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60 let Oktyabrya B-3 8 Marta B-1/2 Agafonova B-3 Belinskogo C-3 Chekhova C-3 Dimitrova C-3, D-2 Dorozhnaya D/E-4, E-5 Energetikov D-1/2, E-1 Gorkogo D-3/4, E-2/3 Industrialnaya D/E-2 Katernaya A-4, B-4/5 Kirova B/C-3 Kooperativnaya C/D-4 Korabelnaya A-5/6 Kudri C/D-5 Lenina C/D-1 Lomonosova Meditsynskaya Mira Morskaya Muskatnaya Naberezhnaya Nekrasova Ozernaya Parkovaya Pavlenko Pervomayskaya Pionerov Pochtovaya Pogranichnaya Polevaya Raketchikov D-3 D-3/4 C/D-2 C/D-4 B-5, C-6 B-4 B-2 B-3 B-2/3, C-1 D-3/4 C-3/4 C/D-3 B-3/4 C/D-4 C-2 B-5/6 Revolutsiyi Revolutsiyi lane Rybalskaya Sadovaya Severnaya Shchorsa Shevchenko Sportivnaya Suvorova Telmana Tsvetochnaya Vinogradnaya Vostochnaya Yuzhnaya Zapadnaya Zelenaya B/E-4 B/C-5 C-4 C/D-5 D-4/6 D-2/3 B/C-3 B-3 C-2 E-3 B-1 C-2 A/B-1 C-3/4 B/C-5, D-6 E-2

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stochnaya Vo
By Bus
Traveling by bus is the only direct way to get to Chornomorske. Buses to and from Chornomorske go to various Crimean destinations throughout the day. The bus schedule is in Russian, and is inside the bus terminal. Though very small, the bus station does have an ATM and luggage storage inside (5Hr a day). Buses to the regional villages of Olenivka and Mizhvodne depart frequently. Getting to town Chornomorske is very small, so you’re already in the city centre. The Tourist Information centre is in a 3 minute walk from the bus station, so you can easily drop by to get advice on accommodation, and directions to various sites and destinations throughout the region. Bus Station Agafonova 96, tel. (+380) 6558 9 21 62.





Ambulance tel. 103/(+380) 6558 9 18 01. Fire (MChS) tel. 101. Tourist Information Centre C-3, Kirova 48, tel. (+380) 6558 2 07 57. Police tel. 102/(+380) 6558 9 12 82. Municipal Hospital #1 D-3, Meditsynskaya 3, tel. (+380) 6558 9 11 08.

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By Train
The closest train station to Chornomorske is in Yevpatoriya. However most train connections operate only during the ‘high season’, from the beginning of June until the end of September. The exception is the electric train (elektrichka). This runs every few hours and is very inexpensive. (It’s a long trip with hard wooden seatsso bring a cushion.) In the off season, October to the end of May, one would arrive by train in Crimea at Simferopol Railway Station. A taxi to Chornomorske or other nearby villages cost around 200-250Hr. The bus station “Kurortnaya”, is to the left of the railway station. Buses depart to Chornomorske every 30-40 minutes, cost around 45Hr, and the ride takes about 3 hours.


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KaZantip is a cult. KaZantip is amazing. KaZantip is breathtaking. KaZantip is mind-blowing. kaZantip is quite simply paradise… KaZantip is one of the longest, craziest, liveliest and most unusual electronic music and sports festivals in the world. It appears unnecessary to introduce KaZantip, cause it seems each and everyone know what Z stands for. However for those who somehow stayed uninformed here some facts about it. It all started back in 1992 as a windsurfing competition that brought together 78 participants and 600 devotees. To make their hanging out at the shore merrier some little sound was switched on. Next year, even more devotees came there and among them were DJs, who carried their LPs just to keep from getting bored. In seven years, the competition raised from a small mix of surfers and their friends to “the festival of everything related to sea, sex and summer”. In 2000, the Festival was forced to leave Kazantip cape, but in two year it found its new home in a little Popovka village, in Western Crimea and became Kazantip Republic with its own small area separated from the entire world.

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By Plane
Simferopol State International Airport is the closest to Chornomorske. It can be reached from Kyiv, Moscow, Istanbul and other destinations. The airport is about 20 kilometres west of Simferopol. It is a bit small but some effort has been made to modernize the facility. Passport and customs officials should speak some English. There are currency exchange offices (обмен валют) and an ATM (банкомат). Just outside are several car rental agencies with fairly good rates. Getting to town Getting to Chornomorske will take you about 4 hours. First take a taxi to Simferopol train station, which cost around 60Hr. For the budget traveller, buses leave roughly every 30 minutes to the railway station. There is also a trolley bus which takes a lot longer but costs next to nothing. Follow the above instructions on taking a bus to Chornomorske.

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At the end of the central beach of Chornomorske is an amazing historical and cultural site, the ancient Greek settlement of Kalos-Limen. It was built by the Greeks in the 4th century BC and existed until the 1st Century. Kalos-Limen initially belonged to one of the most ancient settlements in Western Crimea, most likely Kerkinitida, and later was ruled by Chersonesus Taurica. For a long time there were disputes about the exact location of Kalos-Limen, which is constantly mentioned in ancient writings. It was only after conducting excavations on the outskirts of Chornomorske and the discovery of ruins there that the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The uniqueness of this architectural sight is that not only was it well preserved, but also a variety of archaeological materials were discovered, adding value to the history of the Northern Black Sea. Kalos-Limen grew from a small village into a town. It prospered about half a century, until the 7th decade of the 3rd Century BC, when the whole peninsula was invaded by Sarmatian tribes. Most of the villages were burned, but Kalos-Limen survived, although as the excavations have proven, many of its inhabitants were killed. The town was deserted, and revived only a few decades later. Thanks to the strategically important and convenient bay, it has kept its place in the history of Hellenistic Crimea. At the end of the 2nd century BC Kalos-Limen was involved in the confrontation between the kingdom of Pontus and the Scythians and repeatedly changed hands from one to the other. The decisive battle was between commander Diophantus of Pont, who arrived to rescue Chersonesos, and the army of the Scythians and Alans which was fifty thousand strong. The victory did not bring about the resurrection of Kalos-Limen. The settlements on the Western Coast of Crimea were slowly destroyed and their ruins were covered with sand. The famous harbour, which had sheltered merchant and war ships, was gradually separated from the sea by a sandbar and has become a shallow estuary. Today there is nothing left to remind us that there was once a town, which bore the proud name of “Beautiful Harbour.” There is a strong stone structure similar in shape to a pyramid that lies amongst the ancient city’s remains. In the 18th Century, after Crimea was joined to Russia, there was a small fortification there, and until the 20th Century it was a border post. The purpose of this mysterious ‘pyramid’ was a mystery for a long time. Many theories of its origin were circulated, some of them most incredible. Finally, in 1929 excavations were made that clarified the matter. In place of the “pyramid” in Kalos-Limen, there was a 16 meter high tower. It was the tallest building in the fortress, which served as a lighthouse. The basement of the tower stored different goods in case of a siege.

Simferopol train schedule
From Simferopol Dep. Arr. 21:50 06:34 18:00 06:06 22:40 05:50 17:45 07:47 22:20 07:50 19:55 13:34 16:50 06:48 13:10 13:53 16:05 19:15 17:05 04:46 12:15 11:08 City DNIPROPETROVSK DONETSK KERCH LUHANSK KHARKIV KYIV KYIV LVIV MOSCOW ODESA ST-PETERSBURG To Simferopol Dep. Arr. 21:30 06:15 21:42 06:40 13:32 20:10 20:40 12:00 21:22 06:45 16:35 10:25 20:16 10:15 09:38 09:50 23:05 20:25 23:59 11:25 20:00 00:50

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During the high season from the beggining of June until the end of September there are additional trains which goes to and from Simferopol.

Bus schedule
City MIZHVODNE KERCH SIMFEROPOL SEVASTOPOL (Severnaya side) YALTA YEVPATORIYA Dep. 06:35, 07:40, 11:30 06:20, 15:40 from 05:30 every hour 06:20, 09:15, 15:15 13:40 from 05:30 every 20-30 minutes

Mayakskoe lake

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Uzkaya Bay


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Getting there Most of KaZantip population get to their home through Yevpatoriya. However it isn’t a problem to get there from Chornomorske. Popovka vallage is only 73 km away from here. Getting inside As entering almost every country to get inside the KaZantip republic you need to get a visa first. We know that now holders of U.S. and EU passports will be happy, cause their documents are valid for free entry into Ukraine. But unfortunately for all of them, KaZantip is a completely closed state and you’ll never get inside without some struggle and the boring procedure of getting your visa. Visa types There are two types of Republican Viza: 1. Plastic multiple entry visa, granted for a month-long period, allows multiple entries into the Republic (that’s exactly what you need). 2. Single entry visa, or transit visa, or tourist visa, valid for one and only visit and cancelled as soon as the visitor leaves the territory of the Republic. Procedure of issuing a multiple visa is very simple. You only need to show your passport and to smile for the webcam at the Republican port of entry. A multiple entry visa will cost you about €160; a single entry visa is available for around €60. The visa department operates online from the middle of March.

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Where to stay Popovka village and the town of Myrnyi are the nearest places to the Republic where you could stay. Either has unique features. It’s advisable to contact an agent which can help you arrange your accommodation. Popovka is a five-street hamlet, a five-minute walk away from the Kazantip - it will be no trouble to get back home from the beach in any condition and anytime. Almost every house offers rooms for hire; the prices vary from $15 to $150. Myrnyi is a small, block of flats town within 20 minutes of Kazantip, where you can rent a multiple room apartment for your whole family or group. It might be tiring to go back on foot at night-time after some partying, so you can take a taxi for $10-20 according to night rate double tariff. There is also a fresh fruit and vegetable market and many small grocery stores around. Kosa (russian word for foreland) is a sand embankment between Popovka and Mirniy separating the sea from the Donuzlav lake, about 15 minutes drive from Kazantip area. This place is quite distant and calmy, and it will perfectly fit if you want to rest from heavy sounds and day-and-night hangout. There are lots of comfortable villas and hotels. The drawback is you can get there only by car. If you want to stay in this place, you will also need an agent – natives are unlikely to speak English. Location: Popovka village, Crimea More info:

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Archaeologists discovered the remains of the town walls, several towers guarding the gates, and strong angular houses. One of the buildings was perfectly preserved; you can see it and imagine life in ancient times. In the area of a huge Scythian ash hill, excavations revealed one more surviving tower with a semi-submersible room, stairs of the fortress wall, and the main entrance to Kalos-Limen. In a section of road, ruins of Greek and Scythian houses can be seen in the centre of the settlement. If you still want to see more unique findings, you may visit the Museum of Kalos-Limen. The Museum of Kalos-Limen C-4, Revolutsii 8, tel. (+380) 6558 9 20 77. Q Open 10:00 - 18:00 (10:00 - 15:00 during the winter).

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If it wouldn’t be a cross over the church you would never get you’re standing near the Orthodox temple. This impressive building in Neo-Gothic style is the Church of St Zachary and Elizabeth. It was built in 1838 by the Count Vorontsov.

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Black Sea

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introducing chornomorske

BAsics Electricity
Ukraine supplies its residents and visitors alike with electrical current of 220 volts AC, 50Hz. All sockets require two round pins, but not always of the same size. Many thinner Russian sockets are being replaced by their European cousins. Those with Russian sockets can buy a cheap adapter for their European appliances. Adapters for more foreign electrical societies are not easy to find in Chornomorske, so bring your own.

where to stAy
Briz B-1, Vostochnaya 1A, tel. (+380) 652 63 35 46. Briz has made the attempt to provide more elegant resort stay options for its guests. The rooms are spacious, with comfortable furniture, although the gilded embellishments on the walls and ceiling and bed curtains make it a bit too post-Soviet bourgeois to our taste. The cheaper options are more restrained in terms of design. All the rooms are fully equipped with the necessities and some pleasant extras (we particularly liked the size of the bath in one of the better suites). The territory is one of the most charming among the hotels in the area: full of blooming bushes and shady corners. The large pool, which is lit up at night, and the cute little bridge like something out of Monet add to the charm of the place. The location is a bit inland, but the sea is just a short stretch away. Another pleasant point: kids will certainly enjoy the mini aquatic park near the hotel. Q one room suites 400 - 600Hr, two room suites 800 - 1000Hr. PLDW Chornomorskyi B-3, 60 Let Oktyabrya 1, tel. (+380) 6558 92 976. This holiday hotel cherishes its Soviet heritage and implements a “the more the merrier” philosophy in its functioning. The premises have been renovated and the faucets replaced, and new wallpaper has been hung. The territory is clean and the personnel polite. Don’t expect extra luxury here - neither the price nor the overall concept suggests it. The better suites have the full range of amenities, while the cheaper ones have few (the shower, bathroom and TV are shared). Another exotic detail of Soviet life - a (hot) water supply that works according to a schedule - is also something you‘ll find here. Overall, you can expect an unpretentious stay two minutes away from the public beach, warm bay waters for the kids to swim in, and fascinating diving spots for grown-ups. The stay involves full room and board, but there are alternative dining options nearby, in case you‘re not inclined towards the establishment‘s take on post-Soviet cuisine. Other potentially useful places in a close radius include a computer club, a kid‘s playground, a café, massage rooms, dance clubs and secure parking. Q250 rooms. PL Dinamiks B-3, 60 Let Oktyabrya, 3, tel. (+380) 6558 99 493, marketing@, This five-story hotel is new and perfectly positioned (all the windows have sea views). Standard rooms are rather small, while other options are more spacious. All the premises, however, are clean, fully equipped and perfectly fine. Bring your young kids here (children up to 5 are accommodated free of charge): they‘ll have plenty of fun at the beach, in the playroom, or at the playground. Well-tended green spots outside the hotel, Internet access, bike rental, a cryosauna, diving, fishing, excursions and a library will all provide those who don‘t want to just vegetate in the sun all day with something to do. Breakfasts are not included, but are offered for an additional cost (Hr 45). There is also a hotel bar and the U Aidera restaurant nearby. Q Standard 240 - 396Hr, Junior suite 300 - 520Hr, Suite 400 - 620Hr. PRL

where to stAy
Kids will find all sorts of entertainment and activities here - a medium-size pool, playgrounds, entertainers, and the chance to watch cartoons are at their disposal. The hotel‘s extensive surrounding territory is fenced up and provides a sense of security. Athletes (at least the amateur type) will appreciate the volleyball court, the table tennis facilities and the next-door stadium, while the more passive types will certainly find something tempting at the market, which can later on in the day be grilled and happily consumed by the whole happy family in one of the complex‘s patios. Q Standards 95 - 250Hr. TLCW

where to eAt

Discover Ukraine with

The country’s official language is Ukrainian. Since independence in 1991, it has become much more popular and widespread. Still, Russian is heavily used in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and only in western regions is Ukrainian truly predominant.

The national currency is the hryvnia (Hr), which replaced the transitional karbovanets on September 2, 1996. Don’t be confused if your amount is given in roubles. You haven’t been transported to Russia or taken back in time to the USSR - some people just have trouble letting go of the past! Paper bills carry denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnias. Another word to the wise: two versions exist of the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 hryvnia bills, and both are accepted everywhere. There are 100 kopecks in a hryvnia, with 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopeck and 1Hr coins. You’ll have no problem finding currency exchange points, but rates are better from central street kiosks. If it’s traveller’s checks you need to cash, look for a big respectable-looking bank. You can find a number of ATMs around Chornomorske, and some hotels and restaurants now take Visa and MasterCard - American Express is not very popular. There have been scattered reports of credit card fraud in upscale restaurants, though, so you may want to think twice before charging it.

Mlechnyi Put A-1, Kalos Limen 7, tel. +38 067 631 95 36, com. Mlechnyi Put (The Milky Way) is no old-timer, but it‘s already found its devoted clientele that admires the hotel‘s homestyle cooking (three times a day), cheap prices, and 10-minute walk to the beach. The interior is very Soviet provincial in style and there‘s no AC: guests will have to cope with the heat by staying in the sea all day long. That, however, does not seem to be a problem: the people that come here are sufficiently appreciative of the constant presence of hot water and individual bathrooms. Q PLW Pivdennyi C-5, Kudri 20, tel. (+380) 6558 9 20 18. While other hotels entertain their guests with all sorts of activities or entice them with beach proximity, Pivdennyi, located 800 m away from the water, has found its niche in curing old wounds. Its therapeutic muds, baths, inhalations, and massages - each prescribed after an individual consultation with a therapist - will send you back home revitalized and with fewer pains in your head, back, joints, or lungs, not to mention with the nervous system of a kid. The premises are not super luxurious, but they are new and decent, without extra flashiness. The same goes for the territory all-around - it is well kept and quiet. Overall, a quiet quality seems to be this hotel‘s mission. Extras include billiards, table tennis, and excursions. Q PTHL

Along the 120 km coastline of the Tarkhankut peninsula only 30 kilometres of it is accessible. A long cliff shore is interrupted with a small but convenient harbour, where the ancient Greek city of KalosLimen was founded. In Greek it means “a beautiful harbour” –if you see it- you will know it’s true. Today this harbour is surrounded by Chornomorske. The town is located 70 kilometres from Yevpatoria and 150 kilometres from Simferopol. It is an actively developing resort. Along with its lovely beaches, it is one of the most popular places for diving in Ukraine. But let’s take a ride in Doc Brown’s Delorian time machine and go back in time 2500 years. The first inhabitants of Chornomorske were the Greeks, who appeared on the shores of present day Uzkaya bay. This was during the Greek colonization in the 4th century B.C. They founded a city, Kalos-Limen, which was one of the most important centres of agriculture, and was under the rule of the ancient Greek city-state Chersonesos. During the times of Crimean Khanate, the Akmezdzhyd Liman settlement ( Ak-Mechet) was founded here. At the same time period, according to archive documents, another village was founded. It was situated on the Tarkhankut peninsula and named Sheyhlar. For a long time both settlements were separately included in maps. But with the lapse of time Sheyhlar and Ak-Mechet merged into one settlement, Ak-Mechet, a name that lasted until the 20th Century. After Crimean annexation to Russia, the lands around Akmechet Bay were granted to Count Voinovich, who commanded a squadron of ships in Sevastopol. In 1824 these lands became the property of Count Vorontsov, the governor-general of the Novorossiyk Territory. Most of the lands were used for grazing the Count’s sheep and camels. Count Vorontsov built the stone pier and the Church of St Zachary & Elizabeth. In 1944, Ak-Mechet was renamed Chornomorske. The sea and the wind have left their marks on the coastal cliffs of the Tarkhankut peninsula. The coastline abounds with shelters, caves and niches. The walls of caves and grottoes are covered with small brush stalactites, while the bottoms are littered with bizarre stone sculptures. While Chornomorske and the entire region is not a tourist mecca these days, we believe that over time it will become one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine.

They say that Ukrainians can spot a foreigner from a kilometre away. This fact alone will not automatically make you the target of crime. Chornomorske is, in fact, a rather safe place. As in most cities, flashing large amounts of cash can cause trouble. Wallets are known to disappear in public transport crowds, so guard your pockets at all times. Being very drunk and/or loud on the street is always a good way to attract unwanted attention, especially from the police. By the way, it’s a good idea for foreigners to carry at least a copy of their passport and visa with them at all times., From the very beginning, this villa was destined to be a quiet and charming place. The location is elevated and picturesque, the rooms are clean with a modern design, and the café gets rave reviews from the quests. The 15-minute walk to the town‘s beach can be avoided by staying by the pool with its hydro-massage option. And if that weren‘t enough, there‘s the place‘s personnel. Their friendliness and sincere attempts to be as hospitable as possible make Villa Playatina truly one of the best stays in town. Breakfast included. Q Standards 250 - 450Hr, Junior suites 350 - 500Hr, Suites 400 - 600Hr. PL

Villa Playatina C-5, Zapadnaya 69, tel. (+380) 95 663 68 06, playatina@

You’re never too far away from a lit cigarette in Ukraine, and in some bars and clubs the term second-hand smoke just doesn’t seem to matter. Smokers enjoy a ridiculously cheap selection of cigarettes hawked by one of the many babushkas and corner kiosks that are located throughout the city. Just recently Ukraine outlawed smoking in most public places and the workplace, except in specially designated areas. It is the responsibility of each company to provide a designated area for all smoking patrons or personnel. These special places can not exceed 10% of the total allotted area of the business. Since this law is relatively new in Ukraine, not every business has begun to enforce it.

Gorod’OK Lugovaya 19, tel. (+380) 6558 2 07 57, www.tarhankut. Gorod’OK (the Town) is located inland, closer to the center of town. It is a 20-minute walk away from the beach, which could represent a challenge for some: luckily, there‘s a scheduled bus that circulates between the hotel and the beach and the proximity of the town‘s central market and the stadium partially makes up for the hassle. The actual place is cute, with its terracotta palette and its abundance of rose bushes. Accommodations here are cheap and the rooms look neat, but the showers, toilets, and fridges are usually shared between two rooms. The owners claim that the place is great for kids and groups of athletes.

66, fax (+380) 6558 9 93 61, Yahont is new and a bit more upscale than other places in the area. Its location in the central part of the town provides benefits: proximity to the city park, with its attractions, and to the town‘s infrastructure in general. The waterfront is 400 m away, a good but not tiring walk. Those who don‘t care about the beach can just stay on the premises and enjoy the hotel‘s pool, or else play table tennis and billiards, or get healthy in the sauna. The rooms are newly refurbished and fully equipped, and the more expensive options have a sea view. The hotel certainly welcomes everyone, but given the location (relatively distant from the beach) and lack of a playground for kids, we sensed that this would be more of a stay for grown-ups. Q17 rooms (Standards 300 - 350Hr, Superiors 300 - 450Hr, Junior suites 350 - 450Hr). PLBCW

Yahont C-4, Revolutsii 15, tel. (+380) 6558 2 01 15/(+380) 50 535 70

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sphere, a good menu, free WiFi, and pleasant music make it a place of choice for young people and gourmand couples. Other signs of the establishment‘s progressive nature include personnel that speak English, a great selection of coffee, a non-smoking environment, various art exhibits on the premises and an overall friendliness. They‘ll host your small party or welcome you with just a couple of friends or your kids (who particularly favor the house blinis). In any case you‘ll get the sense here that you‘re liked right from the start and you‘ll end up coming back every day for cold okroshka (a refreshing traditional soup), the Caesar salad, and the awesome strudel Q PGSW Ofitserskiy B-3, 60 Let Oktyabrya. The place was designed as place where a man can go to recover from daily life (and even from his noisy family). In reality it‘s become one of the best dining places in Chornomorske for everybody. Sit either inside, with the dark wooden furniture and the rich design, or else outside in a cosy arbor, but either way try their shashlyk, which the establishment is famous for. Q PGX U Aidera B-4, Naberezhnaya. This is a truly beloved place that has practically become a Chornomorske institution. As with all institutions, the service and food quality vary from year to year, but it‘s generally satisfactory and people come here on the basis of the place‘s reputation. The guests love the amazing shashlyk, the post-Soviet pop (even in the karaoke version), the dancing, and the overall loud fun of the type you get only in resort towns. Given the location right on the waterfront, it‘s very convenient to eat here during the day, but at night the wind off the sea can make it a bit chilly. Q PEX

Egomania Café C-3, Kirova 8B. This café is everyone‘s favorite. A hip atmo-




Symbol key
P Air conditioning T Child friendly V Home delivery G Non-smoking areas A Credit cards accepted L Guarded parking E Live music B Terrace I Fireplace U Facilities for the disabled S Take away



W Wi-Fi Internet access 6 Animal friendly


tArkhAnkut region

tArkhAnkut region



ToUrIsT InformaTIon CenTres In CrImea


Sverdlova 35, tel (+380) 6561 2 01 49


07 -01-

Lenina 33, tel. (+380) 692 44 30 49 (+380) 50 360 84 66,



Pryvokzalna sq. 1, tel. (+380) 66 628 84 88 Pryvokzalna sq. 1 (service centre) tel. (+380) 652 54 58 87 / (+380) 95 609 91 04. Simferopol International Airport tel. (+380) 652 54 58 87 / (+380) 95 609 91 04.





Dachne village, Mindalna 1, tel. (+380) 50 761 81 22



Kirova 48 tel. (+380) 6558 2 07 57/(+380) 50 160 01 71


Pushkina 102, tel. (+380) 99 956 85 53



The coast of Tarkhankut Region Despite the bare outward appearance, these lands have been inhabited since ancient times. In the Turkic language, Tarkhankut means ‘the place free from payment of taxes, duties, endowed with privileges’. An earlier name given to the cape was Eski Foros, meaning “old lighthouse”. The origins of this old name came from ancient mariners passing by these rocky shores. Greek triremes, ancient Russian boats, the high-speed chaikas of Ukrainian Cossacks, and heavy Turkish ships are forever buried in the abyss of this treacherous and unpredictable sea. At different times throughout history Tarkhankut has been populated by Greeks, Scythians, Sarmatians, Pechenegs, Tatars, freed serfs, escaped convicts and exiled military officers. In the steppes around Tarkhankut 19 barrows were excavated. Relics, goods, and burials of people from ancient civilizations were found. At the beginning of the 20th century the population of Tarkhankut cape was small and only a few scientists were interested in the area. The cape was unknown to tourists and leisure seekers. Now Tarkhankut is famous for its hospitality. Recreation centres and hotels are popping out like mushrooms after the rain. The main resorts on the Tarkhankut coast are in Chornomorske, Olenivka and Mizhvodne. The north-eastern part of Tarkhankut is known as Dzhangul, and the south-eastern as Atlesh. Another unforgettable place in Tarkhankut is ‘The Bowl of Love.’ It is a natural pool, surrounded by boulders and got its name because of its heart shape. Tarkhankut offers beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches, interesting excursions, horseback riding, scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing, and unusually clear water. Today it is one of the cleanest places in Crimea. Stretching as far as the eye can see are the pure, almost emerald green waters of the Black Sea.

Olenivka is a small town located amidst the western Crimean steppes. The sea is clean, the town is quiet, and the natural surroundings are the main tourist draw. Picturesque creeks and deep bays add up to swimming and diving heaven, while the more open waters attract flocks of windsurfers. Not into extreme sports? The therapeutic muds and shallow waters are great for older people and kids.

Where to stay Travelling with kids might be a hassle, but coming to Ekvator with them is the right decision. There‘s plenty of space to run around in, a great beach and warm shallow waters for learning to swim in will make the stay at Olenevka‘s Ekvator worthwhile. Lots of rooms have a sea view, with well-sized balconies for enjoying that irresistibly mesmerizing sunset over the sea. All the rooms are similarly equipped and furbished, and you pay extra for the view and for extra space in the room. Cleaning, housekeeping, and food are on a level comparable to what you‘ll find at hotels in Turkey, Egypt, or Greece. The activities are typical of those of area establishments: billiards, playground, sauna, sports playground, and a grill available at guests’ request. The latter might come in very handy for successful underwater hunters: the waters are clean here and the catch can be quite satisfactory indeed. The food options are not limited to the grill menu, though: the dining room offers simple meals three times a day, while the Khutorok summer café offers a slightly more upscale menu. P Note .S. that for a stay of less than five nights or on holiday weekends, you will be charged 15% more. Q doubles 350 - 450Hr, rooms for 3-4 person 350 - 650Hr, rooms for 5 400 - 700Hr, two room suites 600 - 1200Hr. PTLD

Ekvator Lenina 96G, Olenivka, tel. (+380) 6558 9 62 45, www.ekvator-more.

Mizhvodne is a tiny resort village on Crimea‘s northwestern tip. The name, which means “between the waters,” is perfectly right - the place is stuck between Arylgach bay, Yarylgach bay, and the actual sea. Air smelling of the steppe and sea salt, the purest sea you‘ll find on the Crimean coast, an abundance of sunny days, and soft sandy beaches make Mizhvodne a very unique place that keeps its guests coming back every year just to swim in the warm waters of the bays or to dive, snorkel, windsurf and explore the treasures of the local underwater world.

Where to stay
Golubaya Laguna resort Sovetskaya 12A, Mizhvodne, tel. (+380) 6558
9 81 03. Staying here will produce a serious case of déjà vu among people who remember the Soviet Union (and maybe even some nostalgia). That‘s because in the old days people coming to Crimea would spend their putevkas - their typical 24-day all inclusive vacations - in places like this. Accommodations are inexpensive and everything is there for you, but without much fuss. The good things about this place are the café (the food is good and home-like) and the plentiful vegetation, the roses in particular. Who knows? The proximity of the beach, good food, and low prices might make this place worth a try, especially if you‘re young and low maintenance. The resort operates from May to September. Q L Most people that have visited this tiny village in Western Crimea have either stayed in this hotel or noticed it, and wanted to stay there. We dare say that that feeling is justified: the place is located literally right over the beach, and there are new structures, a neatly thought-out territory, a heated pool, and plenty of activities to choose from for both kids and their parents. The rooms differ in terms of space, but all of them are fully equipped with the necessary appliances. Security is strict and service is on a respectable level. In general, the way things are run here guarantees guests a decent and pleasant stay. There‘s a set of strict rules that every guest must obey while staying in the hotel. The village market and attractions for kids are just outside the hotel. At night, though, the surrounding area turns into one whole disco, the sounds of which inevitably penetrate the hotel. We hope, therefore, that the windows are properly soundproofed. Q PTLC

Palmira Pogranichnaya 7/2, Mizhvodne, tel./fax (+380) 562 31 24 00,

Tuchina 1/2, tel. (+380) 6569 2 79 79, Zaozerne village, Druzhby alley 70а tel. (+380) 6569 9 00 20

Hromove Olenivka Okunivka


Bus station area, tel. (+380) 6557 5 26 69 / (+380) 50 238 08 62,



A hundred meters from the bay Chucha at a depth of twelve meters there is a unique museum of sculptures. Among the huge boulders covered with algae and mussels, busts of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and Kirov can be found. Since that time, museum has been constantly updated. Today it holds about 40 exhibits.

Solnechnaya Dolina Yeleseeva 25B, Olenivka, tel. (+380) 6558 9 62 08, This major-scale resort hotel stands right on the coast. Occupying what was once the park surrounding Earl Popov‘s estate (his elegant white 18th-century mansion now serves as one of the hotel‘s buildings), Solnechnaya Dolina has a variety of accommodations scattered all around the place. Wooden bungalows, a Soviet-era five-story building, and the above mentioned estate house, which is of significant architectural and historical value, host a much more diverse crowd than other hotels in the area do. The blooming grounds, the conference hall, the concert hall, and the athletic premises allow for hosting all sorts of events, from theatrical festivals to numerous yoga retreats, throughout the year. By summer the typical crowd consists of families with kids who come here for sunbathing and swimming (the hotel‘s own beach is fully equipped) and of youngsters who prefer diving (the hotel has its own diving center), kiting, and windsurfing. The latter tend to settle in the hotel‘s special tent city, which is capable of accommodating up to 300 people. All the rooms except for the tent city are of relatively the same class (standard), and are equipped with AC and TV. Some of the cheaper options require sharing a bathroom and fridge between two rooms. The scale here allows for the creation of a mini-town, including a communications center, a post, a movie theater, and a mini-zoo. That‘s in addition to the usual services, such as excursions, a rental office, a sauna, a pool, a football field, and a library. In short, the place is fully boredom-proof. Q rooms 460 - 710Hr. PTHLC

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