Prayers & Meditations Blessings of Divine Love The following message is offered as a gift to all beings who love angels

and wish to connect on a deeper level to the Angels and their own Angelic nature. May you enjoy this journey that Archangel Michael offers you. A Beautiful Gift For You : Journey into The Temple of Angelic Love Go within, by closing your eyes and asking all your guides, angels and Divine Councils of Light to be with you. Ask them to clear your chakras, bodies, and meridians as you breathe and focus on your divinity. As you take this simple step you begin to resonate at the vibrational field that the Angels live in. It is when you own energy body is in harmonic resonance with the World of the Angels that you may begin to have a deep loving communion with them and your own heart and soul. Just as you breathe now, and release intentionally any energy trapped from your last few days experience, or from any difficult circumstances or challenges in your may become aware of your energy body opening. As it opens to the heavenly light that pours forth from the heavens above, the light blesses each one of your chakras and Lord Archangel Michael steps forth to you in your environment to assist you to open to the next level of divinity. He blesses each of your chakras with a radiant blue light and offers to clear and cleanse the old from you. He speaks of you recognising deeply now ...that you are a divine being and have the right to express this divinity as joy and unconditional love and the birthright to feel divine. He mentions all of this is related to your energy body and how open and connected to Source it is. He asks if you would all like to open more to your Source and feel your own angelic wings in freedom. He mentions the world service of the angels and their love expression in giving to all that are needing assistance and that you also are a part of this love expression. He recognises you also as one of these angels and offers you to meet the angelic part of you that is an extension of your physical that as you dream, flys to others in distress to assist them. Firstly he speaks it is important for you to become aware of your angelic body of light and love. He says that you may have great experience with this as you felt it, seen it or heard it speak to you ..and that you may have felt it was one of your guides. Michael speaks that the angel guardian that is directly behind you is an angelic aspect of your own being that has walked with you since you first came to Earth. Your angel nature loves nature, tranquility and natural environments as your angel self is very intimate with Mother Earth. This part of you lives on the Earth and travels through the higher dimensions of the Earth plane offering love and healing to all that are in need of love. Your angel self is also a specialist in something, it may be the flowers or music or communicating, but you can be sure it is something you love doing and when you open to this, your angel self enlightens your energy so this flows for you more easily. Each of you have a divine angel body that you can attune to by closing your eyes and visualising yourself in a beautiful white temple. This temple is angelic and here you may meet the Angels. There is a beautiful white crystal disc beneath your feet with golden letters of light engraved within it. This disc will help you to stay present in the temple with the Angels. Become aware of the disc and send your light down through it into the floor of the temple and ask that the disc send energy through you. Once you ask for this, the disc will create a pillar of light to run up through your chakras and this will assist you to become more conscious of this angelic realm. Here you stand on the disc in a large, very beautiful temple and there are 4 Angels to your right, left, back and front holding the four directions for you. Each one of these angels is from a different ray of divine consciousness and expresses this through a different colour to each of you. Become aware of the angels by gently looking down at your feet and the disc and then scanning along the floor of the temple until you meet the angelic feet and bodies of gossamer light in a beautiful radiant soft colour. Know each of these 4 angels are intimately connected to you and are apart of your angelic soul family. Feel, sense, know or see the colours they each hold and ask for these four different colour light rays to fill

your chakras with love. Open your heart to the angels that are with you as they offer you their love and an angelic activation of your energybody. Archangel Michael again steps forth to you and asks if you would like your energybody purified of all old limitations in thought and feeling. He offers to place the Sword of Truth, his Excalibur around you and through your energybody to release any attachments or negative memories that you may be holding within your energybody. If you agree to this, he asks you to breathe in deeply and offer all that is unresolved in your life to Source and forgive anything that has occurred in your life within yourself or with any other being, that presently effects you to judge yourself or others. He give thanks that you are willing to release any energies of limitation and duality and places his sword around and through your energybody to assist you to experience your divine nature. As this completes become aware of the four angels filling you with colours and light and sound. They are asking you to sound “ah” for a few minutes to open your heart so the release can complete. As you complete with this sounding, Lord Michael places a beautiful etheric crystal of blue light in your heart, in the image of a blue flame. He calls to you each to breathe into this blue flame as he begins to move it through your higher and lower chakras and into your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies in purification. Call to your Divine Presence to merge with you and as you do this your own angelic body begins to expand in the temple and a larger body of pure light descends from the heavens into the column of light above you in the temple. Become aware of the body of light that is descending through your pillar of light, in through your higher chakras into your body. Recognise this body contains much of your love. Breathe in and receive your love and light and as you do this honour and recognise your divinity and the divine in all. Many Archangels surround you as this body begins to merge with you. These are Golden Archangels of the Christ Ray who offer to support you on your path if you wish. They also ask you to assist them by calling to them when you see someone needing assistance or healing. They ask you to be an Angelic Messenger in this way. As you receive from them now your Archangelic Healing, they send Golden Rays of Sound, Love and Light to every cell in your body. Just lay and receive and know that when you call to them for another being they will also try to offer this same healing to others if they are open. Blessings of Divine Love, May you enjoy your healing with the Angels and Archangels, Love Qala top

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