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ABIGAIL FLORENCE, 18, tall and thin walks across the dinning room. Her fingers caress the oak table as she strides by in the darkness, guided by moonlight. A faint TICK, TICK startles her and she turns around. There’s nothing there but tables and dish cabinets. An OLD MAN’S weathered voice drifts around her. OLD MAN (O.S.) You see it. You see it but you’re focusing on ignoring it. You don’t want to see it but it’s there. It’s right there, where you never want to look but can’t help it. It’s right there in the corner of your eye. Abigail stands completely still and looks dead ahead. A frightened MOANING sound comes from the shadows to her right. Her breath gets short, she’s afraid. OLD MAN (O.S.) (CONT’D) You have to face it. ABIGAIL No! Abigail turns away from the moaning and the shadows and looks to the window. We see the reflection of a tall, dark figure lurching up behind her. It reaches for her neck. INT. DOCTOR CASSIDY’S OFFICE - DAY

Abigail wakes up with a shriek. DOCTOR CASSIDY, 60, drops his metronome to the floor and rushes over to her. CASSIDY (OLD MAN) Hey, hey! It’s okay. Abigail, you’re right here. ABIGAIL I’m sorry Doctor. CASSIDY It’s okay. Don’t worry. Hypnosis can be jarring. Here, have some water. He points to the table. Abigail quickly grabs a glass of water and takes a big gulp.


CASSIDY (CONT’D) See what I mean? It was like a dream. Just like a dream. ABIGAIL It felt real. Cassidy stands up and starts pacing around the couch, hands behind his back. CASSIDY Dreams always feel real. You could be flying through space on a giant pink rabbit toward a chocolate planet and it’ll seem real until you wake up. Then you forget. ABIGAIL Why didn’t I forget this? CASSIDY Because you snapped out of it pretty abruptly. ABIGAIL Okay. Cassidy stops pacing and stands in front of the couch, looking down at Abigail. CASSIDY Now what did you see? ABIGAIL I don’t know. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything. CASSIDY Come now, Abigail. What have we been talking about all week? ABIGAIL I said I didn’t see anything! TICK, TICK. CASSIDY Don’t lie to me god damn it! Cassidy slaps her across the face.




Abigail’s eyes open. She’s lying on the couch. Doctor Cassidy is sitting on the opposite side of the table with a voice recorder in his hand. Doctor Cassidy turns it off then reaches over to the table and stops the metronome. Abigail slowly gets up and rubs her eyes. She looks at the glass of water on the table and then up at Doctor Cassidy. CASSIDY It’s okay, take a drink. She grabs the glass and takes a small sip. and looks back up at him, silently. CASSIDY (CONT’D) Do you remember? ABIGAIL The dream? CASSIDY Yes. Abigail nods her head. CASSIDY (CONT’D) Do you want to talk about it? She looks down at the flood and shakes her head. CASSIDY (CONT’D) That’s okay. We’ve had quite a big day today, wouldn’t you agree? Abigail nods. CASSIDY (CONT’D) Why don’t you go on home now? INT. FLORENCE HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT She puts it down

Abigail lies in her bed with a magazine propped up on her chest. She gets bored with it and drops it on the floor. She gets up and walks over to her dresser to grab her phone. It reads, “1 MESSAGE.” Abigail goes back to the bed and listens to her voice mail. It’s her boyfriend, JOE.


JOE (V.O.) Hey Abby. How’ve you been? Kurt and I are going to see the midnight showing of “FATHER OF DARKNESS.” Let me know if you want a ticket. Bye. Abigail calls Joe back. ABIGAIL Joe? Hey. JOE (V.O.) You get my message? Sorry.

ABIGAIL Yeah, I can’t come. JOE (V.O.) Why not? ABIGAIL I have stuff to do.

JOE (V.O.) Seriously? What do you have to do? What have you had to do for the past two weeks? ABIGAIL Maybe I just need a little time to myself instead of having to babysit my obsessive, clingy boyfriend. JOE (V.O.) Fine. Take all the time to yourself that you want. ABIGAIL Joe, wait! I’m sorry. know why I said that. JOE (V.O.) What’s going on? ABIGAIL Nothing. JOE Fine. Just keep ignoring me. got better things to do. I’ve I don’t


Joe hangs up. Abigail stomps over to the dresser and slams the phone down. She plugs the charger in, turns the light off and covers up in bed. ABIGAIL Asshole. Abigail lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling. her eyes and tries to sleep. She closes

She opens her eyes and sees a shadowy figure inside her room, in front of the door. She stays perfectly still, holding her breath. The dark figure slowly walks to the bed, not making a sound at all. It reaches the side of the bed and looms over Abigail. Abigail doesn’t move. The figure is shaped like a person but is pitch black. Light doesn’t even shine on it. It’s featureless head stares into her eyes. Abigail whimpers. The whimpering turns into a moaning as the figure reaches its hands down and pulls the sheet off. She’s trying to scream, call out something but all she can do is whimper and moan. TICK, TICK. The dark figure grabs her arms and pins her down. its head down just an inch from Abigail’s face. INT. DOCTOR CASSIDY’S OFFICE - NIGHT She is moaning and It brings

Abigail is lying on the couch, face up. whimpering.

CASSIDY You can wake up now. You can wake up now. Abigail! You can wake up now! Abigail’s eyes slowly open and the whimpering stops. Through some sleepy effort, she sits up and faces the doctor. Doctor Cassidy stops the metronome. glass with water. He gets up and fills a

CASSIDY (CONT’D) I see you’re so stubborn you can’t even follow my directions under hypnosis. He drops the glass onto the table with bitter force. goes off. Thunder


CASSIDY (CONT’D) Wait here. I need to go roll up my windows. I’ll be right back. Doctor Cassidy storms out of the office and leaves Abigail alone. She drinks her water and waits. The thunder gets louder. Abigail gets more nervous as time passes. A bright bolt of lightning illuminates the room and the power goes off. Abigail stands up and faces the door. Doctor? ABIGAIL Doctor, where are you?

She cautiously makes her way to the door and steps out of the office. RECEPTION Abigail walks around the corner into the reception room and spots Doctor Cassidy standing in front of a twelve-year-old girl on the bench. It’s Abigail’s sister, SARAH. Doctor Cassidy turns to face Abigail. CASSIDY What did I say? ABIGAIL What? CASSIDY What did I say? Didn’t I tell you to wait there? Doctor Cassidy furiously marches up to Abigail. ABIGAIL Is that my sister? Doctor Cassidy grabs her by the shoulders and pins her up against the wall. CASSIDY How many times do I have to fucking tell you to do what I say? Tears roll down her face. TICK. Abigail tries to look away. TICK,




Abigail quickly sits up on the couch. A glass of water is waiting for her on the table. Cassidy stops his metronome. CASSIDY You felt helpless, didn’t you? Abigail drinks her water and nods her head. CASSIDY (CONT’D) In times that we feel like there’s no hope, there’s nothing you can do, it’s okay to rely on other people. You have a boyfriend, don’t you? I ABIGAIL haven’t seen him in a while.

CASSIDY What about your friends? ABIGAIL I haven’t seen them in a while. CASSIDY Don’t shut everybody out. You can’t face everything alone. Somebody else’s courage can give you strength. INT. FLORENCE HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT

Abigail is sitting at her desk browsing the internet on her laptop. JOE, 18, short and handsome sits on the bed. JOE How far away is this school you’re going to? ABIGAIL It’s about a two hour drive down the interstate. JOE That’s not that bad. I should be able to afford a new car by winter. I can visit all the time, then.


ABIGAIL Why are you going to community college? Why didn’t you just sign up for State with me? JOE I’m not paying five thousand dollars on regular math, science and English classes. I’ll transfer in two years. And come on, it’s high school with ash trays. You have any idea how easy that’s going to be? Abigail laughs. JOE (CONT’D) I’m glad you’ve finally lightened up. ABIGAIL Yeah. My doctor said it would help if I stopped shutting everybody out. Doctor? JOE Doctor who?

They hear a scream from outside the room. ABIGAIL That was Sarah! Abigail rushes out of her bedroom. HALLWAY Abigail runs to Sarah’s room and opens the door. is on but nobody’s in it. ABIGAIL (CONT’D) Sarah? Sarah where’d you go? happened? Sarah? What Joe The light

Abigail makes her way back to her bedroom and looks in. is gone. ABIGAIL (CONT’D) What the hell? Joe, what the hell? Abigail walks down the stairs. DINNING ROOM


Abigail walks into the dinning room and flicks the light switch. The light won’t turn on. ABIGAIL (CONT’D) This isn’t funny, you guys. It’s over between us Joe, okay? I’m serious. Joe? Sarah? She looks around and heads for the hallway opposite the windows. She stops dead in her tracks just before turning the corner into the hallway. The dark figure walks out and faces her. ABIGAIL (CONT’D) Please, just leave me alone. Please. Abigail turns around and runs away. BEDROOM Abigail sneaks into her bedroom and quietly closes the door behind her. She turns the light off and climbs into the closet. shuts the door and tries to keep quiet. She Abigail backs up.

Moments pass as Abigail hides in the dark, cramped closet. The door slowly swings open. The dark figure is standing right in front of her. Abigail starts to cry. The dark figure gets closer. tries to look away, whimpering. She

The dark figure’s hands reach out and its long fingers slide across Abigail’s neck. TICK, TICK. INT. DOCTOR CASSIDY’S OFFICE - DAY

Abigail immediately jumps up from the couch and walks over to the window. Cassidy stops the metronome and follows her. CASSIDY Abigail, are you okay? Yeah. ABIGAIL I’m fine now.

CASSIDY You certainly don’t look fine. Abigail’s hands are shaking.


CASSIDY (CONT’D) Let me get you a glass of water. Doctor Cassidy fills a glass up with water and brings it over to Abigail. Abigail sets it down on the window sill. ABIGAIL I’m tired of being afraid. CASSIDY Well, you should be. Fear wears the body down considerably. It’s poisonous. ABIGAIL How can I stop it? CASSIDY By acting, Abigail. By doing something. You can’t just keep hiding. You can’t hide from this. Sometimes you just have to fight back and once you do, the fear won’t take hold of you quite as easily. It will make you stronger, Abigail. ABIGAIL I don’t know who I can trust. CASSIDY You know who you can’t trust. That’s a good start. ABIGAIL Am I ready? CASSIDY Are your hands still shaking? ABIGAIL No. CASSIDY Then I say you’re good enough. It’s time to go home. Abigail walks over to the door, stops and waves at Doctor Cassidy. He smiles back. She opens the door.




Abigail wakes up and climbs out of bed. She opens her door and peeks out into the dark hallway. There’s nothing out there. She walks over to the desk and grabs her cell phone. She checks it to make sure it’s on and she has reception then walks out of the room. HALLWAY Abigail creeps down the hall to Sarah’s room. door open and peaks inside. She nudges the

Nobody is inside. The sheets have been pulled from the bed. A glass of water has been spilled on the floor. Abigail stands there for a few seconds looking at the stairs. She takes a deep breath and moves forward. DINNING ROOM Abigail sneaks into the dinning room. She sidles along the wall opposite the windows and moves to the hallway. Abigail hears a little girl’s crying down the hall. She takes a quick peak and then moves back and hides in the corner. Abigail dials 911 on her cellphone. The OPERATOR answers.

OPERATOR 911 what is your emergency and location? ABIGAIL (Whispering) You have to send the cops to 1231 Lake Avenue. My dad is raping my little sister. She’s twelve. OPERATOR We’re sending someone over right now. Can you get out of the house, safely? ABIGAIL Yeah. OPERATOR Go outside and wait on the front lawn. The police will be there soon.




Four police cruisers are parked in front of the house along with an ambulance. Red and blue lights flicker all over. Abigail sits on the front steps by the sidewalk in front of a police car. A POLICE WOMAN walks over to Abigail and wraps a blanket around her. POLICE WOMAN You and your sister are going to be safe now. I just want you to know that what you did was very brave. This kind of situation can be terrifying. All of us that showed up tonight are proud of you, kid. ABIGAIL Thanks. The Police Woman sits down next to her. THE END

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