Kristen Maxwell FRIT 7330 Issues: Assignment #3 July 5, 2012



Policy #1: Lake County Schools Student Bullying and Other Forms of Aggression. Lake County School District. Retrieved from: df Cyber bullying is considered a form of harassment under the policy of the Lake County School District. The policy further states that this act of cyber bullying is not allowed at any education program or event conducted by the Lake County School District. When an act of bullying arises, any staff member or student is required to report the incident to any member of administration and may report it anonymously. Any report that is oral or written is considered an official report. The incident is then further investigated and any form of evidence can be collected including interviews with victim and alleged perpetrator. If the act of harassment occurred, the appropriate disciplinary action will take place. The disciplinary action may include up to expulsion for students, up to discharge for employees, up to exclusion for parents, guests, volunteers, and contractors. Individuals may also be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials (Student Bullying). There are various strengths regarding this policy of cyber bullying. A strength of this policy is the definition of cyber bullying. It is vital to first define the act of cyber bullying to prevent any confusion that could arise. Another strength is the disciplinary action that will occur if the act of cyber bullying happens. The crucial disciplinary action of expulsion to students or discharge of teachers could help prevent the act of cyber bullying

Maxwell for the future. Along with the various strengths of this policy there are various weaknesses as well. The reporting procedures regarding the act of cyber bullying could be intimidating especially for a student. If a student is a victim in a situation of cyber bullying, it may be difficult to report the incident. The victim could feel threatened or afraid. There should be ways a student can feel at ease and safe when reporting an incident of cyber bullying. Policy #2: Bristol Public County Schools Bristol Public County Schools: Cyber Bullying Policy. (2010). Bristol, Connecticut. Retrieved from: According to the policy of Bristol Public Schools, the act of cyber bullying is a


violation of proper computer use. This violation of computer use may not be used inside or outside of school or before or after school hours. Once reported, if the act is determined as severely disruptive to the daily operation of a school, then disciplinary action will occur. All reports are fully investigated by administration. Disciplinary action may include: the loss of computer privileges, detention, suspension, or expulsion for verified perpetrators of cyber bullying. In addition, when any kind of threat is communicated or when a hate crime is committed, the administration will report such crimes to local law enforcement officials (Bristol Public County, 2010). The disciplinary action against cyber bullying is appropriate. This strength of the Bristol Public Schools policy is appropriate if a student or teacher is to commit an act of cyber bullying. If a student or teacher is to violate the use of computers, such disciplinary

Maxwell action of losing computer rights, detention, suspension, or expulsion will take place.


The reporting procedures of the Bristol Public Schools are very vague in the policy regarding cyber bullying. This is a weakness of the policy. There are no actual procedures written to state how to report an incident of cyber bullying. The procedures should be stated so any victim is aware of how to properly report an incident. The policy should also identify the proper individuals to report an incident to. Policy #3: Windemere Middle School Windemere Middle School: District Cyber Bullying Policy. Retrieved from: At Windemere Middle School, cyber bullying is defined as a violation of a student’s right to feel safe and secure at school. Cyber bullying is a form of harassment that is not tolerated at Windemere Middle School. If this harassment occurs, there are steps to take in order to report the situation. There is a minimum punishment of one-day suspension from school and the maximum punishment of expulsion from school. If cyber bullying occurs outside of school grounds, the victim may still report the incident to administration staff in which the incident could be reported to the police. According to this policy regarding cyber bullying, there are various steps to take if a student or teacher becomes a victim of this harassment. These steps appear to be very helpful to individuals who may be victimized. These steps are a strength of this policy. The steps are very specific and clear to follow. The punishment of this policy is very weak. There is a minimum punishment of a

Maxwell one-day suspension and a maximum punishment of expulsion. The two forms of punishment appear to be vague and inappropriate. The policy should also state what determines the severity of the punishment. Newly Developed Policy In order to address and prevent the issue of cyber bullying at my school, I believe there should be a clear policy of rules and regulations regarding the issue. First, the policy should include a specific definition of cyber bullying. Every student and faculty member should be fully aware of what cyber bullying entails and how to identify an incident of


cyber bullying. Once the definition is clearly stated, there should be specific steps listed to report any incident of cyber bullying. Any individual that encounters the issue first hand should understand how to report the incident properly. These steps should be very specific and readable. Next, the consequences should be clearly stated. The consequences should be listed beginning with the minimum punishment and ending with the maximum punishment. The criteria of each punishment should be stated as well. Any individual should understand what determines the severity of the punishment. Lastly, I believe this policy should include precautions to take to prevent an incident from happening. Every student and staff member should be fully aware of this school policy. The policy should be addressed at a school assembly and/or staff development.