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A corn grain amount of pure acetanilide will be placed into each of the three test tubes.

The first test tube must contain 1-ml distilled water. The test tube will be shaken and placed in a warm water bath (37 40C) for 1 5 minutes. Then, it will be cooled through an ice bath.Solubility of pure acetanilide should record. ____________ For methanol and hexane, the same procedure will be done.

If the solution

Not Colored?

colored? A 20-ml recyrstallizing solvent will be poured into the crude acetanilide. It will be placed in a hot plate until all the solid dissolves.

The solution will be removed from the water bath and a small amount of activated charcoal will be added to adsorb the colored impurities. The solution will be quickly subjected to filtration while hot. The filtrate will be placed in a receiver in a water bath then collect the crystals.

To produce crude acetanilide, a 20-ml distilled water and 2ml aniline will be placed in an Erlenmeyer flask respectively. A 3-ml acetic anhydride will be also added slowly in the solution.

To hasten crystallization, we will place it in an ice bath then filter to a wet filter paper. The crude acetanilide will dry and weigh using an analytical balance.

All changes that occurred should be noted.

The crystals will be washed using distilled water. Then, crystals collected will be dried through pressing-in between filter paper. The pure acetanilide will be weighed using an analytical balance.