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Procedure: The odd-numbered groups carefully assemble the simple distillation set-up. At the same time, the even numbered groups prepare the fractional distillation set-up.

Prepare several testubes calibrtaed down to the 0.5 mL mark and number them accordingly.

Put 3 pieces of boiling stones into the quickly- fit distilling flask and introduce 30 mL of vodka.

By rotating an alcohol lamp, heat the flask until the vodka starts to boil. Record the temperature at the first drop of the distillate.

Collect 0.5 mL each of the distillate into the calibrated and numbered test tubes. Take note of the temperature at which each distillate is collected. Stop collecting when the temperature reaches about 100C.

Place 3-5 drops of the distillate from the first test tube on a watch glass and apply a lighted match. Repeat the same on the distillate from the last test tube.

Simple Distillation setup Fractional Distillation Set-up