practice: “Create more value with the present amount of resources – without increasing work pressure for the individual” (personal motto). Building the foundation for an entrepreneurial “Think and Do Tank”, LockSchuppen, in Dresden. It will be based on the principles of Team Academy, Jyväskylä, Finland (“The future of management education” Peter Senge, author of “The Fifth Discipline”). Additionally part of the founding team of CoWorking Dresden e.V. CoOrpheum as a CoWorking space.

Main achieved projects

Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities Main achieved projects

06/1998 – 03/2008 Project Manager, Logistics Specialist, Lean Consultant, Facilitator, and Coach Initiating and facilitating process improvement projects. Project management of multistakeholder logistics projects including software usability testing and training. Kombiverkehr: Implementing European-wide container tracking-tracing program, CESAR (50.000 search/ communication hrs per year saved since 2001); BMW Plant Leipzig: Ralf Lippold, Technology Strategist & Lean Thinker 1/3

maven in the role of facilitating the implementation of new programs or software functionality (in various contexts); implementing new organizational/ technological ways to decrease throughput times and increase process stability; setting foundations for future system dynamics simulations; facilitating of implementation of programs on the shop floor in diverse cultures as visualization and process improvement tools; Flood Crisis Help Dresden: created interactive help hub and integrated digital PDAs in the City of Dresden organizational work flows. Name and address of employer BMW AG Plant Leipzig (2003-2008, Regensburg & Leipzig), QAD Dresden [Flood Help] (2002-2003), Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (2001-2002, Dresden), Kombiverkehr Deutsche Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr mbH & Co. KG (1998-2001, Frankfurt/Main)

Education & training
Dates Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects / occupational skills covered 10/01/1995 – 09/11/1997 Master of Business Administration (FH) - Project and Innovation Management - Strategic Management and Organization - Information Management Systems - Production Logistics Management University of Applied Sciences Dresden (FH) / HTW Dresden Master Good Widely interdisciplinary knowledge and practical use of organizational design methods. Future research (especially in the learning and information logistics field in organizations) and taking an anthropological approach to create the acceptance of the new. Applying boundary spanner role between different organizational groups and cultures. Sensible in identifying special strengths of individual team members and put them into practical use. Putting analytical skills into synthesizing Good understanding and practical use of negotiation skills (Attended “Harvard Negotiation Method” workshop at BMW AG in 2005). Practicing constantly in complex situations (e.g. flood crisis, co-creating new business processes at BMW Leipzig, facilitating, setting up of various CoWorking spaces) over three decades.

Place of education Level in national or international Classification

Social skills and competences

Organisational skills and competences

Leadership experience (responsible for some 15 project members and additional volunteers during the flood help in Dresden 2002). Experience in various informal leadership positions working on the shop floor with diverse groups and departments. Moderation skills, especially in facilitating groups on problem solving and creating new processes. Initiated OpenCoffeeClubDresden as Excellent command of lean thinking philosophy, culture, and tools – due to over 30 years of personal practice (born to an engineering family). Organized and attended several workshops and conferences on lean, systems dynamics, change management, and future technology use:
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Technical skills and competences

Co-organizer of 4 MobileCamp Dresden (everything on mobile computing; doing a session on Abundance), 2012 Technology blogger for Kick-off of World Forum of Universities of Resources on Sustainability at TU Bergakamadie Freiberg (world’s oldest mining university), Freiberg/Sachsen, Germany, 2012 Member of press body covering IEEE Technology Time Machine 2012, Dresden, Germany, 2012 Blogger & Twitterer in Residence at SEMICON Europa 2011 in Dresden, Germany with PR Piloten (communication partner for Silicon Saxony e.V.) Blogger in Residence at 3 Internet of Things Conference in Bruxelles, Belgium, 2011. Blogger in Residence at Amplifyfestival Sydney 2011 and Gathering ’11 in Melbourne, Australia, 2011. T-Systems MMS, Dresden, workshop on “Long Bet One: How could Ray Kurzweil Ralf Lippold, Technology Strategist & Lean Thinker 2/3


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win his bet about the Turing Test 2029”, 2010.
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Cape Cod Institute, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Workshop “Helping” by Edgar Schein, 2009. International System Dynamics Society, Athens, Greece, 26. International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 2008. Organizer of the LTT (Lean Thinkers Meeting, an Open Space-like conference on process improvement), with workshops on lean thinking, systems thinking and sustainability. 3rd SoL Global Forum on Bridging the Gulf in Muscat, Oman, with Peter Senge, et. al., 2008. SoL Society for Organizational Learning (formerly the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management), Cambridge, USA, “Foundations for Leadership”, Peter Senge / Robert Hanig, 2008. International System Dynamics Society, Boston, USA, 25. International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 2007. MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, USA, “Business Dynamics: MIT's Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems”, John D. Sterman, Jay W. Forrester, Peter Senge, et. al., 2007. Kaizen Institute, Zug, Switzerland, International Kaizen Conference and workshop “Kaizen at the Office”, 2006. International System Dynamics Society, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 24. International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 2006. Lean Management Institut, Aachen, Germany, 2. Lean Management Summit and workshop “Value Stream Mapping”, 2005.

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Computer skills and competences Other skills and competences

Social network and web tool evangelist, also coaching in these fields. Use and development of various production/ logistics computer applications. Quick understanding (especially of benefit for the user) of newly introduced software and its application. Usability testing and key user for several organization-wide software programs and system. Founder and moderator of several special interest groups: Lean Thinking, System Dynamics, Palm User Group (PUG) Leipzig and Regensburg, Germany, leader of the SIG Business at the 2008 International System Dynamics Conference. Initiator of the WikiSD in 2008 during the council meeting at the ISDC in Athens to provide a single-entry point to the field of system dynamics for practitioners on the web. Initiator of Member (or former member) of the following bodies:
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International System Dynamics Society Society for Organizational Learning Lean Enterprise Institute Presencing Institute Community Silicon Valley Global Network (Facebook) Silicon Valley Global Network

Dresden, Summer 2012

Ralf Lippold, Technology Strategist & Lean Thinker 3/3