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Pension Consultation: Have your say on the LGPS deal
Following on from the fantastic strike last year on November 30, UNISON national negotiators have been in discussions with Government Ministers and LGPS Employers about the proposed changes to the Local Government Pensions Scheme. The national dispute opposed the proposals from the employer that will see staff work longer, pay more and get less on their pensions. UNISON is now opening a national consultation with members about the latest proposals. Our local MMU Branch has organised a series of General Meetings so that members can air their views on the latest Pensions deal. The outcome of those General Meetings was clear: members overwhelmingly voted to reject the deal and to call on the union to organise more united industrial action. However, July and August are our holiday periods and many staff are off. As a result we are also running an email Consultation so that members that couldn't make General Meetings can have their views recorded. All votes will be counted and considered ahead of our national Service Group Executive making its recommendation of the deal. That recommendation will be sent to every member of UNISON as part of the full all-member Ballot that will decide the Union's final position on these Pensions Proposals. Why the Branch is recommending rejecting the deal On November 30, many members took strike action because the Government's attacks on Pensions will mean that members have to work longer, pay more and get less under the new scheme. The Government wobbled as a result of the 30 November and we have since won a serious concession: members will not have to pay more each month into their Pension pot (unless they work over £45,000 per year). This shows that the Government can be beaten and that united public sector strike action can work. We should follow up this victory by pushing the Government to withdraw the attacks - not settle now for a deal that will see many people get a poverty pension.

UNISON MMU | Pensions Consultation July 2012


Still working longer: Under the latest proposals members will not be able to retire at 65 anymore, but will have to work until their National Pension Age (currently set to rise to 68 for most and projected to rise to 72 for young workers). Still getting less: The new scheme is based on a Career Average salary and for many this works out as considerably less of a Pension pot than under the current Final Salary Scheme. For more details please see:

To vote

To vote go to:
If you cannot vote online please complete the form below and return it to Room 320, Mabel Tylecote Building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name: Workplace: Membership Number (if known): Do you accept the ‘LGPS 2014’ Proposals to change our Pension Scheme? Accept Reject [ ] [ ]

– as recommended by MMU UNISON All votes must be cast by 5pm on Thursday 12 July. You cannot vote twice, so if you have attended a General Meeting, your vote will already be counted.

Contact the Branch Office
Linda Holden, ext 1409, Andy Cunningham, ext 1395/3485, UNISON Office, Room 320, Mabel Tylecote Building, All Saints Campus

UNISON MMU | Pensions Consultation July 2012

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